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My Official Introduction!

Hello friends!!! \(^o^)/ I’m Callie, but you can call me Cal. I am currently in year 9 in a school in North Dakota, but my goal is to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a PhD in architecture. 

Quick Facts!

  • I am 13 years old
  • I have been given a national academic award
  • I train for a national-level figure skating team
  • I live on a farm and own many pets, so they may show up every once in a while ;)
  • I am BLIND without my glasses
  • I am a massive bibliophile and audiophile , so send me book and music recommendations please!
  • I am a proud Hufflepuff and Thunderbird
  • I exclusively wear Converse

Favorite Things

  • Movie: Jeepers Creepers and IT
  • Song: “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, “Rocket Man” by Elton John, “Theme of King JJ” from Yuri! On Ice!, “All The Small Things” by blink-182, “Car Radio” by twenty one pilots, and “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” by The Offspring
  • Book: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Nest by Esther Ehrlich, the Harry Potter series, and I Lived On Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosin
  • I L O V E coffee!!!
  • Cats and chickens are my life

My Inspirations!

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This is Callie, a 7 month old black lab mix. We are having trouble deciphering the breeds she’s mixed with. She’s about 18 inches tall, 41 pounds, and has a VERY curly tail that curves all the way around. 

Note: the foster home said her parents were a black lab (possibly mix, weren’t sure) and a german shepherd mix. They weren’t sure what the parents were mixed with but could identify those breeds in them. Since Callie seems pretty small for her age, I’m assuming a medium sized breed was mixed in there but I’m not sure what.

Imagine your niece practicing her makeup skills on Chris.

A/N: I’m not on hiatus, per se. I’m just tired, so I haven’t been writing.

You could hear your niece giggling from your home office, where you sat reviewing a list from your agent of all the different roles you’d been offered. Movies, television shows, even a documentary. A few were requests from casting directors, asking if you’d like to come in and audition for the part. But a large number were confirmed roles- leading roles, from the directors themselves; no audition  required. It was interesting how a little time, a whole lot of experience, and a few awards changed your situation. You were considered a veteran of the Hollywood industry now, privy to all the leads and connections needed to succeed. The fact you could get a role without auditioning would’ve seemed absurd to your sixteen year old self, yet here you were- twenty-eight years old- with more than one leading role where you didn’t have to. It was a stark difference. You remembered having to beg for five minutes of their time, and now it was the opposite.

As empowered and elated as that made you feel, you were still as grounded as when you started out. Your best friend turned husband, Chris Evans, never allowed you to stray too far off the ground. In return, you offered him the same service. Together, you alleviated the disadvantages and troubles that came with your levels of fame. There had to be a constant reminder that fame wasn’t everything to keep the both of you unaffected, to prepare the both of you for the eventual step down from the pedestal Hollywood had placed the power couple: Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N. It was an inevitable move, an idea that had been perpetual since the two of you met. It may not have been time to call “checkmate” and win the game by retiring so you could focus on starting and raising a family, but the end game was in sight. And it would increase in its clarity whenever you had to babysit, be it your brother’s child or Chris’ sister’s children.

It was more often than not your brother’s five year old, Skye, seeing as you were living in Los Angeles and Carly lived in Boston. But it was also because both your brother and sister-in-law’s schedules were more hectic than yours and Chris’, which was saying a lot. One was a physicist, and the other an engineer; they’d been working on something confidential for the last four months that practically had them living in their laboratory. They were fortunate you were both on a break and half an hour away, otherwise they were either going to have to leave Skye at a daycare- which she hated, or have your parents babysit- which was difficult as that meant they were going to have to drive two and a half hours, back and forth, and back and forth. That was a total of ten hours that they couldn’t afford to lose, especially when the weekends were the only time they didn’t have to share the equipment with other staff members in their facility.

“Aunt Y/N.” You spun your office chair towards the door when you heard Skye’s voice; she stood in the doorway with Dodger by her side. You narrowed your eyes at her with a curious smile when you saw an eyeshadow brush in her hand. She had no makeup on her face and Dodger was as clean as you’d seen him after Chris gave him his shower yesterday, which meant only one thing. “Do you have any blue eyeshadow? ‘Cause Mommy doesn’t, I searched her whole bag.”

