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(6/6) Washington's arms, having gotten sick from the 'new' country. Washington just lays there and holds him, not even caring that Lafayette was gone. He feels so very frail in his arms, skin growing cold, brown hues wide. George just repeats to himself that it's alright, pressing warm kisses to Lafayette's cold cheek. He holds him for the entire day until he's eventually forced away from him, sobbing and falling into a deep depression till death. He's always thinking of Lafayette.

6/6 TH IS IS M Y S H I T

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Okay but jimin helping jungkook with contemporary dance??? Them dancing beautifully and gracefully together into the late night??? I need it

tifFANY listen u had me at ‘jimin helping jungkook’ i’m??? ;^; but listen, ok just imagine it:

  • soft, sweet music and simple choreo bc jjk isn’t familiar with this style of dance yet, so they’re starting off easy (despite golden maknae’s protests)
  • jeongguk being nervous and jimin kissing his cheek, “you’ll be fine gukkie!” (rlly it doesn’t help bc ‘park!! jimin!!! just kissed me!!!’)
  • smol hands holding jeongguk’s body in place
  • jeon tripping over his feet at first bc he’s nervous
  • s m o l h a n d s i repeat
  • but he gets the hang of it and then they’re both dancing around each other and it’s bEAUTIFUL
  • it’s midnight but they’re so lost in it ajshkajssjsdk and they keep dancing ;-; (‘let’s skip the part where cinderella runs away from the prince, hyung, and just stay and be my little dancer’ ‘jeON JEONGGUK!!!’)
  • also jimin would be so pROUD OF jeongguk and would keep praising him and it would be v sweet and leaVE ME ALONE IM EMO BYE

@fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak tagged me to list 15 facts about myself :)

1. I’ve dyed my hair every color of the rainbow, including the time I had actual rainbow hair
2. I despise olives, rice, beans, mushrooms, and bacon.
3. I can walk and read at the same time, it’s how I got home from school every day :D
4. It’s been a long time dream of mine to own a hedgehog… I’ve decided to wait and get one once I stop having babies, so that I’ll have something to coddle 
5. Because of #4 my family sends me a lot of hedgehog things. And now Nick’s mom has started too… I might post pictures of all of the hedgehog things around my house. 
6. When I was in middle school my class had to write a paper about ourselves and I listed M*A*S*H* as my favorite tv show. I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of my own tv lol
7. I can make any type of mug cake without looking at a recipe. It’s made my weightloss attempt much more difficult
8. Nick and I own a lot of books but only one bookshelf. It drives me nuts that I don’t have a nicely organized bookshelf. There are just stacks and layers and it’s not in order.
9. I feel sad when I haven’t put my feet in sand in a long time. Which is tricky since it’s all lakes and bays where I live now, and there aren’t beaches.
10. When I pick up a hobby I do a lot of reading about it. I know a lot of stuff about running, sewing, and cloth diapers :|
11. I don’t know how to make friends
12. I have a lot of heels and rarely have occasions to wear them.
13. I can count the number of times I’ve been to a bar since turning 21 on one hand
14. I like having longer hair but can’t stand to have it down most of the time. It’s usually up in a ponytail or bun.
15. The first time I put my hair in a ponytail my myself was my senior year in highschool. It was the first time it was long enough to do so, and I remember it vividly because it felt so foreign. (I was in the school nurse’s office, I was always there)


and i’m sad to the core, every day is a chore. when you give, i want more. i wanna be ADORED. because i’m a primadonna girl. all i ever wanted was the WORLD. i can’t help that i need it all. the primadonna life, the rise and fall. you say that I’m kinda difficult, but it’s always someone else’s fault. got you wrapped around my finger, babe – you can count on me to m i s b e h a v e . primadonna girl, fill the VOID up with celluloid. take a PICTURE, i’m with the boys. get what I want ‘cause i ask for it, not because i’m really that deserving of it. living life like i’m in a play, in the lime light i want to stay. i know I’ve got a  BIG EGO.  i really don’t know why it’s such a BIG DEAL, though.

cheryl blossom of riverdale. penned by thalia !

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Oooo... I watched television shows meant for an older demo too! My grandmother let me watch Golden Girls EVERYDAY. Remember before Lifetime was all bio pics of pop stars? Designing Women, Golden Girls, and The Nanny! I was also pretty fond of Cheers and Night Court at an assuredly young age.

Cheers! Yes! “Where everybody knows your  name...” In middle school I was really into M*A*S*H* as well, which delighted my dad.

my mood legit goes from “💖💖❤️❤️💞 i l o v e y o u !! 💖💖💞💞💕❤️❤️❤️ you’re my life 💖💖💞💕❤️❤️💕💕💕” to “👀👀👀👀 who’s that ?? 👀👀👀👀 i see how it is 👀👀👀 im not needed” so quick it’s ridiculous



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character