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Can you do something fluffy like Shizuo, Izaya, and Kadota's so see a spider and freak out :)

Heiwajima Shizuo:

It was one thing to wake up to noisy neighbours. It was another to wake up to screams.

At first he’d thought that his lover had a nightmare or two, which would have explained the sudden yell.  But then he rolled over and was met with crinkled sheets. Without hesitation, Shizuo threw off the covers and swung open the door.  Footsteps loud and heavy, his heart raced as he looked.

“What happened?!”


The living room light was switched on, and it took a few moments as he adjusted to the brightness. A snarl already present on his lips,  he stomped over to his partner and snapped,

“What is it?! Are you okay?”

He was being impatient, but the fact that he saw no signs of a burglar or any blood—any injuries on them perhaps slightly excused his irritated behavior. That, or he was just plain rude.


Shizuo did a double-take.




“Yes, Shizuo, spider!”

His snarl dissipated shortly afterwards as he looked at the arachnid, a brow creasing.  It was surprising—it didn’t seem like his significant other was afraid of little things like these. With a shrug, Shizuo took a step closer to the creature. It was as tiny, in fact almost adorable as it crawled up the wall with it’s small legs scuttling. 

It ended up crushed under Shizuo’s palm.


Withdrawing his hand, he shuffled and turned to look at his still-horrified partner.

“..Bed?” he offered, expression neutral as he blinked.






Orihara Izaya:

He should have seen this coming.

The middle of summer, heater set low and crickets loud, Orihara Izaya was still in his office chair and working.  Fingers tick away and sounds of a keyboard break the silence, but he is oblivious. 

He should not wince. 

That is what he tells himself when a scream cuts through the air and breaks him out of his stupor. 

Red eyes snap in the direction of the sound, and Izaya finds himself shooting up. Leaning over his computer screen, he’s greeted by an odd sight.

Firstly - he believes that he’s been keeping his place neat and tidy enough, and therefore he shouldn’t be finding such insects in his home. Or archnids. 

Secondly - the fact that the person, his lover, was screeching and pointing at the spider looking absolutely horrified had him almost in stitches, but still he carefully made his way over to them.

Lastly - the creature was only about the size of a baby’s palm, and the more Izaya stared at it, lovingly and oh-so endearingly accompanied by his significant other’s pleas and screams, the more he found this whole situation amusing.


He holds the tissue in his hands, spinning around to face his significant other. Hints of a smirk creep onto his face, but then before he can spit out a sharp remark another screech forces him to turn around.


“It seems so.”


So in retrospect, with it being summer and his lover being this squeamish, he should have seen this coming. The whole spider thing and all.

But Izaya’s not annoyed.

Just offended. 

Kadota Kyohei:




“…I wasn’t!”


He blinks and watches as they glare at him - or maybe they’re glaring at the spider instead. Making his way to the bathroom and washing up, he heads back to where they are at.

“…So.. You don’t see anymore, right? If you do, just call for me.”

“Got it. Thanks, Kyohei.”

Kadota shifts in place as he watches them take a seat beside him, snuggling up to his shoulder.

“…But what’s with the sudden onslaught of spiders? I keep seeing them everywhere each time you come over.”


“Is my place infected? I think I’ll need to-”

“No, maybe it’s just the season. I mean, it’s.. uh, you have a… nice home…?”


Prologue Part 3 - The Passionate Kindergarten Play

You: (Is the set……made of cardboard? It looks like a kindergarten play, but this also seems like a one-person production so…)

New performer: “Um, so my starting position should be……”

You: (Ah, someone has come onstage.)

New performer: “……”

You: (They said he’s a new actor, but I wonder if he’s nervous? He can’t seem to stop fidgeting.)

New performer: “Oh, I am Romeo Kadota! I’m a high-school freshman! I have an unrequited love for one of my female classmates!”

“Aaaaaaaaah…… Why will she not love after after all I have done to show her I love her?!”

“I just love her so much!”

You: (Oh, oh god. His acting is so frank……he is definitely a new performer. What could the other members possibly–)

New performer: “Woah, it’s that time already! I have to get to school!”

