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Lines that have made me reload a save immediately
  • “Harold… Did you break my gargoyle?”
  • “Harold. Lying is literally one of the ten things we never do.”
  • “Bro, I’m not really feeling brunch anymore.”

More as it develops.

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Whats your bro like? Do you two do anything together?

* O ye well, I technically still live wit m’bros- M’ payin’ rent & all fo’ th’space ‘m still usin’ there..
* BUT I haven’t hung out wit ‘em anytime recently.

* They cool! Bossy. Loud sometimes. But cool.

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I'm just rewatching Bro Average and I had forgotten how fucking adorable Chase is. And it's funny how Jack started it as a joke and it's turned into such a big thing in the jse community. I wonder what he thinks about that XD

Chase is a smol cinnamon bun that deserves a life of happiness!

I bet Jack loves that, honestly :)

Although Superman is my favorite and I would love a sequel to Man Of Steel, I’m okay with him not getting as much focus and it being placed on other characters, many of whom have never been in a film or live-action before. 

There will be Superman films made long after the DCEU has ended so I’m okay with Warner Bros using this opportunity to put focus on others, for the time being at least.

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OMG WHAT NOOooOooOoOOooOOooO , Stahp you’re making blush. WTH DHFFHJDKL what am I. I’m not that pretty bro. You can’t even see my face in that picture O.O and whuuuttt Jungkook sdgdhdjk?! #I lost all functionality lol #Your message was too sweet for me to handle :”)

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listen i get Alec was between a rock and a hard place but Magnus’s anger was justified and people say harsh things when they’re hurt. It was so nice to see a bisexual man( a bisexual asain man no less) getting to have those sort of ugly, complicated, nuanced feelings about something that happened to him. We got to see how years of being belittled and brutalized and lied to by the clave wasn’t wiped away because his boyfriend is a shadowhunter. 

But once again, fandom hold characters like Magnus, who is neither straight nor white, to a different standard. Like I’m so sick of minority characters having to be perfect all the time in order to be “good representation” and like I’m sorry bro but that’s not how people work and that’s not how life works. We have been giving only a sliver of the things Magnus has had to deal with in his long life, and someone he trusted, more than anyone, let him down. He’s angry, he’s hurt. His lashing out may not have been “right”, but it was nuanced, it was realistic, and it was understandable. Magnus has been continually helpful to the clave when he owed them nothing, he trusted them because he trusted Alec, he vouched for the Clave, and now he feels he’s been made a fool of. I’m tired of fandom trying to drag him for not being a flawless human being and getting snippy every time Magnus becomes more than a flat slash fic caricature. 

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Ya know, sometimes I remember that Mario is supposedly not THAT OLD (because in Sm/ash Bros. M/elee, his trophie's description says that he's 26-years-old), and ?? I have to wonder ?? HOW DOES HE HAVE SUCH A STRONG MUSTACHE IF HE'S JUST IN HIS MIDDLE TWENTIES ?? /LIKE THOSE ARE SOME STRONG GENES THE GUY HAS GOTTEN, MAN/ ??

TBH !!!  i feel like mario’s italian side of the family were very well-known for their stylish mustaches. his father had a ‘stache that he was extremely proud of, and somewhat pushed his son to follow the same path. in turn, mario’s very sensitive about his ‘stache — think of it as the equivalent to, say, a limb. to him, it’s extremely important. 

not only is it important to him as a character, but it’s a strong reminder of his family and heritage — same goes with the hat. he couldn’t fathom a time where he’d ever lose his ‘stache. ( also mustache-less mario is an affront to god )

Small Brain: Mario is self-centered and mean and he bullies Luigi.

Big Brain: Mario loves and trusts his brother and always tries to include him even when he’s scared.

Cosmic Brain: Mario spends his free time having fun with guys like Bowser and Wario because he sees the good in everyone and would never hold a grudge.

kageyama bros fight!


ok i´m not in the JS fandom but i really like this character and from what i read i had to draw him so here´s it! also thank u @markired for the follow i didn´t expect u to do that like i freak out haha but seriously thank u!! i would like to share some theories with u someday :)

  • Me: they should take this time to talk about their bonding time as a group, and let us know how they are doing outside their schedules.
  • EXO: we all peed on suho’s leg. Sehun isn’t interested in girls. Sehun has the biggest Dick in Exo. I pick the bathroom lock with chopsticks. I’m actually NOT the maknae. Kai’s abs.
  • <p> <b>baekhyun:</b> bro<p/><b>chanyeol:</b> what bro?<p/><b>baekhyun:</b> what is your goal in life?<p/><b>chanyeol:</b> to be kissed by someone in the rain<p/><b>chanyeol:</b> how about you bro<p/><b>baekhyun:</b> to be that someone<p/><b>chanyeol:</b> bro<p/><b>baekhyun:</b> bro<p/></p>
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