to the one that loves her next:

if she chose you, you must be special. she’s picky.

if you make her toast or a bagel, make sure the spread goes all the way to the edges. if its a bagel, put some extra cream cheese on the plate. she enjoys dipping the bagel in it.

surprise her with dunkin donuts. she LOVES iced coffee. shot of vanilla, with cream and sugar. if you get her a donut, she HATES cream-filled. get her a jelly one or a strawberry frosted (dont forget her sprinkles. she wont let you live it down)

she may not act like a “girly girl”, but randomly give her a bouquet of flowers. she loves them.

take interest in her art! she LOVES showing you her art and shes amazing at it. please, dont blow it off as if its dust.

remember that the very first thing shell do when she gets home is take off her socks. thats her equivalent of taking off her bra (which she does next).

shes ditzy. and its the cutest fucking thing.

when shes nervous or anxious, her stutter gets really bad. keep watch for that, and calm her down and prevent a possible panic attack.

calm her down by handing her cat to her. her cat is easily her favorite thing.

dont be offended, but she will seriously love her cat more than you.

she gets SUPER heated in debates. its cute and fun, but dont say shes being too emotional. she’ll leave.

she has depressive episodes, and all she will want to do is watch disney movies. watch them with her, and cuddle her.

the most important thing: she feels uncomfortable/awkward in sexual situations, and does not enjoy sex very often. DO NOT take any sexual frustration out on her. it is not her fault, because she will try her best.

if i ever hear that you’re hurting her, taking out those sexual frustrations, or not doing something right, i swear to fucking god i will make your life a living hell, if i even decide youre worthy enough to live.

she is my sun, but i am the moon, and the universe just decided we were not to be together. if i cant be with her, then i will do everything in my power to protect her.

- the guy who vowed to be her guardian angel.

AHH I AM SO HYPED UP RIGHT NOW ABOUT MATSUAKA PLS. alright so mattsun has visited akaashi a few times in tokyo but has yet to formally meet his friends so when he’s on the train to tokyo akaashi texts him that bokuto wants to have lunch with them so he could meet mattsun and mattsun is *sweats nervously* bc bokuto is akaashi’s best friend and he’s big and intimidating and loud. PLUS he really wants akaashi’s friends to like him alright?? especially since his friends all love akaashi

So he gets to tokyo and akaashi meets him at the train station, looking amazing as always, and they head off immediately to lunch. Akaashi can tell that he’s nervous and tries to prepare him by just explaining bokuto’s personality a little (“He can be loud and a little in your face, but he’s one of the nicest guys I know; he’ll never turn his nose up to anyone before giving them a chance.”) and that makes him feel /slightly/ better?? They get to the restaurant?? Cafe?? Wherever they go; first and have a few minutes to chat before a HEY HEY HEY sounds all the alarms in mattsun’s brain

Akaashi introduces them and bokuto sits down beside akaashi and is just all smiles and happy to be there, he asks a few basic questions about mattsun (do you have siblings? Pets? When did u start volley? What’s your vertical?) just being polite and trying to get to know his bffs boyfriendo but then akaashi excuses himself to go to the washroom and mattsun isn’t so nervous around bokuto bc he thinks they’re getting along well! Haha

As soon as akaashi leaves the smile just fucking CUTS off bokuto’s face and he gets Srs™. starts rapid fire asking a lot more interrogatory questions (“you live all the way in miyagi, how can i trust that you’re going to be faithful to Akaashi when you’re 3 hours away?” “he’s very smart, he can read people well, but he’s so damn smitten with you i’m not sure if his judgement is that clear” “you seem like a really nice guy Mattsun, I think we’ll get along well. But I swear if you hurt him I will put you in the hospital”)

The second bokuto sees akaashi walking back his smile goes back on and he starts mid sentence “man you gotta meet Konoha, you guys would get along great!” and mattsun looks like he’s had the fear of Death put into him but he just awkwardly laughs and agrees. Akaashi just looks at them both and rolls his eyes “Bokuto-san you promised you weren’t going to try and intimidate him.” and bokuto just shrugs. Mattsun is shook.

But in the end, mattsun and bokuto get along really well and have lots of Mad Bants and as soon as mattsun’s heart stops feeling like it’s going to stop everytime bokuto looks his way they make an Awful™ meme team and akaashi is so glad his bf and bff get along but he has Regrets. gah if i could write better i would use actual sentence structure and dialogue but *shoves this Mess at you* 

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: On Aug. 30, 2007, Ryan’s 21st birthday, he and his girlfriend at the time, Keltie, went to Pete Wentz’ club in NYC to celebrate Ryan’s big day. Because Ryan was the oldest in Panic!, none of the rest of the band members were of age and were unable to attend the party, so they all flew back to California because on Sept. 1, they would be performing in Seattle. Everything is fine and dandy and Ryan goes home with Keltie afterward, but in the morning, he was gone. According to one fan that was fortunate to get a picture with them, Ryan had flown from NYC to Seattle overnight while Keltie was sleeping. The fan said that they saw Ryan and Brendon in a restaurant together, alone, and also said it was raining when they went to get a picture with them. We know this to be true because Ryan is wearing the exact same outfit he wore to his birthday party – he didn’t even change his clothes. Many people wonder if the popular Panic! at the Disco song, “Northern Downpour” was inspired by this event, Seattle also being one of Ryan’s favorite cities in the world, with lines like, “I missed your skin when you were east, you clicked your heels and wished for me.” Although it could be just pure coincidence – Ryan flying to Seattle to the show two days early, in the middle of the night after his birthday, but it’s considered #ryden lore among fans purely based on how curious it is that Ryan would fly cross country, overnight, to his one and lonely, Brendon Urie.
  • psychic: what the fuck