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Vitae & Mortem

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Part Two

I was running back into the darkness I’d just ran out of, the beat of my heart thundering, and although I couldn’t see him clearly, I knew the boy who I’d just fallen over was running at my side.
I could hear them behind us, laughing as they chased us through the night, like this was some kind of hunt to them. I used my fear as my drive, scared that the alley I’d chosen would just reach a dead end and we’d be trapped. The only thing I had was a knife, and I knew it would come in useless against the Krows.
There were only a few times I’d let them get so close. After so many years, I knew where to hide, how to stay quiet, how to shield myself from them. It wasn’t often that I needed to run.
But when I did, I ran fast, because the only person I could trust was myself. I wouldn’t let them catch me, whether I was sure of their intentions or not. Anyone who came to claim you in the middle of the night was not someone you could trust, as far as I could see.

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AU | Imagine: She wearing his shirt | Tiva / Mote (whatever you want it to be)

I blame Julia ( @aksannyi​ ).

y’all: bisexuals are fake bc they usually end up in m/f relationships

me, an intellectual: it’s easier and statistically more likely to find a straight person who is attracted to you and compatible with you than to find a lgb+ person who is, especially in small towns. not to mention the fact that a big part of lg community won’t even date us, because they are biphobic. also a huge number of bis are nb, so m/f rhetoric doesn’t even fit us. also. there is nothing wrong with bis being in a m/f relationship if it’s healthy. also. stop being biphobic it’s 2017 when will this stop