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Alphabet tag
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I was tagged by @jetstream-sampai !!!!!

A: age: 19

B: Birthday: 8th March

C: current time: 11:16 pm

D: Drink you last had: Tea

E: easiest person to talk to: I can talk to @soliduses about basically anything

F: Favorite song: Either elegia- new order, or no one knows- queens of the stone age

G: Grossest memory: throwing up in my sleep and waking up in it

H: Horror, yes or no? On the whole , nah

I: (no question here???)

J: Jealous of people?: Not really

K: killed someone?: What do you think? (No)

L: “love at first sight or should I walk by again?” Walk by again

M: middle name?: Connell

N: Number of siblings?: 5

O: One wish?: at this point in time to get a decent job

P: Person you last called?: A friend

Q: Questions you’ve always asked?: why I am such an idiot?

R: reason to smile?: E3 soon

S: Song you last sang?: kids in America

T: time you woke up this morning: 11:49 am or thereabouts

U: underwear color: orange with grey white and black stripes

V: vacation: if this is asking whether I’m going on one, no, if this is asking where I would go Paris!

W: worst habit: my awful sleep schedule or just my general procrastination

X: x-ray?: I don’t think I’ve ever been X-ray-ed

Y: your favorite food: Scampi!

Z: zodiac sign: Pisces

I tag: @theworldneedsonlyonebigboss, @mgs3, @lifegrips, @silentstar, @alohomora or just anyone else who wants to!