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Weeks ago I wrote a letter ( this letter for anyone who wants to read it) 

and on the 6th of February the blood came. It came and I have never cried over a period before but christ was I near.

The people at the pharmacy, with their quiet tones and soft eyes… are the best people in the world. They saw my young features, the fear in my eyes and they were patient. I was down forty bucks and nothing has been more worth it before.

To C, my lovely boy, who was possibly more relieved than me. Which I didn’t think possible, thank you. For standing by me, for waiting with fear until I told you about the blood, who continued expressing your relief through the week. Who recognized the importance and how happy I was to feel the cramps for the first time since they first came four years ago.  I do love you. 

Impressed? || c.h

aha ty bb xx

I M A G I N E 

“Y/N, this way!”

“Over here,Y/N!”

“Smile for me, baby!”

Shouts from the paparazzi came from every which way as you posed for the cameras. Flashes of bright lights practically blinded you as you held your hip with one hand and had the other dropped to your side. Those money-thirsty cameramen were yearning for your best angles as you kept walked the carpet alongside other celebrities. 

Your body was hugged with expense garments from designers with unpronounceable names. Jewelry of high gold  carats hung loosely on your body as they made sound every motion you took. Your hair and makeup was done within 4 hours to show you off to perfection. 

Being famous was very interesting for a few reasons. One being that you’ve never had so much attention before. Invasion of space was never a thing for an introvert like yourself. Because of this led to the other reason of your friends actually wanting you more. Being all rich and famous made you appealing, which made your friends want you around all the time. Especially for their Snapchat and Instagram stories. 

Another reason was being famous with people you used to go to school with. 

“Y/N?” You heard an Australian voice as you entered into the large theater. There were less paparazzi inside, but your guards were still at your tail. You turn a bit to see Calum Hood in your presence. Your old high school crush. 

“C-Calum?” You said quietly, watching as he detached himself from the rest of his lads to speak with you. He looked much more handsome than you recalled when the both of you attended school. He was wearing a lovely grey suit that made him look way too sexy for his own good. His dress shirt was a much lighter grey, complimented with a navy blue tie. Your eyes dropped down a little to see his fancy brown and Italian shoes protecting his feet nicely. 

“Like (your high school) Y/N?” Calum asked, his almond eyes wide and full of surprise. You nodded, feeling blood rush up to your cheeks as Calum dug his hands into his pockets. “Holy shit, it’s been so long!” 

“Uh yeah, it has,” you say shyly, holding onto your Prada purse tightly. The last time you saw the boy was in the middle of your last year in high school. He and his mates apparently were in a band and actually got noticed by Louis Tomlinson. That very last day, you pulled Calum aside when he was finally alone and confessed your feelings 

It was the most heartbreaking rejection you’ve ever felt. 

“You look… wow,” Calum breathed, eyeing you blatantly as you blushed even more. You admit that you developed pretty well since your high school years. Being the shy girl that nobody knew was easy, as you barely did a thing to impress. Glasses complimented by braces and shaggy clothing was your daily lifestyle. Nobody expected you to be a gifted singer. “S-sorry,” Calum realized, locking eyes with you once more as you blushed. 

“It’s alright, I don’t believe it either,” you admit, giggling nervously as you patted down your outfit. “I assume you’re performing, yeah?” You asked, watching as he nods his head. He quickly gave you a cheeky smile, making your heart stop in a snap. 

“How about you, Y/N? Are you someone’s guest?” Calum asked, feeling a little hurt. “You certainly don’t look like anybody’s guest in that outfit.”

“I’m actually performing, too,” you say quietly, having Calum look surprised once more. You smile shyly at him as you tucked a bit of your hair behind your ear. “I’m a solo artist.”

“Y-you are?” Calum asked, still shocked about it. 

“I actually won 2 Grammy’s,” you giggle, thinking fondly about your achievements. 

“What?” Calum was still astonished, staring at your wistfully as you smiled awkwardly at the ground. 

“Impressed?” You mumbled, feeling a bit of confidence strike you from speaking about your achievements. Calum nodded vigorously as he shrugged a bit. 

“Hey, uh,” Calum began, clearing his throat a bit before continuing. “You really do look fantastic tonight. You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you took the compliment quietly, still blushing from Calum’s kindness. “You don’t look too bad yourself. Though this isn’t very ‘punkrock’ of you.” 

“Watch my performance and you’ll see how punkrock I am!” Calum exclaimed, making you giggle. Calum looked at you with awe, feeling a sense of comfort from your shear laughter. This was a much different stare from the day you confessed to him. He held a gaze of pure horror until it turned into sorrow when he rejected you. Which was fair, considering he was going on tour and all. 

You never expected to see him again, so you confessed right then and there. 

“I’m excited for it,” you assured him, giving him a more confident smile. The two of you stared at each other for a bit before the workers of the award show insisting that you guys kept moving down the carpet. “Where are you sitting by the way?”

