m 48

36″ x 48″ (M)

word count: 3.6k

genre: smut; idol!verse

pairing: reader/taehyung

warning(s)/kink(s): intercrural sex (thigh fucking) + dirty talk + come play + size kink (?)

a/n: the title is a joke about canvas size, that of which is a large size for one lmao


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So here’s a little ask thing because I’d think it’d be fun and cool for the fandom to have more of it’s own!! feel free to reblog. The asks either relate to one of the series (specified) or both!

1) Which of the ToG characters do you relate most to?

2) Which of the ACOTAR character do you relate most to?

3) Which character in either series do you think you would dislike the most in real life?

4) Which character wouldn’t like YOU in real life?

5) Which character would you be best friends with irl/

6) Who’s your otp from acotar?

7) Otp from ToG?

8) Did you ship Rowaelin from the moment he came into the picture?

9) How quickly did you stop shipping Chaolaena? Or do you still ship ot?

10) Which character do you ship yourself most with and why?

11) Ships that annoy you and why

12) Do you ship Amren and Varian or would you rather Amren remain alone?

13) Any theories about where Amren came from and what her real form is?

14) How do you view Rhys’s actions UtM?

15) Do you want Tamlin to die? Are you pro redemption arc? How do want his arc to end?

16) Which villain out of both series do you hate the most?

17) Do you blame Elena?

18) Which villain do you want to slowly suffer and which one do you want a painful death for?

19) Tell me how you feel about moriel, elucien, and nessian.

20) Thoughts on “nameless is my price?”

21) How do you think ToG will end? 

22) Do you prefer the Celaena story arc or the Aelin arc? Or do you find that the difference between the two is simply character growth?

23) Long haired rowan or short haired rowan?

24) Which character would you most like to hook up with?

25) Which character would you most like to fall in love with?

26) How would you feel if Sam were resurrected in ToG7?

27) How do you feel about Elorcan atm? Do you forgive him and think Elide should? Or are you angry with him?

28) Thoughts on Fenrys and Connall?

29) What do you think the importance of “princess of carrion” and all the other stuff the book says to Feyre is?

30) Do you think any major characters will die in Acowar? Who?

31) Did you ship feylin in acotar or were you always side-eyeing it suspiciously?

32) How do you think Feyre will handle being in the spring court again?

33) Head canons for your otp!

34) Name a ship you hope ends like the titanic…

35) What do you think Feyre’s father is up to?

36) Do you forgive Nesta and Elain for how they treated Feyre?

37) Favorite morally grey character.

38) Favorite villain.

39) Favorite god from ToG

40) What theories do you have about the bone carver?

41) Any theories about the cauldron?

42) Favorite funny moment from ToG

43) Who is funniest character?

44) Where is Nox???

45) Are you down for Rowaelin/Feysand babies in the epilogues or would you want them to wait?

46) What is the King of Adarlan’s name?

47) Do you have any f/f or m/m ships?

48) Any part of the plot in either series that you would change?

49) How do you think the lock will be forged?

50) Who is a better male lead? Rhysand or Rowan? 

Most reviewed fics (on ffnet):

