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———–— BTS ( Express “Spring Day” through your body ) ~ Wallpapers

J-Hope :  I’m the “Spring Day” itself! I’m the warm spring guy, J-HOPE. You should admit it.

V :  V is expressing through a flower cup. 

Jimin :  It shows freedom and stability.

Jin :  It’s a cherry blossom. Please insert computer graphics here.

Jungkook :   Maknae is also expressing cherry blossoms blowing in the wind! I’m looking for members who’ll join me in spring picnic!!

Suga :  When you say spring, there’s spring fever… Zzz

Rap Monster :  Though he is an innocent boy who wants to express a sprout, that thing won’t just stand alone…

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anonymous asked:

What about SJ and Lafayette? If you're still doing that ask thing, sorry for bothering you if you're not, I just really love Savanette


How do much do I ship it?:
Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?

What non sexual activities do they like to do together?
cuddling and watching harry potter and netflix

Who does chores around the house?
both of them while singing high school musical songs

Who’s the better cook?

Who’s the funniest drunk?
sj just gets incredibly sassy

Do they have kids?
if they do, they name them after harry potter characters

Do they have any traditions?
h a r r y p o t t e r m a r a t h o n

What do they fight about?
which one of them is cuter

What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If
they have one)

idk i feel like they would be very very happy

Who cried at the end of Marley and me?

Who always wins at Mario kart?
sj because if we’re being honest, laf is just bad at mario kart in general

One thing I like about this ship?
very cute ship, i ship it very much

One thing I don’t like about the ship?
nothing, they are perfect

The song I would say fits them?

Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space)
concept: sj falling asleep on lafs chest

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———–———–——– BTS ( JIMIN ) ~ Wallpapers {SPRING DAY}

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———–———–——– BTS ( V ) ~ Wallpapers {SPRING DAY}

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