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Also, do you know a spell to help me spell spell in a spelling spelling? I will let you think about that for a spell.

y o u   a r e   b a n i s h e d   f r o m   t h e   s a n c t u m 

Castiel Sex Headcanons A-Z Masterlist

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masterlist is below the cut :-)

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Who is whose best friend in the Balkans? Also which country are frenemies?

Best friends: 

  • S.erbia/R.omania
  • R.omania/B.ulgaria
  • S.erbia/S.lovenia
  • C.roatia/H.erzegovina
  • T.urkey/A.lbania
  • T.urkey/B.osnia
  • M.acedonia/V.ojvodina
  • M.acedonia/S.erbia
  • M.acedonia/R.omania
  • S.erbia/G.reece


  • S.erbia/B.ulgaria
  • G.reece/B.ulgaria
  • B.ulgaria/T.urkey
  • S.erbia/K.osovo
  • K.osovo/R.omania
  • K.osovo/B.osnia
  • K.osovo/G.reece
  • M.ontenegro/S.erbia
  • S.lovenia/C.roatia
Gorillaz and Fireflies...

2D : Leave my door open just a crack. n 3 n

Murdoc: P l e a s e t a k e m e a w a y f r o m h e r e… <_<

2D: ‘Cause I feel like such an insomniac. :D

Murdoc: P l e a s e t a k e m e a w a y f r o m h e r e! e_ e

2D: Why do I tire from counting sheep?

Murdoc: P L E A S E T A K E M E A W A Y F R O M H E R E! >:{

2D: When I’m too tired to fall asleep~

Murdoc: GOOD IT’S OV–


Murdoc: WHYYYYY?!?

I'm s-sorry, but...

*pokes his fingers together, biting his lip as he fidgets* I j-just wanted to remind e-everyone…I h-have a boyfriend, whom I l-love dearly. I am f-faithful to Mischief, and do n-not wish to…I d-don’t want to ruin what we h-have, I r-really love him so much, I don’t w-want to hurt him…So p-please, don’t…don’t do things t-that are inappropriate for someone in a r-relationship, or for s-someone who barely knows y-you…It’s a b-bit scary to m-me if I am to be honest here…

(ooc: I do not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Shy is not single. I do not appreciate people forcing themselves on him, like that one anon who did that. So please, do respect Quiet Chaos, always make sure it’s alright to do something as kiss someone. Because really, you wouldn’t walk up to someone you barely know, and kiss them. You may not have bad intent, but it is a bit uncomfortable for the other party, and feels like you do not respect us…Thank you for listening, sorry if I came off mean, I did not want to come off that way, but I felt that this needed to be addressed. This goes for all blogs, that are struggling with others forcing their muses into things like that as well.)

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•A: Angel of Small Death and The Codeine Scene - Hozier
•Y: Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
•A: A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
•T: Teen Idle - Mariana and The Diamonds
•T: The Scientist - Coldplay
•H: Heaven in Hiding - Halsey
•E: Electric Love - BØRNS
•A: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
•Q: Queen Bitch - David Bowie
•U: Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
•A: Alive - Sia
•R: Rockstar - Nickelback
•I: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams
•U: Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
•S: Salty Sweet by MS MR

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mom help i can't keep my schedule straight and i'm getting in lots of trouble n like it's hard n scary n everyone's mad at me my whole family n it's worse than. normal mom help

okay, first,

b r e a t h e.

scheduling with a pencil and paper never worked for me so i started putting reminders on my phone. they really help.

i also do sticky notes that i stick on my phone before bed because the first thing i reach for in the morning is my phone. i’m guaranteed to see the note.

Your Heartbreak Quote (Post-Breakup)

☼D A N I E L☼:
Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to.

↠J O N A H↞:
Missing you comes in waves; tonight I’m drowning.

⍟Z A C H⍟:
I acted like it wasn’t a big deal, when it was really breaking me apart.

◇C O R B Y N◇:
Of course I loved him; you don’t give people you don’t love the power to destroy you.

☾J A C K☾:
That feeling you get in your stomach when your heart’s broken - it’s like all the butterflies just died.

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Alrighty, ok lotte if i can ask once Y our away fr O m Raphael. how well do yo U know your 'm A ster' do you even have any memo R ies of him tr E ating you properly on a date, or just a N igh T where he wa S n't how do I say, servicing himself. i would like to he A r any memories o F how you two E ven met. or did he just come in giving you some rose colored glasses W hile he enjoys the pa I n of someone you ever so deeply 'ha T e' i certainly H ope to hear soon, HIM (enjoy the code

“None of you seem to understand what being a faithful servant means. It means you set yourself aside entirely for your Master, and you do it happily.

And I feel as safe as I could possibly be.”