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‘There is still one thing I do not understand.  If the Joyce’s are not who we are looking for, or if they were your parents and they have already left this earth, why did the time portal bring us here and to this time period?  There must be a reason.’ Holly thought aloud.

‘There is no reason.  The time portal must have got it wrong.  I’m not sure the Joyce’s were my parents actually.  The photo was very blurry.’ Grace did not appreciate Holly bringing this up.  Grace was trying to forget this mornings events.  They were enjoying their lunch.

‘But do not think it’s odd that the time portal brought us here?’ Holly pressed.

‘Holly, you set that machine thing off by mistake.  It did not send us here for a reason.  Let it go.  We’ll go to the fire station on Wednesday to find out more about the Joyce’s just to rule them out, then we’ll go back to the Future on Friday’.

‘Okay, boss.  I do still think that we’re missing something and this place has a significance, but I know this is making unhappy so I’ll stop and we’ll stick to the plan’.

I know everyone says this but I really love the Jonathan wearing all black in this scene. It truly emphasises how Jonathan doesn’t belong in her world. Her room being light pink, he sticks out very evidently. Just as he sort of does in her life. Besides what everyone hopes, Nancy and Jonathan don’t seem to be friends after finding Will. They’re kind and acquaintanced but there’s not strong friendship, and I think the reason behind that is their two different worlds they just can’t combine.  

That’s all.

~Addison B

I’m crying

Imagine Joyce giving Will a haircut at home to save money and because he has a bowl cut she puts a plastic bowl on his head and trims around the edges, making sure it’s all neat and tidy. He doesn’t complain much about this and is just eager to get back to his drawing. When Joyce starts to clean up, Jonathan enters the room,  pushing his hair out of his eyes. Joyce motions him over to her. Begrudgingly he sits on the chair opposite her and let’s her trim his hair. “Mum not to short” “Yes Jonathan I know”. When she’s done, she tousles his hair and he squirms away and walks to the bathroom to look at his hair. He ruffles it a bit, a few loose strands fall onto his shoulders, but as he looks in the mirror and a small smiles passes his lips.

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[kicks the door] DID SOMEONE SAY... STRANGER THINGS AU? Now seriously, I think it's a great idea, but it could be better if Hanzo played as Joyce and McCree as Chief Hopper and YES Genji still as Will (it's just my opinion, sorry for something).

My thing is, when I write an AU fic based off of a show or some other form of media, I tend to deviate from the actual plot line of the show and sort of use it as a base instead? I know some people’ll probably be disappointed if they hoped for something that stuck exactly to the Stranger Things storyline, but it’s just how I am as a writer. I don’t think I could stick to the exact Stranger Things story because the characters in the show are vastly different than the characters in OW, so I make tweaks and changes to go along with the different personalities you find in OW.

Rather than having someone as Joyce, I’m pretty much going to have a few concerned parents – mainly, Reyes (Jesse’s adoptive father) and Ana – join the search for Genji while Morrison gets to be Chief Hopper. Collectively, you could say Reyes and Ana are both Joyce since Jesse and Fareeha are knee-deep in finding out what happened to Genji; their parents get dragged into everything and it gives me an excuse to write Reyes, Ana, and Morrison as unlikely friends/allies. Genji and Hanzo’s dad, from what I’ve briefly brainstormed, is going to run the shady government organization that’s behind Hanzo’s powers (i.e. Eleven) so he can’t exactly be Joyce – which is an example of how I twist AU’s to fit my own ideas. The fic might sound lame and boring, but hey, my mind wants what it wants. 

It doesn’t make sense when I explain it like this, I know, but after I get some sleep (because I’ve been up for nearly eight hours binge-watching the whole show) I’ll try to write up a better explanation of how everything works. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to write the fic anytime soon (I’ve got commissions to work on) but maybe someday in the near future I can revisit the idea. 

Ocean Park Adventures


I patiently wait on a table in Two Whales. Joyce came back for the third time to refill my cup of coffee.

“You doing alright Max?” she sweetly asked.

