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I haven't been able to get the image of Victor frantically running to Yuuri after his disaster of a FS out of my head since I read the chapter, and your defense of Victor post has just made that WORSE. The post is pretty much exactly how I read the scene anyway (glad I was reading it right!) but just. U G H. Victor's desperation from the moment he walks in on Yuuri taking his meds through to the end of the chapter is just K I L L I N G M E, even now two days after reading it!

Viktor’s version of that chapter is going to be probably the most emotionally draining chapter for me to write of all of them tbh! The angst gets bad

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stay the fuck away from tia you clingy fuck. you guys shouldn't even be together, she belongs to Valerie not you. why don't you go be clingy and possessive to someone else. being "protective" over someone and getting "jealous" easily is a horrible thing in a relationship and you should just end it.

Actually, Tia and I are perfectly happy in our relationship. I am friends with both Tia (well maybe more than friends) but I am also friends with Valerie. So you good sir (or woman) can go fuck off, and when you get there you can fuck off from there too, and when you get There you can go fuck off from there too, keep fucking off until you get back to me…
M E,
or we might just have a little problem…
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don’t ha(BC)te me for this one

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Always start with mentioning
that you’ve answered some things
before, and that this post will seem
random and choppy. But
don’t forget the spiders. Clearly,
i shudder even now,
in the evening. Dinner time,
with ginger beer, a favorite.
Earlier, i woke up wondering
why it was so early.
Forgetting that,
i’ll just sing
along with
‘blac’, by
Going in that
direction, it proves
the existence of some
spirits. How about the ghosts
in sudbury, massachusets? I’ve moved on
from that darkness, and am glad to be with my
wife. Just don’t tell anyone who makes a lot of
money for not doing a lot of work. Keep on
dreaming. Lost my memory. Mystery! Now back to three
other random sentences. Oh, happy days, happy
nights! Perhaps you can guess, i mentioned her
earlier. Quickly
now, regularity
is out the window
(though i suppose with all of these tagging games it’s going back to answering some things before).
Really, aren’t some of
the answers to these questions
Still, we could always go back to 1982
and, “boy, could he play guitar”
as well. Too early for all of this. Unless
you’re feeling greenish (sick, just
sick). Virtually everywhere you
go, you might find me. Well,
this is a real nail-biter, isn’t
it. ‘X’ marks the spot in my
memory that is completely blank –
something’s happened, though no
bones have been broken. You really never
know until you’ve had too many
carbohydrates, bread bread bread!
Zipped right to the
of this nonsense,

a – age / b - biggest fear / c - current time / d - drink you last had / e - every day starts with / f - favourite song / g - ghosts, are they real? / h- hometown / i - in love with / j - jealous of / k - killed someone / l - last time you cried / (a missing letter, someone apparently does not know their ABC’s…) / n - number of siblings / o - one wish / p - person you last called/texted / q - questions you’re always asked / r - reasons to smile / s - song last sang / t - time you woke up / u - underwear colour / v - vacation destination / w - worst habit / x - x-rays you’ve had / y - your favourite food / z - zodiac sign

my evangeline,

What’s so great about greg the name doesn’t fit well in your mouth, its too guttural. Greg. Greg greg greg.

I feel like this would change if i told you how much greg is killing me. Does he search your face and look for the perfect spot to kiss you next? There’s always a good spot. A forehead kiss is reassuring, a cheek kiss is sweet, a nose kiss is lighthearted and a regular kiss is romantic.

Does it even matter to him? Does he know about your crippling anxiety and bad bouts of depression? Does he know how to help you through that?

Does he care about making sure you’re comfortable in bed?

Oh my fucking god i cant imagine you sleeping with him because he might not even appreciate you the way i do and you need to be appreciated love

Or maybe he does.

Maybe he does everything better.