“Yeah,” you tried not to laugh as you got to your feet, holding out your hand for her to take. She looked up at you, grinning happily. “Where’s Uncle Chris?” You asked her as you took her down the hall to the master bedroom with Dodger following behind the two of you.

“In the living room,” she giggled. “But you can’t see him yet,” she quickly added. “I’m not finished, I need the blue eyeshadow first.” You nodded, pressing your lips together to suppress laughter. You loved it when Erica entrusted her makeup bag with Skye; Chris not so much. But he loved Skye so he allowed her to do whatever she wanted with his face.

“How’s this?” You passed her your single NARS eyeshadow in ‘Outremer’; the brightest, truest blue you had in your makeup collection. You hardly ever wore it, the only time being at the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere to show your solidarity to your husband. It seemed fitting then for Skye to use it on Captain America himself.

“It’s perfect!” She jumped excitedly then took it from you and sprinted out of the room. “Uncle Chris, I found it!” You chuckled softly, giving Dodger’s head a quick scratch before he followed Skye back into the living room.

You went back to your office to turn off your laptop and put your papers away so you could give Skye some time to finish doing Chris’ makeup. You’d been pushed out of the room before because she wasn’t done, so you decided to wait until she came for you. Five minutes probably past before she came running back to find you, grabbing your hand and pulling you behind her. You snorted, choked on your own spit, then burst out laughing when you saw Chris’ face.

It was obviously a Captain America inspired look, and for a five year old- she was very good, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t hilarious. Bright blue and flaming red eyeshadow blended perfectly on his lids; cherry red lipstick accentuating his acutely shaped lips; a nice, thick coat of mascara further lengthening his already long lashes. She even used bronzer and highlight, which was pretty amazing for a five year old. At five, you didn’t even recognize the existence of makeup let alone be able to apply it. If Skye attention span lasted long enough, perhaps she had a future as a makeup artist. But you were confident it wouldn’t because three days ago, she was an aspiring Olympic gymnast who Chris had to help flip on the trampoline.

“Oh, just beautiful, baby,” you teased.

“I don’t wike it,” he quoted his nephew, pouting.

“What do you think, Aunt Y/N?” Skye asked, giggling herself. You could tell from her tone that this wasn’t a serious effort, that she only did all that to make fun of Chris because that was basically their relationship. “Doesn’t Uncle Chris look pretty? I think he- Ahhh!” She shrieked with laughter when he jumped to his feet, grabbing her from behind. “Uncle Chris, noooo!” She laughed when he threw her over her shoulder, walking her towards the backyard. “Help, Aunt Y/N!” She cried out, choking on her laughter. “He’s going to throw me in the pool!”

“No he’s not,” you chuckled.

“Yes I am,” Chris nodded, poking Skye’s side. “I told her I would if you laughed because that means she did a terrible job and deserves to be punished. Didn’t I say that, Skye?” She shook her head vigorously as she continued to giggle. “I did and we shook on it, so into the pool you’ll go.”

“Oh no, no no no,” you ran ahead, stopping him with a hand on his chest. You tried not to laugh when you got a closer look of his face, but you couldn’t help yourself. “She doesn’t have a change of clothes, you’re not going to throw her into the pool. Put her down,” you instructed him and he squinted evilly at you before doing what you’d asked of him.

“Ha ha,” Skye stuck her tongue out at Chris. “I don’t have a change of clothes.”

“Alright,” you chuckled. “Don’t provoke him,” you covered Skye’s face with your hands then gently pushed her in the direction of the couch. “Go watch some TV while I help Uncle Chris remove this masterpiece from his face.” Chris let you take his hand. “We’re going to have pizza for lunch, so don’t sneak a snack while we’re gone.”

“Pizza!” Skye cheered, making the two of you smile.