“I’m good Joyce. Nervous I guess.” I said.

“I’m pretty sure he’ll like it. Besides, it’s not proper for a lady to wait.” she smiled before leaving to go back to her work.

I looked down at the tickets.

He’ll like them. I’m pretty sure.

Then the door opened and the bell rang. I saw him looked from left to right, looking for me of course. When he saw me, he smiled and walked his way towards me.

“Now what is this very important news you want me to know so much that I had to rush towards here?” he asked as he sat right in front of me.

“Is it just because I miss you?” I joked.

“Hardy harhar Max, I always know that.” he smirked and I felt blushes creep.

“I bought these for us, but I guess it’s a stupid idea.” I reached out the tickets to him and smiled nervously.

He took it and looked at the tickets carefully.

“Are you shitting me?” he gasped.

“I know it’s weird and stupid but—”

“Let’s go!” he smiled. Probably the biggest ass smile I’ve seen from him.

“You don’t think it’s childish?” I asked.

“Are you fucking kidding me? This is an Ocean Park for fucks sakes! Of course I’ll go.” he held my hand.

“Okay.” I chuckled. “But contain your excitement okay?”

“How do you contain your excitement? Holy fuck, I don’t know what to say!”

“A thank you?” I grinned.

“Oh right.” he laughed. “Thank you for this Max.”


As I was about to put on my pants, there was a knock on my door; a rather quick knock.

“I’m changing!” I yelled.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned.

The door fucking opened.

“I’ve seen you that way too many times.” he said.

“N-Nathan!” I screamed. “I said I was changing!”

“What if we’re late? Oh shit Max I will never forgive you!” he panicked.

“Oh my God,” I rolled my eyes and continue to wear my clothes. “Don’t over react.”

“Can’t you wear your clothes any faster?”

“If you keep on rushing me, I’ll keep on getting slower.”

“Fine.” he crossed his arms. “I’m sorry, Fuck, I’m just really excited.”

“I know you are.” I sat on my bed to put on my shoes. “That’s why you should contain your excitement.”

“Okay.” he sat next to me. “But please go faster? I wanna leave now.”

“I’m almost done, chill.” I giggled.

He was so excited it was adorable. As I was finally done, we were on our way to the Ocean Park.

The first thing he did was buy us the park’s t-shirts because he thinks we can actually fit in. We watched a lot of shows that contained aquatic animals and Nathan was having the time of his life. He watched dolphins perform, penguins perform and sea lions perform. In fact, he would get frustated whenever the workers don’t choose him for volunteers. He almost punched one. What the fuck Nathan.

“Hey let’s try this.” I pulled back Nathan from walking and looked at the Photo Booth.

“It looks stupid.” he said.

He was quite pissed at the previous worker who didn’t call him to volunteer in the sea lion performance.

“Come on, you might like it. We have lots of time ‘til the next show.” I pleaded and he evebtually gave in.

There were orca, dolphin, penguin hats and Nathan suddenly flipped, quickly grabbing the orca hat first.

There it was, the smile I wanted to see all day.

We had lunch by eating hotdogs and a cup of juice.

After eating, Nathan looked at the schedule of what show they’re watching next. Nathan froze and quickly held Max’s hand.

“W-We’re gonna see whales?!” he squeled like a little girl.

“Yes Nathan.” I smiled. “And I heard, there are two types of whales in today’s show.“

“Holy shit!” he held my arms.

“Are you even more excited?”

“Yes Max!” he kissed my cheek. “Thank you so much.”

“Anytime.” I smiled.

Then Nathan pulled me in the auditorium. As quick as he can and we sat on the front row. It was about 10 minutes when the show began. Nathan was in awe and fascinated with the Whale’s performance. The whales were and Orca and the majestic Hunchback Whale. Nathan would casually close his eyes whenever he hears the whale sounds and I can tell he feels extremely relaxed.

After the show, Nathan told me to stay for a while to watch the whales swim. He was amazed as if he was home; real home.

Now for the real surprise.


@spoileralerturanasshole hallo!! chapter two will be up soon