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For Black History Month: black principals in “Phantom of the Opera”

  1. Phantom: Robert Guillaume, Los Angeles (1990-91)
  2. Phantom: Norm Lewis, Broadway (2014-15)
  3. Carlotta: Patricia Phillips, Toronto & Broadway (1993, 2003-04, 2006, 2008-09)
  4. Carlotta: Angela M. Caesar, Restaged UK Tour (2012-13)
  5. Carlotta: Danielle White, Las Vegas (principal 2008, 2006-12)
  6. Christine: Lana English, Johannesburg and Pretoria (2004)
  7. Raoul: Jordan Donica, Broadway (2016-17)
  8. Piangi: Thabiso Masemene, World Tour (2011-16)
  9. Piangi: John Whitney, US Tour (2001, 2004-10)
  10. Piangi: Marcus Desando, World Tour (2004-05)
  11. Phantom: Derrick Davis, Restaged US Tour (2016-17)
  12. Phantom: Nicholas Nkuna, Johannesburg and Cape Town (2011-12)

(some comments: for many South Africans the term “coloured” is preferred if there’s different heritage involved, and Lana English would be considered coloured. But in the US and UK that is considered slur and usually avoided online. Just be aware of the distinction. Read more about that here.

Also, there’s been so many wonderful understudies that I did not get to list here, especially for the role of Carlotta, but also for Piangi, Meg Giry and Madame Giry. Only understudy on the list is Nicholas Nkuna, as he played the Phantom. The others are not forgotten, only left out because of Tumblr’s photo limit)

We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
And yes, we’ve just begun


y’know guys there is actually one very easy explanation for this picture.

We all know by now that Mercy wasn’t in OW when this picture was taken, so  why was she here at all? She also doesn’t wear some sort of uniform like  all the others except Fareeha do, but she’s in casual clothes. 

Now let’s get on to my theory.


We know Mercy lost her parents at a young age and then she went to study hard and become the very best like no one ever was. To cure all ilnesses is her real test, to treat them is her cause….ANGELA! (I’m sorry).

But what happened after she lost her parents`? Did she get adopted?

I say yes, she was adopted.

By Torbjörn.

We know he is a very fatherly person (he has like 587602989025 kids) and maybe he knew her parents and took over the role as her guadian. In the HW picture and this one they look very close and comfortable with each other which is why I think that he took her in and cared for her for a while. Angela is also an engineer so there could also be the possibility that once she started to develope her nano-tech stuff he noticed her and helped her and they developed a mentor-protegè relationship.

It was probably Day of the open door or something at Overwatch, or bring your kid to work day or whatever and Ana took the opportunity to show Fareeha her work place and Torbjörn took Angela along so she could see with her own eyes what Overwatch’s resources were and how they could help her own cause.


#thankyoubones week: day 4 → 9 angela montenegro iconic quotes

Angela ❤️  She is such a blessing to Bones, honestly. She’s brought so much warmth and heart to this show, and I can’t ever imagine Bones without her. ‘You are the best of us Miss Montenegro’… her kind words, and loving, honest friendships with literally everyone on the show (most especially with Brennan) has always been one of the best things about her character. SHE was the first face we came to know, back in that airport, she got the honour of being the first main character to grace our screens with her charm and sassiness. To say that I’m gonna miss Angela Montenegro is an understatement, because, while I may not see much of myself in her, she’s also taught me so many things and changed my outlook on a lot of important matters. And really, who wouldn’t want to have an extremely loyal, fierce-loving best friend like her? :)

Zenyatta: Do not worry Genji, your brother might forgive himself by now, as sure as I’am straight
Angela: I’m sorry Pharah but as sure as I'am straight, Ana might not even be alive, by now.
Hanzo: Genji is dead! As sure as I’am staight, Mccree!
Tracer: Widowmaker is so unattractive as sure as I am straight

Pairing: Pharmercy

Warning: Fluff without Plot (sfw but not safe from cavities)

Outside the security exit, Fareeha rolled on the balls of her feet. She checked her phone for the time, lips thinned as it changed to the next minute. Just as she was putting it back into her pocket, it vibrated with a text.

Just landed.

As safe as flying was supposed to be, the tiny ball of anxiety in Fareeha’s heart eased. She texted back, Okay. I am here.

She put the phone in her pocket, only for it to vibrate again a minute later.

Ugh, they’re moving so slow. I can’t wait to see you.

No need to rush, I’m not going anywhere :)

Angela texted back a series of hearts that made Fareeha smile. She slid the phone into her pocket and tried to control the adoring expression she’d been making at it.

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Gency/Emergenji Week - Day 4: MISSION (Operation: Rekindle)

“If you want a real first kiss, you will come back to me after the battle, alive and well.”

“My job is rather dangerous, Angela. I’m afraid I might need healing.

“That can be arranged.”

the coworkers au

for my people in the usa. don’t forget to breathe.

