m a double t

I feel like arguing with reporters could become a hobby for me

Reporter: Okay here’s how I’ll introduce you: “Work crews have uncovered what appears to be a tunnel entrance in the downtown.”

Me: “It appeared to be, to some people, but it is not a tunnel entrance, so that should be past tense.”

Reporter: “Hmmm… I just don’t like that double past tense. I’m going to leave it as is. Is that okay with you?”

Me: “I mean, you’re still wrong, but if that’s how you feel.”

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Do you have any recs for some good, long, Ten x Rose AU fics?

Hello there, Nonny. you want AUs (Alternate Universe: Means it’s about another incarnation of the Doctor and Rose)! Sooooo many of them!!! Don’t forget to check out all the fics we’ve reviewed with the AU tag right here. Here are some more that we’ve read but didn’t have time to review for you yet:

Fic Rec: Ten Rose: AUs:

Recced by @lizziea2 :

Recced by @lastbluetardis :

Recced by @hanluvr :

There are a lot more to come!!Tumblr is limiting link space so check the notes for the next rebblogs with more recs on it!

If anyone have any suggestions or wants to rec their own fic, please, add them to this post or send them to our ask box! Hope it help. Enjoy ;-)

Here’s a requested complete list of all the Castle fanfics that I FicRec’d for FF on Twitter. The list is made up of my favorite Castle fanfic authors with a link to the fanfic that made me a fan of their stories.

  1. Still Our Hands Match (Rated: M) by @bravevulnerability
  2. Walk Me Through This One (Rated: M) by AddisonSp
  3. Back To Where We Have Never Been (Rated: T) by @aspenmusing
  4. Mind Games (Rated: M) by @caskett1960
  5. Federal Heat (Rated: T) by @writingwell
  6. Staking Her Claim (Rated: T) by @nic6879
  7. Apologize (Rated: T) by evitascarlett
  8. Of Finding Innocence (Rated: T) by FanficwriterGHC
  9. Beyond Broken Castle Walls (Rated: T) by eyrianone
  10. Overlap (Rated: T) by @toparisbytrain
  11. The Price of Protection (Rated: T) by @ilovetoread09
  12. I Hope This Get To You (Rated: T) by @jstar1382
  13. Rewound (Rated: M) by @kathrynchristie
  14. Money Can’t Buy You Love (Rated: T) by @kimmiesjoy
  15. Lost In Bright City Lights (Rated: M) by @ky3elk
  16. Flashlight (Rated: T) by @l03l
  17. Coming Home (Rated: M) by Liv Wilder
  18. Redemption (Rated: T) by Luminous Lu
  19. Flashbacks and Echoes (Rated: T) by @tvfanatic
  20. For All That You Are (Rated: T) by @rewritetheending
  21. Against All Odds (Rated: T) by Sandiane Carter
  22. Everything Has Changed (Rated: T) by @skygirl5
  23. Seeing Double (Rated: M) by @stanaxbanana
  24. Prana (Rated: T) by @whatifellinlovewith
  25. Mending (Rated: M) by wp1fan
  26. Shelter Me (Rated: M) by XX00Meg00XX
  27. User History (Rated: T) by @bunysliper
  28. Make It A Strength (Rated: T) by @nellie-rai
  29. Fall From Grace (Rated: T) by @shutterbug5269
  30. Jane Doe (Rated: T) by @katiehoughton
  31. Seeing Double (Rated: T) by @spaceman-earthgirl
  32. Peripeteia (Rated: K+) by @alwayswritewithcoffee
  33. Wrong Place Wrong Time (Rated: M) by CheerfulChemist
  34. Stolen Sky (Rated: M) by Cora Clavia
  35. Over His Dead Body (Rated: T) by @her-pegship
  36. Nowhere To Run (Rated: T) by @castleincalifornia
  37. Operation: White Whale (Rated: T) by @inkstainedcoffeecup

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I will say a thing i'm surprised i haven't saw so far: Otayuri and Saramila double date (Because Mila insisted for Yuri to go)

YES but also consider otabek and mila brainstorming and meticulously planning to create the Best Date Ever for yuri and sara, when really they could take them to a dump and yuri and sara would still be heart eyes emoji

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Hi I'm fairly new to your blog but I was reading some of the reactions and I thought they were really funny. Could I please have a reaction where the boys find out Dino has a twin, if you can't or don't want to it's fine. Thank You~

Jun, Wonwoo, Woozi & Vernon would rub their eyes a few times to make sure they aren’t imagining things. “I… I think I’m seeing double?”