As of March 2017

  1. Rebuilding by Colubrina - M, 300 chapters - Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts to help rebuild the shattered castle the summer after the war. She and the other summer resident - and eventually their friends - have to come to terms with how the war broke more than just the walls of the building. Follows multiple Hogwarts students through ‘8th year’ and one additional year of early adulthood. COMPLETE.
  2. Isolation by Bex-chan - M, 48 chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP.
  3. Like Brothers by Colubrina - T, ABANDONED - Minerva McGonagall steps in on the awful night the Potter are killed and arranges to have Harry Potter raised by Sirius Black and his somewhat cousins, the Malfoys. Draco and Harry grow up as almost brothers and everything - everything - is different. Gryffindor!Draco. Dramione. AU. I WILL NEVER AGAIN UPDATE THIS.
  4. The Wrong Strain by Colubrina - T, WIP - Everyone knew what veela were. Veela were magical creatures, breathtakingly beautiful, who captivated men with a single look. It would have been nice to have been that strain. Instead, Hermione Granger was infected by another. Instead of captivating all men, she was captivated by one. She’d die without him. She was already in almost constant pain. DRAMIONE.
  5. Turncoat by elizayeM, 101 chapters - Switching sides. “I have only one condition, and I trust it won’t be hard for you to meet. I want Granger.” Rated M for sex/language/torture.
  6. The Prank War by CrazyGirl47 - T, ABANDONED - Now that Voldemort is dead, Harry and company are enjoying their last year of school by taking part in a timehonored Hogwarts tradition: the seventh year prank war. Edited and reposted. First brand new chapter now updated!
  7. The Bracelet by AkashaTheKitty - M, 103 chapters - Hermione has everything she could possibly want… Except a life. People are getting sick of her superior attitude, especially Draco Malfoy, who schemes to get her down, once and for all. And then there’s the thing with The Bracelet… 7th year AR. COMPLETE SINCE 2009 XD
  8. Parenting Class by IcyPanther -T, 38 chapters - Complete DHr & HG Sixth years at Hogwarts are now required to take a parenting class, what fun! Hermione, Draco, and Harry are paired up in which they’ll trade off being children. Can they live through the class or will being a parent prove too hard?
  9. Simply Irresistible by bookworm1993 - T, 30 chapters - Draco gave a cocky grin. “I am going to give you a makeover.” “I’m sorry what?” “You heard me Granger, I’m going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible.”
  10. Eros & Psyche by RZZMG - M, WIP - Draco challenges Harry and friends to play EROS & PSYCHE, a scandalous card game with a dark, mysterious history. It’s Slyth vs. Gryff, male vs. female, pride vs. desire in the ultimate game of hearts and amour! Pairings: Draco/Hermione,Blaise/Ginny,Ron/Pansy,Seamus/Lavender,Theo/Daphne,Harry/Tracey. AU 7th yr. Secrets, romance, angst, and sex await the turning of the first card…
  11. Presque Toujours Pur by ShayaLonnie - M, 38 chapters - Bellatrix’s torture of Hermione uncovers a long-kept secret. The young witch learns her true origins in a story that shows the beginning and end of the Wizarding wars as Hermione learns about her biological father and the blood magic he dabbled in that will control her future.
  12. The Bespoke Witch by glitterally - M, 80 chapters - Hermione is offered a war-stake by Dumbledore. She ignorantly accepts the beautiful scroll only to find she has thereby agreed to become Wife to the House of Malfoy. An on-the-go education by Minerva, Molly, and Astoria ensues as Hermione enters formal courtship by Draco and Lucius. Utterly absurd and a tad naughty. AU, OOC. Utter tripe.
  13. Broken by inadaze22 - M, 36 chapters - He felt something close to pity for the woman in front of him. And while that disturbed Draco to no end, what really disgusted him most of all was the harrowing fact that someone or something had broken Hermione Granger’s spirit beyond recognition.
  14. Hermione Malfoy by superscar - M, 20 chapters reviewsAt the request of Dumbledore, Hermione Granger marries Draco Malfoy. COMPLETED
  15. A Marriage Most Convenient by AnneM.Oliver - M, 54 chapters - Hermione lost it all when she divorced. Draco would lose it all by age 30 if he didn’t marry. Marriage to each other would be perfect, one would even say it was most convenient. Her daughter even looked like him, although, he wondered why that was.
  16. We Learned the Sea by luckei1 - T, 37 chapters - Draco Malfoy turns himself in after a very successful career as a Death Eater, then enlists Harry and Hermione to help him in a scheme to bring down the Dark Lord. DHr. A story of forgiveness.
  17. Revenge Is All The Sweeter by Twilight to Midnight - M, 24 chapters - A marriage law has come to pass; an unfaithful boyfriend has been caught and an enemy has been chosen. Draco and Hermione discover the fine line between love and hate. Won 2nd place at the Dramione awards for best Draco and best action/adventure!
  18. The Green Girl by Colubrina -T, 22 chapters - Hermione is sorted into Slytherin; how will things play out differently when the brains of the Golden Trio has different friends? AU. Darkish Dramione. COMPLETE.
  19. The Alkahest by Shadukiam - M, WIP - The Marriage Law, once enacted, has the power to destroy Hermione’s perfectly normal life. Luckily, she and Ron are already planning to obey the horrific law together as a team… Until a Malfoy-shaped wrench gets thrown into the works. Dramione. Cover by littleneko1923 (thank you!).
  20. Scales and a Tail by Halfling - M, ABANDONED - Unfinished. The Scales is a secret Slytherin society within Hogwarts. Its male only policy must change for an upcoming event, and Draco grudgingly recruits Hermione. This choice contributes to something more important than imagined.

