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“It´s still a secret”

Long time again without anything x.x but coming back a little bit with this rivamika sketch :,)

I used a reference cause I have no idea what to draw (also I think I drew something like this time ago…XD)


Shingeki no Kyojin OST. - The Reluctant Heroes


For Nori’s rivamika fic, Dulcet
A compilation of a few of my favorite moments <3 

Dream Come True

Part 1

Co Writer: @furrynachogamer

The boys were settled into the there beds and were now soundly asleep, soft snores were all that could be heard in the boys barracks. All seemed to be peacefully except for one. He laid in his bunk staring up at the ceiling. Every night it’s the same he never could really sleep his mind always to distracted with other things before after a couple of hours he would finally pass out.

“M-Mikasa” he heard a quiet moan

He looked over and saw his friend Jean lying fast asleep in his bunk across from him. Jean stirred around in his sleep the blanket sliding passed his hips, and Marco could see that his friend was having a sex dream about the raven hair girl he crushed on.

“Ah…yeah” he moaned

Marco sighed and turned back towards the ceiling every night this happened with Jean and Marco was always stuck having to listen to him moan in his sleep and sometimes him pleasuring himself as he slept. It also sucked having to listen to Jean moan another person’s name when Marco had huge crush on him

“M-Mikasa Ah!” Jean moaned louder

‘Damn it Jean’s being really loud tonight’ Marco thought to himself and closed his eyes trying to get himself to fall asleep so he wouldn’t have to listen to Jean moaning Mikasa’s name

“M-M…MMM…M-M-Marco!” Jean moaned and Marco’s eyes quietly opened and quickly looked over at Jean, seeing Jean’s hands down his boxers and rubbing his harden member as he slept and dreamed about the the freckled boy just a few feet away from him. Marco grabbed his blanket and held it close to his body still in shocked that Jean suddenly had moaned his name

‘Did he just say my name!?’ he thought

Marco watched Jean arched his back and stroked faster, before gripping his pillow as he let out small grunts. Marco’s cheeks were bright red as he did not know what to do, but deep down he wanted to see what would happen.

‘H-Holy shit’ he thought and Jean’s moans grew louder

Marco quickly rolled over onto his side and pulled the blanket over him as he heard Reiner on the other side of him mumble something and shift. He didn’t want to be caught being awake and listening to Jean. He moaned louder

‘He’s too loud…someone’s gonna wake up’ he thought as he knew he had to quiet Jean in some way so no one would wake up. Marco slowly and quietly got up and walked over to Jean trying to think of a way to quiet him

‘Maybe if i cover his mouth’ Marco thought before he put his hand over Jean’s mouth, his moans now muffled behind his hand. Marco quickly looked around just to make sure everyone was asleep before he felt Jean’s wet tongue lick his finger, making Marco quickly look back at him and his cheeks burning brighter. Jean licked his finger again before wrapping his lips around his finger before starting to suck on his finger, Marco quickly through his hand over his mouth to keep him from panicking and waking everyone up

“Mmm Marco” Jean quietly moaned

‘Oh my god!…At least he stopped moaning so loudly…’ Marco thought when he felt a twitch in his boxers he looked down and saw that he now had an erection from hearing Jean moan his name. Deep down Marco wondered what Jean could be dreaming about with him. Marco quickly shook the thought off

‘Damn it…this can’t get worse’ he thought

“Marco?” he heard he looked and saw Jean had released his finger from his mouth and was now awake looking up at him, and Marco’s eyes widen and he stood there shocked not knowing what to say and not wanting to move

Bittersweet Birthday, eremika fanfic

Summary: It’s Mikasa’s birthday and everybody seems to remember, except for Eren.“I… I thought that… you forgot. My birthday, I mean.” 

Rating: K+, fluff  | Words: 2,849k | Read on AO3 If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: It’s been a long time since I wrote eremika. I’m not very happy with the result of this, I wrote it in a rush and I wasn’t feeling 100% inspired, but I really wanted to contribute to the Mikasa Week somehow (day 16, if I’m not mistaken? the “love” prompt) because I still love Mikasa despite me not being very active in the snk fandom anymore. If you want better grammar quality, just read this in spanish here (x) it’s better, I promise lmao. Anyway, i’m a bit late but Happy Birthday, Mikasita :’) 


Mikasa lowered her gaze, slowly touching the red scarf around her neck with her fingertips. She shook her head.

“Maybe he forgot,” she muttered, trying to control the sound of her voice. She smiled a bit, although the spark wasn’t shimmering in her eyes, and Armin realized that. He could see everything. “It’s okay, I understand. It’s not as if it’s something important, you know? It’s just a stupid birthday.”

