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YOSHI WINS | poly! Michael Mell x Jeremy Heere x Reader

WORD COUNT; 800 (sorry it’s short! i’m tired)

REQUEST; maybe 72 and 778 for poly! Michael x Jeremy x reader? Keep up the amazing work !! 💝

NUMBERS REQUESTED; 72 -  “I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?” and 778 - “Let’s move in together”

AUTHOR’S NOTE; first request !! holy heck sorry if i mess this up i’m just so excited !! also, sorry it’s all over the place !! i’m really sleepy and wanted to get this done. also i did this tonight even though i said it’d take a while because i don’t have internet tomorrow(or the whole week because comcast hasn’t done their job yet) ps there is like one swear word pps the ending sucks !! sorry !!

After four, long and hard, high school was finally over. And it wasn’t the easiest thing, that’s for sure. Walking on burning coals, even though that sounds really painful, would probably be easier than suffering four years in high school, or as people called it, hell.

But, unlike the people who had 20 breakups a semester, you were blessed with two loving(and nerdy) boyfriends to help you through your last two years of high school. Those dorks who you love, were always by your side. Were able to comfort you when it felt like the whole world was against you. They could lift your spirits when it felt like the sun couldn’t shine bright anymore. Even though it was cliche, you did had to admit, those two boys were your world.

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Hi!!!! Ok. So like. I found this blog at like 10am this morning and it is now 10pm and I'm like 72 pages into your blog and I don't know what I'm doing. But I am seeing all these posts about Marion and Alex and are you writing something for them? Like a book or a 10,000 page fic or etc? Because I love them. And you. I love you and think you're really rad. And your hilarious fairy/doppleganger stories. Anywho, I'm rambling but I just wanted you to know that I like you and that you are cool.

I love you too nonny!  This is a very sweet message.

“Marion And Alex ruin Seattle” was the ‘working title’ for a novel I’ve been working on about cryptids in modern america.  

The story specifically is about a vampire form the 1890′s and his Human Tax Shelter/Boyfriend, and them navigating things like romance with someone who’s exclusively nocturnal when you’ve always been a morning person, American Imperialism, making a commute work when you have to be invited in places, what is means to be “freakish” or “monstrous”, finding a good diner at 4AM for date night, and what to do when there’s a unicorn in the back garden eating your tomatoes, the little shit.

The Kickstarter should be launching this week with art, samples and a world-building PDF.


You had no idea what had gotten you on the wrong side of the teen but whatever it was it affected him greatly. You watched him smirking over at you from across the table and glared right back. “What is wrong with you?” You asked and he shrugged.
“Nothing.” He answered.
“Why do you hate me?” You asked.
“I don’t hate you but I don’t like you either.” Carl answered.
“I’m 72 different flavors of done with you. I don’t care what they told me I’m not spending another second with you.” You decided, you were supposed to be staying with Carl while everyone was on edge about Negan, your parents had gone out to look for something that he might like but they told you to stay with Carl to watch each other’s backs. Carl watched as you stood up eyes flowing you until you were almost out of reach only then did his hand reach out to grab your hand pulling you back towards him.
“I’m not done with you yet.” He muttered softly pulling you into his lap.

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Prompt 72??

thanks for the prompt :D 

Prompt 72: I’m sorry

“I’m sorry” He says. It comes out too quick, and he fears that it might sound forced, or fake, but it’s the most genuine thing that he’s said in probably years.

It was probably the wrong thing to say. To be fair there is there really a right thing say to a man who you’d paralyzed, especially when it was a man that you love- or loved Erik doesn’t even know anymore.

He felt awkward standing in this room again, after Cuba he wasn’t expecting to ever step foot in the mansion again. But fourteen hours ago, he had been told that Charles was in a wheelchair, and he refused believe it until he witnessed it with his own eyes.

And of course, he did, he watched as Charles maneuvered his chair and he stood there and watched, like it was fake, or simulated, like he was being shown the possible outcomes of his actions.

But it was real. The bullet had already landed in Charles’s back, Erik couldn’t fix anything, all he could do was pick locks on fancy mansion doors, and say quick apologies before what, leaving again?

He couldn’t fix Charles, he couldn’t fix what they had or what they felt, it was gone.

For a moment he’s just frozen, staring at the back of Charles’s wheelchair until he feels something in his mind that doesn’t belong to him, and he knows that Charles understands his thoughts probably more than he does himself, but he didn’t mind.

It almost was better this way, he’d never say the words out loud, he’d never look Charles in the eye, he’d never stop being cowardly of what would happen if he let someone in his heart again.

But he also knows that Charles can feel much more that thoughts, and in the swirl of emotions he’s facing right now, he’d say love is pretty high on the list. And that terrifies him.

” You still have the most beautiful mind, I’ve ever seen” Charles speaks in his head.

It makes Erik jump because it’s so familiar, but so different at the same time. And he’s forgotten what it’s like to hear somebody else’s voice in his head.

Charles turned around in his wheelchair, and they finally locked eyes for the first time in years.

Erik wanted to say everything he wanted to write Charles a fucking sonnet on how he’d regret Cuba forever, and how Charles didn’t deserve to have his legs taken away from him.

He needed to enumerate on all the reasons why it just wasn’t right.

But he couldn’t.

All he could do was apologize over and repeatedly, while Charles just stared at him dumbfoundedly because he’d never seen Erik so vulnerable.

But, no matter what they did, no matter how hard Erik kissed him, or loud he let out a moan.

All that rang through both of their heads that night was “I’m sorry”

And in the morning, the only thing that remained of Erik was a note with those exact words scribbled on it. 

Croatian modernization of T-72

M-84D — Croatian version of the modernization of the Yugoslav MBT M-84. It is equipped with the new engine power 1200 HP (895 kW) and new RRAK reactive armour. M-84D may be equipped with a remotely controlled weapon station Samson Rafael production or module production Protector M151 Kongsberg, and a digital ballistic computer Omega production Fotona.

I’m going on a 3 day water fast (well water/coffee/tea fast) starting now. I’m aiming for atleast 72 hours this time but hopefully I can go longer (I’m not going to beat myself up for it being shorter though).

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Heyyya, it's one of those people from the watch2gether thing. And, I haven't gotten to entry 80 yet, I think I'm at 72 or 73. I'm actually watching it with another person from the same watch2gether and I have to say it's so interesting and spooky. Ahhhh, thank you for showing me this. Ausoshqofua

oh hello amigo henck yea!! that’s so rad adksljfsd i’m super glad u guys r having a good time mh is honestly my Favorite and season 3 is the Best

entry 80 is a Doozy but so is every other entry in season 3 tbh akdlfjs