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Hi! I'm 1,60 m and my goal weight is 49-50 kg. I'm very close but I'm afraid that once I get there I won't be satisfied with the way I look. What should I do if I reach my goal and is healthy but I don't like how I look?

It is still normal weight but however it already borders on the underweight so I’m not quite sure if you can keep that for a long time. (The consequences won’t be that pretty!☹️)
If you still don’t like what you see I would suggest you to do sport but don’t exaggerate it. 🙌🏼
You’ll build muscles if you do it right, eventually you will gain weight but the fat will go away and you will be happier with the way you look. ☺️

If you want more information you can message me off anon! Stay safe! 💕🐥

(Sorry for my bad english haha)

I decided I would try the 5k trainer on the treadmill today. It’s basically rolling hills over the span of 5k.

All my running so far had been flat so it kicked my butt, even on the lowest level. 😫

I ended up walking the last half mile but I still consider it a win. I know using this program will help me be ready for my upcoming races so I’m stoked!!

60 days until my 5k!

me on my way home: wow I can’t wait to get home I’m gonna do 60 million things!

me when I get home: *sits on a pile of garbage, eating a bag of chips browsing tumblr on my phone*

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Oh. My. GOD. A customer coughed. In my face. Phlegm hit me. In the face. And then she laughed and walked away. Three days later, I now have the flu on top of my bronchitis. Fuck customers so much. Just.... kill me. I still have to go to work next week. I'm working 60 hours. Please send help.

Sirius being a dad would include…

- Him being so overprotective over his little baby girl/boy
- Dad jokes overload
- You having to stop him from using a spell to mute the baby if it cries
- Sirius shifting into his animage form to make your child stop crying
- Him deciding to let your toddler play with different dyes
- “I’m at least 60% sure the colors are not permanent”
- The three of you taking walks at night when your child can’t sleep
- Sirius telling stories about all the times he got himself into some trouble at school
- You desperately trying to shut him up because he’s not being a good role model right now
- Eating together at least once a day because Sirius wants his child to grow up in a healthy family, unlike his 
- So much cuddles
- The three of you laying on the couch and telling the others how much you love them every evening before going to bed 

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Start the day off right with Gief-Os

ok so I’m like. 60% sure I saw someone on my dash tag this #Seivarden and Breq, which made me happy but like. Here’s the thing. I am absolutely convinced it would be the other way around. Because who has a high enough alcohol tolerance to down 3 whole bottles of arrack before passing out? And who didn’t even drink 1 (one) beer on Nilt because she was afraid it would so affect her fragile human body that she wouldn’t be able to properly enjoy some sweet music. 

So like I’m just saying. Seivarden at a diplomatic event having to pick the fleet captain up off the bar floor after she drank one glass of champagne