Fasting 48 hours

Don’t do this if you don’t want to. I’m not making you.

But guys, if you are interested, I’m starting a 48 hour fast today and tomorrow, and then I will eat again on Wednesday at school. In prep for thanksgiving cause I have a gut feeling that I’m gonna binge. If you wanna join, message me and I will let you know what hour I’m on 😁 here are the rules ⬇⬇

  • Don’t eat anything solid even fruit unless you feel faint or lightheaded! If you feel like that, then eat!
  • You can chew sugar free gum. It’s fine
  • Drink lots of water 💦💦 I’m only an hour in and I’ve had about half a bottle.
  • Distract yourself! Don’t think about food unless you are getting ready to eat.
  • Try doing everything you need to get done 🌒 I’m gonna catch up on sleep.
  • Don’t over exercise while fasting. It’s dangerous
  • Play a game like Minecraft. If you want my ign and the server I’m playing, just message me 😁

Once again guys, I’m not advertising you to do this! Only do this is you want to because I’m not forcing you. Eat if you feel lightheaded.

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Give me apartment hcs. I live for that shit. Give us all apartment hcs. Give the people what they want amalas

Hip Hop Au - Random Fact

Iwaizumi lives in a cheap 2 store apartment complex where he rents a little one room apartment at the ground floor

It’s a more poor neighborhood placed on the border to downtown and the city’s “China Town” (which is a more mixed than actually only Chinese district).
The apartment is small and cheap.

He doesn’t own much. Never had lots to bring with him from his uncle’s house when he moved out and never were able to afford many new things.
His place is small but he keeps it organized and well sorted. However it’s not a real nice place. Due being on the ground floor and not having many windows it’s more dark. The apartment block itself is worn down and not in the best condition. The floor of his apartment is some run down old linoleum and every once in a while the warm water of his shower is acting up.
At least the apartment complex has some washing machines and tumble dryers in the basement which he can use for some coins so he doesn’t have to go to a laundromat.

Oikawa’s living situation is different and way better.
He lives in an old but nice brick apartment house where he rents a cozy 2 bedroom apartment.

The neighborhood is to be gentrified in the future but for now still authentic, diverse and not really expensive. It’s an old blue-collar worker area with lots of brick houses and small shops and pubs and a more early industrial look.
Slowly more students and artists move close to the area as they love the mix of affordable rents and nice old buildings.

Oikawa has a bedroom and a spare room which he uses as a living room/music room. The kitchen is small but cozy and the bathroom doesn’t have a shower but an old bathtub with a shower head.
The rooms (not kitchen and bathroom) have old timber floor board. They are a bit worn down and could use some sanding but they still add to a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Although Oikawa doesn’t own a washing machine so he has to spend time at the laundromat or just drops by at the youth center and bugs Kuroo to use the washing machine there.

Oikawa’s apartment is about 48 m² so really a nice amount of space for him where as Iwa’s apartment is only about 28 m².                                