“Hey kid,” Chris called out to her as you led him towards the hall so you could take him to the master bedroom; she turned to him with raised brows. “Don’t think this is over ‘cause I’m going to get you back. Aunt Y/N can’t be here to protect you twenty-four-seven.”

“Nope, but she’ll be here to protect me until Mommy and Daddy come pick me up.” She was so adorably smug that Chris couldn’t help but lose his intimidating composure. He shook his head, chuckling as the two of you disappeared around the corner and down the hallway.

“Are you still hoping for a girl when we eventually try for a baby?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course I am,” he smiled and pulled his hand from yours, wrapping an arm around you when you laughed. “How else am I meant to look pretty if I don’t have a daughter to do my makeup for me?”

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Top 12 Calzona moments (as voted by my followers)
#7. “I find her miraculous, breathtakingly stunning. I just, I can’t stop looking at her.” (6x12: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked) 

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Could u please do an imagine where ur pregnant and Garcia and the girls take ur coffee away from u and force u to have a healthy smoothie and Luke's sitting there laughing but u make him go healthy too 😂😂 I'm watching greys anatomy and Arizona just made Callie drink the 'goop'

Omg I love that scene in Grey’s! I can definitely imagine this one! Enjoy <3

Coffee Ban

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: You loved coffee. So, if you couldn’t have it…neither could Luke.

An exhausted sigh left your lips as you sank into your chair, hands gripped tightly around the steaming cup of hot coffee. You had never needed the drink more. Your hand drifted to your stomach, fondly tracing the tiny bump.

Even though you were still in the early stages of pregnancy, it was already becoming increasingly uncomfortable for you. Changing your sleeping position and constantly having to get up to go the bathroom had left you tired and slightly irritable.

You took an appreciative sniff of the black liquid, the steam warming your face pleasantly. The relief you got just from its strong scent was almost laughable. You could already feel your senses waking up at the prospect of finally getting to enjoy a cup of coffee.

You sneakily glanced around to check the bullpen was empty. Luke had been dragged off by Garcia, undoubtedly to receive a lecture on how he should be carrying all your bags into work now. All your other coworkers desk were fortunately abandoned, most of them still making their way into the office.

A smug smile played on your face as you victoriously drummed your fingers against the paper cup. Yesterday, you had recruited Reid to your team. His extensive knowledge providing you with all the scientific evidence you needed to prove to your colleagues that you were entitled to one cup of coffee a day – 200mg of caffeine to be precise.

You would savour every last granule.

However, before you managed to get the cup to your mouth, a hand swept in to seize your beloved coffee from you. A shriek of outrage and surprise escaped your lips as you glared angrily up at JJ.

“Excuse you.” You reached forward to swipe the cup back from her, growling in frustration as she took a step back. “Please JJ, I’m tired.”

You decided to resort to whining in the hopes that the blonde would take pity on you. Surely, she understood – having been pregnant twice – not to get in the way of a woman and her coffee.

You heard Emily laugh softly at your dismay, finding your pouting incredibly funny rather than effective. She patted you gently on the shoulder as you smoldered angrily at the three women now surrounding your desk. At least Tara had the decency to conceal her laughter, her shoulders shaking under the strain as she tried to compose herself.

A gasp of disbelief escaped your throat as JJ took a grateful swig of the coffee you had been dreaming about since you had woken up this morning.

“But I’d won. Reid backed me up.” You cried, but your desperate protests only made your team members laugh harder. Your intervention yesterday had apparently gone less well than you had believed.

“Well, Reid’s not here now.” Prentiss told you, smirking at the fury in your eyes as you hissed angrily about how you preferred the BAU’s resident genius to them all anyway.

Tara laughed softly, tapping your leg supportively. “But…we did get you a lovely replacement.”

You shot her a curious glance, genuinely intrigued by what she meant. Maybe, they had found a pregnancy-friendly coffee.

However, your face fell hysterically as Garcia plonked a plastic cup in front of you, the contents extremely unappealing.