S.Coups, Joshua & The8 would treat Chan’s twin as if he were part of the Seventeen family.

Hoshi, DK, Mingyu & Seungkwan would ask Chan’s twin if he had any embarrassing stories about Chan.

Jeonghan would welcome the new baby.

thank you for your request!!

The Gang + Songs

I only chose from my music. Requests are open.


Ponyboy- Lightning In A Bottle by The Summer Set

   “And the fake tattoo that you drew on my arm, had an X and an O. ‘Never change who you are’.”

Johnny- Horrible Kids by Set It Off

   “Why is it me they’re after, couldn’t they pick another one? Some day I’ll spit their laughter and bite their tongue. Horrible Kids, would you look what you did? It was your ignorance that formed a beast with your wit.”

Dallas- Semi- Automatic by Twenty One Pilots

  “I’m never what I like. I’m double-sided and I just can’t hide. I kinda like it when I make you cry, ‘Cause I’m twisted up, I’m twisted up, inside my mind.”

Two-Bit- I Don’t Wanna Grow Up by Simple Plan

   “I like to stay up late, spend hours on the phone, hanging out with all my friends, and never being at home. I’m impolite and I make fun of everyone. I’m immature but I will stay this way forever!”

Darry- The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fallout Boy

   “And with the black banners raised as the crooked smiles fade. Former heroes who quit too late. Who just wanna fill up the trophy case again.”

Soda- Serpents by Neck Deep

   “She sleeps beneath the surface, consorting with the serpents,she strikes without a purpose. A dark face in a corridor, deceptively beautiful.She’s watching you, she’s in everything you do. Her kiss it tastes so sweet, but left me with a lethargy I couldn’t shake. I’d made a grave mistake.”

Steve- American Idiot by Green Day

   “Don’t wanna be an American idiot. Don’t want a nation under the new media, and can you hear the sound of hysteria? The subliminal mind-fuck America.”

Curly- You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

  “With a thousand lies and a good disguise, Hit ‘em right between the eyes. Hit ‘em right between the eyes. When you walk away, nothing more to say. See the lightning in your eyes, see ‘em running for their lives.”

Tim- Fuck The Rest by Falling In Reverse

   “Trouble’s what they told me since the day I was born, Evil’s what they stamped upon my hospital forms. I tried to choke my mom with my umbilical horns, the doctor was too busy amputating my horns.”

Just had this thought:

Rei’s “Then what is your hand for?” comment to Shinji during Instrumentality  was her trying to nudge Shinji into an internal locus of control and out of his external. Cheesy as it sounds, I feel as if the whole hand comment could be a literal idea of taking situations (properly, though) into your own hand(s). I feel this makes sense considering Evangelion denounces an external locus while opting for an internal. Shinji’s main problem (other than facing away from reality) is that he doesn’t understand autonomy (free will). He also doubles down on determinism. The argument I’m making here isn’t that people who are deterministic inherently lack understanding of free will.

Determinism is portrayed as a serious problem in Evangelion. Evangelion posits that living beings are fluid in change (free will), but Determinism argues that the universe + the fate of its inhabitants lie fixed. This would also make sense considering Evangelion touches not only in psychology but philosophy. Psychology may help us understand humans as individuals but philosophy encompasses so much more. Philosophy helps us understand ourselves as individuals, those around us, as well as the known universe. The reason why Eva sees Deterministic thought/external locus as a problem is because it’s arguing that culpability doesn’t exist. You’re just doing things because fate has it written. You can’t do anything about it. However, living creatures act of their own accord, so putting yourself in an external locus of control prevents you from understanding not only what makes an individual an individual but also people as people, and the universe as the universe.  Justifying a lack of culpability (culpability meaning that you can be credited or faulted), in Eva’s narrative suggests that you’re setting yourself back as well as those around you. If you consistently set yourself back with these actions being the cause, it’ll be near impossible to better your life or others.

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I want to see Taemin perform Pretty Boy again

lisTEN don’t even get me started with pretty boy just- shh. shhhhhh don’t. in this blog we don’t talk about pretty boy we feel pretty boy we inject pretty boy in our v e i n s we snort pretty boy here in this blog the alphabet goes a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r e double t y are you getting me you aren’t getting me I mean august 21st of 2014 anyone? what the fuck. what kind of wild ride to another astral plane was this what in the fresh pits of hell

the iconic pearl aqua jacket over the mesh shirt?? the baggy leather pants and the bouncy blond hair?? hu m?????

the iconic cool kids bffs in flower crowns raising soft hell thru the night break dance??????

and don’t talk to me about the song itself don’t talk about the amount of thought that went into composing/producing it like. it was a real slap in the face of society’s gender norms. an actual mocking of it while empowering the side of taemin he’d always been wary of. hello? why is being sensitive and prepared the opposite of being a man? the subtle gay context, courtesy of kjh? hey you, tough guy, relax your hardened shoulders, feel the way I move? pa pa pa pretty boy? touching. inspirational. life-changing. ground-breaking. please. I don’t wanna talk about or see him perform pretty boy again not ever

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You think Lili and Cole are living together?

