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I love Calzona, I miss Calzona. I'm holding on to hope for Calzona. I'm hoping Sara will come back and swoop in and steal her girl. But don't pretend like Eliza and Arizona is faster than Callie and Arizona. Robbins kissed Callie in a bathroom and Callie didn't even know her yet. They were in a relationship after one date. It's not any faster than Calzona.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t mean to come on as hostile as you have in this message.

I honestly do believe that this is moving a lot faster because I feel like the writers with Callie and Arizona cared about how they were set up and they made sure this felt right. The writers are being sloppy with Eliza and Arizona (which is on par with the writing of everything else as well). There isn’t a flow. Honestly, everything with Arizona doesn’t feel right. They’ve left her character incomplete. I do not believe that Arizona would act the way she’s acting now if she had left Sofia on the other side of the country. I don’t think the way Arizona is acting right now is true to her character. Eliza and Arizona feels very sloppy. To me at least, it feels like they are trying to force a chemistry that doesn’t exist. I want to give the actress who play Eliza the benefit of the doubt because it’s hard to match Sara and Jessica’s chemistry, but the interactions between the two characters seems forced. The interactions from 13x13 to 13x14 were vastly different, but they wanted you to think its the same. It just doesn’t fit together. 

Dear Callie (Delusional Luke girl):

🌸 Stop contacting me and having your delusional ass minions contact me I do not care about you I’m sorry I find you disgusting and cringe worthy and I do not even want your name on my blog after this point unless I have to call you out (which I would not be surprised about)but stop trying to defend yourself on my blog like you did when you tweeted yourself goodbye and hopefully Arzaylea can have your account deleted for all the shit you make up and lie about her life.

💐 Get over it your fav has a gf! He won’t leave her just cause poor little girl Callie isnt happy, He knows about the other night and could Give a fuckless. You need to understand what Arzaylea did to you was justified by your own actions and the things you say about her. I would be the same damn way you had it coming. Hating on Arzaylea for being Lukes gf will get you no where she won’t leave faster cause you don’t like her. Its about her and Luke, that’s who their relationship is about and based on and like it or not until they pull the plug on the relationship you’ll be seeing Arzayleas mug Get over it. Don’t say it is just cause of how Arzaylea is it acts I guarantee if they broke up and he had a new gf your ass would do the same thing, your a classic fangirl.

🌹 You play the victim card so well Callie that you deserve an Oscar. “Why are they attacking me?”, “What did poor little old me do?” You know the things you have said about Arzaylea and its fucked up and as I said any girl I don’t care what you guys say you would do it to if you had someone claiming your relationship is pr, your friends are pr, your family hates you , calling you all kinds of nasty names, saying she don’t take care of her dog and having an account dedicated to you called Arzaylea Theory I mean come on now! I would be dragging your ass too.

🌷You say they had the wrong Callie, I do not believe it for a second I don’t care if Lindsay dmed you I believe you are the same girl. You prob lied to mommy cause your little girl ass would have got beat and sent to time out of you didn’t. That proves nothing it would be the same if I was getting hate and I made a side blog like a dumbass didnt hide my name and was singing my own praises. Get the fuck off, you might have Arzaylea and Lindsay feeling guilt and deleting shit but I’ve seen it all and trust me I would say out of 100 I am about 95% sure that girl was you. The way you say you had to use your parents computer and shit to get to Lindsays dm and shit. Your not a good liar and I personally find it funny that you have the balls to sit back and play the victim card. Get a life and go play with your little friends at the playground your too young for Luke anyways.

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

fosters character summaries
  • Stef: I'd know because I'm a cop.
  • Lena: I just think everybody needs to calm down.
  • Callie: *runs in front of a bus* *gets hit by a bus* Of course this would happen to me.
  • Brandon: Don't let anybody ruin your life. It's your life. So you should ruin it.
  • Jesus: I can't help it if everyone wants to have sex with me.
  • Mariana: You can be smart and sexy. I'd know. I'm both.
  • Jude: *on a school trip*

“We’ve got to end this.”

The minute Callie answered her ringing phone and Arizona’s face came into view on the small screen, the blonde launched into a tirade without so much as a greeting.

