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to the anon who said they were 22 and called the wonderful lovely running this blog a rude word that I honestly can't stand, you sure? Cuz... I'm also 22 and I don't act like an immature little brat. Maybe it's you who has a mental age of 7, not Mark. :)

im screaMIGN

Goodbye Tumblr

After a long seven years of having “impactings”, I think it’s finally time for me to say goodbye.
I turned to Tumblr when I was a scared kid with nobody to talk to and I really figured myself out over the years through writing and the wonderful people I’ve met. For that, I thank each and every one of you who has ever reached out to me or helped me in any way.
I’m now 22 years old and finally feel as if my life has pretty much come together. I have a career that I’ve built up by myself, and I’m doing well. I’m making it on my own. My boyfriend is my absolute best friend and he’s moving in with me in a couple of weeks. Things are going so well in my life and I no longer feel the need to use this blog for its intended purpose.
My awful depression and anxiety is pretty much gone, which I never thought would happen. When I needed a safe place to turn, I used to turn here, but now I have someone in my life that I can use as a support system if needed. I feel as if posting on here has become more of a chore than enjoyable to maintain my 17k followers. Just know I appreciate you all sticking with me. I may be back eventually, but as of right now, I don’t plan on it.
So, thank you all for everything. I won’t be deleting this blog because I may want to look back on it someday. It’s been a long, super cool 7 years.

Ameblo 17/02/23 - Revolutionary weather, huh.

Everyone, thank you for the comments  m(_ _)m

Today (22 February), after four years and a half, SKE48′s 2nd album “Kakumei no Oka” is on sale!

Of course! Since you all love SKE48, won’t you get a copy?

It feels so strange that four years have passed since the first one came out.

The first album’s title, “Kono Hi no Chaimu wo Wasurenai” (I won’t forget this day’s chime) is very youthful sounding, however the second album’s title “Kakumei no Oka” (Revolution Hill) makes it feel like… something happened during those four years! lol

At any rate, this is a very critical moment!!!

I’m visiting many stores and medias, and, in addition, there’s a Churi Camera exhibition being held until the 3rd of March at Nagoya Loft to commemorate the album’s release, so please check it out!

There are many unreleased Kakumei no Oka-related pictures on display there. Here’s a picture with my favourite Ponsaki  ヽ(´▽`)/

Together with this album’s release, I’ll try making SKE48 more passionate, stronger, and brighter! ☆

Please support us!!!

Also, on a personal note I’ve started an Instagram and a bird Twitter on this revolutionary day, so please take a peek(o8o)♪



I’ll be updating them at my own pace.

Takayanagi Akane

Rules | you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs.

1. rose golden | kid cudi ft. willow smith
2. something just like this | the chainsmokers ft. coldplay
3. i miss you (cover) | leroy sanchez 
4. paris + el amante | khs ft. yashua
5. i need you | bts
6. liar | léon 
7. the other | lauv 
8. somewhere new | klingande ft. m-22
9. bite | troye sivan
10. million words | the vamps 

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Remember how I said there might come a time where I won’t be able to be on Tumblr that often? Well, that time might be coming soon. To reiterate, I’m not leaving this site for good or delete my blogs for the matter. I’m most likely going to be very busy with life.

I’m only 22 not even 23, and my life is already changing so fast. In a good way though! Here’s to hoping everything works out smoothly.


Twitter 17/02/22

I love birds so much that I’ve finally created an account dedicated to the Takayanagi birds, since they’re posing so well for me today.

I’ll only be mumbling about birds there. 

Please follow it ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎



Twitter 17/02/22

I’m not too sure about it, but since today, the 22nd of February, is revolution day, I’ve created an Instagram. Revolution!  ✌︎('ω’)✌︎


In principle I’ll only be uploading Churi camera pictures there and I’ll be updating it at my own pace.

Back in high school during my jr year I went on this art field trip, long story short. At the end of the trip, the artist gave us some life advice and it went something like “always give it 3 days, if you’re feeling down the first day let it flow into the 3rd day and something will change” now I’m 22 and I still hold onto that. It’s all mental. Nothing can ever stay the same.