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I'm a cap Venus and its true about cutting people off when they turn out to like you.

I try not to tbh :/
I’m scared of people doing it to me.
I’ve done it before but like… yeah.

I get scared though, y'know? Like what if they just keep trying 👀 Do they think my friendship isn’t good enough? Were they only friends with me for sexual reasons? Do they really like me, or is it just lust? Questions.

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AAAAAHHHHH how is this the most adorable thing ever???

Tony with animals is like ULTIMATE PURE, the only thing MORE PURE is Tony with his lil army of tines… hm is it more pure or equal pure? Either way, ahhhh Tony with a lil pupper has me Emotional. 

I’m picturing lil Cap just happily padding along behind Tony all the time and curling up in his lap whenever he sits down anD BRINGING TONY HIS TOOLS FOR HIM WHILE HE WORKS oh no my heart. Oh No. 

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I'm a cap Venus and one time I was like really close with this guy we were like really good friends and always laughed together then my friend tells me she thinks he likes me and I just started to distance myself and tried to avoid him. I feel really bad because I lost a really good friend and I didn't even mean to cut him off it just happened. Help me why am I like this 😭 he didn't even know that I knew.

Awwwww honey :/