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How do you get your lineart sooo smooth? I try doing looser and quicker strokes but mostly they are not accurate enough and I'm erasing 60% of the time :D

Then you’re doing it right!
The trick is to do quick and unique strokes so it can look smooth yet dynamic

I very often don’t get the line right at the first try so I have to do it more than once, don’t worry you’re not alone hahaha

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Hey, so what's the major difference between an INTP and an INFP? I feel very borderline, and I'm trying to decide which one I am.

I’ve actually struggled with a similar situation since I’m only about 60% thinking and 40 % feeling. What I suggest you do is compare the characteristics and strenghts and weaknesses of both types and see what applies to you. One of the main differences in my opinion though is that Infps are generally a lot more comfortable with their feelings, whereas Intps are really uncomfortable with feelings even when they do experience strong emotions.

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I’m 60% sure overwatch is legal because d.va is a member and because she’s a soldier I doubt she would be able to join if it wasn’t legal? If that makes any sense. or the lore is just being weird like always

actually d.va isn’t part of overwatch- this is where it gets confusing.. like. are we 300% sure? because in-lore the only people that are part of overwatch are tracer and winston, soldier 76 never joined & neither did ana (those two are in the comics trying to find out what happened to overwatch), mercy in-game says that overwatch was shut down for a reason, i think mccree and genji did join again and mei definitely joined? 

i mean in-game and in-lore are completely different, for example like… roadhog and junkrat would never join overwatch, hanzo would join through genji if he did but there hasn’t been any comics around that… i’m just really confused. 

yeah i think tl;dr lore is being confusing again. because they keep saying they’re ‘making it up as they go’ but like… this is another level to me… like is it legal or not. who’s part of it? how do they explain criminals in it if there are? is the UN regulating them again? then the UN isn’t involved with Talon? WHAT’S HAPPENING,


Palace of Phillip II

Aigai (todays Vergina), Macedonia

336 BCE

length 78 m, height 13.60 m. 

At the foot of the hill of the Acropolis, in a raised terrace that dominates the area and is marked by an ancient oak tree, the impressive remains of the palace lay. 

The floor plan of the ancient housewas of a peristyle courtyard with rooms surrounding it.  The house coudl accomosdate 4,000 residents and 500 guests.

The palace is organized around a large colonnaded courtyard and includes a temple dedicated to Hercules Patroos and luxurious banquet rooms for the king and his officials. In one of them the mosaic floor was preserved beautifully.

The  architect was famous Pytheas, who designed the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (355-350 BC), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the temple of Athena Polias in Priene in Asia Minor. This important monument, dating back to the second half of the 4th century BC, was a major attraction of the building program of Philip II. It should have been completed in 336 BC, when King to excuse the wedding of his daughter Cleopatra to the king of Molossos Alexander of Epirus.

“i lik the bred” is objectively the best meme ever. it’s literally just writing short, mock-Chaucerian poems about animals licking/wanting to eat things they shouldn’t, and it was started by a story about a cow licking bread at a historical reenactment bakery. what more could you want? also the original poem is flawless, I had it memorised after reading it once and will probably be able to recite it to confused third cousins (i won’t have grandchildren but surely some of my cousins will) when I’m like 60

me on my way home: wow I can’t wait to get home I’m gonna do 60 million things!

me when I get home: *sits on a pile of garbage, eating a bag of chips browsing tumblr on my phone*

Sirius being a dad would include…

- Him being so overprotective over his little baby girl/boy
- Dad jokes overload
- You having to stop him from using a spell to mute the baby if it cries
- Sirius shifting into his animage form to make your child stop crying
- Him deciding to let your toddler play with different dyes
- “I’m at least 60% sure the colors are not permanent”
- The three of you taking walks at night when your child can’t sleep
- Sirius telling stories about all the times he got himself into some trouble at school
- You desperately trying to shut him up because he’s not being a good role model right now
- Eating together at least once a day because Sirius wants his child to grow up in a healthy family, unlike his 
- So much cuddles
- The three of you laying on the couch and telling the others how much you love them every evening before going to bed 

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