m bored and stressed

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I'm failing some of my classes and I'm really stressed and I was wondering if you had any tips/ suggestions on how to raise or keep up my grades? Thank you!

Don’t stress out too much! You still have time to bring your grades back up! :) The basics would be to make sure that you hand in all your assignments on time, keep up attendance and to study hard for your tests!

What we would also say is…

  1. If you struggle to understand what is being said in class, make sure to do the required pre-readings (or whatever chapters will be covered in class). This will allow you to better understand what your teachers address in class. Also, not only will you be more familiar with the content, you will also have a chance to ask the questions that you had from your readings!
  2. In addition, if you really want to catch up on work that you have fallen behind on, you might want to take out a week or so and just for that period of time, put work above other things you might want to do. Focus on catching up and being familiar with the information.
  3. Also, if things are looking down, don’t procrastinate! Time management is the key to success. It may be a little at a time, but saving a few minutes here and there can add up to quite a bit. Make sure you’re spacing out your homework so that you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute!
  4. Finally, pay attention in class. I know, teachers can be boring, but, more often than not, tests are based on what teachers lecture in class. While it is super important to self-study and review, paying attention in class allows you to really engage and understand the material!

Good Luck <3 

It’s sleepover timeee!!!

A little fear of mine is to show my fingers, i guess u can see why. This is how it looks at it’s worst. I bite them intensively every time I’m stressed, worried, nervous, have anxiety, am bored. pretty much in all situations. It’s how i cope and it doesn’t really bother me in any other way than me being insecure about showing my fingers. Posting this pic could help a bit tho i think so here u go 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

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I'm bored and home sick Jefferson is just relaxing after a really stressful day and Alex comes and makes Jefferson come like 20 different ways

probably happens all the time tbfh

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I never liked reading other people fanfictions. But yours writing always helps me when I'm stressed, or fell sad or bored in school. You are very talented and creative and I think that you should use your talent on something bigger. Like writing a book or something like that :) And I know that you would laugh and disagree with my opinion but I believe that later you will write something big :)

Oh wow, thank you, doll. 
I’ve actually always wanted to write a book but my thoughts are always too scrambled to actually form one plot into words. 
I would disagree with you, only because I half believe that I’d fail. But the rest of me would be thrilled to write something and fail. Because then I can create something from it, make it better. 
Thank you for your words, Anon!! I’m glad I can help you as well as you help me.

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besides a dICK?!

idk, I have a bad habit of chewing on things when I’m stressed or bored, so I’ve probably put a lot of weird shit in my mouth. The worst is pens. I once chewed a pen so bad I pierced through the plastic and into the ink tube and all this nasty blue ink spewed into my mouth and I just started screeching in the middle of class….

Ink does not taste good. :|



So glad I saw this before I went to bed. You are such a joy to have in my life. Honestly you’ve become a grounding force on this site, someone to turn to whether I’m stressed or anxious or sad or bored or if I just have a headcanon that I just HAVE to share. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope I’m able to cheer you up sometimes or at least listen to you when you need it. Your writing is truly wonderful, and always manages to leave an emotional impact on me. I love having you as a friend, every day. 💛