m kit

Kent finds her outside his condo, a shuddering, tiny thing with patchy and matted fur hiding from the sun, and if she wasn’t mewling loudly from her hiding spot in the shade, he would have walked right past her.

“C’mere, kitty.” Kent sinks down to his knees, ducks his head to look under the dumpster, sees her looking right at him. He holds his hand out, slowly bringing it closer, his cheek nearly pressed into the burning concrete, trying to draw her out. For his effort, he’s rewarded with a hiss and a claw in his finger.

“Son of a-” Kent jolts back and lick the blood away as he glares at the dumpster. The sun is baking the garbage and he just wants to get out of here but he’s not going to leave yet. He runs back into his suite, rummages through the fridge for anything that might be edible, nearly breaking his neck on a stray stick, then parks himself back in the same spot.

First, he uncaps an overpriced bottle of volcanic water and slowly slides it towards the cat, craning his neck to check that she’s lapping up the puddle. Some of the water is soaking into his shorts but he doesn’t want to move.

“Good girl,” Kent coos when he sees her tiny tongue poke out and lick her wet paws. “That’s some expensive shit, though, so don’t waste it.”

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Kit Harington Gif Pack

The following pack contains 229 gifs from Silent Hill: Revelation. These gifs were all made by me and are for roleplaying purposes only. Please do not repost, edit, add to gif hunts, use in rp bios, etc. You may, however, use them as reaction gifs in replies. Please like or reblog if using.

This gif pack contains horror elements; please view at your own discretion.

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kitty headcanon (los spoilers ahead!!)

There are a bunch of theories of Livvy coming back as a ghost and it’s frankly very likely so I thought, what if she witnessed Ty and Kit’s first ever kiss?? She would be smirking the whole time because she knew it was coming and then Kit would see her and he would sCREAM and then Ty would be embarrassed and ask “was I that bad of a kisser?” and then Kit would be all flustered and tell him something like “no omg what” and Kit would lean in to give him a quick kiss to keep his own mind off Livvy for just a second because he was so petrified and then Livvy would drop like a knife or something so that Kit would acknowledge her because he’s the twins’ only chance of communicating with one another and Kit would freak out again because he knew she was dead and at the same time he would silently question her return in ghost form and kind of calculate whether it is completely possible or not, and then Ty will finally be irked by said behavior and he will at last get Kit to say what’s freaking him out so much and then he will say he saw Livvy’s ghost (he says this almost disbelievingly) and then Ty would be happy as fuck and he will have tears in his eyes because he knows his sister is still going to be with him even though he won’t be able to see her in person and they will all be happy, and they will all start chatting with one another and Kit will literally be acting as their personal owl but he’ll be trying not to be tired of it because all he wants is to do is see Ty smiling

  • Ty: You know, I'm not too fond of your last name.
  • Kit: ...Herondale or Rook?
  • Ty, brushes it off: I just don't think it suits you.
  • Kit: I'm pretty sure mostly everybody has said that I act and look like a Herondale.
  • Ty: You should change it.
  • Kit: I don't understand where this is going.
  • Ty: Maybe to Blackthorn.
  • ty go bye bye
  • Kit: Hold on— did you just propose to me?! Ty where did you even learn that??!!! Come back here!
  • Kit: I -
  • Everyone who's been around him for 2 seconds: Yeah we get it, you love Ty, you would take a bullet for him, you would kill anyone that hurts him, you would -
  • Kit: W-What? No, n-not Ty, um, pop tarts. *clears throat* I love pop tarts.