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Counterspell Battle
  • Tamiyo: A-n-t-i-d-i-s-e-s-t-a-b-l-i-s-h-m-e-n-t-a-r-i-a-n-i-s-m!
  • Jace: Oh yea? F-l-o-c-c-i-n-a-u-c-i-n-i-h-i-l-i-p-i-l-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n!
  • Tamiyo: O-n-o-m-a-t-o-p-o-e-i-a!
  • Jace: But what about p-n-e-u-m-o-n-o-u-l-t-r-a-m-i-c-r-o-s-c-o-p-i-c-s-i-l-i-c-a-v-o-l-c-a-n-o-c-o-n-i-o-s-i-s?
  • Chandra, just arriving at the scene eating a muffin: Whutisgoingmmmonmm
  • Lilina: Dear, they're having a counter-spell battle. I don't recommend watching.
  • Chandra: *Gulp, swallow* F-i-y-a!
  • Jace: That isn't how you spell.
  • Chandra: That isn't how YOU spell.
  • Jace: Please stop.
  • Liliana: No, continue, this is starting to become interesting.

therealzombiehatter  asked:

I just saw your T Y L E R S C H E I D : C O L O S S U S work and it's amazing! It made me think of other YouTubers (even though he's not a YT :p) in the mutant world and now I'm obsessed! Could you make something involving Ethan (CrankGameplays)? I personally see him as Mystique because of the blue and the flexibility but I'm interested in what you have to say about it :3

I apologize over sending requests, I didn’t see your semi-hiatus status until now! I am still interested in what you have to say about my X-Man AU ask though (the one involving Ethan as Mystique) if you’re still willing to talk though! I feel like the power/ability of Mystique would fit him well but I don’t feel that anything else fits, then again that’s why it’s an AU xD

Ah, thank you! I had an idea for Ethan but now I’m totally second guessing it because having him as Mystique is kind of amazingly perfect?? And I’m mad at me because now I’m confused on who I want to use for Ethan lol. Also don’t worry about the semi-hiatus thing! It’s mostly a safety net right now because I don’t know when exactly I’ll be able to get on here/when I’ll be too tired to make stuff because work. 

Anyway I think like the agility/reflexes/fighting style works well but I’m not sure about the shapeshifting? I don’t know! I’m not really using the personalities of the characters that much in the AU though! It will be mostly power/aesthetic based. 

Simon’s ABC’s

All slots have been taken for Simon’s ABC’s. Thank you for signing up and don’t forget that the submission deadline is April 30th.

Don’t worry if you have missed out on taking part in this challenge there will be more challenges in the future and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

A- Attagirl @melodicdolls

B- Bubble Bath @vendekk

C- Champagne @doyouhaveavacancy

D- Daddy @daintyunicorn

E- Extreme @sherrybaby14

F- First @fuckyeahsaviors

G- Gin @ladylorelitany

H- High Heels @batjoker12

I- Ice Cream @ashzombie13

J- Jeep @lucifers-trash-stash

K- Kneel @i-am-negan-trash

L- Little Black Dress @adayinmymeadow

M- Moustache @dimeritiumdame

N- Nurse @otp-oh-the-pain-666

O- Orgasm @kijilinn

P- Pen @thewalkingfic

Q- Quirky @lost-wanderess

R- Right Hand Man @starshinesupergirl

S- Secret @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

T- Tequila @motherpsyduck

U- Undressed @superprincesspea

V- Virgin @vizhi0n

W- Wildcard @superwholoki

X- XXX @redisunamused

Y- Yes @purplemuse89

Z- Zipper @hrimfrost

idkmanilikefries  asked:

As the entire world knows, I'm still a slut for kurt wagner. And the live action beauty and the beast is my shit. iMAGINE THAT PRECIOUS LITTLE BLUEBERRY WATCHING IT AND BEING LIKE "HEY THIS DUDE DOESN'T LOOK 'NORMAL' BUT HE STILL GETS A HAPPILY EVER AFTER" MY HEART CANT HANDLE IT