“A smoothie?” You uttered the words with absolute distain. “If I wanted fruit I’d eat it. Not drink it crushed up through a straw.” You wrinkled your nose as you shoved the green-coloured mush away from you. Even the smell was making you feel a little nauseous.

“But the wonderful Penelope Garcia went through all this trouble to get you this lovely drink Y/N.” JJ grinned at your evident disgust. After all, they had all expected your resistance to the change in your morning routine.

Ever since you had joined the bureau, a coffee cup had been practically glued to your hand. But, they loved you and were so excited for the new addition to the BAU family, that they had decided to risk your wrath.

You shook your head, folding your arms across your chest determinedly. “I don’t do pulp.” There were few things you believed in more than the fact drinks with bits in them were a repulsive crime.

The arrival of Luke provided you with an opportunity to fight back. As the father of your baby, he had to take your side. If not, he would be sleeping on the sofa for the foreseeable future.

“Luke, tell them I don’t do pulp.”

He chuckled softly, recalling the time when he had accidentally given you freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. The look of horror on your face would be etched in his mind forever.

“You don’t do pulp.” He nodded his head in confirmation at your words, his lips curving upwards into a wide grin.

You smirked victoriously at your female colleagues. But, your victory was short-lived.

“But, they’re trying to help you…and, for what it’s worth, I think the smoothie is a good idea.”

He ducked as you chucked a ball of paper at his head, his shoulders shaking with laughter at your apparent distress.

“Well, seen as you don’t have a womb, your opinion doesn’t count Luke.”

You frowned as you realised that you had given the four women stood beside you ammunition for their argument. An exasperated whine echoed around the room as you poked the straw at the slimy green substance.

They all just laughter at your expense. As you glanced upwards to glare angrily at them, you spotted something which only incensed you further. The coffee cup sitting proudly on Luke’s desk.

“No way.” You pointed accusingly at the drink, motioning for JJ to grab it. “If I can’t have coffee, you can’t have coffee.”

Luke opened his mouth to protest, but you silenced him.

“This-” You gestured down to your stomach. “-is your baby too Agent Alvez. So, no more coffee for you…or alcohol.”

You folded your arms across your chest in satisfaction, raising your eyebrows as if daring him to challenge your order. It was only fair. In fact, you were providing your boyfriend with the perfect opportunity to endorse gender equality.

A sheepish smile spread across his face as he glanced down sadly at his coffee. He knew you had a point. Plus, you adored your morning coffee and he did feel slightly guilty about all the things you had to give up. If it would help you through your pregnancy, he would do it.

“Fine.” He sighed heavily, walking over to reluctantly hand the cup over the JJ. “I’m on a coffee ban with you.”

Knowing smirks played on all the women’s faces as they congratulated themselves on hounding their fellow agent into submission. Even Garcia found it slightly sweet that Luke had sacrificed his coffee for you. Not quite as a noble sacrifice as in fairytales, but all the same.

Luke smiled at you softly as he bent down to press a tender kiss onto your temple.

“I’ll go to find you a smoothie without pulp.”

 As you lovingly stared at his retreating figure, you couldn’t help but realise how lucky you were to have him…despite having to surrender your beloved caffeine.

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today at work a lady asked me how i spell my name (callie) bc her kid has the same one & after i told her she gave me the SNOOTIEST look down her nose and was like "my DAUGHTER'S is with a k" and just stared at me and, just???? oKAY???? you win the non-traditional naming contest i guess???? lmao

God I’m glad I chose actually different names instead of spelling traditional names weird for my kids. All you have to do is look at trending names. Choose something that has fallen out of the trend and done. Seriously, my youngest is named after a Resident Evil character and the only other person in town with the same name is a few years older than him. Then my daughter has the name of a Greek goddess and my oldest lives in small town WI with a Hispanic name. I can call my kids’ names in the middle of Wafart and be pretty damn sure the only kid that answers is mine. Can’t call for Kallie and expect the same. -Abby

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oh my god! congrats on 1,3 followers! what a milestone! would you do a hc for me and Tom too? i'm 1,70 have greyish brown hair and brown eyes and am foreign. i am a sucker for friends to lovers/being friends with Harrison. I love reading drawing painting or just lying around lazily. do whatever you like, i sure will love it anyway. Huge hugs to you, I'm off to bed 💋

