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Art swap, anyone?

Ok, I’m posting this somewhat hesitantly because my art style is what I’d call Rusty but since I’m enjoying it, I need subject matter.

So here’s the deal:
1) Take a look at the #my art on my blog and decide if you like what you see.

2) Send me a screenshot to copy of your oc, your favourite companion or both if they are close together. It will be sepia unless colour is requested…but I haven’t tried colour out yet.

3) Draw something Fallout 4 related for me in return, preferably #Vincent #Vin & Mac #Lorelei #Macready or anything based on my screenshots, please. Go ahead and dig about on my blog.

4) Please be patient. Although I usually jump to it (somewhat obsessively), living in a chronically, genetically glitchy body means that sometimes I have to drop everything and rest.


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what was daring don't about? i've never seen past season 4 i'm curious why that ones your least favourite

let me make this a bulleted list because wow every plot point in this episode is bananas. although the cold open where rainbow dash tells fluttershy how excited she is about the next daring do book is very cute. that’s the one good part

  • so rainbow dash finds out that the next daring do book is delayed. her first thought, naturally, is to find out where the author lives and go figure out why she’s taking so long to finish the book
  • even though twilight knows that this is a gross violation of her privacy, they all take a trip to the author’s secluded house in the middle of the woods where she clearly does not want strangers to visit her
  • they find her home in disarray and start snooping around in her house and looking through her shit when she’s not home
  • the author comes home and they quickly realize that she is, in fact, daring do. daring do has been real this whole time, and for some unexplained reason she’s secretly published all of her exploits in young adult novel form, and no one has ever figured it out
  • and yes, daring do is still a rainbow dash recolor outside of rainbow dash’s imagination
  • so daring do was in the middle of an adventure, and rainbow dash just HAS to tag along and be her sidekick. she just fangirls over daring do the whole time and is a nuissance
  • at one point rainbow dash makes the most cursed face of all time after daring do makes a subpar quip to her nemesis
  • eventually she remembers how to be competent and helps daring do recover the artifact she was trying to find, and is rewarded for being a total creep by getting written into the next book as daring do’s sidekick. she’s even on the cover

it’s bad


Yeah so ummm…..hi. It’s ya boi, Flannel McMullet. This is my Keith cosplay from the amazing fic Shut Up and Dance With Me by Wittyy with beautiful art by Sora !!!! I’m so deep into Klance hell in general, so throw a dancer au at me and I’m sold. Did I mention I’m only on chapter 4 but couldn’t wait any longer to do a costest? Because it’s true. Idk, I’m pretty proud of this. Also I took a vid of me dancing in this cos that isn’t the best but it’s decent; should I post that too? I think I might in a little bit….But yeah! I hope you enjoy. Go check me out on my Instagram (Full.Moon.Chaser) to see more of my cosplays, and maybe even subscribe to my YouTube (also Full.Moon.Chaser)!! Also all the pics have captions if you’re interested ~ @shutup-and-dance-with-me <3

So I’m in my front yard, digging another grave in my Orchard of the Dead for my mom’s cat that died today, and Beep is out with me overseeing my work, and by overseeing I mean she’s dustbathing in fresh grave dirt and getting really offended every time I toss a new shovel full at her

and right in the middle of this, 2 of my old neighbor ladies start to pass my house walking their 4 big dogs, and Beep gets up and decides I’m gonna fight them. I’m gonna fight all 4 of them and starts charging across the yard after this like, fuckin’ pack of german shepard dogs that immediately lose their fucking minds and start barking and trying to run to meet my 8lb Gonna Kick Everyone’s Ass idiot of a bird

well I can’t let her die, so I ditch my shovel and start running to get between her and the dogs yelling YOU LEAVE THOSE DOGS ALONE BEEP like they’re the ones who need protecting at this point, and Beep sees me running - which is something I Do Not do ever - and assumes this means there is deFINITELY DANGER and she shoots up into the air and as soon as she is there, realizes that she is flying-

-and Beep is scared of flying, so instinct kicks in and she starts flying to get away from the flying, scream-honking in terror the entire time she is disappearing into the distance to land somewhere in my front field

cue a really awkward moment where I’m standing a few yards from a freshly dug grave staring at my two old neighbor ladies and their still barking howling dogs while my peahen starts honking somewhere out of sight because she believes she is now Lost, and one of the ladies calls “… good evening Kedreeva” in a tone of voice that says she really wishes she had normal human neighbors and yet somehow…. me. Again.

