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(I asked this once already, but I think the app ate it--it makes me want to throw my phone! Grr! If it didn't get eaten, I'm sorry for the double post.) WinterShock, awkward first meeting themed, #4 please?

@heavyartillery you got it! (ps: pretty sure the tumblr app did eat it, grr.) hope you like it <3

Prompt: Awkward first meetings, #4, Trapped in a bank during a robbery

Pairing: Bucky x Darcy

Rating: T, for language

“Don’t panic,” came a voice from beside her.

She startled anyway, jumping as much as one could when one was crouched beneath a check writing table at the bank.

The bank that was currently in the process of being robbed.

Robbed badly, as it were.

The tall, skinny burglar with a perpetually reddened face choose this day, the day Darcy was at the bank, to hold up the wrong bank teller.

Rhonda, as her nametag said, had her finger on the police call button almost as soon as Robber Guy shiftily stepped up to her station with an empty duffel bag and a gun.

What looked like the entire precinct soon rolled up to the parking lot, red and blue lights flashing, causing Robber Guy to immediately lock the place down and take them all hostage.

Of all the days to run her damn errands, she thought to herself. She knew she should have switched to paperless.

With a narrowed stare, she took in the man now crowding in beside her in her hiding place.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

She knew Barnes was at the facility, but she’d only ever glimpsed him in passing. She did attend one intensely uncomfortable ‘briefing’ by Captain America in which he’d basically said that no one was to bother his bestie and that he was laying low for the time being. Which, after the fiasco with the UN, seemed to be a logical idea.

Barnes’ lips quirked up a little at her using his rank, giving her a glimpse of annoyingly cute dimples.

“At your service, ma’am,” he replied in dry voice that told that he and Steve must have practiced the troll-y tone together in the olden days. “And you can call me ‘Bucky’.”

“Are you here to bust this guy? ‘Cause y’know,” she gestured to Robber Guy over by the front doors, waving his gun around, cowing all of the other hostages. He was sweating through his jacket and his eyes were crazed. “He’s over there.”

“Actually, I was here to tail you.”

“Tail me? Oh, for - !” She rolled her eyes.

You get kidnapped a time or three and they send you out with a babysitter.

Which would be fine except her ‘babysitter’ is apparently the Winter Solder aka Bucky Barnes. And she’s never had thoughts of the making out variety about her babysitters before.

You’re my babysitter?”

“I am not a babysitter. I was sent to keep an eye on you so you wouldn’t get taken. Again.” He gave her a sideways glance. “You sure do go to Starbucks a lot.”

“It’s Peppermint Mocha season,” she huffed, trying to keep her voice low. “Don’t judge me.”

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I put stuff into the flimsy bags my store has damn near every day. I know what they can hold. So if I tell you your 20+ cans need to go into two bags or be double bagged, I know what I'm talking about. Don't try and argue with me, and especially don't lecture me about the environment. You're the silly bitch who's buying a shit ton of cans and didn't bring reusable bags.

you: but how can you not hate rebecca? don´t you know she´s biphobic?

me, a bisexual woman: trust me, i, a bisexual woman, have indeed noticed that. have you met aaron though? or charity? also have you ever watched a single episode of emmerdale in your life? 

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Hi Sam, regarding the dishwasher cooking post: Mythbusters did an episode guest-starring Alton Brown where they cooked things unconventionally including a lasagna in a dishwasher, and a whole thanksgiving dinner in the engine compartment of a car as they were driving it. :D

Oh man I remember that episode but not the lasagne! I should rewatch that sometime. 

Maybe today. You guys I am Not Getting Better and I’m very glad I’m going to another doctor tomorrow. I’m doubled up on sudafed which…I don’t think you’re meant to do. 

An Autistic Manifesto

Every day, I lead a double life.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m no masked vigilante, nor a superhero like you’d see depicted in a comic book. Reality, as usual, is more mundane than that. By day, I’m a PhD student in Human Development & Psychology studying autism. By night, I’m a writer, the author of a memoir (still in press) entitled On Being Insane. My writing is more than a pastime. It’s a passion, a reason for being. You might consider me an advocate and I do think deeply about autism in general, and how to best serve the needs of my community.

