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I watched a video on the different Pancakes all over the world and now I'm thinking of Maple Syrup. How is the land of Maple syrup? Do you make pancakes?

We definitely make pancakes my friend 👌✌️

maple does a masterlist thing

Below the cut you will find a masterlist of FCs who are of korean decent, but are biracial or are mixed (have multiple ethnicities outside of being just korean). I’ve sorted these FCs by what year they were born and listed their resources and ethnicity. If you run a rph blog or find this list helpful, please like or reblog. I might do more of these list things if I know people find it helpful.

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A bunch of kids almost beat the best team in the NHL

Leafs had 6 rookies on their team and most of the players were making their playoff debut. The Caps ran a train on the league during the regular season and almost everyone said Caps were gonna sweep the series.

But the Leafs gave ‘em hell. All 6 games were decided by one goal and 5/6 went to OT. A few bounces here and there and the Leafs are going to Pittsburgh. The loss hurts for sure but I’m so fucking proud of them. Not even the most optimistic of Leafs fans could have predicted this at the beginning of the season.

Matthews had a rookie season we hadn’t seen since Ovechkin. Both Marner and Nylander topped 60 points as rookies. Brown hit the 20 goal mark (along with Marner AND Nylander AND Matthews). Andersen was a rock in net. Kadri hit 30 for the first time in his career. Both Rielly and Gardiner took huge steps forward from the blueline too.

I could go on and on but the point is this: the future is bright for the Leafs. \m/