I’m sorry neighbor lady I have obviously meet before and yet have no recollection of… I am trying my best here. Maybe next time.

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Would you date a girl who's taller than you?

uhm… I’m 6′4.

so…… I’m not saying thats not possible… but….. uhh…


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Dramione like in the book addicted where h is married but having an affair with D even though she knows she has to stop.

Hello! We have a tag for affairs where Hermione is cheating on Ron with Draco. The stories vary but you may be able to find a few with this premise.

tags> A-H>Hermione cheats with Draco

Here are some recommendations.

The Wedding Rings by Masha19- M, 10 chapters, complete

He was the sweetest drug and she refused to give it up even at the expense of losing herself. Draco/Hermione, Post Hogwarts.

Any Given Thursday by wandofhawthorn- M, 4 chapters, complete 

When a chance meeting at a muggle book club throws Draco and Hermione into an illicit affair, they must find a way to keep their secret before their worlds fall apart. Originally written for Otters & Ferrets 2013 Exchange on AO3 for RZZMG.

The Deadline by Lena Phoria- M, 39 chapters, complete

It takes the unexpected engagement of their children to get Draco and Hermione in a room together, but only the selfish acts of their estranged spouses and a 300 Galleon bottle of firewhiskey will get them in a bedroom. What starts out as a one time mistake soon becomes a full-blown affair with a deadline; the day their children say ‘I do’. But things rarely go according to plan.

An Affair to Remember by RZZMG- M, WIP

Hermione Granger-Weasley gave up her career at the Ministry for her husband, Ron Weasley, and now works at Hogwarts… with Draco Malfoy. Her one time tormentor has begun in earnest to pursue her, determined to win her love. This will be an affair to remember! FIC CHALLENGE. Dramione Romance/Drama/Hot Shag. REVISION 2.0 in process now (rev. 1 taken down & no longer distributed).

These last two stories are worth mentioning if you are interested.

In this one Hermione is unhappily engaged to Ron for a few years. She meets Draco and they begin an affair but Hermione is reluctant to leave Ron despite her unhappiness.

Therapy by sneakyslytherin.severus- T, 14 chapters, complete

Hermione Granger is now 27, working as a psychologist in muggle London. Unhappily engaged to Ron, Hermione finds her own happiness by helping others manage their sadness. One day, however, Hermione’s routine life is turned upside-down when a certain blonde Slytherin arrives at her office seeking a therapy session…

This story is a little different and takes place during the war. Hermione is married to Ron when they bring Draco in as a prisoner. She begins to visit his cell at Grimmauld Place and slowly a affair begins. 

White, Grey, Black by DaniAndTheChocolateFactory- M, one shot 

Hermione has lost her freedom, her friends, her family, and her name. War-Dramione, Angsty, Mature.

- Wynken

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Drabble request : 4 and 11 with Wonho from Monsta X :3 can you make it angsty with a good ending? Thank you~

I tried so I hope you like it!

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4.)“I’m not apologizing for what I said to that asshole… He/she was saying terrible things about you”

11.)“I’m here through every break up you go through, through all the lows and highs, but you haven’t ever considered me as anything other than a friend”

You heard the shouting as you made your way towards where Hoseok and you usually met up at. You furrowed your eyebrows together as you neared a small group of people where two of them were at the center in a heated argument. Just then, an awfully familiar mop of hair stood up to you and you ran to the group.

