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bloodswap au: updated (march 26)

Hello! I’m Maple and I run this AU.

We currently have spots open if you would like to join! If you want to add someone, feel free! If your character is already listed there as someone else without a blog link, message me and i’ll tell you if we can switch you. i’ll make sure to add you (and your blog) to the list!

Fuchsia: Karkat Peixes
Violet: Sollux Ampora
Purple: Equius Makara
Indigo: Nepeta Zahhak
Teal: Feferi Pyrope
Jade: Eridan Maryam
Olive: Aradia Leijon
Yellow: Terezi Captor
Burgundy: Vriska Megido
Candy Red: Gamzee Vantas


塔 | stupa by sunnywinds*
Via Flickr:
二尊院 秋 2016

i refuse to believe this is pharah’s father. this man’s arms are so thin and wimpy and bare he will not survive the winter.. this man owns a fishing boat and says hooty hoo… this man’s glove box is overflowing with Now That’s What I Call Music! editions 35 through 47.. he’s probably too busy watching his hockey game to focus on pharah.. ehh i’m canadian ehh Maple Syrup… i REFUSE to believe this was the man ana chose to procreate with. that hairline.. THOSE JOWLS.. genetically?? impossible. i mean. ana Would hide the True Details about pharah’s dad. she goes undercover like every 5 minutes. so What Is The Truth


(( Being given the opportunity to grab as many delicious looking treats he wants without worrying about getting in trouble is considered some good luck in Tulio’s book. Also new friend. Congrats, Ethan ))

(( Also this was meant to be up on St. Patrick’s Day but fell asleeeeep ))

maple does a masterlist thing

Below the cut you will find a masterlist of FCs who are of korean decent, but are biracial or are mixed (have multiple ethnicities outside of being just korean). I’ve sorted these FCs by what year they were born and listed their resources and ethnicity. If you run a rph blog or find this list helpful, please like or reblog. I might do more of these list things if I know people find it helpful.

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I just had one of those Let’s Be Honest About Feelings days and it was, of course, very horrible. then, while I listened to the sad parts of the inuyasha OST in a strange attempt to soothe my aching heart, something beautiful came along:

Archie tries to win Valerie (guest star Hayley Law) back with a romantic evening, however, Betty (Lili Reinhart) hijacks his plans when she decides to throw Jughead (Cole Sprouse) a surprise birthday party. 

there have never been more uplifting sentences. my heart shines with the knowledge of what waits for me in three weeks.