I am autistic. I’m autistic in both of my lives, whether I like it or not. I am what you would probably consider “high functioning”, although I will discuss the utility of such labels further on in this essay; nevertheless, sometimes I can use this to my advantage. I have incredible skills in a few areas: my verbal abilities were tested as being college-level at age six, I can write computer programs in seven languages (so far), and I know detailed information about all of the 802 existing Pokémon.

Yeah, I’m pretty good.

However, I’ve been put in a difficult position. In science and in literature both, everything is connected to the name you publish with. So now, with my book about to be released, I am faced with a decision: will I use the same name?

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Deflowered part 3, Patrick x reader x Henry, smut

Warnings: this is awful and I’m sorry, knife play, double penetration, I don’t even know?? mentions of rape

This intro sucks but whatever  

“Oh my god, Henry!” The blonde mullet boy roughly grabs your arm and drags you down the hall. The lights turning on at the activity, he picks you up and throws you over his broad shoulders. You scratch your nails down his back and yell for anyone. It’s no use though because no one’s there to help you, the only people present in the hallway is you and Henry. You scream louder but still, no one comes, Henry’s tired of your screaming and tries to shove his finger into your mouth. You bite the tips of his fingers, daring the others to come close to your mouth. Henry smacks your, causing you to yelp. He shoves his fingers into your mouth and shoves you against a locker. Your head bangs against the metal and leaves you dizzy.

Patrick was supposed to be coming to pick you up any second, he was your last hope of survival from this psychopath. Henry grabs both of your wrists and ties them together with a familiar cloth, he forces you onto your knees, then he jerks your head over to his clothed crotch. Taking a harsh grab of your hair he shoves your face into the jagged fabric. You gag on his smell of cigarettes and muskiness.

Henry unzips his jeans and flashbacks of last night float back into your head. He takes out his erect penis and rubs the pre-cum on your tightly closed lips. Your expression makes Henry let out a small laugh. “Stop that now baby,” He cups your cheek and runs a dry finger down a day-old cut, squirming when he pushed down slightly. “Now open up and be a good whore.” You keep your mouth shut and wish desperately for Patrick to rush in at any moment. Henry slaps you hard across the cheek and wraps a hand around your throat. You gasp and struggle for breath, starting to lose consensus from his firm grasp.

Thoughts of death pass through your head, but then you see him. The sadist everyone warned you about, Patrick. Just seeing him brought some life back to you. But once Patrick comes closer you see he has a smirk plastered on his face. Something shiny glints from the lights in his hand, a sharp pointed object. A smile spreads across your face, you can’t wait to see Henry get the shit beat out of him.

“What took you so long?” Henry asks the other boy. Patrick just shakes his head and looks down at you, you must look so small and fragile. “Whatever”, Henry comments and shoves your open mouth onto his leaking cock. You gag on the sudden movement and look over to Patrick, he smiles down at you. Why isn’t he helping you? You don’t have time to ponder this question because Henry starts to thrust deep and hard into your throat, creating the same burning sensation as last time. A lone tear escape from your eye, you don’t even think you can cry anymore. You look back at Patrick and continued to stare into each other’s eyes. Your eyes travel lower to find that he has his dick out and is rubbing it at a slow pace. Starting to understand what this is a wave of shame and embarrassment comes over you. Patrick tricked you, he earned your trust and betrayed you. Now you’re going to be used and abused again.

“Henry let me get some!” Patrick pushes Henry out of the way and shoves himself between your chapped spit covered lips. Patrick trust even harder and rougher than Henry, spit begins to dribble out of your mouth. A hand grab your ass and forces you down onto your hands and knees. Patrick removes himself from your hot mouth and sets down on his knees. Giving you a breath before slamming back down your throat. Henry runs his cold hands down your hips and thighs, he pulls back and slaps your ass harder than last time. You let out a little yelp as he slaps the other cheek.