-guy who vowed to be your guardian angel, who may lose his wings

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A - Age: 18!
B - Biggest fear: the extinction of bananas 
C - Current time: 11:20am
D - Drink you last had: coffee
E - Every day starts with: coffee, oatmeal, and a banana without fail
F - Favourite song: peace and love on the planet earth Rebecca Sugar  
G - Ghosts are they real: if they are i don’t care
I - In love with: drawing ‘n bros <3
K - Killed someone: nah, but probably a lot of bugs by accident 
L - Last time you cried: like 2 days ago, was missing my best friend
M - Middle name: danger 
N - Number of siblings: 1
O - One wish: king of the mountain 
P - Person you last called/texted: i don’t do either of those things haha
Q - Question you are always asked: hmm i 
R - Religion: don’t be an ass tho living things
S - Song last sang: “whats the use of feeling blue” i love su
T - Time you woke up: 8! but i read for an hour before getting up
U - Underwear color: white boxers bro, classic 
V - Vacation destination: the ocean, i surf 
W - Worst habit: the whole book in one go or nothing at all 
X - X-Rays you’ve have: broke my arm a few times but there’s a nurse in the family i don’t need the doctor or their silly X-rays ( they charge too much in America i’d rather not)
Y - Your favorite food: bananas 
Z- Zodiac sign: Leo definitely not virgo ahahah

I Don’t Mind || l.h

aw bubba, ill write whatever you desire xx

I M A G I N E 

The way you woke up was very much different than every other time you did. 

The curtains that hung in front of your bedroom window were slightly apart, allowing a sliver of sun to warm your cheek. It’s welcoming heat came to your attention, allowing your eyes to be released from its oblivion. You blinked a few times, having your vision clear up. It rested upon your closed closet, seeing a few pairs of bras hung on the handle. A yawn escaped your chapped lips, smelling a bit of bad breath. As you crinkled your nose in disgust, you felt gentle breaths upon the nape of your neck. 

Oh yeah, you softly recalled, your lips curving into a smile. It was insane that you forgot about Luke’s return from the tour. It was honestly pure disbelief that swallowed you whole when you saw the blonde boy stand at your front door at 1:03 in the morning. He was exhausted, his lanky stance exhibiting his weakness. But when your eyes trailed up from the bag in his hands to his lovely face, you saw a large smile beaming down at you.

“I missed you.” Those were the first words he uttered to you just a few hours ago upon his arrival. For so many months, listening to his voice on the phone or through Skype calls was soothing, but never clear. To hear his words in the flesh felt refreshing. 

But sometimes, doubt washes over you when you hear the words. 

Anxiety ran through your blood constantly at an overwhelming speed. It’ll jolt when you never want it to, especially when having to leave your home. You were always in doubt of yourself and others when they suggest outings of some sort. To be outside the comforts of your home was painful– you feared the outside world. If only I could help it, you always think as you put others in complicated positions when you say no. 

Why would Luke ever miss a girl like you? 

Even if he moved you over to Australia so Liz can watch over you. Even if he constantly sent you gifts during holidays and your birthday whenever he couldn’t be there for them. Even if he always spoke highly of you in interviews or whenever he met fans. Even if you were the girl he currently had his arm wrapped around early in the morning. Even when he said he loved you every single day. 

You couldn’t wrap yourself on the idea of Luke actually liking you. 

“Hey,” Luke muttered, his morning voice sounding so raspy and quiet. Your heart stopped immediately, having Luke turning your body gently so you could face him. His hands quickly grab your soft hands, holding them softly in his calloused hands. “Why are you shaking, baby? We just woke up.” 

“I was just thinking, th-thats all,” you mumbled, feeling blood rush to your cheeks. You were thinking about agoraphobia, the anxiety disorder you managed to developing from your sheer anxiety. Unlike most, you felt uneasy when you were outside, as if you were trapped in situations you’ll never be able to escape. 

“It’s okay, relax,” Luke hummed, looking into your eyes with his ocean ones. He looked so tired, his jawline and chin ornate with the beard he has yet to shave. He crinkled his nose a bit, having you smile at his defined nose. His light pink lips were slightly chapped, seeing as his tongue quickly swipes them moist. “It’s all okay.” He quickly pecked your lips with a loving kiss. 

“I know,” you whispered sheepishly, feeling so much doubt pit in your stomach. Luke gave you a smile, feeling slightly reassured but still a little sad. He lets you go and begins to sit up. You felt a little sad that you no longer felt his body warmth, but the sight was worth the loss. You watch as he stretches his upper torso, exposed to see his developing abs and muscles. You bit your bottom lip in adoration as you stayed laying down. 

