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I don`t get it when people say I should surround myself with things that make me happy but then when they see the lifesize Moriarty cutout that I drag along 24/7 they`re all like “that`s an unhealthy behavior” and “you should seek help immediatly”… 

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Hey you ;))) , so , I Don't know if anyone pointed this out but I was wondering about Mycroft in the T6T , and the fact that he knew EXACTLY who Mary was , and he never mention it to sherlock before , like " john is getting married to a deadly assassin my dear brother , you should have noticed it by now "

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Well, there’s the long held belief that Mycroft is actually working for Moriarty, and in turn is stuck under Mary’s thumb after his death. The ONLY time we see them together ever is RIGHT at the end of HLV and in TAB, and both instances you can see her constantly side-eyeing Mycroft (in the modern scenes) in what I’m thinking is her warning him to not reveal their association with each other, as well as her constantly glaring at John and Sherlock to see if they caught on. 

Joke’s on you, Mary, but Sherlock figured it out in TAB. My belief is that Sherlock knows that they are SOMEHOW linked to each other, hence why in his MP he has them working together, but I think he’s still unsure about what side Mary is on (personally, I think she’s only in it all for herself) and is wondering why his brother hasn’t mentioned it.

Listen, despite what came of S4, I think the entirety of it is a false narrative – Mary’s “arc” makes no goddamned sense, and even in S4, Mary is never around Mycroft at all. We find out in T6T that he was responsible for hiring her in some capacity in the past, but even that is ambiguous (rather, it’s associated with his colleagues and not him directly). I 100% believe that she is linked to Moriarty, and John was her mission given to her either by Jim (to monitor if Sherlock is still alive) or Mycroft (to keep John alive), but decided she liked John too much for herself and needed to distance herself from both.

racism in the sherlock fandom

I hate Sherlock and knew season 4 was objectively bad, but I watched it anyways. There’s the fan reaction to one scene that really upsets me.

Take this scene in the context of Moriarty/Moran shipping:

in front of government officials, Moriarty makes an overtly sexual remark about one of his POC male bodyguards. Guard doesn’t react, but looks like he’s concealing a laugh the whole scene.

Fan reaction? “OMG, Moriarty must be doing it to upset Moran, who is listening into the convo over radio!!”

instead of, like, “Hey, that’s Moran!”

The fandom just really loves their white Fassbender hc for Moran so much that they won’t accept a black Moran, and it makes me so upset.

OTP AESTHETIC // /modern) James Moriarty x Sebastian Moran

they’re the napoleon of crime and the most dangerous man in london

When Seb started working for Jim, his new boss gave him a special cellphone only reserved for calls from the consultant criminal. 

Many years later, every screen in the United Kingdom asked the same four words in endless repeat:

“Did you miss me?" 

Except one. Exept that old black and white screen of the old nokia Seb kept. 

There was just  one new message.
Only three words.

"I missed you." 

  • Baby: M-M-M
  • Parent: Oh honey, I think our child is trying to speak!
  • Baby: M-M-M
  • Parent: Mama? Are you trying to say Mama? Say Mama!
  • Baby: M-M-Moriarty was a real piece of shit for the way he treated Gob. He might have been a ghoul, he might have looked and sounded different than everyone else, but Gob had feelings too. He never did anything wrong. There was no reason that he should have been treated so poorly. I always shot Moriarty in all of my playthroughs just to spare Gob further abuse. Fuck Colin Moriarty quite honestly.