You: (D-don’t tell me this is a one person show starring only this kid!)

???: “Hey wait Romeo.”

You: (Oh thank god, another actor is coming out……)

Parrot: “You are going to school, yes? Take me with you.”

You: (Is that a parrot!?)

(What on earth……the play has some novel ideas, but I can’t find anything particularly engaging about it.)

Furuichi: “Sigh……”

You: (If this guy wasn’t sitting right next to me, I would be sighing too.)

New performer: “Okay! I’m going to see the girl I love!”

You: (This kid can’t even see that there is almost nobody in the audience. It seems like his nerves are melting away though.)

(He also seems very cheerful and I get the feeling that he can’t help but enjoy himself when he acts on stage.)

New performer: “Thank you very much!”

You: (Ah, the play is over.)

Furuichi: “That script was abysmal.”

You: “Y-yeah……”

(But, that boy seems so happy.)

(I remember having similar feelings when I first starting acting.)

(You are having so much fun that you’re in a daze and before you know it, the show is over.)

(Even though this kid truly seems like he loves to act, his efforts are going to waste here. I want to give him a better play to act to.)

Furuichi: “Well then, can I tear the sign down?”

You: “What!? You must be a demon to want to tear down the sign after seeing such a heart-felt play!”

Furuichi: “Heart-felt?”

You: “Yeah! It was definitely childish, but it had heart.”

Furuichi: “If I wanted to see a heart-felt play, I would have gone to a Kindergarten play.”

“What even was that, a recital? Can a new actor debut in his field from passion alone?”

“A professional working actor must make money and entertain theater patrons.”

You: “That is true, but if that kid keeps working hard, he’ll definitely……”

Furuichi: “In this day and age, effort alone is not enough to make much progress.”


Director: “Even with all your effort, you aren’t doing anything right. Let’s stop this. It’s clear that you have no talent as an actor.”

Furuichi: “Don’t you understand? There is a possibility that this theater will be able to survive on Broadway St., but that possibility is one in a million.”

You: “It’s true that Broadway St. has a lot of impressive theaters and that this theater can’t even compete. but–”

Furuichi: “Then we are done talking. This theater is done for.”

New performer: “Huh? Is this theater closing down……?”

You: “Ah……”

New performer: “Pardon me for barging in on your conversation but……I only just started acting at this theater yesterday!”

“I may still be bad at acting, but I love acting. So please, don’t close down the theater!”

Furuichi: “No.”

New performer: “But-”

You: “You refuse even when he’s begging so desperately!”

Furuichi: “The destruction of this theater was already decided.”

Curly-haired Man: “I won’t let you tear down the theater!”

New performer: “Manager……”

You: (Wha, this curly-haired guy was the manager!?)

Manager: “I will do whatever possible to protect this theater!”

Furuichi: “Matsukawa, I have given you countless chances before. The one who could have stopped this was you. There is no room for negotiation.”

Manager: “Bu-but, there’s still a chance we can bring this place back to the glory days and–”

Furuichi: “It’s impossible.”

You: “The glory days?”

Manager: “Yes! When Yukio-san was here, everyday was a full house, the ticket lines were–”

You: “Yukio? Yukio……By any change, are you talking about Tachibana Yukio!?”

Manager: “Do you know him?”

You: “H-he’s my father……”

Manager: “You’re Yukio-san’s……daughter!?”

You: “The real reason I came here is to meet the person who wrote this letter.”

Manager: “Oh, I wrote that!”

You: “So you’re Matsukawa Isuke-san……?”

Manager: “Yes! Was Yukio-san unable to make it today?”

You: “I haven’t spoken to my father in eight years……he also hasn’t returned home in that time.”

Manager: “You haven’t heard from him……I’m sorry to hear that.”

You: “Do you know anything about what might have happened to my father?”

Manager: “One day, your father suddenly disappeared and never came to the theater again. We lost all contact with him after that.”

You: “That’s……”

Manager: “I thought there might be a chance that he was at home but……”

Furuichi: “So you tried to rely on him one more time? It seems like he’s gone for good. This is over.”