  • Being best friends with Harrison and dating Tom means the three of you are basically always together
  • Sometimes Harrison feels like a third wheel when you and Tom are showing a little PDA but then you’d grab a hold of his hand and annoy him with kisses on the cheek so he doesn’t feel left out
  • Harrison would do anything he could to cockblock
    • Like the dude would hear you from the other room gettin busy and let himself into the room for something or call a phone non-stop
    • He wouldn’t be jealous, he would just love how annoyed Tom would get and how you guys were terrible at making up excuses for what you were doing
  • The boys would get so defensive over you and would try to protect you from anything (especially Tom because he always wanted to be your hero)
  • The three of you would always be hanging out together just lazing around, you basically lived together
    • Jacob was low-key worried that you’d replace him in the Holy Trinity
    • But really no one could ever replace him and you guys were basically a family by this point

Callie’s 1.3k personals

'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Offers Hope for Couples of Grey Sloan | EW

The cast of the ABC medical drama gathered at PaleyFest Sunday afternoon for a panel moderated by EW’s very own Henry Goldblatt. Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone, Jerrika Hinton, Kelly McCreary, Jason George, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Jessica Capshaw, Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew, Martin Henderson, Giacomo Gianniotti, and executive producer Debbie Allen revealed scoop about the upcoming Ellen Pompeo-directed hour, whether there’s hope for Jackson and April, if Meredith will finally take the next step with Riggs, and much, much more. Here are the highlights:

Pompeo’s directorial debut: After screening the upcoming Pompeo-directed hour, the actress credited Allen with getting her to direct her first episode. “This force of nature wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I’m forever grateful to her for that,” Pompeo says. Though this was the actress’ first time directing, she notes that she wasn’t nervous about landing the emotional weight of the Maggie-centric hour, but rather just the technical aspects. “I have the best cast in the world,” Pompeo says. “I wasn’t really afraid of anything.” However, Pompeo adds directing herself was “not fun, but I was lucky to have Debbie Allen right with me every step of the way, so when I was tired or confused, she jumped in.”

Maggie’s mom returns: LaTonya Richardson Jackson returns as Maggie’s mother ahead of the Pompeo-directed episode, therefore setting up the episode to heavily feature her treatment for breast cancer — so yes, Maggie will finally be in the know. However things shake out, her mother’s illness is certainly going to affect Maggie. “Major life events like this enable you to shift your perspective and reevaluate what’s important to you,” McCreary says. “For a long time, being one version of herself was the right way to do things.” Judging by this comment, it sounds like she may try to shake things up soon.

The future of Meredith and Riggs: While it looks like the duo might be heading toward an actual relationship, the question remains how Maggie will feel about that since she’s harbored feelings for Riggs since last season’s finale. “Women have to stick together,” Pompeo says. And if Mer did choose her sister over Riggs, Henderson says he’d understand. “I would respect it, but I think it would be sad because all men know that it’s impossible to be a great man without a good woman by your side.” Whether Meredith and Riggs explore a relationship or not, Henderson hopes we’ll get much more information about his character soon. “It’s been wonderful to play a character that’s polarizing,” he says. “There’s this mystery and enigma as to, ishe a good guy, is he a bad guy? … As an actor, after a couple seasons on the show, I’m looking forward to the opportunity for Nathan to be a in a relationship — whether it’s platonic or not  — to see who he is deep down.”

Will Jackson and April reconcile? After a steamy hookup in Montana, there’s hope that Japril might get back together, but Drew stays relatively coy about the future. “I honestly think the main takeaway is that these two people, there’s so much love there, there’s so much respect there, they know each other so well, so whether it continues toward romance or stays platonic, we know these two people are going to be OK,” Drew says. As for whether Jackson’s father, Robert Avery (Eric Roberts) will return, Williams says, “I hope so.” Adds Allen: “We planted a lot of seeds this season, and that’s one that could resonate in a lot of ways, but there’s more coming.”