I think they will be in Vancouver. I suspect they currently might as well be, but it’s harder to maintain that facade in LA (which is why Cole at least is pretending to be Debby’s roommate for the moment). When they’re filming, everyone will be in the same complex, anyway (though I’m sure the mains won’t have to double up with roommates this season, cause the budget will be significantly larger)—so who’s to know?

So yeah, living together and apparently have a dog, now


tagged by @rapnamu (girl yours was seriously hilarious) and @army-baby-gzb (i miss the concert and yours just filled my btsthetic needs) and @pretentioustrashcan (teach me your skills that post was golden) I thought i was gonna have a hard time looking for pics then remembered i took so many during my trip 😌  i miss it so it turned out like this.(also i’m sorry if i double tagged anyone, you don’t have to do it again but if it’s not too much trouble i’d love to see the one you already made ^_^)

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THE PIZZA PLACE I WORK AT HAS BEEN OPEN FOR 52 YEARS NOW. We’re kind of a big deal in the world of independent chains, and especially the area I live in. Every year, we throw a 5-day sale where we give 50% off any two pizzas per customer who brings in the sale coupon, and every year, IT’S FUCKING INSANE. Like extreme coupon-er insane, but worse, because even your rational cousin Karen has been clipping coupons for two weeks and is calling up every neighbor, relative, friend, and second-grade teacher to stand in line with her so she can get enough pizzas to cater her nephew’s bar mitzvah free of charge. And because I’m such a model employee, I’m working double shifts every day of the sale. I don’t mind much, because honestly, that’s 60 hours and a helluva lot of money in my pocket (which I need), but long story short? You won’t hear from me much, if at all, during that 5-day period. I’m going to be taking phone orders for people with paper-thin patience who want to get wild with their orders and attempting to refrain from going postal, but, y’know, what else is new?

If you’d like to call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me, my inbox / IMs are the easiest way to do it, but I have S.kype, K.ik, and D.iscord apps on my phone as well. I’ll have my charger with me at work. I’ll probably sneak on when I go into the walk-in freezer to scream curse words at the top of my lungs and get all that energy out of my system. Management will probably force me to take breaks, I’m going to want to know what’s going on in the outside world. But I can’t promise IC activity here during that time and I won’t because it honestly won’t happen. If I’m not working, I’m asleep. If I’m not asleep, I’m working. If I’m not either of those things, assume I’m dead or fleeing to Russia because I murdered a soccer mom in a frenzied rage.

Either way, I’ll see you on the other side. <3

im a quarter of a century old and I’ve been fat that whole time, I know when people are concern trolling, I’m hyper aware of fatphobia and double standards, so I don’t need to be told how to react to something that obviously contains all of those things.

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I've been following you for a while and didn't realize you ID'd with Jeremyyyyy. He's a big kin/id for me, and I'm TOTALLY fine with doubles, but, like, I don't want you to be uncomfy??

im pretty ok w jeremy doubles!!!

So I have pictures of the YOI skaters’ planned program elements all clean and translated, and have their BVs calculated from that.

Unfortunately, I’m falling asleep sitting down, and I can’t focus enough to double-check calculations. I’ll get to it during break and post it then – so that’ll be something to look forward to. 

TalesFromYourServer: First Day Serving and it fucking sucked

Today just sucked. I finally got done with training and had my first shift. It was busy af and i get put in the busiest section because this girl walked out on her shift (was going to get fired) before i clock in I’m already double sat and my station isn’t even prepped.

couple hours later i get quadruple sat while covering someones section because they’re on break so i have 10 tables (luckily all 10 tables were understanding, none of them were dicks or annoyed) i take everyones drink order, but one table ordered food at the same time and my dumbass forgot to input the order and i didnt realize until 30 minutes later. i just kept apologizing about the wait thinking whats taking so long. they got there food but my manager had to comp everything because they were mad and rightfully so. it was non stop busy the whole night. Yeah i never want to go back….too bad i do in about 8 hours.

By: I_Love_Dean_Spanos