You: “Hey, that’s a horrible thing to say! There might be some other way.”

Manager: “T-that’s right! Even if it’s not Yukio-san, there might be someone else who is willing to save us!”

You: (He’s eyeing me eagerly while saying this…….)

Furuichi: “You don’t know anything about this theater. The solution is not that simple.”

You: “What do you mean by that?”

Furuichi: “This theater has been used exclusively by the theater company.”

“Most theater companies don’t own their own theaters, but instead rent small spaces to perform in. This theater company is different.”

“A privately owned theater has to provide group housing for its actors. Just maintaining the housing brings the costs up by a lot.”

“In it’s heyday eight years ago, this theater had four troupes - spring, summer, fall, and winter. Every month, the troupe that performed would change. This practice brought a lot of revenue to the theater.”

“You need to organize the actor into four troupes and constantly perform every month, or this theater company won’t make it.”

You: (Four units……spring, summer, fall and winter? Now that he mentions it, I have a feeling I heard my father talking about that when I was little……)

Furuichi: “Even if you wanted to do that, the only member right now, excepting this piece of garbage manager, is this brat who says that he just joined yesterday.”

“Having only one actor will be impossible to maintain.”

Manager: “Oooooh……I see.”

Furuichi: “No, you don’t see! This should be the most important thing you should know as manager.”

You: “You seem to know a fair amount about this theater company–”

Furuichi: “–I always research a company’s situation when I am placed as their debt collector.”

Manager: “Oh right! There is technically one more member–”

Kamekichi: “Leave it to Kamekichi!”

Furuichi: “Birds don’t count.”

Manager: “Oh, really? I guess that makes sense……”

Furuichi: “I will not linger any longer. Sakoda!”

Sakoda: “You called, Boss?”

Furuichi: “Do it.”

Sakoda: “Aye-aye sir!”

Manager: “How cruel!”

New performer: “I’m begging you! Please don’t destroy it!”

You: (This is it. The theater is being destroyed. My father’s theater troupe……)

“A-ah- that’s it! I remembered-!”

Furuichi: “Ah?”

You: “The truth is, my father told me that if something happened to him, he would entrust this theater to me.”

Manager: “Huh!? Is that true!?”

You: (Nope, it’s not true. However, I’ve already said it, so this is the path I’m going to go down.)

“Whaaaaat- Matsukawa-san, you’re the manager and you never heard anything about this!?”

Manager: “Huuuuh!? Nope, I didn’t.”

You: “You remember, right!?”

(Our stories have to match up here!)

Manager: “Now that you mention it, I feel like I hear that before……I think?”

You: “The most important thing we have to do is increase the number of theater members and arrange them into four troupes. Isn’t that right, Yakuza-san?”

Furuichi: “Yeah, that seems like the best way.”

You: “Well then, problem solved! Because I will be recruiting new people to the theater!”

Manager: “Really!?”

Furuichi: “Tch, how many people do you plan on recruiting and when would they even get here? Don’t tell me you’ll be recruiting amateurs.”

You: “Ummm, one……no, two people! It’ll be alright. I have some notes and theater connections passed down from my father!”

Manager: “Yes! We’ll be able to save the theater!”

You: (I can’t tell if he believes our lie or not……)

Furuichi: “……You have until sunset.”

You: “Huh?”

Furuichi: “I will wait until the end of the day. Bring a new member to me.”

You: “You’ll really wait……?”

Furuichi: “I will not stand any amateurs being brought here.”

Manager: “No need to worry! With the great daughter of Yukio-san here, we have the strength of 100 people!”

You: (This guy has complete faith in me for absolutely no reason……)

Furuichi: “If you can’t do it, I will immediately destroy the theater sign.”

You: “I-I understand! Let’s go, you two.”

Manager: “Aye-aye sir!”

New performer: “Y-yes!”

Furuichi: “……She is a terrible actor. The complete opposite of her father.”

Sakoda: “Boss- what should I do with the sign?”

Furuichi: “You heard, didn’t you? We stand-by until sundown.”

Sakoda: “Aye-aye sir!”

To be continued……

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