Henry rips off your jeans in one smooth movement. He runs his hands down the smooth skin, grabbing it and watching as the flesh bounces. The blonde digs his nails into the untouched skin and smirks when he leaves red marks. Henry smacks the now abused flesh a few more times, you moan out in a mixture of pain and pleasure but it comes out muffled. With each muffled moan Patrick lets out a small sob himself.

Henry punches Patrick in the shoulder, “Knife,” Henry commands. Patrick reaches into his back pocket and hands him the sharp metal. Goosebumps run up your arms from the thoughts of what Henry will do with the knife.

Tearing your underwear from your body Henry takes the knife and runs the cold blade over your bare buttocks. A string of muffled moans escapes your full mouth as the flesh is cut. A crimson color blossoms from the cuts and drip down your thighs to the floor. A few tears leave your eyes, Patrick slows down his thrusts to watch Henry. You hear the sound of the metal landing on the ground and feel slightly relieved. Henry grids the inside of your cheeks and spreads them apart. He spits on your hole and it drips down to your sex. Patrick throbs in your mouth as Henry spits on you again.

Henry’s head rubs up and down your entrance and pushes inside. He slides in gently and stays still for a few seconds before moving painfully slow. You hate to admit it but it feels kinda nice. Patrick tilts your head up so your eyes meet. Henry begins to trust, keeping a slow pace. You hear him let out pants and blush a the fact that you’re the cause of it. Patrick notices and smiles down at you. Henry presses his chest against your back and speeds up, he rests his head on your shoulder and closes his eyes. “Fuck, your so tight,” He keeps whispering in your ear. Henry hits a sweet spot and you let out a moan, both of the boys stare at you in surprise. Their eyes on you make you blush harder. Henry gets a few more good thrusts in before he pulls out and nods to Patrick. Patrick pulls out of your mouth and moves behind you while Henry moves back up to your face.  

Patrick flips you over onto your back and smiles at the name cut into your stomach. “Now it’s my turn to mark you”, Patrick laughs slightly. Bending down and attacking your neck, leaving bite marks and hickeys everywhere. “Patrick,” You moan out as he continues to mark you. Patrick pulls away from your neck and leaves a tender kiss on your cheek. Moving back down your body Patrick pushes in hard, making you gasp. Henry hits you in the face with his dick, you take it in your hands and begin to rub it at a semi-fast pace. Patrick trusts fast into you, making you let out short moans. He speeds up with each noise you create, Henry begins to moan louder. Soon the blonde is spilling his seed all over your face. Patrick continues to thrust deep and fast, he pulls out of you and cums on your stomach. Patrick’s face is all flustered and tinted. You reach up and kiss him on the lips, he bites down on your bruised lip and shoves his tongue in your mouth. You grab a hand-full of his hair and smash his face closer to yours. Henry comes up behind you and wraps an arm around your waist. You pull back from Patrick and snuggle up to Henry.

Patrick helps you dress while Henry holds you up so you don’t fall. You don’t know how to feel right now, you’re extremely angry but at the same time, you kinda like it. Everyone’s going to think you’re a freak when they find out you’re dating Henry Bowers and Patrick Hockstetter. Dating? What even are you guys? You have no clue but shove it to the back of your mind for now and just enjoy Henry holding you.                       

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If klance is dead then so is hunk/shay they haven't even interracted for 3 seasons but nobody doubts that because it's a m/f ship hmmmm (i ship both btw)

This is literally the double standard I’m talking about. Hunk and Shay haven’t even seen each other since like season one and people have so much hope they’ll end up together in the end. But Keith and Lance don’t interact for one season, because Keith is literally gone, and Klance is just officially dead? HAVE MORE FAITH PEOPLE. Yeah Lance likes Allura and I think his crush is cute, but he even said himself he’s not ready to settle down. So in the end, he could really end up with anyone, depending on what Allura chooses too. 

Here’s a requested complete list of all the Castle fanfics that I FicRec’d for FF on Twitter. The list is made up of my favorite Castle fanfic authors with a link to the fanfic that made me a fan of their stories.

