m cotillard


On day one there were two people with it, and then there were four, and then it was sixteen and you think you’ve got it in front of you. But next it’s two hundred and fifty six and then it’s sixty five thousand and it’s behind you and above you and all around you. In thirty steps, it’s a billion sick. Three months. It’s a math problem you can do on napkin. And that’s where we’re headed! And that’s why you won’t even tell us the number of the dead, will you, Dr. Cheever? But you tell your friends when to get out of Chicago before anyone else has a chance.

Contagion [2011] dir. Steven Soderbergh


Complimentary (With a Dash of Gold)

This is what happens when an unsuspecting Trickster meets the unstoppable force that is Natasha Stark. A universe where one action, one decision, can change the out of the universe in entirely unprecedented ways. This is not a love story. Only, it is.