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Interference (pt 18)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader AU

A/N: YAALL I’m really sorry, it’s been a year since I’ve updated huh. And I wanted this to be longer, that’s why it was put off and esp since I’m busier and I’ve a job now, but I just thought I shouldn’t keep everyone waiting longer than I already have and I apologize for the wait!

It’s only 1.8k and not very good lol but I hope this suffices for the dry streak of not updating for a year.

The rustle of the sheets are restless, room engulfed in darkness with the minuscule slivers of moonlight that intrudes through the blinds. Jimin’s body is slick with sweat, his room proving to be a boiling pot even when he knows the aircon is turned on and his ceiling fan is running on high.

It’s only been days after his confession to you of his past, none of you having the courage to bring it up even when you both were left alone. Ever since he’d slept with you that night, he couldn’t sleep peacefully alone in bed. And just like the recent nights, he crawls out of bed and quietly tip toes to the living room where he knows you’ll be sleeping. The wood mewls under his weight as he carries himself down the hallway and into the living room where you’re laying on the couch. This time however, he’s greeted by the sight of you sitting up with your phone in your hand, playing a game.

Were you waiting for me? He wonders as his heart thumps in his chest rhythmically, feet dragging himself to the couch where you welcome him. You smile softly at him, shutting off your phone and setting it on the coffee table before laying down and letting him tuck himself close to your back. You’ve gotten used to this, having him appear in the middle of the night, sleep deprived and seeking for your warmth.

Each time you can’t help but smile and welcome him whole-heartedly, slipping into a rather peaceful slumber as does he. There’s something you both seem to question, wondering why is it that you can’t help but feel secure by the other’s side. In the morning he’s usually up and getting ready for work by the time you awaken. But this time you find your face buried in his chest, legs tangled and his arm keeping you as close as possible. You presume that somewhere during the night you’ve turned over and retreated into his heat, happily snuggling close to the security that he seems to provide.

Subtly tilting your head upward, you gaze up at Jimin’s sleeping expression - plump lips parted, sooty lashes fallen perfectly over his cheeks, and his faded orange fringe falling slightly downward but over his eyes.

An angel, you think warmly, your hands compelled to reaching up and brushing the strands out of his face but you stop yourself and continue to lay there watching him sleep a little longer. In contrast to the times you’ve seen his distressed, upset, and fallen expression, you admire how at peace he appears.

He’s so pretty up close, you sigh blissfully, glancing slyly down at the plush pink pillows of his lips. In turn, your cheeks rise in heat at realization of your close proximity.

You both weren’t close, you think hopelessly, it’s a miracle that he trusts you enough to know about his past. However, you couldn’t just mistake that trust for affection, Jimin doesn’t trust women after all, what possibility was there that he could even have the ability to hold any sort of emotions other than hatred towards you?

What did you even feel towards him?

Glancing up, you’re taken by surprise to find raven hair and dark coal staring back at you, a soft smile spreading across his face. However, you shriek in surprise, planting your palms on his chest and successfully shoving the stranger off the couch.

There’s a resounding thump followed by a groan before Jimin’s orange locks pop up from the ground, his expression irritable and grumpy from being disturbed from his sleep. Frowning, he squints at you, collecting his bearings from his rude awakening, “What the fuck grandma?”

“S-sorry,” you stammered, feeling the blood rushing to your cheeks as you sit up quickly and huddle away from him. He notices this and raises an eyebrow.

“Hey, you alright in here (Y/n)?” Taehyung’s voice starts, walking in and pausing when he notices his partner on the floor. He observes your distraught form, stringing things together in his mind before the gears click and a smug grin stretches across his face.

Jimin sneers at the expression, “Wipe that shitty look off your face it’s not what you think.”

“Oho~” the younger muses playfully, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, “We both know it is really what I’m thinking of, ahh Jiminie how could you take advantage of poor (Y/n) while she was asleep.” He fake sniffles, covering his mouth and stumbling backwards as if distraught by the turn of events, “I never knew you were like this Jiminie!”

“I’m not!” the elder snaps back heatedly, bristling and about ready to pounce at his friend.

“It’s nothing like that Taehyung,” you finally cut in with a nervous laugh.

“I know, I’m only playing with you Jiminie,” the brunette grins mischievously to which the elder growls at, “Anyways, I was thinking that today we go out, it’s slim but maybe something will come up to help you remember something.”

Jimin agrees and gets up, casting you a cryptic glance before retreating to his room to get ready to go out. Upon being left alone, Taehyung smiles and moves to take a seat beside you. He deflates against the plush cushions, falling over to suddenly land his head on your shoulder.