“D’you wanna go see the rest of the boys today, love?” Luke asked nicely, turning around slightly to look down at your tired body. “They’ve been wanting to see you when the tour was coming to an end. They didn’t miss you as much as I did, but they really do want to hang out with ya. How does that sound?” 

You blushed, feeling at unease from that offer. Although you loved the boys and wanted to see them, you weren’t particularly into going out today. Although you don’t really enjoy going out, you have some days where you have a bit of tolerance and can go out. But you really wanted to stay home, especially now that Luke was here. 

“C-can we um… stay here, instead?” You reluctantly asked, looking away from the blonde boy as you felt yourself blush. You felt yourself pout, grabbing a bit of the blanket up to cover your face. “D-do you mind…” You trailed off, feeling stupid for offering. I’m such an inconvenience…

“I don’t mind,” Luke said quickly, shrugging before laying back down and pulling you towards his body. You were in a bit of astonishment as Luke wrapped his arms around your body and rested his head on yours. He placed one of his legs over yours and held you a little tight. “We can go whenever you want, baby.” 

With that, he planted a small kiss on your head and went back to sleep. With your heart calming down, your eyes fluttered shut and you joined him in a slow and patient slumber. 

d o g g o
  • I have to write an informative speech about corgis that is due
  • t o m o r r o w
  • anyway I searched up the meaning of doggo because yes and this came up:
  • dog·go (dô′gō, dŏg′ō)
  • adv. Informal
  • In concealment: "'You'd better lie doggo,' I advised her out of my own nervousness" (John M. Myers).
  • s t e a l t h y d o g g o
  • h i d d e n p u p p e r
  • w h o s a g o o d n i n j a
My ABC’s

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A - Age: 18

B - Biggest fear: Losing people I love

C - Current time: 1:27 pm

D - Drink you last had: Wild Berry flavored water

E - Every day starts with: laying in bed for about half an hour on my phone

F - Favorite song: Shape of you by Ed Sheeran

G - Ghosts, are they real?: I don’t know they might be they might not. 

H - Hometown: Dallas, TX

I - In love with: Raphael Santiago, myself and of course food <3

J - Jealous of: Geez, people who outdo me, people who meet my favorite people

K - Killed someone: Does killing someone’s spirit count?

L - Last time you cried: Yesterday, when I had my panic attack

M - Middle name: Abigail

N - Number of siblings: 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers

P - Person you last called/texted: My mom

Q - Questions you’re always asked: “What color are you eyes?” Idunno that’s all I can think of honestly…

R - Reasons to smile: My family, jokes, movies, shows, food

S - Song last sang: Young Blood by Jem and the Holograms

T - Time you woke up: 6:45 am

U - Underwear color: Pink

V - Vacation Destination: Italy or Canada

W - Worst habit: I pop my bones often when I’m bored

X - X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had X-rays on my back because I have dextroscoliosis

Y - Your favourite food: I hate answering this… I’ll go with nuggets

Z - Zodiac sign: Leo

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A. Age: 20
B. Biggest Fear: Falling 
C. Current Time: 7pm
D. Drink you last had: Water
E. Every day starts with: Going back to sleep.
F. Favourite song: Currently Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran.
G. Ghosts, are they real: No
H. Hometown: Wouldn’t you like to know…
I. In love with: Sleep, food, Tintin and Endeavour.
J. Jealous of: Nothing really…
K. Killed someone: No
L. Last Time you cried: A while ago, I was watching something sad.
M. Middle Name: Faye
N. Number of siblings: 2
O. One wish: To live my daydreams.
P. Person you last called/texted: My sister.
Q: Questions you’re always asked: How are you? - Cos y’know, it’s a standard greeting.
R. Reasons to smile: When greeting someone or laughing at a joke - the usual.
S. Song last sang: Masquerade from The Phantom of the Opera.
T. Time you woke up: 4am, my teeth hurt.
U. Underwear color: Black
V. Vacation destination: Italy
W. Worst habit: Leaving things until the last minute.
X. X-rays you’ve had: Several for my dentist and orthodontist.
Y. Your favourite food: Cheesecake
Z. Zodiac sign: Virgo

Hiya! Got tagged by @stormruler so here goes…

A - age: 19

B - biggest fears: Heights, capsizing boats

C - current time: 2:41am

D - drink you last had: Disaronno ORIGINALE 1525 and CocaCola Zero

E - every day starts with: 5 alarms, all ignored

F - favorite song: Amanda Palmer - In My Mind

G - ghosts, are they real? Sure, why not?

