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Isayama, bruh.

What. The. Fuck.

You give us this and then you do this

fuck that shit. im out. bye.

lol I’m just kidding I can’t just drop this manga without finding out the whole thing. But seriously though. I know that this sounds pretty annoying already and that I’m biased because I’m an eremika trash but just look at Mikasa at this chapter.

She’s already at the first stage of grief. The denial stage. 

It’s really, really heart-wrenching for me because Mikasa has lost enough. Knowing that your only family in the world is going to die soon and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it is just… painful. It just plain cruel.

I don’t know, man. This December update really got me and I just… feel so bad for all of them. I just can’t.

I don’t know if I’m being like Mikasa too, but I think there might still be some kind of plot twist to keep Eren and Armin around. Crossing my fingers for that one.

steel-ball  asked:

Um... I know this ask is a bit weird but, uh, what would characters (eren, jean, erwin hanji levi mikasa reiner and armin) answer (who would they choose) if they were to play "fuck marry kill"? :D i love you btw <3

F: Annie, M: Armin, K: Zeke

F: Marco or Eren, M: Mikasa, K: Reiner

F: Levi, M: Marie , K: Beast Titan (After getting all the information of course)

F: Levi, M: Moblit, K: Everyone who’s in the way

F: No one, please go away, M: Erwin, it’d be uncomplicated, K: No one, preferably (this game isn’t made for him)

F: Annie ,M: Eren, K: The guy who molested Armin

F: Ymir, M: Historia, K: Eren

F: Annie, M: Christa (NOT Historia) K: No one

I’m in my panic room for the upcoming shitstorm :)

You’re quite something Ackerman

“Sir” Mikasa said standing firm before her Captain. He was resting on a rock trying to enjoy a taste of water. Levi and her were sent on a recon mission that was fairly easy. They encountered several titans but nothing they couldn’t handle.

He moved his eyes to meet hers and gave her a familiar look.

“I want to join you in the upcoming expedition” she continued maintaining her usual stoic tone.

Levi sighed.

“No you don’t. You’re only saying that because you’re hurting” he said taking a drink of water. He was too tired to argue with the girl.

“N-no I’m not” Mikasa replied.  

“Mikasa look-”

“It’s true accepting Eren’s and Armin’s fate has had a toll on me. But I don’t want to join to pick myself up. I want to go because, Sir, I am strong. I can defeat more titans than most single handily and I am of the few who doesn’t fear death.”


Mikasa interrupted again. She position herself to solute her Captain in effort to convince him.  

“Sir, I owe the survey corpse this…I owe you” she muttered the last part.

“The expedition is 1 year long. What about Eren?“

He challenged her soft spot raising his eyebrow.

"He’ll be okay” she said faster than he assumed. Levi could see she meant business but something about her eyes caught his interest. A look he has seen too many times in his own reflection. This girl was broken.

“Will you?”

“Are you okay without Commander Erwin?”

“Tch” he said staying in silence as he considered Mikasa’s offer.  She waited patiently. He wondered if a broken girl can be of much help. He also remembered walking in the same footsteps and getting a chance to move on.  

“What happened with Armin can’t be repeated.”

“Understood” Mikasa nodded.

“Don’t make me regret this” he said savoring the last bits of water.

“You won’t Sir” she said taking her leave to a nearby tree to rest while Levi kept his sight on her thinking you’re quite something Ackerman.

I am permitted to post the art by artist @ineffablewitch.

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Do you think Isa will put more attention on Mikasa again? She's my favorite and it's sad seeing her become a unimportant chararter that barely has any lines. I feel like she had good development and then Isa just put her to the side

Ahhh anon, I’m sure the entire Mikasa fandom is going to agree with you here. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I haven’t properly enjoyed Mikasa as a character in a very long time; which isn’t related to her as a character but as you said, she’s been getting sidelined by Isayama pretty much since since the early Uprising arc. Of course there are still moments that showcase her development every now and then (her advocating for Levi in ch 57, not interrupting the eren/jean fight in 72, trusting Eren and Armin to handle Bert in 81/82), but quite honestly, a few panels every other year…just aren’t enough for someone who’s considered a main character. 

That said…I am optimistic about her and the upcoming arc, after all, a bunch of threads related to her are still dangling about. The biggest thing probably being her non-Eldian origins–the Ackerman clan is still very much clouded in mystery, and the east see clan just gained a whole new level of importance with the introduction of the middle east allied forces and the overall focus on the outside world–Mikasa is our perfect gateway for that ( @falcon94ssy can probably screech volumes about this at you). 

Another thing is her dealing with loss–a main point of the Serumbowl was her acceptance of Armin’s demise through Hange’s speech, and later on we saw her reaction and consequences of Eren’s and Armin’s short lifespan in 88 and 89. With the new timeskip we’re drawing dangerously close to the expiration dates, and Eren’s death has been foreshadowed so much at this point I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t happen; we’re certain to get Mikasa’s stance to this whole affair. 

Lastly, the whole “see you later Eren” affair remains utterly unresolved and hanging like a Damocles blade over all our heads, who knows what’s really going on there.

Of course some of these aspects have been around for ages and Isa hasn’t made use of them for Mikasa, but now we’re finally drawing in on the final arc; its now or never. Isa has many threads to wrap up and as stated above, many of those are closely tied to Mikasa, at least a bit more focus on her seems to be pretty much inevitable at this point. Lets look forward to it!