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Marrying Darkiplier

Very confident when asking you to be with him for ever, he did not stutter, he smiled and took your hand putting the ring on it.

Slowly beings the process of absolutely perfecting a wedding.

It doesn’t go as perfect as planned, he’s still a little offed about that.

He feels a surge of emotions as he walks down the isle.

He wanted to do something a little different, he had you sit upon a throne at the alter, your party standing beside you.

He kneels before your throne and asks for you hand once again, slipping the wedding ring on your hand as he kisses it gently.

You stand up, as does he, you slip the ring on his hand and state your vowes, he does the same.

You can see the tears welling in his eyes, his smile kind and thoughtful.

He rests his hand on your cheek, the other on your waist as he kisses you.

He promptly starts crying after he kisses you, parts of him remembering something that had happened.

Wilford is his best man after all, at the reception he gives a well worded speach.

He tells of the times he’d caught Dark loving you from a far, writing about you in his free time and smiling to himself often.

Dark does find that a bit embarrassing but you find it nostalgic as Wilford has been telling you about Dark’s little ramblings about you.

When the time comes for you two to dance, you sunrise him and take the lead in a slow dance, dipping and spinning him, then pulling him up into a kiss.

You keep close to each other all night, stuffing each others mouth with cake.

Your honeymoon was something of a different story, Dark and you went out to a large Manor you had never been in before.

He sits you down in the bedroom, keeping close to you, but wanting to look you in the eyes.

He reminds you of what you really mean to him. You make him feel calmer, more stable, parts of his past seem more whole that he now has someone who is willing to listen and help him.

After a bit of wine and booze, a couple of cheesey movies and a few make out sessions later, he takes you to a mirror and says.

“Everything I am, started here,” He turns his gaze from the mirror and looks at you. “I am here because of the wrong doings of others, yet you waved that all away, you just love me for who I am, not what I have done.”

He wants to do more for you, so much more.

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