FE Heroes: Choose Your Legends Poll Trivia

Excellus was the lowest ranked Awakening character (476th with 254 votes), still beat out Mordecai (250) and Kieran (246)
Ignatius is last amongst Fates characters (516th with 214); still ahead of Bartre (159; he’s also 555th and I have him in Heroes)
• 666th = Boah
• 420th = Dew
o Soleil is 68th, beating her father by 46 votes
Glade was dead last, with only 17 votes. I’m sure all 17 of his fans are devastated
• Between all my incognito tabs I may honestly be the reason Brady cracked 1,000 votes (though only by 40)
• First character whose position on the list is a bigger number than the number of votes they got is Elice (396th with 392 votes)
• Lowest ranked character whose name I recognize is Gareth, and that’s only cause of all the porn
• Lowest ranked character who I have in Heroes already: Palla (642nd with 96 votes, though I suppose that’s cheating since that’s for her Gaiden entry; her SD entry is a more respectable 344th with 524 votes)
Cannas beat Grima. You go, dude
Female Kana is 99th; her male counterpart is 191st
Emmeryn got only 1,325 votes
o She was reportedly a strong contender in the early days of the poll, but then her popularity seemed to fall off a cliff
• I’m surprised by how well FE7 characters did. 9 in the top 100, and another 23 in the 101-200
• Most popular female (Lyn) got almost 50% more votes than most popular male (Ike)!
• Was there a 4chan raid or something cause Dorcas has no reason to be as high up as he is, good for him though
Xander beat Ryoma
o Ryoma beat Hinoka
Masked Marth got 5,420 votes; their true identity (Lucina, of course) was born on 4/20
o Also das da weed # B)))
Kaze got 4,069
o If only he had 38,000 more votes
• The character whose vote count was closest to the year their game came out was Nah, with 2,003 votes. Awakening came out in Japan in 2012, so that’s a gap of 9
Kellam is 135th, surprisingly, beating out characters I expected to rank higher, like Gerome (149th) and Sully (144th)
• Ties (with the one ranked higher listed first:
o Orochi/Lloyd (1,617)
o I realized these weren’t that interesting so that’s the only one I did
Annas, in order of popularity: Awakening (35th), Fates (57th), SD (216th), RD (345th), and Mystery (445th)
Camilla and Hector’s ranking and vote #s can both be spelled using only the digits 2, 5, 6, and 7
o Hector is 6th with 26,557 votes
o Camilla is 7th with 25,766 votes
• It was I figured that one out that I realized I should make a post about these
Chrom (8th) beat F!Corrin (9th) by over 4,000 votes (23,803 vs 19,599)
• Biggest sequential gap by # of votes: Lucina (2nd) is 9,004 votes ahead of Ike (3rd)
• Biggest sequential gap by % of votes: Lucina (2nd) got 26.58% more votes than Ike (3rd)
o (I thought I’d find it on the losing end of the list, but those are all clustered pretty tight)
• Smallest sequential gap in the top 100: Sophia (90th, with 3,150 votes) vs Caeldori (91st, 3,149 votes), a gap of 1 vote
o Other small gaps: Cherche/Ayra (9 votes), Charlotte/Jaffar (4), Lot/Amelia (4), Azura/M!Robin (48, but they’re 15th and 16t,h respectively, so for them to be almost tied that far up is rather significant IMO)
o Leo, Henry, and Dorcas (19th – 21st) are also all within 100 votes of each other
Fates returns/expies vs originals (spoiler: originals win in each case)
o Owain (37th) beat Odin (87th)
o Severa (47th) beat Selena (61st)
o Inigo (63rd) beat Laslow (69th)
 Once again, lol
o Tharja (4th) beat Rhajat (105th)
o Cordelia (14th) beat Caeldori (91st)
o Gaius (27th) beat Asugi (269th… ouch)
• 22nd (Nowi) through 27th (Gaius) are all Awakening characters
• Hoshido vs Nohr!!
o Xander (42nd) narrowly beat Ryoma (43rd)
o Camilla (7th) beat Hinoka (44th)
o Takumi (18th) narrowly beat Leo (19th)
o Elise (30th) beat Sakura (40th)
o Winner: Nohr!
• I need to go to bed so I’ll reblog this tomorrow if I find anything else interesting

tu me queima as veias, m. se aproveita da minha falta de juízo perto de você. tira mais que uma casquinha. atrofia teu cheiro no meu lençol. tu fode a minha insônia. e me fode, m.
00:48 i miss u

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I'm looking for some angsty fics and the angst mostly focused around Draco. Could you help me, please?

Isolation - M, 48 chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP.

Unexpected By: Emara88 - M, 33 chapters - What would happen if Draco had feelings for Hermione Granger long before the Golden Trio are captured by snatchers and brought to Malfoy Manor? When he sees her being tortured by Bellatrix, he risks everything to save her life. But things are never that simple. Draco POV.

The Risk-Reward Ratio By: MissiAmphetamine- M, 46 chapters - Set during TDH; a maimed, disillusioned Draco surrenders himself to the Order after he earns Voldemort’s displeasure. Hermione’s pity for him blooms into something more and he stops seeing her as just a mudblood, as they both discover there’s far more to each other than they ever thought possible. Angst, smut, FEELS. Image courtesy of ohmygoditsnikkie. Facebook: /theriskrewardratio

Heavy Lies the Crown by luckei1 (Rated M) For seven years, Draco has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, and just when he thinks he’ll be released, something happens that will make him seek help from the last person he could have imagined.

And We All Fall Down - M, 30 chapters - The spring term at Hogwarts starts with a bang with the return of Draco Malfoy, back for his eighth year after a stint in Azkaban. But all is not right with Draco and Head Girl Hermione Granger can’t help but get involved. EWE

We Learned the Sea - T, 37 chapters - Draco Malfoy turns himself in after a very successful career as a Death Eater, then enlists Harry and Hermione to help him in a scheme to bring down the Dark Lord. DHr. A story of forgiveness.