Can Amelia and Owen’s relationship survive? Their relationship status is currently marked “it’s complicated” since Amelia now no longer wants to have kids, which is basically the one reason the relationship between Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) didn’t survive. “He desperately wants a baby,” McKidd says. “Owen’s really struggling. He’s a very tortured guy — he thinks the thing that’s going to fix him is to have a family with this woman, but she doesn’t want to right now. He’s waiting and he loves her and he’s tortured and we’ll see what happens.”

What’s next for Jo and Alex? Though the two have been on the outs since Alex beat DeLuca within an inch of his life, now that Alex knows that Jo was married to an abusive man, he understands why she was hesitant to marry him. “He wants to marry her,” Chambers says. When asked whether he’d like Alex to end up with Jo or with — twist — Meredith, Chambers says, “Anything is possible, especially on Grey’s Anatomy. Who knows? He might end up with Catherine. I’d like to see how it fleshes out, the relationship with him and Jo.”

The relationship at the center of “Civil War”: Ever since the show introduced a replacement for Webber, the hospital has been at odds over Dr. Minnick (Marika Domińczyk) — well, except for Arizona, who has found romance with the new doc after ex-wife Callie (Sara Ramirez) moved away last season. “It’s been interesting, it’s been new,” Capshaw says, explaining that the show got to a point last season where viewers could “happily permit both of them to be happy without each other,” hence paving the way for Arizona’s new romance with Minnick. “I find myself at a point where there’s something exciting happening for her, there’s a newness. This season I feel like is the beginning of creating something new.” However, Capshaw hedges, “I have no idea if she’s the one.” For what it’s worth, when asked what her favorite ‘shipper name on the series was, she says, “I think I have to go with Calzona.”

The future of Grey’s? When asked what she thinks about the future of the show and where she’d like to see Meredith end up, Pompeo says, “Maybe why I’ve been able to do this show for so long is because I try not to have expectations. I do the same thing in my life, I try not to look down the road too far because we’re going to miss what happens right now today… I try to enjoy every moment with an open heart and an open mind… Life will tell me where I”m going. I don’t want to think about what’s next, I want to enjoy this moment.”


My Des,

I’m sorry I’m le 
I’m a piece of sh

What I’m about to do breaks my heart, but I know this is the right choice. I have to leave before it’s too late. Before Callie knows who I am.

A critic job was offered to me, based in the up-and-coming city of Bridgeport. If you know me at all, you know I can’t refuse it… this is the dream I have always spoken about. SM is only so big.

You love this city, you love your bar, you never loved me and hopefully you love our daughter enough to take care of her the best way possible. I have nothing to offer her, I wasn’t cut out for this to begin with… I’m simply not strong enough.

Don’t try and find me, I don’t want to be found.

L x

To recap, so we’re all clear:

  • I love with all my heart Callie x Arizona. They are MFEO. I am obsessed.
  • I really loved Arizona x Eliza. I obsessed over that pairing while it was happening and would have continued
  • I ALREADY love Arizona x Carina. We don’t even know if it’s a thing. I’ll probably be obsessed.

Bottom line: I’m a sucker for wlw ships and most importantly whatever makes Arizona Robbins happy


Only appropriate one to ask is the new Arizona x Carina ship name

For Her (pt. 1)

for @seriouslycalzona

Callie double then triple checked Sofia’s bag. She looked to make sure she had enough shirts, enough pants, stockings, shoes-

 “Mama,” Callie zipped the bag closed and swallowed the massive lump in her throat. Her hands started to tremble, the small shakes making it difficult for her to properly close the very pinks suit case. 

 “Are you mad?” 

 Shaking her head, Callie gently placed the suitcase upright and turned to face her daughter. The months that she had her daughter weighed warmly on her heart, her face seeming to have aged into such a beautiful young woman over night. “No, baby, I’m not mad.” 

 She knew this time would come sooner or later. Sofia missing Arizona wasn’t something that suddenly sprung on her, it was a piece that was missing from Sofia–and if she had to admit it, herself as well–since they arrived in New York. 

