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I was using my Leica M6 to take some behind the scenes photos at a recent shoot. There’s something to be said about how smoothly and intuitively this camera operates, it’s a pleasure to take photos with and quite intuitively too!

Featured here is Eve Black, with assistant Jennifer Y. and stylist Sharina Matthews.

. by 林 呆塔
這卷是2011年底拍的,最近才沖 那天跑去彰化溪州晃 在公園裡遇到這兩位小妹 左邊妹妹比較活潑 右邊妹妹比較公主 因為那時候我比較高瘦帥 所以馬上就跟他們混熟 也肯讓我幫他們拍照 不過可惜的是沒拍很多 他們兩個真的很有淺力! - Konica Hexar RF Limited Konica M-Hexanon 50/1.2 Fuji PRO160S Nikon Coolscan 9000ED