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A Room with a View (1985) dir. James Ivory

“And as for your loving me, no, you don’t, Cecil, not really. You don’t. It’s only as something else. As something you own. A painting, a Leonardo. I don’t want to be a Leonardo, I want to be myself.”

- It’s over and tbh I don’t even know what to feel???

- I spent the entire production racked with anxiety that the Mystery Glitch™ would reappear, but we were fine

- …until the finale number,

- But even then it only happened once or twice, with the music and Usnavi’s mics o m fg

- Oh God since this was you know, the LAST performance, the director decided she suddenly wanted colored lights instead of just doing what’s been happening all week

- So Tom had to figure all that out before the show. My great contribution was green for 96,000, and then he had blue for Paciencia y Fe and I told him to have it turn green when she pulls out the lottery ticket for a visual callback. It was cheesy as FUCK but it looked cool lol

- “…Do we want a rainbow for Piragua?”

- “Do you, Tom?”

- “….Do we want a rainbow for Piragua?”

- “Tom, if you want to do a rainbow-”

- “Do we want a rainbow for Piragua?”

- “Fine! Yes! Rainbow!”

- “Sweet.”

- I was talking about the Glitch when I was getting mics on the kids and Steven was like “What do we wanna bet Lin Manuel saw a picture of our cast and laid a curse upon the production”

- Honestly??? Probable

- The guy that spent two years of high school trying to see my boobs was in the audience…rip™

- Honestly I shouldn’t have been that surprised like his literal reputation in school was “that guy that keeps trying to sext girls and always talks about In The Heights” lmao that’s how I first found out about this show funnily enough

- Steven comes out for his short scene in the opening and his mic wasn’t working??? Tom grabbed an extra wire and did a mad dash backstage omfg and when he gets back he’s got the original wire that Steven had and it was just. Shredded. What did he do omfg

- The director’s husband was on spotlight…Oh GOD


- He couldn’t aim it properly???? And he wasn’t listening to the directions omfg

- Also despite the fact that he had a headset and was standing literally three feet away from Tom and me he spoke at FULL VOLUME. JIMMY YOU GOTTA WHISPER THERE’S LITERALLY A SHOW GOING ON

- They spent 40 minutes trying to fix the grate that Usnavi had to rip off the wall yesterday….only for him to have to yet again rip it off the wall today. I don’t understand why this set piece wouldn’t work omfg

- Steven tried to make his voice more emotional and cry during atencion but it just sounded like his voice was cracking all over the place oh no

- “Okay so now that we’ve added the colored lights I’m really not sure how much watts this is so something might actually catch on fire during the show”

- “Oh, causal.”

- That feel when the laptop Tom’s running the damn thing from gets a restart warning

- This audience was very subdued reactions wise but they did give a standing ovation so???? All in all good

- The director mispronounced Lin Manuel Miranda in her opening speech again oh my God

- I looked up from the soundboard during Carnaval de Barrio to see…Benny…dancing with a Mexican flag in his hands….Why did he have a flag he’s not supposed to be Latino that’s the whole Point

- Before the show started Piragua Guy and Sonny were onstage giving an extremely passionate performance of “I Can’t Stand Still” and after they finished, panting and looking proud of themselves, Tom yells from the back of the theater “FOOTLOOSE SUCKS!”

- I think he’s just still mad that he didn’t get cast as the preacher when we were in it lmao

- Literally why are high school girls the worst™ I had to go into the dressing rooms to check for mics or actors and not a single girl looked away from their phone or even acknowledged my presence even after I had repeated myself multiple times???

- I was starting to wonder if I had died and was having a sixth sense type of deal but then the boys acknowledged me and actually paid attention so thank God that saved me from a mini crisis lol

- We had all the mics in this huge case and when I was carrying it away I basically accidentally shoved Vanessa into the railing I FELT SO BAD OMG

- Yeah so basically it pretty much went off without a hitch???? Surreal and unexpected I probably crossed into an alternate universe or something

- Anyway this was an ultimately enjoyable job!!! I think I’ll kinda miss it

- (goes to spend the money she paid me on a rick riordan book like the adult I am lmao)

- Lights OUT on Washington Heights!

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