 “You look mad.” 

 Callie sighed. “I’m not, I’m just going to miss you. So much.” 

 Sofia walked up to her mother and wrapped her arms around her body, her small face buried into her chest. She was tall for her age, Callie and Mark’s genes strongly taking over. 

 “I’m gonna miss you, too.”

 Arizona stood in the airport waiting for her daughter to make her way down the escalator. She honestly couldn’t believe it had been months since she held her daughter in her arms, since she’s seen her smile up close, heard her laugh without the static laced distance. 

 She checked her phone for the millionth time, knowing full well that Sofia was only to use the phone her and Callie gave her for emergencies. She chewed on her cheek, and check the arrival times on the giant screen once more. They had landed five minutes ago and someone would be escorting Sofia to her any minute. 

Her heart pulled so hard at the sound of her daughter’s giggles, a smile quickly making it’s way to her face. It was the laugh that accompanied her daughter’s melodic one, the counter melody taking not only her breath, but her guard. 


 Her daughter dressed in the pretties pink dress with white stockings and black dress shoes let go of Callie’s hand and ran into her arms. Tears she didn’t know existed until they stained her daughter’s chocolate brown hair fell, a sob breaking past her lips. “I’m so happy to see you.” 

 “Me, too.” Sofia wiggled in her mother’s arms, her dress gently swaying from side to side. 

 “Arizona,” Callie quietly interrupted. 

 Arizona looked up, and met Callie’s brown eyes. They glistened under the fluorescent airport lights, a carry on bag tightly in her grip. 

 “What are you doing here?” 

 “I couldn’t be away from her, but I couldn’t keep her from you, so…” she shrugged, her lips rolling, foot tapping and breath shaky. “I came back.” 

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Hi 🤗 i want to start off by saying that you and your are amazing ❤! I was hoping that you could give me some names of famous (fictional or not) bi characters especially women cause i can't find that many (sorry for my english)

Hmm. Here’s the result of some quick research. To my followers, correct me if I’m wrong on any of this (especially as I tried to draw from many cultures and I hope I haven’t overstepped in any way) and please add to it!

Historical figures who were or might have been bisexual:

Billie Holiday

Prince Felix Yusupov

Julie d'Aubigny


Aphra Behn

Lawrence Olivier

Oscar Wilde

Lord Byron

James Dean

Frida Kahlo

Malcolm X

Marilyn Monroe


Freddie Mercury

Alan Cumming

Aubrey Plaza

Lady Gaga

Angelina Jolie


Amber Heard

Megan Fox

Sara Ramirez

Nico Tortorella

Mythical, legendary, or religious figures who could be considered bisexual/pansexual/m-spec

Hercules (Roman)

Zeus (Roman)

Loki (Norse)

Lan Caihe (Chinese)

Haakauilanani (Polynesian) 

Limaloa (Polynesian)

Sedna (Inuit)

Baron Samedi (Voodoo)

Fictional characters explicitly called bi (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Callie from Grey’s Anatomy 

Angela from Bones

Fictional characters effectively bi/pan/m-spec (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who and Torchwood

Most of the gems from Steven Universe

Delphine from Orphan Black

Inara from Firefly

Bo from Lost Girl

Piper from Orange is the New Black

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*Edit to add: actor Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) and Nico Tortorella (Younger)


I’m sure a great number of you in my swtor followers are aware of the very lovely @angelicfangirl and her equally lovely fic Stars Alike in Dignity which I reblog with great enthusiasm every time she posts a new chapter. Angel is a very dear and special person to so many of us, and her boundless support and energy and love have often been a bright spark for me in what have been otherwise wretched days

It was my very great pleasure to commission the magnificent @rayeliann for a birthday present fitting for such a wonderful woman, and what better than a picture of the three Amell sisters, all of them unique and vibrant and flawed in their own ways, but all of them loving and supportive and wonderful characters each

Happy (late) birthday Angel, from everyone in the guild! 

i don’t know who gave some of y’all the idea that you don’t have to agree with jt brown in his protest but i’m just gonna spell it out for you and tell you that yes, you have to agree with jt brown in his protest. you cannot just support his right TO protest, you must also support his reason FOR protesting or else your reblogs don’t mean shit, thanks.

