m is for mom

I think it was my mom and dad. I think my mom and dad got to hear it first. I get scared to play music for Cheryl sometimes.
[Did Mom like it?] My mom loved it. And I find it hilarious. There’s a really, really rude song on my album, and my moms like ‘oh that’s my favorite one.’ And I’m like, 'Mom, you need to listen to the lyrics probably because you aren’t getting this. You are not getting this.’
—  Liam on Most Requested Live about who was the first to hear Strip That Down outside of the studio (via @thedailypayne)

hey im marley ; im a 14 yr old afro latina girl who is unable to get a job atm and i live with my mom; it’s just me and my mom and since i’m unable to work and she doesn’t have a good job, we’re really poor- and now that it’s the summer we’re going to be struggling even more with money. every donation helps, even if it’s just a dollar

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Okay so I have an asexual character in my story but I'm not entirely sure how to go about writing him as asexual? Like I have a few ideas but just don't want to write his sexuality wrong... Do you have any tips about writing from a different background?

Incorporate it into the story just as naturally as you would incorporate a hetero romance.
* You might have them say it explicitly if you wanted. (”I’m asexual, Mom”)

*  If they are in a romantic relationship, you could write a conversation where they explain to potential significant other that they’re ace.
(Character B) “So I know you said you’re asexual. I’m wondering if you still do relationships or if you date? Or if you’re aromantic? Sorry if this is coming out wrong just wondering if I can ask you out for coffee or not”
(Character A) “Aww you’re so cute when you’re flustered. To answer your questions, yes I date and I’d love to go on a coffee date with you. I’m very down with coffee dates and long walks in the park, not down with making out or anything like that. Meet you at Starbucks, Friday 3pm?”

* They might crack jokes about it to close friends (or their significant other, if they have one).
”You know, for someone who’s ace you spend a lot of time staring at my ass”, she joked.
”I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to look at wondrous works of art, not touch them”, Anna replied.

If you want a book rec, Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire has an asexual protagonist and its very well written (and is just an amazing book). That might give also give you some ideas.

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I told my stepdad not to say the N word and he said ‘its not offensive unless you mean it offensively’ so i said ‘ok man but i’ve seen fifty thousand black people say that its always offensive always and I’m hearing one white guy saying it’s not soooooo idk I’m sticking to ‘No’ on this one’ and my mom pitches in to me like ‘careful honey, now you’re following the herd’ like???? Mom if five hundred people tell me ice is cold and one guy in a goddamned parka says it’s not and I’m skeptical of the guy in the parka that doesn’t mean I’m a sheep that means I’m capable of logical thought why are you like this 

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Mom!!! Your blog literally makes my day every time I read one of your posts whether I'm crying or not (which btw totally emo over 9 years with shinee wow). can you do shinee on picture day (like for high school or college or something idk) if you haven't already?? p.s. I LOVE YOU

i am still emo over 9 year old babies, join me and my tears baby ILY2


  • his mom called him in the morning to make sure he looks presentable (onew: mom i’m in college pls / key: stop wearing a sweater vest rn)  
  • slept with wet hair and now the back of his head is just straight up flat and looks like a diamond facet and his bangs are sticking out in all the directions 
  • dunked his head real quick under the faucet for a do-over 
  • borrowed a straightener from someone on his floor 
  • carefully makes his hair v neat and straight 
  • maybe a bit too straight so he gelled it to the side (jong: look, a nerd) 
  • blinks when the flash goes off 
  • redo 
  • ~pretty eye-smile~ 


  • shit he’s forgetting something isn’t he 
  • doesn’t know what it is but he can f e e l it 
  • hey kibum you look nice today (key: *up-downs him* it’s picture day and you are in sweats / jong: fuck let me borrow your shirt / key: lol you wish) 
  • struggles 
  • the top of of his sweatpants somewhat peeks out under the button-down that is now on his body bc he’s insisting on half-tucking it 
  • but better that than a sweatshirt with a giant dinosaur on it (key: *swallowed up in said giant hoodie* i am a ball of rage) 
  • beaming bc him and key are next to each other in the yearbook and they’re matching and that’s hilarious 


  • woke up really early to get ready 
  • 5am is too early to be woken up by psy’s “i luv it” (minho: *lobs something from across the room, still asleep* do nOT love it) 
  • has poses and the soft smile DOWN to a t 
  • put whitening strips on (minho: what’s on your teeth / key: shit i forgot to take them off after 30 mins) 
  • his teeth are sensitive af now and he can’t stop running his tongue over his gums 
  • 10/10 do not recommend 
  • prepared his bomb af outfit a week in advance 
  • super salty that jjong burgled away it away 
  • still wore it better tho 


  • wearing a polo shirt buttoned all the way up 
  • “it’s hard to breathe but i look nice” 
  • brought a pocket comb and has not stopped combing his hair since they got on line (taemin: *resisting the urge to ruffle his hair for the umpteenth time*)
  • when he sits for the pic, looks like a freaking statue 
  • 1. bc v handsome 
  • 2. he’s completely still
  • doesn’t even to blink (jong: ming pls your crazy eyes are showing) 
  • unfair how photogenic he is (onew: wanna share some of that talent with me??) 
  • bows and thanks the photographer who is maybe in love with him now 


  • the line for pictures is soooo long 
  • legs are tired so he sits down 
  • @ everyone looking at him: what
  • checks his face on his phone before his turn to fluff hair and make sure he licked off all the cookie crumbs 
  • sits on the stool but doesn’t know what to do with his hands 
  • didn’t realize that they would show up in the photo and now you can see him awkwardly cradling them in his lap (key: aw look at your baby hands / taemin: sTOP) 
  • says cheese when the flash goes off 
  • really hopes that his pics turned out okay this year 

