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Beauty and the Beast - M u s k e t e e r s ! A U

Belle is a Lady serving in the Queen’s court ever since her father painted the acclaimed portrait of the newly wedded King and Queen. Smart beyond her time and adventurous, Belle feels trapped in the restrictions of life at court.

Adam de  Villeneuve is the snobby, arrogant son of a noble, who fell from grace and ultimately lost all lands and titles as well as his head after his involvement in an assassination plot against the King got exposed. The King however couldn’t bare to see Adam, whom he grew up with, ending up begging in the dirty, dangerous streets of Paris. So he gave his childhood friend commission to serve with his Musketeers. To say Adam’s ego hasn’t quite caught up with his new living situation might be a slight understatement. His hot temper isn’t helping either.

When the kind young woman and the brash Musketeer first meet, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Quite the opposite, really. But when Belle stumbles upon a sinister plot by the Cardinal that puts the life of her Queen and all of France in grave danger they reluctantly work together. And along the way find that maybe they have a lot more in common than they thought…

Yeah like, maybe I got a gut, maybe my hips knock things over when I’m walking, maybe I get a double chin when my head isn’t raised, maybe I get cellulite on my arms and my bum, maybe I have chubby cheeks, maybe I have stretch marks running up my thighs… but I can reach 12 inches past my toes, I eat nutrient rich meals every day, my immune system is super strong, my sugar and cholesterol levels are so low my doctor recommended I eat more sugar and cholesterol-rich foods, i stretch every morning and my job requires me to run around on my feet all day… so what I’m saying is your body type isn’t necessarily indicative of the choices you make or your body’s health. I’m chubby but every time I have blood tests taken, my doctors are amazed at how well I take care of my body (with probably the minor exception of my liver 😅), so don’t let anyone guilt you about your health if you have a big body. ❤️ Eat right, treat yourself occasionally, and tell everyone to mind their damn business. Worry about the health and happiness of your body, don’t worry about the calories or the number on the scale. 😘🥗🥂And remember that whether or not you’re big or little, healthy or unhealthy, you deserve respect and you have value!

Alright, it’s about time that I find some more kin blogs to follow tbh. So, I suppose, like or reblog this if:

-You’re kin with/are a homestuck character

-You post homestuck related things

-You’re looking for canonmates

-Just want someone to talk to!

And, please don’t follow if:

-You’re anti-kin

-You call doubles fake/invalidate them

-You’re a TERF/SWERF/anything similar

-You’re homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc

-You’re over the age of 30

I follow from my main blog, krisaylas, so, yeah! I have my kin page here, my byf here, and my about right here. I look forward to it! And, don’t worry about doubles - I’m totally fine with them.

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Literally no other MCDs in my area have this but it's super duper cool! It looks like a tap for a sink but it!! Dispenses!! Tomato sauce!!! Holy SHIT! I need a tomato sauce tap (sorry I got excited it was just really innovative and I love it)

I’m amazed there exists double arches that don’t have these. It does make things easier because you have less people coming up asking for ketchup packets. Wish they’d do it for ranch and mayo too, but judging by how much ranch my husband and daughter use it’s probably not a very smart business move if they want a profit. lol -Abby

Hunger of the Idiot

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Prompts: “He’s too attractive. I don’t trust him.“, “There’s not a lot of money in revenge.”, “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”, “We’ll never succeed. We may as well die here.”

A/N: Idk if Jim and Bones were roommates at the Academy. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe Bones just acts like he lives there and gets made when other people do the same. Anyways, this ones a lil NSFW. The reader and Jim are Hanky Panky friends. Jim’s never safe for the work place. The title came from a screenshot of some title generator thing my friend did because I couldn’t think of anything. I’m double sick. Don’t expect good things from me. I’m gonna stop typing this now. 

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Warning: violence, kidnapping, torture etc

Summary: The reader is kidnapped and Merlin goes off to find her without Arthur knowing.

A/N: I really like this prompt. I’m trash, bye.

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All people who play Soldier 76 have a bit of dad in them

I was playing as Genji, as is my want, and my team was attacking at Volskaya Industries. Just some background on my style of playing: when there’s more than one person trying to kill me, I’m screaming and double jumping like crazy while flinging shurikens sporadically. I don’t know how, but I managed a double kill, idk, but I was low on health so I found one of those deadend rooms next to point B and huddled there.

Not even a second later, the Soldier 76 on my team comes fucking sprinting in. He runs over to me and drops his biotic field, then he goes back over to the doorway and starts firing at anyone who comes near our hidey-hole. Literally all I could think of was, “doN’T YOU EVER SHOOT AT ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN.” Even after this brave act, we both ended up perishing in a valiant sacrifice for our team’s victory. Either way.

Thanks, dad.

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I have an honest to god question. Would it be bad to take a character who is canonically part of the lgbtqa community and headcanon them as straight? If it is, then isn't it also not okay to take a straight character and make them part of the lgbtqa community? If the second stands wrong then doesn't that become a double standard???? I'm confused.

It would be wrong to headcanon an LGBTQA character as straight because the representation of LGBTQA people in relation to the sheer massive amount of straight characters is disproportionate. Taking away a canonically LGBTQA character is taking away representation for a group starving for positive and healthy representation.

That’s why it’s not the same when you reverse it. When a straight character is headcanoned as LGBTQA that’s an act of trying to balance the scales in a world where young LGBTQA often don’t see themselves EVER in the media they consume. Straight people see themselves all the time so they may not understand the sheer soul crushing loneliness that comes from never seeing someone like you in the books you read, in the TV shows you watch, in the movies you see. When LGBTQA people headcanon a canonically straight character as LGBTQA, it’s an act of self care, an act of balancing scales that have historically been grossly against them.

This is all rooted in the institutions that rule our lives. For instance, a white person cannot experience racism because the institutions white people live by are built to cater to them. Straight people live in a society that was built to cater to them, and shuns those who do not fit the mold. So while you straight people sit on top of your MOUNTAIN of healthy representation, you cannot justifiably call down to LGBTQA people taking pebbles from your mountain because they have a little ant hill and the water is rising around them very quickly. The water threatening to drown them? Mental health issues and loneliness that comes from never being able to see characters that validate your identity. The water is our most powerful institutions –churches, politicians, our own fucking FAMILIES– telling us we are abominations, that we shouldn’t exist, that asking for representation is “flaunting your gayness,” that simply walking down the street holding our partner’s hand is a political act, the fact that characters in popular media haven’t been openly LGBTQA because doing so would cause the author to be INCARCERATED up until about 70 years ago in the west. Jesus Christ, LGBTQA people are fucking DROWNING in oppression, can’t you see that we’re starving while you have a feast? Do you even care?

So yeah that’s why it’s not wrong to headcanon a canonically straight character as LGBTQA.

I play mostly ADC and I usually play very well with the support that I get matched up with. Recently I’ve been getting matched up with a lot of support players that are really aggressive and bitchy. One example I can think of is this Karma that would decided that even though I was low health she would run in and try fight the enemy bot lane. When she died she would bitch at me like “Why didn’t you go in?!” I’m sorry, I didn’t really want to give them a double.

Artwork by Zeronis