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I'm so pissed at Sara for keep giving us hint of "jumping back in" and "hold on" and "taking a break" stuff and then suddenly get vanished from all the GA talk, I mean that show made your life, at least if she has moved on from the show she could have just make a statement so that the hopeless fans stop their fantasy. I mean you can't always say she is still not ready and unsure, am sure she is well aware of the fact that fans wants Sara/ Callie back. She is very much active in social media.

Hey, no – you don’t get to blame Sara for not coming back to the show or for “leading us on”. She hasn’t done anything wrong here.

First of all, we don’t know what prompted her to make the decision in the first place – we have no idea why she needed a break. But she did, and that’s her prerogative. Second, I firmly believe she used the wording she did (taking a break, the doctor is on hold, etc) because she DIDN’T KNOW what she planned on doing. When she left and announced it on Twitter, I honestly don’t think she knew at that moment whether she’d be gone half a season, a whole season, three seasons, or forever. She still might.not.know. You said it yourself – she gave a decade of her life to Grey’s – and she doesn’t owe them, or us, anything.

Quite frankly, what she’s choosing to do with her life right now is a hell of a lot bigger and badder than being on a TV show. And I know I’m going to get flak for saying that, and I KNOW that her representation of Callie Torres – of a POC, female, bisexual character – was incredibly, incredibly important, but she has chosen to move on, at least temporarily, and use the fame that Grey’s gave her to stand up and FIGHT. To stand up and fight for our rights, for our representation in the real world, and to fight for queer youth to have better lives. She has joined what (these days especially in the U.S.) seems like a losing fight a lot of the time, and to me, that is admirable. That is brave. That is far more important than me getting to see my favourite character on TV every week.

So no, I’m not pissed at her – and while I understand where you’re coming from, you really shouldn’t be either. Sara cares about us. I don’t know the woman, but I feel certain of that much. She knows how much Callie meant, and she knows how much she changed lives. She knows what a role model she was. She KNOWS how much the fans desperately want her back. And until she is 100%, absolutely, irreversibly sure that she doesn’t want to return to Grey’s Anatomy – I think she is leaving us a life line to hold onto. She is leaving us with the idea that Callie Torres is still out there. 

And if she decides she is truly done, I have to believe she will come out and tell us herself. I still don’t think she knows. And that’s okay.

I’m truly baffled that people are having such strong reactions to the Sofia storyline. We literally have zero information other than Arizona got a text from Sofia about coming home. That doesn’t preclude that Sofia is in fact coming back and it also doesn’t explain the reasons behind her coming back. 

It could just be Sofia’s time to be with Arizona. Callie and Arizona agreed to keep Sofia a year at a time, so maybe a year in Greysland has passed and this is Arizona’s turn to have her. 

Maybe Arizona and Callie decided to loosely stick to the year plan and instead of having a super strict schedule, decided to let Sofia decide when she is ready to go back and forth. After all, this is about HER, not about THEM. So if she decided she was ready to see Arizona and her Seattle family a little sooner than a year, so be it, let her. Then she can return to NYC whenever she is ready. 

I think we need to wait for all of the facts before we can jump to conclusions about what is going on. We got one scene, with one line. We can all speculate until the cows come home, but we won’t know more until the next episode in a few weeks and I don’t think we should be burning down the house before having all the facts. 

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Ana (A), Mike (M) and Gabe (G) are all considered extended members to the family, as they have bio ties to the kids. Donald (D) is also welcome; he just doesn't come around a lot. However, Robert (R) is rejected by the family. A and G used to be druggies. M was an alcoholic; D was in prison for a dui. They are all welcome (as they should be). R didn't even know about Callie, and once he did, he wanted to care for her. And he is rejected, not despite, but BECAUSE he wanted to be a good parent.