m e s a

Back to Tumblr, I just read the BIG news about Eric… he’s engaged and will get married in July?!?

WOW that’s …. great!

Congratulations to our wonderful leadernim, he deserves to be happy!

and Welcome to Shinhwa Family Na HyeMi-ssi.

I guess some SHCJ feel sad, disappointed, upset, betrayed,… of course as a fan I understand we could have some expectations, hope, dreams but let’s be honest it’s simply EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY … and Eric’s reality is Na Hye Mi…

so cheer up brokenhearted SHCJ !!!

We all know that Shinhwa is forever! They won’t disband and will do what they used to do for 20 years. We won’t lose our leader, we’ll gain a new sister!

fucked up 1d things 

  • when we found out louis was pregnant and nobody confirmed it and there was a show the next day and every time louis spoke it was dead silent 
  • when zayn literally left the band and they just posted a fb status like oh btw lol
  • when zayn literally left the band and none of them mentioned it for like 6 months afterwards
  • when they cancelled a show minutes before doors with hardly any explanation other than like ‘liam has the shits’
  • when they were like we’re breaking up but not really breaking up but we’re kind of breaking up but also not really
  • when zayn just didnt show up in orlando and we were like where is he??? and they were just like.. idk!
  • when otra started and there was like 1 song from four on the setlist
  • when they finally caved and added stockholm syndrome and none of them knew the words apart from harry (who wrote it)
  • when they dropped drag me down out of nowhere and literally rolled around in their millions laughing at the stress they put us through