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so yesterday I hit 4k and uh, first things first, how? when I started this blog three-ish months ago I never could have imagined this. I’m honestly shocked that anyone enjoys my content and puts up with my whining. you guys are all amazing and I love you guys so much. this fandom has been so welcoming to me and I’m infinitely grateful for everyone who follows me, interacts with my posts, or has been a friend to me (wow there, sap, calm down) 💛

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I’ll try to do them all/as many as possible but there’s a (relatively strong) chance that I only do those I’m inspired by, sorry. these make take a (long) while to finish because I have this, plus 100 days of London flat memories, plus real life stuff like school and yeah. blacklist “callie does url edits” if you don’t wanna see them. also I’m gonna be using these mostly as practice to improve my editing so don’t expect to be amazed.

and yeah. i love you guys 💛

'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Offers Hope for Couples of Grey Sloan | EW

The cast of the ABC medical drama gathered at PaleyFest Sunday afternoon for a panel moderated by EW’s very own Henry Goldblatt. Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone, Jerrika Hinton, Kelly McCreary, Jason George, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Jessica Capshaw, Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew, Martin Henderson, Giacomo Gianniotti, and executive producer Debbie Allen revealed scoop about the upcoming Ellen Pompeo-directed hour, whether there’s hope for Jackson and April, if Meredith will finally take the next step with Riggs, and much, much more. Here are the highlights:

Pompeo’s directorial debut: After screening the upcoming Pompeo-directed hour, the actress credited Allen with getting her to direct her first episode. “This force of nature wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I’m forever grateful to her for that,” Pompeo says. Though this was the actress’ first time directing, she notes that she wasn’t nervous about landing the emotional weight of the Maggie-centric hour, but rather just the technical aspects. “I have the best cast in the world,” Pompeo says. “I wasn’t really afraid of anything.” However, Pompeo adds directing herself was “not fun, but I was lucky to have Debbie Allen right with me every step of the way, so when I was tired or confused, she jumped in.”

Maggie’s mom returns: LaTonya Richardson Jackson returns as Maggie’s mother ahead of the Pompeo-directed episode, therefore setting up the episode to heavily feature her treatment for breast cancer — so yes, Maggie will finally be in the know. However things shake out, her mother’s illness is certainly going to affect Maggie. “Major life events like this enable you to shift your perspective and reevaluate what’s important to you,” McCreary says. “For a long time, being one version of herself was the right way to do things.” Judging by this comment, it sounds like she may try to shake things up soon.

The future of Meredith and Riggs: While it looks like the duo might be heading toward an actual relationship, the question remains how Maggie will feel about that since she’s harbored feelings for Riggs since last season’s finale. “Women have to stick together,” Pompeo says. And if Mer did choose her sister over Riggs, Henderson says he’d understand. “I would respect it, but I think it would be sad because all men know that it’s impossible to be a great man without a good woman by your side.” Whether Meredith and Riggs explore a relationship or not, Henderson hopes we’ll get much more information about his character soon. “It’s been wonderful to play a character that’s polarizing,” he says. “There’s this mystery and enigma as to, ishe a good guy, is he a bad guy? … As an actor, after a couple seasons on the show, I’m looking forward to the opportunity for Nathan to be a in a relationship — whether it’s platonic or not  — to see who he is deep down.”

Will Jackson and April reconcile? After a steamy hookup in Montana, there’s hope that Japril might get back together, but Drew stays relatively coy about the future. “I honestly think the main takeaway is that these two people, there’s so much love there, there’s so much respect there, they know each other so well, so whether it continues toward romance or stays platonic, we know these two people are going to be OK,” Drew says. As for whether Jackson’s father, Robert Avery (Eric Roberts) will return, Williams says, “I hope so.” Adds Allen: “We planted a lot of seeds this season, and that’s one that could resonate in a lot of ways, but there’s more coming.”

Can Amelia and Owen’s relationship survive? Their relationship status is currently marked “it’s complicated” since Amelia now no longer wants to have kids, which is basically the one reason the relationship between Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) didn’t survive. “He desperately wants a baby,” McKidd says. “Owen’s really struggling. He’s a very tortured guy — he thinks the thing that’s going to fix him is to have a family with this woman, but she doesn’t want to right now. He’s waiting and he loves her and he’s tortured and we’ll see what happens.”

What’s next for Jo and Alex? Though the two have been on the outs since Alex beat DeLuca within an inch of his life, now that Alex knows that Jo was married to an abusive man, he understands why she was hesitant to marry him. “He wants to marry her,” Chambers says. When asked whether he’d like Alex to end up with Jo or with — twist — Meredith, Chambers says, “Anything is possible, especially on Grey’s Anatomy. Who knows? He might end up with Catherine. I’d like to see how it fleshes out, the relationship with him and Jo.”