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i play the cello and no one in my family played a musical instrument, as my mom and dad had said that I'm the only one. cool, right? and one day when we were cleaning the basement (rarely go there, it's scary and dark) my mom busted open a crate and pulled out a theorbo and played it, like mom why did you lie to me and what's the story behind the theorbo I can't believe my mother is capable on playing the fucking theorbo after not knowing it for 27 yearS OF MY LIFE???????? a theorbo. I'm shook

i literally had to google theorbo. nice

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Highlight of the pride parade today at mexico: a middle aged woman holding a big sign with the gay pride as background that said "yo soy la mama de tod@s ahora y los amo" which translates to "i'm everyone's mom now and I love you". It legit made me teary 💕

Ahhhh! Precious !!!

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I can almost 100% guarantee that everything Louis is doing as far as music goes now, was scheduled months ago, He can not literally CAN NOT just cancel and change it. Larry or NOT. Harry would NOT want Louis to do that either. He full and well let us know with out having to that he was in the UK. I am not a Larry either. I do not think they are together but even *if* they are, this is normal. This is called real life. My Mom had to keep working after her Dad died.

Yes, it is. People think that because they’re famous or something, they can just do whatever they want like there are no responsibilities. They’re people with work, with timelines, with everything that comes with job like everybody else. I’m sorry about your mom’s dad x

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Just a little update for you.. I wrote in asking for advice on how to tell my Dr about my ED. Well I did it. And now I'm talking with my mom on treatment options at different clinics and stuff. I know it's not much, but I'm scared as hell right now. But I did it.. so I guess there's only up from here

This is incredible. We are so so proud of you!! <3


Actual Conversation With My Son: Using Your Head

It’s summer and my son’s hair is getting hot and unmanageable for him, so my wife offered to give him a haircut.

He was grumbling and dragging his feet because he doesn’t like haircuts in general (specifically the shower he has to take after the haircut) and it was frustrating my wife, because she was trying to leave for the evening.

So I told my son that I’d be happy to give him a haircut instead, if he wanted. But I also let him know I’m not as good at haircuts as his mom is, because the only haircut I know how to do is the one I give myself.

He then very quickly and politely accepted my wife’s offer of a haircut.

I love that kid. :)

First I Love You's

Hey Karen, Shawn said he would only be out for an hour but it’s been 4 and he’s still not back I know he’s grown but I’m still a little worried.” , I told Shawn’s mom.
“I will call him and see if answers. Love, do not worry about him.”
“Okay thank you so much, I will call you later. “ I say hanging up.
I sit down waiting, it was 12 am and he was just going to the grocery store to buy stuff. The door opens and I see Shawn walking in.
“Shawn Mendes you have got me messed all the way up, how dare you worry me like that.”
“I’m sorry.” He says looking confused, “I saw an old friend and we decided to catch up a little I didn’t realize how late it was.”
“Shawn, you couldn’t have called me!?” I was yelling at this point.
“I said I was sorry I don’t know why you’re so angry.”
"Because I was worried Shawn!” She was screaming and I saw her start to cry, “I didn’t know wha- something could’ve happened to you!”

For a second I just stood there watching her confused. No girl has ever been that worried about me, especially because i’m grown I know i’m okay. But she didn’t. She was genuinely worried. I walked up to her and I held her in my arms for a minute and she was just crying.

“I’m sorry babe.” i whispered, “It won’t happen again.”
“Just please take your phone next time.” she told me.
“Okay, I love you.”
she looked up at me wiping her tears.
“I love you.” I smiled at her. She said it back.

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Dumb question and I'm not sure if you have been asked this already, but can we expect to see any fan art of Bright Mac and Pear Butter? I just watched season 7 episode 13 and I am eager to see more on the two. I'm just curious about this and wandering if you had any plans related to this. Thanks for reading n

Oh man, I’ve received this question quite a bit after the episode. So the episode itself was cute and I do like the dad’s design, but part of that is because he’s actually really close to my own version. What I’m going to do with him is keep the markings I had on my design but change his name and eye color and cutie mark to better fit the canon version.

The mom however? I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of her design. She’s cute and all and I enjoyed her personality but I don’t know what it is, but something about her design just…. I don’t know but I’m not really into it. I’m really hoping she’ll grow on me, and eventually she probably will, but thus far I don’t care for her design. :/ 

To answer your question, yeah I’ll probably draw them, but it might be a while before I do, primarily because I’m struggling mostly with Pear Butter’s design.

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Mom I'm going to pride for the first time today! I'm gonna bind but I might have to do it for 12-14 hours which I know isn't safe, so do you have any tips to help me stay safe while binding?

Go to a bathroom after the eight hour mark and please take your binder off!

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I'm having a bad day bc I'm anxiously waiting to see whether my rapist is going to have consequences or not (I'm supposed to find out this week) and my mom is so convinced that I'm hiding something from her (well I'm hiding the fact that I was raped bc she'd blame me) so she's spending all her time going through my stuff and yelling at me. send me nice wishes pls

:( I’m so sorry love. Good luck to you and take care

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My mom just went tf off on me bc I asked for her help to mail something to you and I said your Po box number wrong. She fucking went off on me saying "WHY EVEN SEND IT? THE KID DOESNT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU ANYWAYS" so now I'm up in my room crying. I hate the fact that my mom doesn't understand how much you mean to me. I don't wanna say I hate my mom. I don't hate her...I just hate that she doesn't get why I'm sending you mail. Idk I kinda just wanted to have a short rant. I'm sorry Ryan