“Seriously, Callie. I think it’s been long enough, this is getting ridiculous. Minnick will not stop hitting on me and it’s getting weird. I hugged her today! She’s just going to be spurred on even more! She thinks I’m still single and I’m not single and I know I kind of started it all, but I was trying to win her over, but now we’ve got to stop doing this awkward flirty dance around each other, because she’s clearly not going anywhere and if I’m going to have to work with her then– ”

Callie was caught up in watching the other woman, her gaze drawn to the line of Arizona’s neck as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, but she blinked in surprise, brown eyes flickering up immediately at her words.

“Wait, what? You hugged her?”

Jealously flared briefly in her eyes and Arizona simply leaned back against her headboard, pulling her knee up and propping the phone on it with an exasperated look.

“I had to. We lost a kid today, and she was upset – and I mean, she’s not inherently a bad person, she’s just super annoying…she was kind of losing it in the parking lot though. What was I supposed to do?”

“Ignore her…she’s a grownup…”

Callie grumbled slightly, although she knew there was no reason to be jealous. She knew Arizona was just being…well, Arizona. She wasn’t the type to leave any colleague crying in a parking lot, and they had sort of brought this whole thing about themselves.


Callie just sighed as the blonde’s voice softened over the syllables of her name, flopping back along the length of the couch as she held the phone above her.

“Let’s just tell people. It’s been three months.”

The brunette couldn’t help but smile, the expression lighting up her entire face as she watched the other woman through the screen. It had been three amazing months. It had taken Callie moving to New York; putting real, physical distance between them for both women to realize that they truly didn’t want to be apart any longer – that their issues were no longer issues, that they were ready to start again, that they needed and wanted to move on…together. Callie had been the first to realize, and although she couldn’t deny her feelings for Penny had been real…a month after they’d gotten here, she also could no longer deny the physical ache she felt when she thought of Arizona.

And so, here they were. Arizona didn’t believe in long-distance relationships, but with her regular visits to Sofia and Callie’s somewhat secretive visits to Seattle they’d been making it happen, taking it slowly as they built their relationship up stronger than it had ever been before. And it was working.

“Callie…this is real. We’re together, I love you, and it’s time for you to move home.”

There was a confidence to Arizona’s voice that warmed Callie’s heart, that caused her to simply stare at the other woman again as she waited patiently for a reply, her blue eyes bright and beautiful even from thousands of miles away. And she was right – they were together, for good, and it was time to stop keeping it to themselves.

“I love you too. We’re gonna come home.”

Arizona beamed, excitement and relief and overwhelming love radiating from her expression all at once – the look in her eyes making Callie happier than she’d ever truly been. Finally, they would be back where they belonged. And finally, the entire world would know it.

“And hurry. I mean it, Calliope – you seriously have to come save me from Minnick over here!”


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i wish people would understand how huge it was to show a kiss between an unfetishized m|m couple on a mainstream, not bl anime, like. it may not fall into the normal classification of ‘heartwarming’ but because of all of the significance and open support for lgbt behind it, that’s exactly what it was for so many people

same :/ i was kinda neutral abt this issue bc let’s be real, those awards have zero validity and ppl are taking them way too seriously but then ppl are making fun of people who truly enjoyed yoi, or calliing others blind/stupid for choosing an anime they like and want to support (maybe the only anime they watched during 2016 bc it’s real, not everyone watches/likes anime like mob or erased) or saying the kiss was nothing important and i just okay :/

anonymously (or not) send in a cat!
  • snowball: your blog is very calming
  • spots: i think you're funny
  • shadow: your posts are interesting
  • bandit: i think you're fun to talk to
  • gabriel: you're very reliable & helpful
  • lexy: i like your blog aesthetic
  • lady meow-meow: i like your theme
  • pepper: i'm scared to talk to you
  • pickles: i get nervous around you
  • speckles: i want to be your friend
  • willie: i love your edits
  • dottie: you're very friendly
  • tabitha: you seem like a good person
  • callie: i care a lot about you
  • princess: i have a crush on you
  • saint purrtrick: you're an inspiration
  • ms fortune: you're very charming
  • mr meowgi: you're a good teacher
  • conductor whiskers: you're a good listener
  • sassy fran: we should talk more

* My cat’s name is Calipso, or Callie in short!

* I’m from Slovenia, but prefer english spelling to most things (my closest online friends in the past were english so i picked it up from them)

* I’m really glad to hear you think that!!

* I pay a lot of attention and put a lot of thought into characters and how they behave in-game, and I generally tend to avoid things like fanfiction, most AUs and most theories, to keep my perception of the characters based entirely on the game, I think this might have something to do with why I manage to make them come across this way. 

