m i 5 t y m a u 5

Why do we tease Mark for being short? I mean, isn’t he really 5'10"? Guys, thats three inches taller than me, IM the short one! I’m quite positive if I stand next to him, then I’d feel really tiny, if you didn’t know my fear of tall people. (My cousin intimidated me with his height of 6'10", I’m not liking that.) Well, Idk about you guys, but I’m going to support his height. He is from now on 5'10 to me.

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Name: I prefer to be called Nari 😘😘😘 But I don’t mind other nicknames!!
Ancestry: hAHAH IDK ?? Some sort of english,,,,,generations ago,,,,,
Zodiac: pisces (my birthday is in 5 days!! I’m really excited!!!)
Where do you live: Ausssstralia ;u;
How are you feeling today? Good!!!! I woke up at 5:10 and did a workout program and it felt super super good???? Like weirdly so??? And I’m proud of how fit i still am, I kept up/beat everyone really e a s y ;u;
Favourite song right now: She’s So Gone by Lemonade Mouth
Play any instruments? I sing and play piano but I need to find a new teacher for both of those things haha vuv And I used to play the drums (but Lol the co-ordination required //sweats)
Are you craving anything? f r e n c h t o a s t french!!!!!!! toast!!!!!!!!
What’s your signature scent? hahahah???? uh h hh….I smell like candy floss today! And mangos and flowers ;u;
Sounds you love: sharp fingernails tapping keyboards and trains rattling quietly when you’re riding in them and rain and laughter and a page being flipped in a library <3 Also the duolingo noise when u get smth right  👍 👍
Sounds you hate: uhhhHHHH….Beeps that are just s l i g h t l y off and the odd not-a-click whenever your mouse or keyboard gets stuck and when your phone goes off in the middle of someplace quie/when someone is talking ah HHH THAT ONE’S THE WORST JUST BC E V E R Y O N E TURNS TO LOOK AT YOU AND YOU’RE LIKE SHIT, PHONE, U FUCK.

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Ok people, let’s talk “Hug a Tiny Day”

Title says it. The 11th of August is HaTD. It’s a day where Tinies get huggedso cute. I want to hug some of you people :D but I won’t just go and grab you, of course. That’s rude u.u

Anyway, if any of you Tinies/human-sized-people-that-likes-interacting-with-giants are interested, I’d love to draw myself giving you a hug :3

It’s simple. If you want this 5 m tall (16′5″) mini-giant to give you a hug, just like/reblog this post and I’ll try to get it done by next Thursday, the Hug a Tiny Day.

Also, I’m a super slow artist so I’ll only accept people that like/reblog before Sunday :/

See y’all ^^

paper cuts (l.h)


this was going to be a long length fanfic on wattpad, that’s why it’s written in first person pov, i think i’ll do it short on here instead.

-my 5sos fanfic wattpad is: @/fxck5sauce, but i don’t think i’ll write on that acc, however the one i’m starting, which will be teen fics is @/-sincerelytiffany and it’ll be amazing if u can check it out :)

summary: For Y/N, her life begun with a 15 days Europe trip and a blue-eyed tour guide leaving paper cut kisses on her fingertips.

 October 22nd, 2018

San Francisco, 5:00 p.m.

“One pumpkin spice latte, please”

I took my order and sat down at the corner of the cafe.

It’s currently 5 p.m. and the crowd is starting to fade, probably heading home to have dinner with their family. Staring at the sidewalk painting with gold and the little acoustic music in the background suddenly gives me so many mixed up feels. Maybe it’s because of the song that’s softly playing, I know I heard it before. In the same spot, maybe even at the same time. Not because it’s a classic, but because of something else. I just know it. Like it’s carved on my heart.

And if you have a minute, talk about it somewhere only we know.

This could be the end of everything, so why don’t we go somewhere only we know

Maybe I’m thinking too much. This was over the radio anyway. I take my phone out, typing a text to my brother to acknowledge him I have got back.

“Hey Tris, just got back. Text me back asap when you see this” I set my phone down and turn my attention back at the view outside. Few seconds later, my phone lights up.

“Hey sis, do you remember the oak tree we used to hang out when we were little? Meet me there this time okay? 5:30, don’t be late x”

My twin brother and I have went separate ways when we started collage three years ago. We’ll meet each other one to three times a month, but usually at his dorm or our house. The fact he chose somewhere we don’t head usually made me wonder if there’s something important he needs to spill. I know him like the back of my hand, when he goes for a different direction there’s always something big behind. I just hope it’s not something bad.

I grab my latte, tighten the grip and carefully make my way to the door, trying not to spill it. As I was going to push the door open, I smell a sweet scent, and no it’s not the coffee.

I look up to see a blue-eyed tall blonde that looks around my age, opening the door for me. Something about his eyes, those crystal blue eyes caught me off guard. Not because of the shimmering color he has, but because of how intense and passion beyond the sea is. As if I have gone there before, his eyes sparkles with, is that hope I see? Little did I know eyes can have so many action when connecting with another. It feels familiar, too familiar.

“Thank you” I finally managed to get the words out.

I can tell he is feeling the tense as well. How did I know? It took him two times to get it right. From ‘You too’ to 'Nice to meet you’, finally with my little help, “No problem” was out in the air. I nod satisfied and walk past him, the last sentence though, was not 'you’re welcome’ or 'bye’, instead 'I miss you’ was thrown out of nowhere. I turn my head back to look at him, his eyes was no longer glittering with wishful thoughts, instead they’re clouded with pain.

Somehow, deep inside me want to reply 'I miss you too’, yet I don’t even know his name.

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