“How lucky that Jiminie is to be able to sleep next to a beautiful lady such as yourself (Y/n),” he hums, a subtle smile ghosting over his lips when he can fairly heart the patter of your heart, “Don’t lie to me, I’m well aware of hyung getting up in the middle of the night to seek refuge in your arms. My~ quite a drastic change to what I’m used to seeing, although it’s a welcome change now that you both aren’t going at each other’s throats when you first met.”

“You got my hands tied behind my back Mr. Kim,” you sigh.

“Taehyung… erm do you know as well?”

His chuckling falls silent as he sits up and catches your hesitant gaze, “Depends on what it is.”

“…About Jimin…”

“I’m guessing he told you,” he says finally, carding his slim fingers through his hair, “Yeah.. I know… That guy, he’s still blaming himself.”

“I’m proud of you, so now I’ve got high expectations that you won’t hurt hyung,” he adds on nonchalantly, “So tell me something - do you like him, Jimin?”

You blink. Do you like him? His expression is serious, waiting patiently for your answer, eyes bright with hope. You notice his eyes slide to the side before there’s a sinister curl at the ends of his mouth. Before you know it he’s got his lips planted on your cheek before pulling away cheekily and standing up from the couch as if he hadn’t just done what he did.

“Oh hey Jiminie.”

You’re pulled from your stupor, cheeks set aflame, to see Jimin with an unreadable expression on his face. But holy shit, your eyes sweep over his form and can’t help but find immense attraction in the simplicity of his black tee and jeans. Had you always thought of him this way?

“You should get ready (Y/n),” Taehyung says, once again dragging you from your daze.

Stumbling over yourself, you scramble from the couch and nod, heading to the bedroom to get ready. Passing the orange-haired male along the way, you notice how he evades your gaze and steps aside to give you more than enough room to pass through to the hallway. Your heart drops at that and you frown, was it the kiss? Had he seen the kiss?

The question boggles you even as you pull on a fresh pair of jeans and a hoodie.

“That’s how it is, huh.”

You freeze just as you’re reaching to shove your sock on your foot, throat seizing to move as you turn slightly to appraise Jimin leaning back against the now closed door.

“You’re just like her, you’re a girl after all huh, it was only a matter of time before you were going to show your true colors!” He accused with growing fury and disgust in his words, “You’re just like her, gain my trust and then go after my best friend! T-to think! To think I let the likes of you close to me, to think I’d let myself–”

He trails off before he can finish his thought, a tinge of pink crawling onto his cheeks before he turns away in embarrassment, a curtain of faded orange strands hiding his eyes from you. Unsure what to do, you reach towards him, letting your fingers graze over his shoulders, careful to keep away from his back. Your cheeks burn a hot red, had you heard right? It couldn’t be, he couldn’t, but did you? He hadn’t even finished his damn sentence what the hell were you doing assuming here?

“Hey, what are you talking about? What do you mean? Me going after Taehyung? You’re joking right?”

He laughs, the sound cold and piercing to your ears as he jerks away from your touch - the complete opposite to the previous nights he’d constantly seek out for your touch. The action leaves you cold and barren, his retreating back soon blocked by the slamming of the door.

Later when you all go out, Taehyung nudges you lightly.

“Sorry about the kiss this morning, I was hoping to give Romeo over there a push but if anything it just set off a bomb…” he whispered as you both watched Jimin walk ahead of you both, “I’m sorry, you two were getting pretty close too… I didn’t think a kiss on the cheek would put you through the wringer..”

You smile at Taehyung’s puppy-like guilt, imagining fluffy ears folded over atop his head to accompany his large eyes and pouty mouth.

“If anything… I think it’s better this way… after I regain my memories I won’t be staying long, you both won’t have any more reason to deal with me and we’ll go separate ways..” the thought saddened you, having to part ways from Taehyung, Yoongi, Hoseok, Seokjin, Namjoon, and last of all.. Jimin. Tears gloss over your eyes at the thought of never getting to see everyone again once you figure out your life. In an effort to hide from Taehyung, you walk faster, mumbling how you both were gonna end up losing Jimin in the crowd.

Behind you, you don’t hear the brunette mutter sadly under his breath, “Why can’t you just stay with us…”

The day draws longer as the three of you continue to roam around. Here and there your vision goes static, as if a memory is emerging from the depths of your mind but something is stopping it, you’re not entirely sure. When you glance at Jimin your vision blurs and for a quick second you see raven hair instead of what you expect to be faded orange. Distracted, you unexpectedly walk right into someone’s back.

“Ah! I”m really sorry!” you exclaim, backing away from the person but instead you hear a faint gasp before you’re being pulled into someone’s warmth. You struggle at the sudden sensation, expecting it to be a stranger, but your mind runs haywire at the scent of fresh warm cotton, like fresh new sheets on a bed.


“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.