  • why?
  • the word is scrawled messily at the top left of the office bulletin board, written in long, sprawling strokes of gold sharpie. 
  • fareeha studies them for a moment before some sort of curiosity deep in her bones makes her uncap a pen and scribble a reply beneath it.
  • why not? she writes, and then walks on.
  • the next morning, she checks the bulletin board.
  • because i’m scared.
  • what are you afraid of?
  • lunch break.
  • i’m not sure. but i know one thing.
  • what’s that?
  • closing hours, when fareeha works too late and the clock strikes midnight and the lights dim. she rises, rubs her eyes, and decides that justice can wait till tomorrow.
  • she’s walking down the hall, toward the bulletin board, when suddenly there’s the faint sound of an argument from behind one of the doors, and she pauses.
  • the door reads ‘angela ziegler, m.d.’. fareeha knows her. 
  • she has gold hair and blue eyes and cares too much. 
  • this is the fifth night in a row she has stayed past midnight. fareeha wonders if she ever sleeps.
  • the voices grow heated behind the door, one of them marred by static and the tinny sound that comes from public-issued cell phones, until suddenly there is the splintering sound of something breaking and an angry huff.
  • fareeha dismisses her apprehension and knocks.
  • the door swings open a moment later. dr. ziegler looks surprised to see her.
  • ‘ms. amari!’ she says, eyebrows rising. ‘to what do i owe the pleasure of your company?’
  • ‘why, your seeming inability to rest, dr. ziegler.’
  • she flushes red at that, ducking her head. ‘i just- there’s so much work to do, and i- well, i suppose you know how it is, given that you’re still here as well.’
  • fareeha’s lips curl, amused. ‘doctor, i must protest. work will wait for tomorrow. you are the furthest from a prime example of healthy sleeping habits that i have ever seen.’
  • she goes even redder. ‘well- i- there’s a prototype that i need to-’
  • fareeha raises a finger, interrupts. ‘it will wait, dr. ziegler. take care of yourself.’
  • she sighs exaggeratedly, but her brow smoothes. ‘very well, ms. amari.’
  • ‘do call me fareeha, please.’
  • ‘fine, fareeha. i’ll leave. just give me five minutes and then i’ll go back home and sleep.’
  • ‘you promise?’
  • she smiles at that, exhausted blue eyes crinkling a little. ‘i promise.’
  • when fareeha walks to the bulletin board, there is another message in gold swooping script.
  • i know that i’m not afraid of you.
  • she leans down a little, writes in her neat, precise script,
  • and why is that?
  • she arrives the next morning at four am, an idea stuck insistently in her head, and glances at the bulletin board. to her surprise, there’s a message there. it’s simple, just three words.
  • you wrote back.
  • she tries to puzzle out exactly how it could have gotten there- after all, it’s four am, but gives up, scribbles what else would i do? below it, and nearly sprints to her spreadsheets, determined to follow up on this idea.
  • five hours later, fareeha has a new seventy-page policy on transactions with international tech corporations and a headache. she thunks her head into her hands and groans, shoving the computer away.
  • ‘sorry, fareeha, what was that about self care?’
  • ‘doctor?’
  • angela,’ she corrects with a smirk, and fareeha (slightly childishly) pouts at her.
  • ‘come on,’ angela says, hopping over and seating herself on fareeha’s neatly alphabetised spreadsheets. she’s grinning, looking considerably less exhausted. fareeha sighs in her general direction, trying halfheartedly to shoo her off, and gulps an entire cup of tea (the second pot today).
  • ‘you know,’ angela continues, ignoring her hands, ‘someone once told me something very wise.’
  • fareeha grunts.
  • ‘she told me to take care of myself. so that’s what we’re going to do.’
  • fareeha grunts again.
  • ‘we’re taking a break. get up.’
  • they walk and smile and talk and angela gets started on her new prototype, eyes lighting up, gesturing animatedly, and fareeha smiles at her and tingles a little and then angela blushes shyly, and tugs at her lapel and kisses her cheek and then disappears.
  • fareeha almost forgets to check the board. when she remembers, backtracking, the gold writer has scrawled a smiley face below her words, and a lopsided heart. fareeha grins.
  • she develops a schedule. write a message, flirt talk with angela, do some mildly productive work, talk with angela some more, write another message, do some more work, stress, email people, be rescued by angela, write another message, go home. this continues for months, and then it’s a year, and lena has stopped rolling her eyes when they walk by but instead has started unsubtly shoving angela in fareeha’s direction.
  • fareeha walks in one day and sees the bulletin board. it’s now completely covered in writing, the stuff of office legend. they would have a running bet in the breakroom, but literally everyone knows who they are.
  • at the very bottom right of the board, the gold writer has scribbled something. it’s a little bit smaller than the rest of their writing, hesitant almost, and fareeha’s heart thuds in her chest for a moment.
  • i love you.
  • she frowns, backs up, that seems a little, um, okay, she doesn’t know what to do, and so she walks, in quick strides, to angela ziegler’s office, because that’s what she always does, and when she pushes the door open angela greets her with a smile and a gold sharpie pinned to her lapel and- oh.
  • oh.
  • the pieces come together and angela seems to realise what’s happening, because her blue eyes widen and fareeha knows it’s not a coincidence and angela’s talking very quickly, hands blurring, explanations and apologies that stumble their way out of her mouth and
  • fareeha kisses her.

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Genji: "Angela, I need to tell you somethi-" Angela: "I'm gay." Fareeha: -bursts in through the roof in full Raptora suit- "Same." -flies out through the hole she made in the roof while carrying Angela-