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Fem. D i r k G e n t l y

You think I’m talking nonsense, but I’m not. Listen. In the past, people would stare into the fire for hours when they wanted to think. Or stare at the sea. The endless dancing shapes and patterns would reach far deeper into our minds than we could manage by reason and logic. You see, logic can only proceed from the premises and assumptions we already make, so we just drive round and round in little circles like little clockwork cars. We need dancing shapes to lift us and carry us.

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Hello! I know this is random, but I just wanted to say that I'm SUPER impressed by your Overwatch OC Imperius design. The fact that his hair and goggles make him look like he's wearing a Roman helmet is SO COOL!

shucks thank you so much!! his whole design is a little uh             dated

but i really love drawing the roman centurion look!

Whizzer’s harmony in Making a Home makes me so emotional because it contrasts so much with trina and mendels’ (admittedly fearful) hopes for their future together. He’s reflecting upon his short and bittersweet relationship with marvin where they never got the chance to make a home and would likely never had because of their denial of their love and internalised homophobia that still couldn’t accept this relationship. And of course andrew rannells’ performance is so moving and impactful and you can just h e a r the sorrow and dejection and im jus t rea lly e m o t i o n a l about this o k a y


❁ ❃ ——hello my loves !!

so life can get ROUGH sometimes—- && well, I know I’m just a simple, random girl but i really want to do a POSITIVITY spree. i’m working on a surprise for you guys currently, but it’s not ready yet !!

   so a positivity SPREE will have to do.

so, if you’re feeling like you need some SUNSHINE, can you please give this post L I K E ??  ( then, I’ll surprise you with a little something. )

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A- Age: 18

B- Birthplace: The city of roses in good ol’ Texas.

C- Current time: 9:22 p.m.

D- Drink you last had: Strawberry-melon flavored sparkling water. It was meh.

E- Easiest person to talk to: Myself…. Hehe, not really. Probably Vana (aka @psalmpurplepaladi-n )

F- Favorite song: Good to be Alive by Skillet!

G- Grossest memory: Any that involved cleaning up dog puke.

H- Horror yes or horror no: Nope.

I- In love: Nah

J- Jealous of people: Not really.

K- ….Wait, there was no K. Hrmm. Moving on then.

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Well, in the literal sense of the phrase, no, I don’t think you could love someone immediately upon seeing them the first time. But, at the same time, I think you might feel some connection with them if they are in fact “the one”. Or as my dad puts it, It’ll feel natural, like you start walking together and it’s as if you always had been.

M- Middle name: It conveniently starts with the letters N and O, so lets just leave it at that.

N- Number of siblings: Two, though technically three, cause I do have a half sister as well, but I’ve never met her. All older than me.

O- One wish: To not be scared about moving forward on my own as an adult.

P- Person you called last: My sister, I think.

Q- Question you are always asked: Recently “Did you use a reference for that?” or “How do you know how to draw that?” ~My sister whenever I draw stuff.

R- Reason to smile: All the stuff I’ve accomplished this year.

S- Song you last sang: Um, I think it was a bit of Smile by Sheppard. Catchy tune.

T- Time you woke up: 10:34 a.m.

U- Umbrella color: Light blue!

V- Vacation destination: Hawaii, or maybe even Iceland, I’ve heard it’s quite pretty. But Hawaii mostly cause of all the pretty birbs.

W- Worst habit: Biting my nails. I’ve mostly kicked it, but I still do it when I’m distracted.

X- X-rays: Nope. Not that I can remember anyway.

Y- Your favorite food: Sushi!!!

Z- Zodiac sign: Taurus

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So what happened to Patrick? I know he's dead but how did you kill him? And he's 15, that's not too old for your fancy tastes?

A g Es  i s   i rre LE Va nt…  on L y   F e  AR   M A  tt er  s …  Firi ghte N ed  A Du LT S a re A  T REA T


NAME :    apollonia on tumblr unless u know me 
NICKNAME :   poli!
FACECLAIM :    none. I’m boring and basic.
PRONOUNS :    she  /  her
HEIGHT :    5 ′ 3 ″ and 3/4s 
BIRTHDAY :    september 19th. AND NO ONE WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I’M totally okay with that because I don’t need a HB message 2 know you all love me. :)
AESTHETIC :   ahem… glam rose gold street goth with an affinity to disney merch.  
LAST  SONG  YOU  LISTENED  TO :   the last one i remember listening to was avenged sevenfold “bat country”


WHAT  INSPIRED  YOU  TO  TAKE  ON  THIS  MUSE :  I’ve spoken about this before but I was real down man and like she was sooooo not? she was just something that spoke to me and I really just wanted to get the chance to bring her to life in the way that I saw and interpreted her.