* I’ve probably mentioned this before but staying as loyal to canon as possible is very important to me! <:

Okay, I’m new to the Fosters fandom (holy hell this show is an obsession) but, the one I don’t get is how people can hate on Brallie…

-Stef and Lena knew that they were involved.

-They turned a blind eye to it.

-Stef and Lena decided to adopt Callie and Jude after like a couple months, don’t you need more time to think that over? I don’t know, obviously not a parent. 

-They are teenagers, of course its never fucking over. First loves and what not?

-They had to get a restraining order on Brandon, ISN’T THAT E-FUCKING-NOUGH TO STOP THE ADOPTION? 

-They thought that Callie was pregnant with Brandon’s child at one point and didn’t go, “hey, this is a red flag. Maybe we shouldn’t force two people who are in love to be siblings.” 

-This was after Callie found out that she had a birth dad (what six months of her living with them?) and they decided they wanted her anyway, DESPITE THINKING THAT BRANDON AND CALLIE COULD HAVE BEEN PREGNANT.

-Brallie probably would have happened regardless whether or not Callie was staying with them or whether she was just a girl at a school. 

-It really just seems to me like Stef and Lena just don’t give a fuck about making things worse. Like holy fuck HOW ARE THESE NOT RED FLAGS? HOW DO YOU NOT THINK HMMMMM MAYBE I SHOULDN’T ADOPT THIS GIRL WHO HAS CAUSED A SHIT TON OF DRAMA?


-Its a little ridiculous that they are forced to be brother and sister after less than a year and its suddenly “disgusting” that they had “incestuous” feelings… fuck I’ve had stepsiblings that I’ve known my entire life that I still don’t consider a sibling, I couldn’t imagine being forced to be the sister to someone I WAS IN LOVE WITH AND MY NEW PARENTS KNEW ABOUT IT.

Oh yeah… 


calli’s fic picks - 12/14/16

Hey guys! A little late today, I’m sorry. I got busy planning and then writing a bit of a Christmassy story for you all and if I want you all to be able to have the entire thing by Christmas, I need to work like a demon on it. BUT… I wanted to get this list out today. Because this will be the last fic rec post until January 25. 

There’s a couple reasons for that. 1) Because that’s the day Arrow returns and 2) I will be finished posting my NaNoWriMo fic, “all eyes on you” by then. You see, I plan to start posting chapters starting this Friday, the 16th. My update schedule will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That puts the last chapter at January 23. But in the meantime, my Wednesdays will be spent posting THOSE updates. 

So, without further ado, here is the fic rec post for now, there’s some really good ones here. 

Somewhere With You by @imusuallyobsessed - This is a really interesting story that hooked me from the first chapter. Felicity shows up in this seaside town, clearly down on her luck and perhaps even a little traumatized. Diggle takes pity on her. My heart is lost and she hadn’t even MET Oliver yet. 

An Unexpected Encounter by Jacq - Everyone loves a holiday fic, don’t they? This one has been so sweet with plenty of promised holiday goodness. 

Recipe for Romance by Weareallstoriesintheend - The conclusion of this story (remember when I rec’d it a few months ago?) is so insanely satisfying, that I absolutely had to rec the story again. Oliver is a farmer, he has a crush on Felicity… he thought she had a boyfriend but she doesn’t and now she’s come out to the farm and it’s ADORABLE, OKAY?

The Threesome Talk by @steelrigged-blog - This was a ride and a half, folks. I laughed a lot and then I laughed some more and then I chortled. It was a good time. Future!Felicity and Future!Oliver (who are together) are stuck in an elevator with Present!Felicity and some interesting truths get revealed. 

A 5x09 AU by @machawicket - A different look at what could have happened during 5x09. This took an angsty but interesting turn and could absolutely be within canon. Yes, it’ll make you feel things but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. It’s worth the potential pain. Just give it a read. 

Take Me Apart, Break Me Down by mybrotherharry - this one isn’t for everyone. It’s a post 4x08 BDSM AU that doesn’t flinch. But if you enjoy BDSM stories and you think maybe Oliver should have received some punishment for lying to Felicity, you might find this fic pretty rewarding. But mind the tags and warnings. 

I Don’t Care Who Leads by @laurabelle2930 - This is a really interesting collection of a couple of song prompt fics. The first story is smut-lite and the second is smut-heavier so if that’s your thing, give this a look. I know I enjoyed it!