H - hometown: Elgin, Moray…such a boring place, can’t recommend

I - in love with: @daxir HE’S SO CUTE!!! Also overwatch and WoW and dragon age is creeping back in at the moment

J - jealous of:  middle brother, guys just too perfect

K - killed someone: not yet

L - last time you cried: About 1 and a half minutes ago

M - middle name: David, passed down in my family for generations…for some reason

N - number of siblings: 2 younger, taller, more talented brothers

O - one wish:  to be able to customize my appearance like in a videogame

P - person you last called/texted: my true Bro (that’s his name)

Q - questions you’re always asked: “how’re your brothers getting on with their music?” like I said…

R - reasons to smile: adorable bf!!!! tumblr mutuals, teammates, cats existing, cool art of peoples’ ocs and muses

S - song last sang: “Lava” from that pixar short

T - time you woke up: HIGH NOON

U - underwear color: Black

V - vacation destination: somewhere with cool museums and nice food, im easy, take me to any city

W - worst habit: forgetting words, all the time, and also bottling things up all the time too

X - x-rays had: broken back and displaced sternum

Y - favorite food: pesto pasta with chicken and/or bacon

Z - zodiac sign: scorpio, don’t let that fool you, im way way too soft to be one

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a - age: in world weariness and cynicism, 503

b - biggest fear: Being irrelevant 

c -there was nothing here: good, I love a minimalist decorating scheme 

d - drink you last had: water

e - every day starts with: checking if I slept at least 5 hours

f - favorite song: can’t pick

g - ghosts, are they real?: Maybe? Don’t believe in them but I’m waiting on the science

h - hometown: Cocytus, the frozen heart of hell

i - in love with: Maladaptive coping mechanisms aka making OCs

j - jealous of: peers who are further along their careers/appear to have their shit together

k - killed someone: No, but my favorite past time includes meticulously planning a good murder

l - last time you cried: last week

m - middle name(s): None

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: a do over on this life thing. 

r - reasons to smile: friends, OCs, books, art, sunlit afternoons

s - song last sang: I don’t recall

t - time you woke up: 10:15 am

u - underwear color: This is needlessly intrusive

v - vacation destination: None come to mind, I love staying home 

w - worst habit(s): self doubt and procrastination

x - x-rays you’ve had: possibly ten? More than five 

y - your favorite food: A good steak. Or perhaps a grilled tuna/marlin

z - zodiac sign: Pisces

ABCs of Me

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A: age: 34

B: biggest fear? clowns, spiders, heights

C: current time is: 12:20 pm

D: drink i last had: coffee

E: everyday starts with: checking FB/tumblr/email

F: favorite song? Bohemian Rhapsody

G: are ghosts real? yes

H: hometown: Richmond, VA

I: in love with: @xxmrthorne729xx + various fictional characters

J: jealous of: people who have their shit together. - pebble’s answer is perfect

K: killed someone: on paper, plenty of people; in real life, not that I know of?

L: last time you cried: don’t remember, for once

[M is M.I.A.]

N: number of siblings: 5; I grew up as an only child, but I have 4 half-sisters and 1 half-brother who are all way older than me

O: one wish: for my muses to get their shit together so I can write something.

P: person you last called/texted: @xxmrthorne729xx

Q: question you’re always asked: what’s up?/whatcha doin’? (from @xxmrthorne729xx when he’s bored at work.

R: reason to smile: Bray Wyatt is the WWE champion - keeping pebble’s answer and adding to it: Bayley is Raw Women’s champion 

S: song you last sang: “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede, thanks to @just-an-irish-rose

T: time you woke up: 9am-ish?

U: underwear color? “nude” (that’s the color, not saying I’m not wearing any :p)

V: vacation destination? Caribbean or England/Scotland, but if it was there, I might not come back ^_^

W: worst habbit: procrastination

X: x-rays youve gotten: if it’s a body part you can have x-ray’d, I’ve had it done.

Y: favorite food: spaghetti; I know I’ve said other things in the past, but it’s always been spaghetti, ever since I was a kid.

Z: zodiac sign: Capricorn

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