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About That Boy (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long but here it is! I hope you enjoy it i loved writing it!
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Hi! Saw that your requests are open so I thought I’d send in one! Can you do one with a batboy of your choice with this? “Hey, it’s me, can you open your door? I locked myself out of my apartment and my landlord’s on vacation.” or something along that lines! Thank you! Hope all goes well! X

“Mom, yes I know I understand. I shouldn’t live here I grew up in gotham.” You shook your head unpacking some things in your small bludhaven apartment. You grew up in gotham but decided to move over to bludhaven since you found a job at a diner down the street from your apartment.

“I know sweetheart I just wish you could still live in gotham” Your mom said a dark sad tone in her voice as she took out one of your jackets. “You wore this when you were young, You still fit in it?” You nodding grinning and finished unpacking the dishes. You looked at your mom smirking as she stared back at you

“What is it mom?” You said with a grin on your mouth. “Any new boys texting you lately?” She said with a grin and you rolled your eyes throwing her jacket towards her “Yes mom my neighbor happens to be attractive. No! Of course not. I’ve lived here 3 days and we just finished unpacking”

You giggles at her wiggling her eyebrows. Your mom was such a goof which you loved but when it came to boys she was a real hoot “I have to work soon mother can I call you later?” You started walking towards the door pushing her out and you smirked waving goodbye as she walked out the door.

You sighed hearing a voice down the hall and you jumped as you saw a large figure leaning against the rail to the stairs. You looked at him your eyes meeting his crossing your arms “Are you the one who always has britney spears blasting at 2 am?” You smirked as the figure nodded “Do you not blast it at 2 am?”

“Frankly i’ve never thought about it..” He smirked and stuck his hand out to shake yours as you slipped your hand into his shaking it pulling it away wiping it on your shirt “I’m Jason by the way” You nodded responding back quickly “I’m (F/N)..I live right there” You pointed to the apartment you were living in.

Jason nodded reaching in his pocket for the keys to his apartment as you glanced over at his pocket hearing no key jingle. You heard a mumble as you walked back into your apartment shutting the door going to sit on the couch. Meanwhile jason was still trying to find the keys to his apartment.

Jason noticed that you walked away as he groaned leaning against his apartment door “I just locked myself out..the keys are in the hood..” He smirked and looked over at your apartment strutting over to your door “this is why I go in through the window”

You cocked an eyebrow hearing a knock on the door as you opened it sligthly “Uh…Jason?” You were confused and it was obvious he was embaresed the fact that he was running his hands through his hair every 2 seconds gave it away. You smiled at him and he looked at you “See uh…hey it’s me. I locked myself out of my Apartment and my landlord is on vacation..”

Jason looked at you and you opened the door “come on in.” You groaned as he walked in. “How do you manage to keep everything clean?” You sat back down on the couch as he shut the door “I just moved in so..expect a shit hole in 2 or 3 weeks” Jason nodded standing there in a awkard stance

“You can sit on the couch next to me or the chair..Shoes on the matt please!” You clicked the tv on tucking your knees into your chest as he sat on the other side of the couch. You looked over at your phone seeing a phone call from your mother getting up “I’ll be back” You picked up the phone walking over to the kitchen

Her voice was loud on the phone as you lowered the volume “So, how’s everything going so far? Is everyone nice?” You nodded and peaked out from the kitchen seeing jason watching tv as you admired his muscles in a T-shirt “Yeah.. SO.About that boy..”

Alright so I think that uh jason listens to Britney Spears at 2 am ;)

{ M I N E } // Levi x fem!Reader

Request: Hello! ^^ I was just wondering if I can get a Levi imagine where he gets very protective of his s/o when she’s around the 104th? Love your work :3 - from anon
Warnings: Swearing and implications of sex.
Word Count: 329
Author’s note: I know that you said S/O, although because you said ‘when she’s around the 104th’ I went with a fem!Reader simply because it was easier for me to write. I hope that’s okay!

His eyes narrowed at them over his cup of tea, the laughter that erupted from their mouths like poison to his ears. The sight of all those shitty cadets with his girlfriend made the blood boil in his veins. His jaw clenched as he saw her erupt into a fit of giggles over something that Jean had said, hitting his arm playfully after she had recovered slightly.

He set his tea cup back onto its saucer, his eyes returning to the novel that he held in his hand to try and distract himself from the scenario in front of him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his girlfriend; he trusted her very much. He knew that these interactions with the brats were simply her being friendly, although by the look in the cadets’ eyes, he knew that they didn’t hold the same intentions. The way that their eyes traveled up and down her body, embracing every curve she had with their gaze. It made him feel sick to his stomach.

He felt his fist clench subconsciously around the pages of the book as his eyes wandered from the words, catching sight of Reiner leaning over to whisper something in your ear. Your eyes widened as a subtle rouge swept over the apples of your cheeks. As you glanced down to hide your blush from the laughing cadets around you, Levi stood abruptly from his seat, throwing his book haphazardly beside his tea before making his way over to you. Your downwards cast eyes caught sight of his feet and you looked up at him, mouth opening to greet your lover. Before so much as a sound could escape your lips, Levi swooped you up and tossed you over his shoulder, promptly turning on his heels and striding towards the door.

“What are you doing, Levi?” you gasped, your air flow restricted by the way his shoulder was digging into his stomach.

“Showing everybody who you belong to,” he growled.


ships: bill weasley x fleur delacour

im in love with the idea of moving and freezing because of the body warmth next to me, of settling back in because i know its you, of being entranced by your imperfectly perfect features and dozing off to sleep again. im in love with the idea of waking up again to a pillow being thrown at my head just as i get up, of grinning blindly and trying to retaliate only to be hit again and again until im laughing in surrender. im in love with the idea of waking up, if every morning i wake up to you

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Madison :) tall blonde female, blue-green eyes. Fave colour is blue and I'm literate in sarcasm. History and science geek and true ravenclaw at heart. Love explore and learning anything just because. Sunny days, books and coffee are my things. My heritage is danish, Russian and English heh. Better friends with boys than girls. Ummmm idk anything else x

M A D I S O N: From an English surname meaning “son of MAUD”. Derived from Matilda, meaning “strong fighter”.


“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.