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Bo ładność to naprawdę stan duszy. Ładne są nie te dziewczyny, które malują sobie usta czerwoną szminką, ale te, które chcą przytulać innych, gdy źle się czują, te które z nieśmiałością mówią o tym, czego się boją i, że czegoś nie rozumieją. Te, które potrafią powiedzieć, że sobie nie radzą(…). Ładne są te, które chcą mówić prawdę.
—  M. Halber

anonymous asked:

hey amazing writer!!!!!! ^^ don't know if you're still doing this but if so: "uh, Natsu, pray tell me. Why does the magic council have me written down as your WIFE?"

“Uh, Natsu, pray tell me. Why does the magic council have me written down as your wife?

I froze at this. This wasn’t going like how I had thought it would. Nothing was, my plan was an utter failure and everything was about to get a thousand times worse. How did I know?

By the fuming blonde glaring daggers at me right now. 

Okay quick Natsu think, how do I get out of this one? What were my options? Taking the mere second I needed to think over that, I found my movepool was pretty limited. Thus, Lucy being here in the first place I suppose…

She perked her eyebrows up like how she did when she was losing her patience and I scrambled to think of something to say.

“I needed insurance!”

Lucy was an understanding girl right? She would totally get what I was trying to do here.

Insurance?” she repeated back, as if the word itself was disgusting. “Natsu don’t you dare tell me you planned to do this!”

I scratched my nose. “Well…do you want the truth or..what you just said? Cause I can–”

“Natsu!” she hissed. Slapping her hand to her forehead, I coiled back as that tick in her expression formed. The one she usually got right before she kicked me into the wall.

Lucy calmed herself though as several pairs of eyes switched towards her way, and lowered her voice. “What the hell do you mean insurance?”

I grew a sloppy smile then, hoping to ease up some of her rigidity. “Well c’mon,” she didn’t seem pleased at the look in my eye. 

“They can’t exile a married man.”

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