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A beautiful piece from facebook:

Since our destiny is not in our own hands, I’ll choose to focus not on whether we end up winning La Liga, but on what we’ve done so far this season. Winning or losing La Liga today will not change the fact that we’ve been a far cry from our best this season. Poor man management, poor strategy and tactics, poor transfer window dealings (may prove to be retrospectively successful depending on next season). This season we managed to visit tough stadiums in La Liga and beat tough teams, and yet, dropped points in matches against teams we should have won. Inconsistency is the key word. And while La Liga refereeing is disgusting, no way can we pin that as the reason for us being in the predicament that we’re in. We don’t get to play that card considering how many times we’ve received favorable decisions in the past.

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Champions League calendar 2017/2018

24/08/17: Group stage draw
12–13/09/17: Group stage, matchday one
26–27/09/17: Group stage, matchday two
17–18/10/17: Group stage, matchday three
31/10/17–01/11/17: Group stage, matchday four
21–22/11/17: Group stage, matchday five
05–06/12/17: Group stage, matchday six

11/12/17: Round of 16 draw
13–14/02/18 and 20–21/02/18: Round of 16, first leg
06–07/03/18 and 13–14/03/18: Round of 16, second leg

16/03/18: Quarter-final draw
03–04/04/18: Quarter-finals, first leg
10–11/04/18: Quarter-finals, second leg

13/04/18: Semi-final and final draw
24–25/04/18: Semi-finals, first leg
01–02/05/18: Semi-finals, second leg

26/05/18: Final (NSK Olimpiyski, Kyiv)

Today is MV birthday it was only appropriate that I happen to drive through a town called “Manvel” but one of the shop’s name was in cursive, so it looked like “Manuel” and another store down the road was called “M&M’s feed” 

also the place I ate lunch in had the Barcelona/Madrid match on (Barcelona is MV’s team right??)

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Neymar on Programa da Sabrina

Some of the things he said during the interview with Sabrina.

*Learning Spanish:
Neymar explained that he studied some of the Catalan language before moving to Europe, but that most of the learning, especially of the Spanish, happened during the contact with the other players in the trainings. 
“Catalan is much more difficult than Spanish. I, to this day, do not say much. In Spanish, you would say, ‘Cómo estás?’ And he would reply in Catalan: 'molt bé. Estic molt feliç a Barcelona ’(’ Very well. I’m very happy in Barcelona’),

He talked about how important his family is to him. 
“I’ve been through times that I wanted to drop everything, but you come home, they tell you things that you need to listen to and we face together. Then start again. Over the course of my career, I have made a lot of mistakes, but then you’re maturing. I know I’m not complete, I know I still have flaws on and off the field.”

*A day in the life of Neymar: 
Neymar also told a little about his routine. Barça’s training take place in the morning, and then he returns home, where he performs individualized work with physical trainer Ricardo Rosa and also with physiotherapist Rafael Martini.

Neymar has a gym in the basement of the house and also a physiotherapy room inside the mansion. Here he continues his work to keep his body fit and well conditioned “This is where I spend most of my time.”

*Rapid fire:

Best advice of Rafaella? “Not to be so jealous.”
What would you be if you weren’t a football player? “A singer.”
Age you lost your virginity? “15 or 16 years.”
Favorite part of your body? “My eyes.”
Favorite food? “Rice, beans, steak, potato chips and farofa. If you have an egg, we’ll add it too.”

The four books on top are some of the best books I’ve read this year. 

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