“Shut your fucking mouth before I fucking beat your ass!” Hoseok growled and as you neared them, people stepped aside, recognizing you and letting you reach Hoseok while two other guys held him back. “H-Hoseok” you managed, standing before him and taking his arm. “Go ahead! You know what I said is true!” the other guy shouted and that only seemed to further infuriate Hoseok.

“Hoseok stop! Let’s go! Listen to me!” you said loudly, practically hugging him as you pulled him away. “Get the fuck out of here before I lose it!” Hoseok shouted and the small group murmured, the other guy and his friends also dragging him away. You finally managed to make Hoseok follow you and the mob broke apart, everyone heading in different directions.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you asked, looking over your shoulder occasionally. Hoseok’s jaw tightened and you knew he needed a few minutes to cool off. “Let’s go to the car” you said sternly and he followed after you.

Once the two of you were seated in your car, you let out a sigh and turned to him, “What was all that about?” you asked and Hoseok rested his head against the window. “That asshole was talking crap” he said, the anger bubbling up again and you shook your head, “You should’ve just ignored him instead of making a scene” you commented but Hoseok only exhaled.

“I’m not apologizing for what I said to that asshole… He was saying terrible things about you” Hoseok stated, sitting up and straightening his shoulders. You stared at him with a frown and pressed your lips into a line, unsure of whether you should thank him or continue scolding him for paying attention to the guy’s crap. You took in a small breath and looked away, staring at your fingers on your lap, “Well… thank you for standing up for me, but what did he say about me anyway?” you asked softly and Hoseok shook his head.

“It was all a bunch of lies but it bothered me that he went up to my face to say that shit, like- I have no friggin idea what he wanted to get at it with telling me” Hoseok said, throwing his hands in the air and sighing, slouching down in the seat once more. You knitted your eyebrows, “But what did he say?” you persisted and Hoseok bit his bottom lip without meeting your gaze. “I want to know” you added and he took in a deep breath, lifting his head but not turning to you. “It was just to provoke me, honestly it was mostly about me” he replied and you scoffed, “Well I want to know what ticked you off” you insisted and he licked his lips, hanging his head low.

“He was saying you went around and made out with all these guys at parties and even slept with some but I always followed you like a dog and you never bother throwing a bone my way” he blurted and you gaped at his words. “That’s- what the hell, that is so not true” you said in disbelief, “I take it back, you should of beat his ass” you said and Hoseok shrugged, making you turn to him with eyes narrowed, “Wait, you don’t believe him right? You’re like my best friend, you know I don’t do that- I mean why else would you want to shut him up?” you said with a half hearted chuckle but Hoseok remained quiet as he now gazed out the window.

“I guess he was only half right… and that’s why I wanted to beat him up” he commented and you bit down tightly, “What?” you asked, feeling your heart ache at his words. “I’m here through every break up you go through, through all the lows and highs, but you haven’t ever considered me as anything other than a friend” he added and suddenly your heart was beating faster and you were biting on the inside of your cheek hard enough to draw blood. “H-Hoseok-” you started but he opened the car door and paused before getting off, “I’ll see you around, Y/N” he said, stepping out and closing the door behind him.

You quickly opened your door and ran to him, “Hoseok, wait, that’s not true alright? Yes, you’ve been there for me but- I didn’t know you wanted more! I never knew so I just- I didn’t try seeing you any other way” you admitted and Hoseok stared at you in bafflement.You scanned his face for any sign of relief or anything that said you hadn’t done something wrong but he remained blank, causing your heart to sink further. You saw as his jaw tensed and relaxed while he looked away and chuckled, letting his head fall back as he sighed.

“I guess I’m the one who should get his ass kicked” he said and you smiled a little, unsure of whether things were still unclear between the both of you or if he was relieved. “Anything that will get you to tell me how you really feel would work” you commented and he chuckled. 

