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BTS reaction with them falling in love with their psychologist

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Hi~! Can you do a BTS reaction with them falling in love with their psychologist Thank you^^

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If you couldn’t speak Korean Suga would try to use a lot of hand gestures he would probably have a Korean to English dictionary app on his phone. He would be very patient when she doesn’t understand because of his accent but very understanding at the same time, he, himself would try to drop hints here and there for them to get at some point. 


*Knowing Namjoon, he’d probably try fitting in with you, BUT if you didn’t know Korean, NO PROBLEM, his English skills would be amazing. But here and there he would ask you if he could buy you dinner. If you both did go on your dinner (date) he would go home and fanboy, blushing nonstop wondering if he should just ask you out or not. *


Once again if you didn’t know Korean, Jimin would probably have Namjoon on speed dial, constantly putting him on speaker phone to translate something for him. He’s also the type to use Google translate and get super frustrated with himself. But He would try his best to make it known that he would want to go out with you. He would bring you something every time he had to come to the appointment.


*You both would notice that you both are trying your best to understand each other when you both speak. If you didn’t know Korean, He would just try to write down what he wants to say in a note and give it to you after the appointment was done. Then the next time he came back for the appointment, Namjoon had helped him practice saying “Will you go out with me tonight?”*


Jungkook would immediately seek help from his hyung Namjoon pleading desperately to have him teach him English especially many cute phrases and compliments. He would probably try to memorize what his hyung taught him but will probably get tongue tied, his cuteness would definitely make up for it. But THAT WAS UNTIL You surprised him with some Korean phrases and you both went out for dinner.


Jin would think its no big deal, he would fairly understand you most of the time but would be the one to act out his response when he couldn’t think of the right words. He’ll probably love it when you try to say words in Korean that he taught you. He would love the appointment times he had with you, instead of him talking most of the time, you both would go out for food or coffee 


*Instead of using hand gestures he would probably use a Korean to English app to translate, but when ever it came out wrong he would be super frustrated. That’s until You showed him that you knew Korean and would understand what he is saying. He would ask you to dinner, but when you said you couldn’t he would tease you saying “Oh come on, Please, I mean I know im your client but please..?” Trust me you would give in. *



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