- Lisa

Urusei Yatsura: Only You BGM Suite
Izumi Kobayashi, Fumitaka Anzai & Masamichi Amano
Urusei Yatsura: Only You BGM Suite

Urusei Yatsura: Only You - BGM Suite

Made a compilation track of all my favorite smaller instrumental tracks from this movie. Maybe it’s just my weakness for good wacky synth tracks but I just really like this one, There’s a lot more I wanted to add but they ended up making it really long.

Anyway, this is comprised of:

  • M-2 (The alien delivery man’s theme)
  • M-7 (Elle’s ship descending)
  • M-16 (Benten & Lum rounding up Tomobiki to go into space)
  • M-27 (Elle’s Theme)
  • M-30 (Elle’s Garden)
  • M-44 
  • M-48 (Final scene)

anonymous asked:

I loved the fanfiction Protective Custody. Do you know of any similar stories where either hermione or Draco are in this type of situation?

Silver Linings and Grey Areas By: More-to-it-than-blood - M, WIP - Draco expected to spend every minute of his ten year Azkaban sentence in bitter purgatory but is stunned when—of all people—Harry Potter and Hermione Granger arrive to set him free, at great personal cost. Stuck together for two years, Draco must learn to carve out happiness in silver linings and the grey areas. Dramione first, someday more. [On Hiatus]

One Year, One Life by Wingardium Leviosa 11 - T, 26 chapters - When Draco is forced to live with Hermione Granger for one year as part of a “reintroduction” program after the war, both of their lives get turned upside down. It’s up to Hermione to convince the Wizarding World that Draco is not a menace to society… but it’s up to Draco to first convince her. Can these two former enemies become friends? Or possibly even more? T, might turn M

Static by galfoy - M, 21 Chapters - The Order rescued Draco and Lucius Malfoy after Lord Voldemort turned on them. All the safe houses are full, and Hermione Granger is the only one who can take them in. Will she agree after having suffered a drastic nervous breakdown?

Redefined by sagilarious- Explicit, WIP - Hermione’s life falls apart after she’s bitten by a vampire while working as an Auror. After months spent in recovery, she finds herself without a job and without a flat, with no one but her parents to take her in. She has to figure out the case she couldn’t solve to find out why she was bitten in the first place; the only problem being that she has no access to the Auror office as a vampire, and the culprit who turned her wiped her memories of that night. All she has to work with is a case no one cared about, a tattoo parlor in Bristol, and a distinct smell. She finds it’s a welcome distraction to cohabitation with Draco Malfoy.

Isolation by Bex-Chan - M, 48 chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP

Title: Muggle Protection Agency
Author: Chrystal Slara
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 45,506
Summary: Draco is forced to watch his father torture and kill his mother, and finds that the only way to become a Death Eater is to do the same to Blaise’s mother in front of him, instead he runs to the ministry, they give him to Hermione…

A summer with Granger By: imslytherinatheart - M, 23 chapters - Draco has to go into hiding and gets stuck living with Hermione and her roommates for the summer. Draco gets a few surprises on the way. I own nothing but plot. HGDM. I’m rating M for just in case.

Fairy Stone By: Colubrina - M, 4 chapters - Draco is sentenced to one year in Azkaban, release contingent upon someone willing to vouch for his good behavior. Hermione does. “Oh, I want you,” he said. “You, just you, always you. You forever and you for always and you until the bloody sun explodes.” Dramione.

Edict of Justice By: Enigmatic Wayfarer - T, 31 chapters - COMPLETE! Post Hogwarts. When Hermione saves Draco from the Dementors Kiss, she didn’t expect to have him in her custody and living in her house for three months. Hermione and Draco, Harry and Ginny. COMPLETE!

The Program By: Salome Weil - M, 53 chapters - Years after the war, Ginny convinces Hermione to participate in a program designed to help victims and prisoners of the war, but help isn’t exactly the right word for what happens behind closed doors. Can Hermione find peace despite her past and present?

Painful & Necessary Acts by Misdemeanor1331 (a.k.a. justthedreams/Mel88) - Rated: MA/NC-17 - 3 Chapters (complete) - Azkaban prison is no longer a place for men to rot. It is a place of rehabilitation. But not all men can be rehabilitated. Indeed, not all men want to be.  (remix of Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lector from ‘Silence of the Lambs’)

- Lisa