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Five picked up the knife, trying to get a closer look at it. But when the leather bound handle stung her hand, she yelped and dropped it, letting it clatter to the floor. Soon after she began to feel nauseous and dizzy.

It took 24 hours for her to start noticing the changes. Her image flickered in the mirror, she couldn’t stand garlic, her fangs grew longer and sharper and a renewed thirst for human blood coursed through her mind.

Not knowing exactly how, she had become a vampire. And blood was going to be s p i l l e d…


I’m very tired of this particular brand of fuckery, so I wanna make something clear. NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE TAN(NED). All of them are POC or POC-coded. That’s right. A L L . O F . T H E M .

  • Cedar is made of wood, yes. But the designers chose to make the color of her wood dark brown. Why? Because she’s meant to be seen by the audience as the Token Black character. She’s black while she’s a puppet, she’ll be black when she becomes a “real girl”. The end.
  • Ginger is NOT made of gingerbread, or any other food. None of the media has ever said she’s a living cookie. She is 100% flesh. That flesh is brown. The end.
  • Briar does not have a tan. Neither do Cerise, Hunter, Rosabella, Lily Bo, or Melody. The only “white with a tan” character in EAH so far is Ashlynn.
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  • Caucasian ≠ white. Caucasian is an ethnicity, not a race. Same goes for Hispanic/Latinx and Jewish. 

Duchess is also arguably a POC (she could be read as actually Caucasian). Her webisode appearance allows for interpretation, but her doll and profile art can make things unclear, so I left her off the list.

If I missed anything/screwed up somewhere feel free to add/correct.