I Can’t Make You Say You Love Me by intolauren - This is a really special story, that looks at a Felicity you probably haven’t seen before, either in canon or in fic. It’s an unflinching look at mental illness that I find to be hugely brave and interesting to read. Plus, the Oliver in this story is truly a hero. 

July 2030 by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated - This installment of the extended FiCoN universe of “Pieces of Always” is probably my favorite to date. This one sees the Queen men going on a camping trip together and it’s told from the perspective of a nearly-ready-to-graduate-college William. It’s a treat, you guys. Plus, if you’re struggling to enjoy William in canon, give this a read and I promise he’ll become a fave. 

I hope everyone has a happy holidays!  I will be gathering LOTS of fic recs over the next few weeks and will be back with a SUPER SIZED edition of my fic picks on January 25th. Until then, keep the faith in our ship and enjoy yourselves! 

Valentine’s Day: Fandom Couples

So VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING UP AND I’M SO EXCITED! (…not only because it’s my birthday…) It’s all about love and chocolates and dates and jewelry, but of course, it’s about love and being with that special someone *wink wink. So I just wanted to recognize some couples/ships who are amazing and I think they help us out with what Valentine’s Day really is.

Alex and Mason:e

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Wes and Laurel:

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Cameron and Kirsten:

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Brandon and Callie:

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Star and Marco:

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It may not be real but I’ll take what I can get.

Emma Swan and Captain Hook:

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Rachel and Ross

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These couples have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and obstacles, yet they still find their way back to each other. If I’m missing anyone, let me know and I’ll add them. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you spend it with the people you love!

A Calzona advent calendar - December 11th

“Do you want to buy a new house?”

Callie was pulling a piece of scotch tape from the dispenser, carefully holding down wrapping paper late one evening when Arizona’s question completely threw her off guard. 

“What? What’s wrong with our house?”

She taped the corner of the snowflake-patterned paper down and looked up to meet her wife’s eyes across the coffee table, genuinely curious. Arizona just shrugged, working on wrapping another one of their daughter’s gifts where she sat across from her on the floor. 

“Nothing. It’s just that this was mine and Sofia’s house, and we didn’t…you know, you and I just didn’t pick it out together. And the living room is a really light grey and I know you hate light colours and I’m not sure you would have gone for this style of house in general.”

A smile tugged at the corners of Callie’s lips as she watched the other woman carefully fold wrapping paper around the corner of her box, her rambling words tapering off as blue eyes glanced over quickly. 

“I’m just saying.”

“I’ve been living here for a year.”

“I know that. But at first you were just living here cause you needed a place to stay…and then all of this happened,” the blonde waved her hand between them, “and it’s not like we ever discussed it. We just got back together and got married again and I feel like it’s both of ours now but I don’t know how you–”

“Arizona, I love this house.”

Callie interrupted her wife and carefully unrolled a length of silver ribbon. 

“It’s okay that we didn’t pick it together – we’ve kind of made it our own over the last six months anyway – we even redid the kitchen and the bedroom. You let me paint the bedroom bat cave purple; it’s home.”

“I’ve just been thinking about it and I didn’t want you to feel like it wasn’t yours too. I mean I know we signed your name onto the title deed last month but…”


Callie tied the ribbon into an elaborate bow and looked up, waiting until the blonde stopped what she was doing and met her eyes. 

“This house is home. It’s our home. There’s a corner where the Christmas tree will always go, and the mantle over the fireplace is perfect for our stockings. I love – love – the front porch and the back deck, especially after we got those lounge chairs, and it’s beautiful on the outside. The lights hang so perfectly for the holidays with the peaked roof. And this neighborhood is great for us – close to Zola, close to school and work.”

Arizona smiled, looking out the front living room window where the hazy glow of the multicoloured Christmas lights was reflecting down on the porch. 

“And the backyard is exactly what I would have picked. It’s got that big old tree with the tire swing, and just enough lawn. I love that you put up the swing – I always wanted one of those as a kid.”

“I know,” Arizona picked a bright red bow from the box of Christmas wrapping, “I’ll be honest though – it was here already. Sofia saw it and immediately wanted me to buy the house.”

The brunette just laughed. 

“Well, she picked a good one.”

“So you’re sure you don’t feel like this is still just my place?”

“Not at all. I mean okay, maybe I wouldn’t have picked a two-story with those stairs cause–”

“I can do stairs just fine!”

“…cause they’re going to be a bitch when we’re 80 and arthritic.”