“Like the center-middle of the place,” Calum said. “How about you?” 

“Center-front,” you hummed, seeing Calum frown a bit. He then took out his phone and unlocked it. 

“Give me your number,” Calum said, taking you a bit by shock. You took out your phone while telling him your digits. You watched as he tapped in the number and put your name as the contact. “Just so we can text during the show. Because I know I’m gonna get bored.” 

“Aha, ditto,” you agree with a smile. Calum smiled at you until one of your guards informed you that you were parting ways. 

“Your queue?” Calum asked. 

“Mhm,” you nod disappointingly. Suddenly, Calum went up and gave you a light squeeze. Being in his arms felt so unfamiliar, but so comforting and safe. You never thought you’d ever hug him. But now, in his arms, anything really can happen. 

“See you around,” Calum said as he detached and gave you a wink. 

“B-bye,” you said quietly, waving him goodbye as you watched his disappearing silhouette. As you walked where you were guided, you immediately recieved a call from an anonymous number. 

“Hello?” You answered, holding the phone to your ear. 

“Hey beautiful,” Calum’s voice rang through the phone, making you blush once more without being in the flesh. 

Boy howdy was this weekend interesting or what. I’m pretty sure everyone who is everyone– and then some was at this party and knows about the fact that the entire damn school had to be locked down temporarily but what’s more interesting is what happened afterwards so here’s a little in case you missed it. Now, forgive me because I might have mixed some details up but those will of course be minor when has my gossip been anything less than spot on?

So I’m sure y'all are wondering what started it all, hm? Well, a little birdie told me that our little old Danny Knight got caught selling something to messy little Lux Morgan and even messier Chaol King found out and well I don’t like to use the term hulked out but let’s be honest here, he hulked out. Not sure how much damage Danny’s brain is suffering considering that his brain was already suffering but he landed himself in the hospital and was not looking pretty.

So of course campus security and the board freaked out and honestly I’m surprised the real police wasn’t involved, some head honcho must have connections somewhere but loads of people got in trouble including some that you wouldn’t even expect and because I’m not the sort of person to keep news from my people let’s talk about who got busted, huh?

We’ve all already heard direct from the source itself that Chloe Prince got busted with alcohol in her room, she’s dealing with some consequences that include social probation and what I consider a pretty hefty fine but she seems to think its hilarious, never gonna take anything seriously until it comes and bites you in the ass, huh Chloe? What does mommy think?

Unsurprisingly Bex Collins was found with some paraphernalia though I guess what she’s really upset about is the fact that she was keeping a wild animal in her bedroom. Why rich people seem to think this is okay I’ll never understand, have we learned nothing from Siegfried & Roy? Also on that list was Alyssa Thomas and sometimes sweet, sometimes sour(like a sour patch kid) Bethany Harmon, Blue Rockwell and in an interesting turn of events, roommates Etta Aldrich and Ruby Montgomery. Gasp, say it ain’t so girls. Lucky for them they’re only on probation for three weeks, could have been a lot worse.

Now on to the juicy part apparently newbie Byron Niram was already making a name for himself as he was caught growing pot with Miles Gray, I guess it’s true what they say about those artsy types, huh? These boys got it pretty bad, according to my sources they’re forced to pay a thousand bucks and are on probation for nine weeks. And that includes weekly drug tests, something tells me that they’re going to be on edge for the next two or so months huh?

A less harsh but still tough punishment came to those caught with apparently smaller amounts of substances though they still face a fine, social probation and community service, most of the names don’t surprise me: Bianca Vargas, Bruno Kepler-Fairchild, Rayne Montgomery, Rocky Fairchild and the one that shocks me–Hayden Kennedy. Thought you were clean, girl.

And of course some real surprising names for those busted with over 25 grams of controlled substances, facing biweekly drug testing with the Greek board, community service a fine and social probation, Bradley Wingate Jr, our student council president himself, honestly though aren’t all politicians into shady things? Waverly Hart, Ezekiel Evont, Wyn Morgan(papa no) and of course we aren’t surprised Alex James. If you ask me y'all are lucky you weren’t arrested.

Finally a few students were found with some controlled substances and I don’t want to throw them under the bus or anything–who am I kidding I do– but apparently Davis Greene has a medical marijuana card and that makes me curious as to why he even needs it and Sam Frost may have had reason to worry, too, don’t worry my friends when I find out more I’ll keep y'all updated and of course if you hear any whispers make sure you keep me in the loop.

Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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gtkm challenge || [1/5] male characters ➢ hideyoshi nagachika

“Cause if boys will be boys, we do the best that we can. Cover for our brothers, while we suffer from our own hands. Boys will be boys, that’s the way that this thing goes. When mothers lose their sons and their  f a t h e r s   w a t c h   t h e m   g o.”

stop giving len’s pinky ring to random characters who aren’t mick or himself