The relationship at the center of “Civil War”: Ever since the show introduced a replacement for Webber, the hospital has been at odds over Dr. Minnick (Marika Domińczyk) — well, except for Arizona, who has found romance with the new doc after ex-wife Callie (Sara Ramirez) moved away last season. “It’s been interesting, it’s been new,” Capshaw says, explaining that the show got to a point last season where viewers could “happily permit both of them to be happy without each other,” hence paving the way for Arizona’s new romance with Minnick. “I find myself at a point where there’s something exciting happening for her, there’s a newness. This season I feel like is the beginning of creating something new.” However, Capshaw hedges, “I have no idea if she’s the one.” For what it’s worth, when asked what her favorite ‘shipper name on the series was, she says, “I think I have to go with Calzona.”

The future of Grey’s? When asked what she thinks about the future of the show and where she’d like to see Meredith end up, Pompeo says, “Maybe why I’ve been able to do this show for so long is because I try not to have expectations. I do the same thing in my life, I try not to look down the road too far because we’re going to miss what happens right now today… I try to enjoy every moment with an open heart and an open mind… Life will tell me where I”m going. I don’t want to think about what’s next, I want to enjoy this moment.”

Maybe I’m wrong, but I find that Eliza Minnick’s storyline is kinda paralleled to Erica Hahn. Both are known to be good in their jobs before they landed in this hospital, and both are not so welcomed in there. They’re arrogant and harsh to most of the people except their love interests.

The conversation between Arizona and Eliza while they walked out of the hospital into the parking lot, pretty resembled the fight Callie and Erica had in the other part of the same parking lot.  

Erica was complaining about Izzie and Chief Webber regarding how Izzie stole a heart. Callie stood her ground defending her colleagues, even though she was not a fan of Izzie Stevens.

Eliza was ranting on and on about Stephanie, criticizing Bailey, Webber even Alex’s poor management skills.  And Arizona told her…

Not because she found it offensive hearing Eliza talked shit about her friends, regarding a case that was her territory (the wellbeing of a tiny human) . She just thought about dragging that woman home and screw their brains out. 

Lazy, uncreative and terrible writing. They’re making Arizona more and more unrecognizable. 

georgiemcool  asked:

Arrow's moving to Thursdays at 9/10. I doubt this changes anything but I'm so used to Arrow wednesdays D:

My only stumbling block with this is trying to reprogram my brain. 😂 I’m an old dog, I don’t take to new tricks too easily. 

BUT it was never a concern to me that I would follow Arrow wherever it goes. Monday, Friday… I would have watched it anywhere… anywhen. The fact that it’s THURSDAY that it’s moved to is only icing on the cake. I view Thursday night as an honor, a promotion. Something has to go against This Is Us, why not pick a well-performing show with a solid fanbase that’s in it’s 6th season? And pairing Arrow with Supernatural makes all kinds of sense to me. I’ve always liked that block and am glad to have it again. 

Then there’s the matter of the 9pm timeslot. HELLS YES. Like Guggenheim said on Twitter, Arrow has always been a 9pm type show. It fits much better there and there’s some reasonable potential to get more goodies (violence, sex, etc) in that timeslot. 

So while I’ll have to get used to the change, I’m welcoming it with open arms. There was never a doubt that I’d follow. I love This is Us and I will continue to watch but I’ll watch it later. There’s no competition in my heart or mind here. 😉

lapislicker  asked:

I FUCKING LOVED THE TRAILER, THE MUSIC WAS SO DAMN GOOD IM CRYING, also i dont think callie was brainwashed, what if she just wanys to help the octarians? After all, they arent really bad, theyre just the ones that lost the war.

The game does look fun, judging from the trailer.

And I dunno. It was confirmed that in the first game Octavio was brainwashing his minions with his music. And in the squid sister stories, they said that things have been calm since octarians went tame. They went tame after they captured Octavio, when no one was controlling them. And the second Octavio escapes his glass prison, octarians go on war path again. So yes, I’m putting my money on brainwashing. There could be a story behind all of this with Callie wanting to help octarians and save Cuttlefish but we’ll see. I’m seriously doubting she has gone evil and betrayed everyone. If this is the end case, I’ll be disappointed. 


