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Pleaaase!! What M bros think about a s/o who was more male friends than female friends?? Like, she is verrry intimate with her friends

Um…. you sure you wanna go there? Okay…


Ruki - He’s not even okay with the fact that you have friends. As livestock your main focus should be on your master, him, and your master alone. Ruki would voice how he also did not like the fact that they were male friends either, they had potential to take his livestock and he ain’t having it. What puts the icing on the cake is when he sees you touching them. How dare you touch another man that is not him? He does not care that they are your friends, he does not care that they would never be more than friends, he does care about the punishment you are going to receive when he gets you back to mansion though. Good luck walking after that.

Kou - Kou is possessive to begin with so you probably would never be able to leave his side to make friends and if you somehow do make them get ready for a jealous Kou. He will pout when he finds out your attention was going to someone else besides him and will interrogate you often to see if you are cheating. It would only make matters worse if the friends were male; instead of a whiny, jealous Kou you would now be dealing a more aggressive Kou that is ready to ruin lives but is holding back. Hell hath no fury like the wrath of Kou when he finds you touching or hugging on of your guy ‘friends’ though, he may seem calm and collected when he approaches but when he grips your wrist too hard and drags you off somewhere private you know you have fucked up… Royally.

Yuma - Yuma’s pretty okay with you having friends as long as you continue to help him in the garden and don’t invite them over. Now don’t mistake this as Yuma rolling over and letting you do as you please, he just understands that you need someone to talk to other than him every once in awhile. He will put his foot down with these friends of your’s takes a turn to the guy side though, he doesn’t trust them and would much rather you stay far away from them and he’s not afraid to make threats. If his threats don’t scare you into shape maybe the look on his face will when he catches you touching them, even if it is platonic he does not care because he is seeing red. At that moment nobody’s walking away from the scene except you and Yuma and you won’t be walking right for long.

Azusa - He is probably not the chillest with you having friends, especially guys friends. He’s not as confident as his brothers so he automatically assumes you’re looking for his replacement until you reassure him that they are just friends and nothing more. That may ease him a small bit but it doesn’t quell that impending jealousy that’s be festering ever since you became friends with those guys. Azusa won’t let you know when he sees you touching your friends, in fact you would never have guess that he saw you since he acts so normal. It wouldn’t be until your friends go missing one by one until none are left and when you walk into a room and the door closes and locks that you finally notice something is wrong and it has Azusa written all over it. “Hey Eve… can those… bastards give you pain… like I can?… Do I not make you happy?”

kageyama bros fight!

“I’m talking about starting out as friends
I’m talking about real and not pretend
I’m talking about bros of a life time
You and I can even right the end.”

  • baekhyun: bro
  • chanyeol: what bro?
  • baekhyun: what is your goal in life?
  • chanyeol: to be kissed by someone in the rain
  • chanyeol: how about you bro
  • baekhyun: to be that someone
  • chanyeol: bro
  • baekhyun: bro

Fixing things around the Haus was never really about the dibs for Dex. But, all the same, in the back of his mind he was still relying on his efforts in that department to secure him housing for his junior year at Samwell.

Which is why he’s a little surprised at himself for the sinking feeling in his gut when he’s officially offered a spot.

“Oh,” he replies dumbly.

Lardo blinks at him, clearly startled by his lack of enthusiasm, her hand still held out between them waiting for him to reach out and seal the deal.

Dex shakes his head and reaches his own hand out belatedly. Only to have Lardo pull back. “Bro. I’m not gonna give it to you if you don’t really want it.”

“No, no, I do! I promise I do. I’m sorry, I just thought…”

He thought that he’d be getting either Ransom or Holster’s dibs. And that Nursey would be getting the other’s. And, despite the fact that Dex has been dreading the very idea of that for the entire school year, he feels off kilter and lost now trying to imagine a scenario in which he lives at the Haus without Nursey constantly underfoot.

Even these past two years of living in the dorms, Nursey still always somehow manages to end up at the Haus whenever Dex does, stealing the last slice of pie while verbally needling at sore spots he knows well enough will get a rise out of his fellow D-man.

It seemed pointless to even hope that getting dibs wouldn’t somehow include Nursey at his side, and so Dex never bothered to factor in the possibility. He resigned himself to his fate. And now, presented with an alternative, he has no idea what to think.

“Do you, uh,” he clears his throat, watching Lardo’s eyes narrow at him, assessing. “Do you know who Rans and Holster are giving theirs to?”

“They’re giving them to Nursey, bro.”

“Right. But to Nursey and…?

“Just Nursey.” She shrugs. “Those bunkbeds don’t even have a ladder anymore, so we figured we’d turn the attic back into a single for now. And we thought we’d do you all a solid by making sure the SMH didn’t lose it’s next best D-man pair due to mutual homicide within the first week of preseason by making you shack up together. We’ve all seen how you two handle sharing a hotel room on roadies.”

To be fair, how they handle it nowadays is wildly different from the roughhousing mess of their first semester at Samwell. But apparently no one’s noticed that.

Dex goes abruptly still as a thought occurs to him that feels like a bucket of ice water over his head. “Wait. Was this Nurse’s idea?”

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Straight White Boy Problem #994

Bro: I’m not racist but….

Me: *stops looking at snapchat* what

Bro: *closes his MacBook which has a vineyard vines sticker on it* i don’t understand why there are protests about Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump’s election, and everything else! there’s always protests about something. people need to get over themselves

Me: dude…….you realize you are complaining about free speech and that’s exactly what you just used right now!!! dude…

bro: *puts his MacBook in his north face backpack* you know…I thought you were chill…but now…i’m not going to buy you beer for the party on saturday see ya *walks away*

Me: no please wait I don’t have a fake


I can’t remember which pose I tried first, but wasn’t satisfied with how she held up in the Smash ensemble. Then after I completed the entire second pose I was unsure it was better and kind of liked the first one more. But now I’m not trying to make a poster anymore, so it all doesn’t matter. Both of them turned out well, I think.

Also, where is my playable Ridley.


I love his greens, blues and burnt yellows. I’m a Gogh Bro.