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@babyyouaremyboat tagged me to do these, thank you so much!

  1. Coke or pepsi:  Coke
  2. Disney or dreamworks: I guess both but probably more Disney
  3. coffee or tea: Coffee
  4. books or movies: Movies
  5. windows or mac: Windows, not even a question
  6. dc or marvel: Marvel
  7. xbox or playstation: Playstation
  8. dragon age or mass effect: Dragon Age
  9. night owl or early riser: Night owl
  10. cards or chess: Chess
  11. chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
  12. vans or converse:  Converse
  13. lavellan, trevelyan, cadash, or adaar: Cadash, always
  14. fluff or angst: I don’t read fic but probably fluff? I don’t know.
  15. beach or forest: Beach
  16. dogs or cats:  Both!
  17. clear skies or rain: Rain
  18. cooking or eating out: Cooking, I love to cook
  19. spicy food or mild food: Mild food
  20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: None, sorry
  21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot:- Too cold, definitely
  22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be: Oooohhh I guess I’d say teleporting so I could be wherever I wanted anytime (basically so I can give people hugs when they need them)
  23. animation or live action: Both, no preference
  24. paragon or renegade: Paragon unless the renegade option is funny
  25. baths or showers: Baths, I guess
  26. team cap or team ironman: Team Ironman
  27. fantasy or sci-fi:  Fantasy
  28. do you have three or four favourite quotes? If so what are they?:  None that come to mind
  29. youtube or netflix: Both
  30. harry potter or percy jackson: Never watched or read either
  31. when do you feel accomplished:  I don’t know
  32. star wars or star trek: Star Wars, I’m a massive fanboy
  33. paperback books or hardback books: Hardbacks
  34. horror or rom-com? Rom-Coms, I don’t like horror films
  35. to live in a world without literature or music:  Literature, I live for music
  36. pastel colors or dark colors: Dark colours I guess
  37. tv shows or movies: Movies
  38. city or countryside:  Countryside
  39. If any other zodiac sign could describe you, what would it be: - I don’t care about zodiac signs, sorry
  40. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? -  I don’t stick to albums, I listen to random songs from different albums, I couldn’t choose just one
  41. cinema or theatre? - Cinema
  42. If you could be any fictional character’s best friend, who’d you be? - Samwell Tarly because he needs a friend
  43. smiling or smirking? - Smiling
  44. are you an ‘all or nothing’ type or are you more consistent? - Consistent
  45. playlists or your whole library on shuffle? Whole library on shuffle
  46. travelling or staying at home? - Staying at home
  47. If you could have a meal with three people, alive and dead, who would you choose? - John Bradley, Patrick J Adams, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
  48. Favourite sports team? - Tottenham Hotspur, AS Monaco and Ajax for football, Ferrari for F1
  49. Paris or London? - London

I’ll tag @avengersdeathnote @bwoahmula1 @harryswilsons @hulkieswonderland @livelongandfangirling @rararaenbow @teddybearofdeath @velvet-gloves @glitterbombingandcondoming @gingervivilou and @ramblingsofateaaddict if you wanna do it!!

A wild  M o to h a r u  appeared !


Art trade with the wonderful @bow-of-burning-gold​ ! Surprise surprise, it’s her handsome-as-fuck boy Motoharu! (Bekki I couldn’t really pick only one of your boys but eventually Motoharu won because look at that son, isn’t he the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen-)

I messed up with his outfit a little bit but heeey at least the pose came out half-decent! I hope it’s okay ;^;

Hope you like it, Bekki! And thanks for doing an art trade with me! And sorry for being late asf with my part!