20 Facts About Meee

@kessy-doggo alright, here we go :3

1. Live in London, from North but usually mistaken for Irish (even sometimes by Irish people)

2. Love London for the same reasons I hate it– SO MANY PEOPLLLE (They just keep coming at ya…)

3. Love going to raves, but only the less serious ones. The ones that think theyre that stupid scene from the Matrix Reloaded can go FUUUURK themselvesss, aww yee ^-^

 4. I’m originally a writer but now more focussed on drawing

5. …Well, obsessed with it by this point, really. Pathologically so x]

6. Really sentimentally attached to my old senile laptop and scarred tablet. Could get new ones but, you know… it’d be like saying g'bye to old friends…

7. I don’t take much time off for relaxing, doing nothing makes me antsy.

8. Sometimes wonder if i’m a little out of place on Tumblr

9. Love the Lake District in Northern Britain. When it isn’t raining. That’s two whole solid weeks of love a YEEEAR >:3

10. Stright-acting gaymo mostly, but sort of not. But mostly. Except when not. And so on.

11. Bit of a smartarse :3

12. Used to have long hair but don’t now, so no longer look like a hippy scarecrow from the 70s.

13. I share IHE’s view on memes, but I wish I didn’t. They look fun, but I think i’m too much of a miserable bastard >:3

14. Always a bit anxious about asking asks to other blogs in case I don’t word it right and inadvertantly cause offence. Smartarseism can be a heel, sometimes :l

15. LOVE spicy food, specially jalapenos and that luminous orange Caribbean stuff that make you go Mmmmm AAAAAAAARGHH

16. Jog a lot and eat really well, balance that out by smoking like lungs are enemy.

17. Trying to learn new ways to draw faster/ more expressively so can work on bigger more eventful stories, not to mention getting round to answering asks faster…

18. In fact, got a ha-yuuuuge story planned for this bloggo :3 kinda feels like I haven’t even started properly with the core concept and the character dynamics yet. But THOOON

19. Love plants. Wish I had a tree.

20. Favourite word is SNOOZY. Has a few, uh… “meanings”, I guess… think of it like the word Smurf ^-^ hang on, I wrote something down about it… “It’s like… not just the word, man. It’s also, like… HOW you say it. Sss-NOOOOOzy. You gotta come out swingin’ on the NOOOOO part, you know?”

((I hope that answers any questions you might have about the word SNOOOOZY ^-^))

Well, that list either denotes me as mental or the most boring human being in Humanbeingland. You decide :D

Ahhh, the taggeroos… everyponyone’s favourite bit >:3 

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Obviously no obligation if ya don’t wanna, but what’ve y’all got to hide eyyy?!

Have a snoozy one ;3

Distribution and Habitat Ch. 4

Rating: M
Word Count: 5720
Chapters: 4/?
Summary:  If he puts Link in the same category as himself, which isn’t exactly far from reality, it smarts. Only because he’s looked at Link as some monster, some terrible human being for the things that he’s done. Which it’s not to say he isn’t a monster, it’s just that Rhett’s got to stop subcategorizing himself. 
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, assassin!link, thief!rhett 

Link to AO3

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Ship please? I'm 4'11 brunette with green eyes, I love my animals, the outdoors, and my jeep. I love the country, hate the city. I'm quite introverted and prefer to work alone. I like working and learning, challenging myself to perfect my skills. I can be a bit bossy and impatient. Very small circle of loyal friends. Enjoy spending free time in the sun and gardening. Thank you!

I ship you with; Stephen

Your best friend is; Jessica

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anecdote: one time when i was 16 or 17 i was seeing modest mouse and i was at the back of the crowd and couldn’t see shit because i’m 4'10", but this drunk shirtless guy who was like? 6'4"? and looked to be in his mid-twenties, and had a batman symbol tattoo below his belly button, like where a belt would go, bent down and said, “you’re, like, so adorable, can you see at all??” and i said noooooo :(

and he crouched down even further and said to hop on his shoulders, so i did, and he was really drunk so i was squeezing his head between my thighs, holding on for dear life while modest mouse played “float on” and my friend who was with me tweeted “rachel is on some strange drunk man’s shoulders”