“M-Mikasa… I don’t think Eren will ever—“

Armin’s words got stuck in his throat when two silhouettes appeared in the distance coming towards them

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Rivamika arguing part 1

Levi: Really? All of  this mess  is because of Petra?

Mikasa: It wouldn’t be if you actually talked to me about it.

Levi: Oh, you want to bring that up? I am the one who doesn’t “talk”? You’re the same so cut the shit. 

Mikasa: … Alright, fine. Yes. I’m the same, but at least I’m not the one HAVING someone flirting with me 24\7.

Levi: SHE IS GETTING MARRIED FOR FUCK’S SAKE. I’m helping  her out.

Mikasa: and since when getting married has  been an impediment for something to happen between you two?

Levi: Oh, there it is. FINALLY. 

Mikasa: what?

Levi: Since when you don’t trust me Mikasa? Because if that’s the reason of why we are being like this, then this is not going to work.

Mikasa: …..

Levi: You don’t trust me?

Mikasa: —–I trust you.

Levi: It took you long enough to say that. * Grabs his jacket* I’ll take the kids with me tonight.

LAWLESS ~ Chapter 6

Pairing: Eren & Mikasa | Rated: M | Genre: Crime/Drama/Romance

Chapter 6. Allies | READ

“You’re drunk” Mikasa said as she gave him the drink back with a grimace of repugnance, “It’s disgusting and warm.”

“Drunk?” Eren felt his tongue sore and exhaled, making his head go back and then go forward. He pressed his eyelids, feeling the dizziness “Yeah… a bit.”

Mikasa looked blurry, was it because of the excess of smoke? It had to be the smoke. He wasn’t that drunk, just a bit tipsy. He rubbed his eyes. He was sleepy, his eyelids felt heavy. He rested his cheek on the palm of his hand for a second. The noise of the place was gradually dampening, until his head fell on the table and it bounced. Eren opened his eyes at once, startled by the sudden voices, laughs and all the yelling that surrounded him. He straightened up immediately into the chair and took a look around, disoriented and dizzy.

Where the fuck was he and why were they all talking so loud?

There was a beautiful girl sitting in front of him, looking sideways at two men that were speaking to her lively.

He blinked a few times.

Who were these guys and who was that girl?

“You can- us- leave your boyfriend- come- have more fun-” said a dude that was missing half of an ear. What was he talking about?

Eren brought his hands to his head and pressed it. What an annoyance.

That girl was Mikasa, yes. He came with her to drink something, but the two disgusting dudes that were next to her, he didn’t know them from anywhere.

“No” Mikasa snapped suddenly, and one of the men dared to caress her chin.

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What I bought in Japan

Pic 1: A towel with picture of EMA+L, EMAL cloth, Eren cloth, EMAL socks, 2 t-shirts and perhaps my favorite merch of all - Eren pillow!

Pic 2: Newest BSM, 5 special DVDs (with bonus material/merch - such as calendar as depicted), the new 3DS game, Japanese manga vol. 20-22, metal case (E+L/E+J) with candy inside.

Pic 3: EMAL chapsticks, Levi tea, SC coffee cup, 7 cards of different snk motives, art concept book (?), Armin coaster, snk cup, pack of crackers with character images on them.

Pic 4: E+M+A postcards, E+M+A clearfiles, A+E wall stickers, E+J stickers, handkerchief from Tokyo skytree, a BUNCH of the fabled bathsalts (A+M), Mikasa coaster, 2 clearfile+cards (E+L and EMA).

Pic 5: 2 EML clearfiles, EMAL clearfile, 2 3D cards of A+L, Armin keychain, EMA clothespins, Armin plastic figure with stand, snk pouch.

Pic 6: 2 snk clearfiles, snk chibi poster, Armin figurine, 2 clearfiles with AM/EL.

Pic 7: 8 EMAL stamps, SC pin, 2 keychains of E+A, Armin pen, 3 buttons with A+A/A+J, Eruri pen, EMA + A tiny figures, Armin keychain, Armin button, key earrings, SC+garrison+blades earrings.

Pic 8: Letter keychains (complete set), EMAL stickers (found inside cracker boxes, complete set), Armin pin, Eren mini button, Armin keychain, Moblit pin, Armin plastic figure on stand, Armin keychain in different character design, E+A keychain, Reiner and Bertolt keychains.

