m a clockwork orange

Book Summaries
  • Picture of Dorian Gray: I'll be a good person...lol nah
  • House of Leaves: Haha have fun sleeping after this book and have fun trying to read it
  • Jurassic Park: lol let's have dinosaurs
  • Taming of the shrew: Lol who are we
  • Catcher in the rye: I'm a phony you're a phony we're all phonies
  • A Clockwork Orange: Droogs why
  • Count of Monte cristo: REVENGE
  • Les Mis: all this for a loaf of bread

Felt like mixing two of my favourite things together, @therealjacksepticeye and A Clockwork Orange! I’m not amazing at digital art and this is my first ever realistic piece so hopefully people like it (It took my 5 bloody hours so you better appreciate it!) Obviously there’s a lot of improving I can do but only time can sort that shit out!


Wow super awful phone photos of last week’s bullet journal! The theme was “banned books week”
The weekly view was completely “The Catcher in the Rye” as that’s my favorite book of all time.
Monday was also Catcher, Tuesday was “1984”, Wednesday was “Slaughterhouse Five”, Thursday was “Alice in Wonderland” (it’s banned in China!), and Friday was “A Clockwork Orange”

I’m not sure how the whole bullet journal thing is working out for me. Sure, I’ve been able to mostly keep up, which is much MUCH more than I can say for my usual antics (the most I usually last is 2 weeks). I think because my life has been working out a bit better since actually keeping an agenda.
Except drawing out the weekly views and the monthly views takes a lot of time. This makes me sad cos I spent quite a bit of money on the notebook itself, but also because I rather like it, dot grids are amazing and now I don’t like anything else.

I’m thinking I’ll get an agenda from Leuchtturm, Rifle Paper Co, or Mochi things, depending on which one has a layout similar to my current one. Except, I don’t want to waste half a moleskine, and I do think the BuJo system works, just not as good as a planner for me.
Any ideas on what I should turn it into next semester?