m e i t a l

when i’m with you, my mind goes blank.
it’s a bit of a cliche, but like a camera focuses on the most important piece, my eyes can only see the beauty in front of me. i’ve got nothing to say, i feel like i seem weird or creepy staring like i’m taking in deep scenery but it’s just because i don’t have words to describe the way you make me feel.
being with you, being near you. it’s like swinging in a hammock in the dead of summer, thinking surely you could live there forever, never moving, and being completely content.
i look into those deep eyes all i see is the only thing i ever want to get lost in- i listen to your deep thoughts from that amazing mind and all i hear is the meaning that i fell in love with.
i look at you and i see everything i always wanted, but never realized i always needed too.
i know we’re young, i know it’s early and i know there’s no way 
to say 
just how long you can stay
but …
one thing i know for sure 
i’m in love and, for once, i’m not afraid of it.
—  o-h–w-e-l-l 
Best Parts of Jupiter Ascending (2015)

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• “Somewhere over the Atlantic, she pushed me out too.” um gross???

• eddie REDMAYNEs Voldemort impression

• Maid in Manhattan sequence

• Channing’s Avril Lavigne eyeliner & elf ears


• Space orgy: it’s an orgy in space

• The unnecessary slow motion scenes

• Mila finds the world’s largest pad to pack wound with

Bees Don’t Lie

f e e l  m y  s k i n 

• Royal Bowels

• “I love dogs, I’ve always loved dogs” ??????

• What is the time frame of this movie?????? a day???? and she’s in love?????

• Throwing Channing into the void WITH HIS SPACE BOOTS AND SPACE SUIT!!!!!

• Titus tells mila He want to marry his own mum and she is just like “okey dokey.. why wouldn’t anyone in this known human killing planet have any sort of ulterior motives?”

I CREATE LIFE       a n d  i  d e s t r o y  i t

• eddie REDMAYNE cying

Murder whisk

• Elephant man???


• Gender nutral things to call ur partner in bed: your majesty

• Toilet count: 5

  • me: ah yes, everyone is asleep and nobody else is in the house, i'm alone
  • my intrusive thoughts: okay but consider.... what if you actually aren't alone... what if something was behind you.. or in the dark where the light doesn't quite reach
  • me: *screams*

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how about some nookie nsfw prompts??? -w- with praise kink??? XD sorry i'm nookie trash OWO


•Hunter always comments how cool Nate is, and how cool the stuff he does is, but he doesn’t realize how it really effects until the poor boi has a raging boner, squirming in his spot

•After this discovery, Hunter defiantly uses it during sex, wrecking the emo fluff until he’s in tears because it feels so good to be validated like this

•Like, Nate will full out cry during sex while Hunter smiles sweetly and wipes his tears, continuing to mumble how much he loves him

•H e l l o, Hunter pinning Nate to any random wall in the office, palming him and telling him how important he is

•Hunter blowing Nate, whispering little compliments when he pulls back for air

•Hunter drilling Nate into the mattress while telling his little song bird to sing because he has such a pretty voice {Did I mention I have a thing about Nate being called “song bird” or “little bird” by whoever he’s with? 😂]

•Hunter will tease him during filming too– He’ll start complimenting Nate during a video and all the poor boi can do is shift and bite his lips trying not to moan

Nate just likes the feeling of love and validation, cut him some slack…

ive been makin a lot of cool new mutuals lately and ive been tagged in a few different things so first off i was tagged by the gorgeous @bowtiesandtutus!!

rules: list the first 10 songs that come on when you put your playlist on shuffle

  1. as i am - baek yerin
  2. me gustas tu - gfriend
  3. vibrato - stellar
  4. q.u.e.e.n. (ft. erykah badu) - janelle monáe
  5. meow meow - clc
  6. exquisite! - cocosori
  7. bambambam - hotties
  8. navillera - gfriend
  9. candy love - aisha
  10. l.i.e (jannabi mix) - exid

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