… So. Much. Merch.
Let me know if you guys want to look closer at anything. ^^

after the war
  • Mikasa & Levi @ a café: *arguing*
  • *Erwin and Hanji in the corner of the cafe*
  • Hanji: *whispers* I swear they argue like a married couple
  • *two toddlers bound up to L & M*
  • Toddlers: Mama! Papa!
  • Mikasa & Levi: *smiling*
  • *L & M's rings glow like some cliche anime scene*
  • Erwin: *whispers back* that's because they are a married couple
  • Hanji: *giggles* they're the most married couple I've seen
Youre welcome, hajimama(:

@livyandminho submitted: Eren scoped out the land, seeing nothing but glimmering glass sky scrapers and a cloudless sky above the city. His gear was hooked on, but he wasn’t sure as to why, seeing it was such a beautiful day. Nothing could disturb the peace.
That is, until they came.
They rampaged through the city, buildings shuddering and collapsing at their sides. One had a long nose and giant, cerulean eyes, teeth bared.
The naked, genital-less giants would not quit- their horde only grew bigger, stronger.
Snapping out of his stare due to Mikasa tugging and yelling at him, Eren followed the rest of the squad. The wires shot out and his body snapped forward, spitting him into a giant pipe.
It was dank inside, the only light coming from the opening that stretched outside. They all walked carefully, their footsteps and the sound of water dripping echoing.
All was as well as it could be in such a situation, until Armin came in.
The coconut head shouted as his body made contact with Eren’s and, suddenly, the brunette was sliding down another pipe.
He wailed as he sailed down, the trip a long one.
Once he finally hit the ground, gear clanking, he was enveloped in darkness. The only sound was his heavy breathing.
“M-Mikasa? Levi? Armin?” He called out, putting his swords away to cup his hands around his mouth.
“Hello? Anyone!” His breathing grew more shallow, quicker. Frustrated and in a flurry of panic, he moved to punch a cold wall he had managed to find in the dark.
Before his fist reached past his face, a hand was jerking his arm back.
“What the hell!” Eren screamed, whipping around to face the figure. Dim lights flickered in, creating an eerie buzz.
“My son,” breathed Isayama. “Ohh, so beautiful…” he gingerly touched Eren’s face, rubbing circles in with his thumbs. The brunette’s mouth hung open and, after a moment of recovery, he stepped back.
“The fuck?” He was close to slapping the new comer.
“Eren, my sweet Eren. You literally haven’t grown at all! So precious..”
“You’re not my father, don’t call me ‘son’.”
“But Eren, I am your father. I created you. I’m your father, creator.. god! I can be anything you want, my darling.”
“How ‘bout you be a stranger that stays the fuck away from me?”
Isayama chuckled at him, a good, hearty chuckle. “My dear, no. You’re so cute and funny.”
“What the hell, no!”
Then a hand was around his mouth, Eren being pulled closer into the warm body around him.
“Shhh, don’t mind Isayama. Pay attention to me instead- I’m Isayama.”
“What the hell!!” Eren tried to scream.
Suddenly, countless figured appeared, all of the same man. The same Isayama.
“Eren jaeger- Son son son! Eren Jaeger- son son son!” They chanted repeatedly until Eren was suffocated by the many bodies around him, the voices dimming as Mikasa yelled out his name.

Mama says: This is so out of character, because I would NEVER compliment Eren, also I ca’t unread “It was dank inside” I love this!

Inexorable, Chapter 1

Rating: somewhere between T and not-explicit M
Word Count:
6,870 words
From ritasama​ - Single mother Mikasa meets Levi, a rich successful businessman.
A long author note/apology: So. Um. When I hit 100 followers a few months ago, I offered to write five fics for five people. Koi No Yokan was the first, and then I just… didn’t. For months I couldn’t wrap my head around this story, then I got bummed out about it, then I ignored it, then I realized I owed this and I had to do it. Honestly, I feel fucking terrible about it and I apologize, because I promised this and didn’t come through for a long, long time. I’m still writing, but I’ve got 3.25 out of 5 chapters written and I’ve been hammering away at it, so I’m hoping to be all done soon. I’m aiming to post a chapter every week or so, but I can’t promise I’ll stick to that schedule. That having been said, I hope you enjoy this!

There is a baby by the new secretary’s desk.

Levi Ackerman cannot remember the last time he saw a baby in person. His boss keeps showing him pictures of his ever-growing brood — an unruly-looking mob of blond children with wild bespectacled eyes — but he has thankfully managed to avoid having to encounter the brats in real life. The same cannot be said for the occupant of the playpen five feet in front of him, who is currently sucking her thumb and sleeping peacefully.

For now, Levi thinks. Soon she’ll be screaming and shitting and doing whatever else it is that babies do.

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