WHAT  ARE  YOUR  FAVORITE  ASPECTS  OF  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE : I LVE how fuckin wild she is. TBH I was really nervous about the series because I felt like it was just going to dethread this tapestry of cunfusion I had created for myself BUT NAH SON IT JUST MADE IT EVEN MORE legit.From how she’s bad at pranks and how she’s assumptious, and painfully in need of recognition and just this sPARK and SPUKN and it makes me love her more and makes me love my interpretation more cuz I feel like I really get her?? I was watching the series with Aqssa and she mentioned the same thing like how she sees where I was getting my stuff and I was like !!!!! THAT’S SO NICE. also I love Aqssa just bringing that up mhm.

FAVORITE  TYPES  OF  THREADS : I love happy cuddly threads and lovey threads and most specfically I love threads that give me the chance to introduce NPC which is why I’ve been really on the ball with threads that have them involved. The people around Rapunzel are important to her. She’s had NO ONE for so long so why would she be alone with only one other person in threads??

BIGGEST  STRUGGLE  IN  REGARDS  TO  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE :  ACTION. I can’t write action scenes to save my life. Also just OVERLY sad things I’m just nope nope nonep oepn eoknsdkflnds 

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A: Age - 20

B: Birthplace - Greece

C: Current time - 14:40

D: Drink you had last - Water

E: Easiest person to talk to - @fool-beloved

F: Favourite song - Right now  Seventeen - My I

G: Grossest memory - I was at my grandma’s outdoor toilet and a lizard climbed up my arm.

H: Hogwarts house - Slytherin

I: In love? - Once… Didn’t go well.

J: Jealous of people -  Not exactly. I get jealous of situations and feelings but not exactly people.

K: Killed someone - Do bugs count?

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - Walk by again lol

M: Middle name - I don’t have one. 

N: Number of siblings - Two younger sisters. They’re twins.

O: One wish - To be able to go to all my dream trips.

P: Person you called last - My dad

Q: Question you are always asked - What’s your actual first/ last name? hahhahaahaha no.  

R: Reason to smile - Talking with people I love… and Park Chanyeol.

S: Song you sang last - Bobby - Up ft. Mino

T: Time you woke up - 9 am

U: Underwear colour - Black

V: Vacation Destination - They’re so many omg… Let’s say everywhere.

X: X-rays - I have gotten a few because I have some issues with my wrists ans stuff… Also this reminds me I have to make an appointment lol thanks

Y: Favourite food- Chicken. In almost any form.

Z: Zodiac sign - Cancer

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A- Age: 25

B- Birthplace: Texas

C- Current time: 10:23pm

D- Drink you last had: Water

E- Easiest person to talk to: @strawberry-milktea

F- Favorite song: Chainsaw by Family force 5

G- Grossest memory: myself 3 years ago

H- Horror yes or horror no: heck no

I- In love: yes

J- Jealous of people: I have been yes

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: that stuff isn’t real

M- Middle name: Christine

N- Number of siblings: 2 by blood, a whole heck of a lot by faith

O- One wish: To be with Jesus

P- Person you called last: My bank card holder I think

Q- Question you are always asked: I have no idea tbh

R- Reason to smile: my friends

S- Song you last sang: Uhh… I think Dum Dum by tadashii, or something else, I can’t remember

T- Time you woke up: 7:45am

U- Umbrella color: Black

V- Vacation destination: Tokyo

W- Worst habit: tearing myself down, over-negativity about myself tbh

X- X-rays: ye, head and mouth and my finger once

Y- Your favorite food: oh heck… uhh.. coconut shrimp and steak cooked as rare as you can get it, Mooing on the plate

Z- Zodiac sign: don’t do that nonsense

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I'm kind of laughing over this discourse because people are going to ship what they want to ship, regardless of debates or whatever.

E X A C T L Y. You hit the nail on the head. I said something similar a loooooong while ago, too. Because all this anti nonsense, with these ridiculous, reactionary pushes for censorship over nonissues? This isn’t the first time it’s happened (in fandom and in real life), but guess what: it literally NEVER works. Shit doesn’t go away just because someone doesn’t like it. People ship what they want, write what they want, and a bunch of misguided kids screaming against it isn’t gunna stop anyone. There’s a reason I tag discourse posts with “wank” - because it’s not really discourse. It’s never a discussion that actually results in any sort of mutual understanding. It’s just a salty, masturbatory bitchfest that ultimately accomplishes nothing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I think Star feels like you don't like her much, maybe you should do more with her. Maybe read a book with her or play more games. She's a nice kid, you should want to keep her happy.

W E     P L a y      bo A R D    G    A m  e S