  1. Still Our Hands Match (Rated: M) by @bravevulnerability
  2. Walk Me Through This One (Rated: M) by AddisonSp
  3. Back To Where We Have Never Been (Rated: T) by @aspenmusing
  4. Mind Games (Rated: M) by @caskett1960
  5. Federal Heat (Rated: T) by @writingwell
  6. Staking Her Claim (Rated: T) by @nic6879
  7. Apologize (Rated: T) by evitascarlett
  8. Of Finding Innocence (Rated: T) by FanficwriterGHC
  9. Beyond Broken Castle Walls (Rated: T) by eyrianone
  10. Overlap (Rated: T) by @toparisbytrain
  11. The Price of Protection (Rated: T) by @ilovetoread09
  12. I Hope This Get To You (Rated: T) by @jstar1382
  13. Rewound (Rated: M) by @kathrynchristie
  14. Money Can’t Buy You Love (Rated: T) by @kimmiesjoy
  15. Lost In Bright City Lights (Rated: M) by @ky3elk
  16. Flashlight (Rated: T) by @l03l
  17. Coming Home (Rated: M) by Liv Wilder
  18. Redemption (Rated: T) by Luminous Lu
  19. Flashbacks and Echoes (Rated: T) by @tvfanatic
  20. For All That You Are (Rated: T) by @rewritetheending
  21. Against All Odds (Rated: T) by Sandiane Carter
  22. Everything Has Changed (Rated: T) by @skygirl5
  23. Seeing Double (Rated: M) by @stanaxbanana
  24. Prana (Rated: T) by @whatifellinlovewith
  25. Mending (Rated: M) by wp1fan
  26. Shelter Me (Rated: M) by XX00Meg00XX
  27. User History (Rated: T) by @bunysliper
  28. Make It A Strength (Rated: T) by @nellie-rai
  29. Fall From Grace (Rated: T) by @shutterbug5269
  30. Jane Doe (Rated: T) by @katiehoughton
  31. Seeing Double (Rated: T) by @spaceman-earthgirl
  32. Peripeteia (Rated: K+) by @alwayswritewithcoffee
  33. Wrong Place Wrong Time (Rated: M) by CheerfulChemist
  34. Stolen Sky (Rated: M) by Cora Clavia
  35. Over His Dead Body (Rated: T) by @her-pegship
  36. Nowhere To Run (Rated: T) by @castleincalifornia
  37. Operation: White Whale (Rated: T) by @inkstainedcoffeecup

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Ghostblossom?? 👌👏. I like to think that specter gets a power boost on full moons, bonus if its on Halloween, and Cagney see's his basically high powered cool looking bad ass form and he's like "well fuck. I'm double gay."

Gosh help this gay flower he can’t take this anymore

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I want to see Taemin perform Pretty Boy again

lisTEN don’t even get me started with pretty boy just- shh. shhhhhh don’t. in this blog we don’t talk about pretty boy we feel pretty boy we inject pretty boy in our v e i n s we snort pretty boy here in this blog the alphabet goes a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r e double t y are you getting me you aren’t getting me I mean august 21st of 2014 anyone? what the fuck. what kind of wild ride to another astral plane was this what in the fresh pits of hell

the iconic pearl aqua jacket over the mesh shirt?? the baggy leather pants and the bouncy blond hair?? hu m?????

the iconic cool kids bffs in flower crowns raising soft hell thru the night break dance??????

and don’t talk to me about the song itself don’t talk about the amount of thought that went into composing/producing it like. it was a real slap in the face of society’s gender norms. an actual mocking of it while empowering the side of taemin he’d always been wary of. hello? why is being sensitive and prepared the opposite of being a man? the subtle gay context, courtesy of kjh? hey you, tough guy, relax your hardened shoulders, feel the way I move? pa pa pa pretty boy? touching. inspirational. life-changing. ground-breaking. please. I don’t wanna talk about or see him perform pretty boy again not ever