m a m f b

One of the most important things i learned while being a kpop fangirl is a secret skill called “the silent scream”. You basically stomp your feet, widden your eyes, open your mouth but you don’t let out a sound. It’s pretty useful actually.

does anyone else ever think about how back in 2007/2008 tyler was in his basement singing about “i dont believe loves for me” and then think about how in 2015 he married jenna and wrote his first love song bc i do and i like to cry about it : )


12x08 | Lotus

Wincest or no wincest, this reminds me of the difference between representation of a) m/f and b) m/m intimacy in the media:

a) m/f touching happens

b) Something happens. Then m/m touching happens.

Fortunately, we slash writers know it’s not hard to come up with something. *g*