As most of you know, Josh McDermitt has deleted all social media over immature so called “fans” sending him death threats. I’m just saying this now, you are NOT a fan if you send death threats or even make fun of the cast. In all honesty you shouldn’t even have any social media if you do this. It’s childish and unnecessary. This hasn’t just happened to Josh either. It’s happened to Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Alexandra Breckenridge, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Austin Amelio, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and many more. It’s saddens me that this kind of behavior is in the fandom. The people that did this need to separate fantasy from reality. Because Eugene, Beth, Daryl, Carol, Jessie, Lori, Andrea, Dwight, Negan, etc… they don’t care what you say about them because they are FICTIONAL! But the cast have feelings. They have emotions. They deserve respect. They were doing their job. They don’t make the scripts, they go to set, go to make up, wardrobe, go over lines and do their job. I will tolerate no hate on my account or on any of my other social media accounts. You don’t like a character, that’s fine. Vent to me if you want too, but any hate on the actor, that will get you blocked. Hating a character is far more different than hating a human being! Because hating a character, they aren’t going to care, but hating a human being, no matter how much they try to ignore it, it gets to them. They’re people too. Respect them or get out of the family that does respect them.


Top 12 Calzona moments (as voted by my followers)
#7. “I find her miraculous, breathtakingly stunning. I just, I can’t stop looking at her.” (6x12: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked) 

anonymous asked:

Hi 🤗 i want to start off by saying that you and your are amazing ❤! I was hoping that you could give me some names of famous (fictional or not) bi characters especially women cause i can't find that many (sorry for my english)

Hmm. Here’s the result of some quick research. To my followers, correct me if I’m wrong on any of this (especially as I tried to draw from many cultures and I hope I haven’t overstepped in any way) and please add to it!

Historical figures who were or might have been bisexual:

Billie Holiday

Prince Felix Yusupov

Julie d'Aubigny


Aphra Behn

Lawrence Olivier

Oscar Wilde

Lord Byron

James Dean

Frida Kahlo

Malcolm X

Marilyn Monroe


Freddie Mercury

Alan Cumming

Aubrey Plaza

Lady Gaga

Angelina Jolie


Amber Heard

Megan Fox

Sara Ramirez

Nico Tortorella

Mythical, legendary, or religious figures who could be considered bisexual/pansexual/m-spec

Hercules (Roman)

Zeus (Roman)

Loki (Norse)

Lan Caihe (Chinese)

Haakauilanani (Polynesian) 

Limaloa (Polynesian)

Sedna (Inuit)

Baron Samedi (Voodoo)

Fictional characters explicitly called bi (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Callie from Grey’s Anatomy 

Angela from Bones

Fictional characters effectively bi/pan/m-spec (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who and Torchwood

Most of the gems from Steven Universe

Delphine from Orphan Black

Inara from Firefly

Bo from Lost Girl

Piper from Orange is the New Black

Sources: [x, x, x, x]

*Edit to add: actor Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) and Nico Tortorella (Younger)

anonymous asked:

After seeing that sneak peek... just kidding. I feel like people are forgetting season 3. We got absolutely none of these cute, flirty scenes in 3x21/3x22 and yet they still rode off into the sunset in the finale. I'm loving what I'm seeing in these last few episodes. All I see is reunion in big flashing neon lights. Have faith people. Oliver and Felicity will reunite and it will be glorious.

God bless you. There’s a spot for you in heaven (next to Olicity) for saying this.

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Why this Callie as the villain thing bothers me

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not gonna demonize anybody theorizing about the story of Splatoon 2 or give a hard time to anybody who makes art or speculative posts about it.

We’re not going to know anything until the game comes out or until some rogue Nintendo employee leaks everything online but I have my own personal reasons as to why I can’t stand this plot device.

“Former hero/good aligned character joining the villain/evil aligned characters therefore becoming a villain themselves.”

I put good and evil in italics because the definition of them isn’t completely black & white, but no matter what the reason it’s a plot device that can only be good in the hands of a really really good writer.

(the rest of it’s under the cut so I don’t clog up people’s dashboards too bad)

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Dear *anyone*

Dear Dan & Phil,

I know you’ll never read this, and that the likelihood of you guys ever knowing the impact you’ve had on my life is slim to none. In fact, I know that the impact you’ve had on my life is probably slim in general, that in comparison to all the lovely people you’ve helped, I’m but a blip on a radar of YouTube demographics, but you’ve still helped me a lot.

You see, I’ve only been watching your videos for a few months, but those months have been riddled with some of the hardest times in my life. Depression I once overcame has reemerged and anxiety is gripping at my heart, my present most resembles that associated with failure and my future is in the hands of an illness impossible to cure, barely possible to control.