Callie raised an eyebrow as she finished her thought, an amused smile crossing her face as Arizona blushed slightly. She just laughed softly, sliding her hand across the coffee table until their fingers touched, and the blonde gave her a small smile in return.

“I love so much that you thought about it. But I mean it, honey. This house feels like ours. And anywhere you are feels like home.”

Arizona just smiled again, tangling their fingers for a moment before she looked back to the task at hand, picking out a gift bag for the next present she had to wrap. 

“You really think we’ll still be here when we’re 80?”

“I think we’ll be putting the Christmas tree in the exact same corner.”

The blonde looked up, considering the placement of the gorgeously lit tree behind her wife.

“I mean it would look good on the other side of the window too.”

“No, that’s the tree corner.”

Callie handed her some tissue paper, picking a different coloured ribbon from the box.

“It’s my house, and I say so.”



“I’m deeply grateful to have spent the last ten years with my family at Grey’s Anatomy and ABC but for now I’m taking some welcome time off. Shonda’s been so incredible to work for, and we will definitely continue our conversations! I send my love to Ellen, the rest of the cast and crew, and I look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!” - Sara Ramirez

Callie’s lawyer: “[Sofia’s] last names are Sloan and Torres.”

Arizona: “I’m gonna have to stop you before you continue, for your own sake. You’re not going to imply that I’m any less of Sofia’s mother because we don’t share the same DNA because that would be offensive to anyone in the room who has an adoptive child or is an adoptive child. And for you to say that, I CHOSE to be Sofia’s mother! It did not fall into my lap. There was a choice and I can stay or I can run and I chose motherhood. And it was the best choice I ever made. 

Arizona: *holds back tears*

Arizona: I love my child and I want her with me but I know no matter how this ends…she’ll survive. She’ll be healthy and safe and well taken care of and loved because…we are her mothers.


A Calzona Meet Cute

Author’s Note: A short AU story that’s nothing but fluff. I was inspired after reading an insanely sappy post on Facebook which actually had me asking, “this actually happens?! And why doesn’t this happen to me?”

I’m hoping this will kick start my interest in writing again but in all honesty, my muse comes and goes so suddenly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last thing I write for months.

In the meantime, enjoy! Also, I apologize if this doesn’t show up properly on mobile and comes out as an insanely long post, instead of having a “read more” cut.

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I love Stef and Lena. They are wonderful mothers and I love their respective relationships with Callie and Jude. They did a wonderful thing by giving them (and the twins) a forever home.

But they handled Brallie wrong.

The minute they realized Callie and Brandon had feelings for each other, they should have stopped the adoption. Forcing them apart lead to SO many issues. They may have broken up but did they not forsee how awkward it would be for exes to be siblings?

I get it, Jude shouldn’t have to suffer because Callie fell in love. But it just made no sense for them to push on them being adopted, not thinking about how it would affect all of them. 

Now, they are teenagers. They may not have worked out anyway. But regardless, they put their family through unnecessary hell. Honestly, as soon as Robert started saying he wanted custody of Callie, they should have just let it happen. I’m not even saying this as a Brallie shipper, I’m saying for the health of the family. 

Isn’t it like the oldest thing in the book? If you just dismiss your child’s romantic feelings, it’ll backfire? That’s what it did. They realized their mistake, but it was just too late. 

I’ve talked to people who foster kids and asked what they would do in such a situation. They said there is no way they would’ve adopted Callie and Jude. Does it make for good T.V? No, but it’s also realistic.

I haven’t abandoned ship. I am still holding on tight to the hope that Callie is gonna come back one day and rekindle the love with the woman that she’s meant to spend the rest of her life with. 

But can we just be happy for the moment that Arizona is going to have more than 30 seconds per episode because of the new girl? And can we all be glad that this girl is another brunette, instead of that boring blondie that almost wreck her then wife’s career? 

For me, I’m just simply thrilled that there is gonna be a lot of Arizona, hopefully a flirty and funny Arizona, on my screen in the coming few weeks. I miss watching the episode and saying to myself “oh oh, I want to gif this.” 

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Ana (A), Mike (M) and Gabe (G) are all considered extended members to the family, as they have bio ties to the kids. Donald (D) is also welcome; he just doesn't come around a lot. However, Robert (R) is rejected by the family. A and G used to be druggies. M was an alcoholic; D was in prison for a dui. They are all welcome (as they should be). R didn't even know about Callie, and once he did, he wanted to care for her. And he is rejected, not despite, but BECAUSE he wanted to be a good parent.