On days when emotional breakdowns are looming but crying would be dangerous due to rib pain so bad I can already barely breathe, my friends send me to your videos because they’re the closest thing to relief I can get. When school seems like an endless  drawl not worth the agony, I find inspiration for a successful future in the pages of your book. And the community you’ve created has welcomed me with open arms, given me inspiration to create again and friends to share it with and I am eternally grateful for that.

I could never explain all that you’ve done for me. How your videos keep panic attacks at bay as I await doctor’s appointments, or how your voices calm me down enough to handle the ripples of agonizing pain my Fibromyalgia haunts me with, or how your community has helped me come to turns with my identity in such a short time. But it’s only been a few months and, already, I’m certain your impact in my life has helped save me.

So, thank you. I love you guys.

no more please!

anonymous asked:

Looks like Olicity are back to touching and being completely open with each other. Oliver seems to have left the "past in the past" and moved on because of Felicity's speech. Just... not a lot of forward movement for Olicity. Only 2 episodes left. How are Olicity supposed to reunite with each other in season 5 with just two episodes left?

I actually address this forward movement directly in my Heroes & Heartbreakers recap. The link will be up in the morning. 👍

I’m actually pretty happy with what I saw tonight. Everything is right on track for where I expected it to be. Maybe even a bit ahead of what I was waiting to see. I feel @jbuffyangel called it perfectly and I was shouting “Jen was right!” constantly throughout the episode. 😂

Basically, in order for Olicity to reunite, Oliver had to figure out who he is and what he stands for. Tonight, he put the Green Arrow costume back on again, he was a source of encouragement and light for his sister and he refused to kill Adrian. I’d say he ticked the boxes. 

All he’s gotta do is tell Felicity that he’s ticked those boxes and reunion is back on. That can absolutely be accomplished in two episodes (shoot, it can be accomplished in a two minute scene!). I’m putting money on next week’s episode… but if all else fails, absolutely by the end of 5x23. 

(hear that? before you guys send me more anons, that’s me saying I still believe in an season 5 reunion 😉)

Koneko/mod: these are all the panels I have completed. I’m so sorry but until I get a video making app on my laptop I can’t complete the animatic cuz the one on my phone won’t edit panels below .5 seconds and I need that kind of editing. So lemme credit those who sent their ocs so long ago for this.
@ask-creative-callie (won’t tag)
And my bff in real life, she deleted her tumblr so I can’t tag her, plus her if never made an appearance. Again so sorry that I cant finish this animatic. But enjoy what I got done.

anonymous asked:

Calzona will always be my favorite couple,but i'm realy over, i'm happy that finally Arizona is happy with her New love,Eliza is good for Arizona the chemistry os and good that Arizona is moving on, without to have a man in the middle of the relationship, without having to give up anything,like Arizona had to give up everything,while callie never face up anything


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Hiya Fam! As ya’ll  may or not know, it’s River Song appreciation day on the 31st && so I thought I might make a little appreciation post for a few of the River roleplayers, bc ya’ll do our spacechild so much  !!! justice && ya’ll deserve a bit of appreciation too. && If you’re reading this && you don’t ??? for some reason follow these peeps then  you really, really should bc they’re all fantastic !!! So without further ado I’m going to fangirl over my favs now;; 

@ofsongs- CaLLY !!! You’re forever the kind of  River rper I aspire to be. You have an intuition like no other when it comes to writing her, I mean, you’ve known && guessed things ??? years before it became canon. &&  characterisation is just so solid, you’ve thought out every little detail && I just adore your AU verse, bc there’s a clear distinction between her && her previous regeneration && yet she’s still so recognisably the Rivs we know && love. Out of character you’re such a genuinely sweet, supportive human being && I eternally love you for that. <33

@createdbyfirelight -
HOLLY! I’ve been in awe of you for an immensely long time && god you just understand Rivs so well. Your replies capture her voice perfectly && our writing reads like a novel. I know we haven’t talked that much but it is always a joy to log on && see a message from you, screaming about River && how much ?? you adore her bc that shows in your writing too.

@melodyandpond-  ALEX ! Again, I haven’t known you out of character for very long but I’ve admired your portrayal from afar for quite  a while now !! I especially love the way you’ve delved further into the EU  with her && it’s clear from the conversations we’ve had over the past few days that you’ve thought outside the box in terms of your characterisation. Out of character, You’re such a kind, caring person &&  also just an absolute joy to talk to !!!

@knownconsortofthedoctor - ok so I haven’t known you all that long either but ohmygosh I love your River  && your Melody so much !!! It honestly makes my day every time I log on && see you’ve replied to that thread on my other account  bc ugh. you’re so damn amazing hun !!  <3