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I couldn't choose which letter or number to do, there were too many awesome things! (Something silly like zombie fluff, or traumatic like WW2 and huddling for warmth?!) so I got my 4yo (who, by the way wants to be Prince Arthur when she grows up!) to choose a letter and a number and we have... Spy au (17), and presumed dead (I) please!

Every child should want to be Prince Arthur, he has awesome swords and cool outfits! I want to be Prince Arthur and I’m 22. One of these days I should cosplay him, but for now I will encourage 4yo to swing swords around (which is really bad advice, this is why I’m not a mother).

Anyway, your kiddo has the best fic requests, because I love stuff like this! It turned out a little longer than planned, but here you go!


They had been taken somewhere remote in the middle of Russia. Merlin figured it was deep underground, where enemy satellites couldn’t see. He had tried to track where they were going very the plane and then the snowmobile, but no one had a clue where they were. Only a handful of men knew where this place was. And Merlin? He needed to be one of those men.

Arthur was his fellow mole.  Unlike Merlin, his mission was to find out as much information as he could on the weapons they were building here. They were a team, although they rarely saw each other. It would be too suspicious for a weapons specialist and a medic to always be talking. But when they had the chance… They couldn’t stay away from each other.

Merlin often wondered that if British Intelligence had known that Merlin and Arthur were together (more than just partners, but lovers as well) if they would have sent them on this extended mission. Probably not. If the collusion and suspicion wasn’t bad enough, homosexuality was illegal in Russia and God knows what the military would do if they were caught.

But it was a risk both of them were willing to take.

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Hii! I’ve submitted before and I met some interesting cool people and I want to do it again! I’m 22 (Almost 23) and I’m really sweet, funny, and let’s not forget awkward 😂 my Tumblr is @booknerd-94

Feel free to message me!(:

— &. BARBARA PALVIN, CISFEMALE, TWENTY-ONE | (+1) DAPHKNEE just posted in the runaway forum! it’s hard to believe that it’s only been TWO YEARS since SHE joined the goners; it seems like it was only yesterday that DAPHNE ST. JAMES was posting about wanting to leave home because SHE WITNESSED AN OD. thank god that’s in the past! THE CATACLYSMIC now spends their time helping out around the warehouse– hopefully DARLING likes it here. everyone knows that once you become a goner, there’s no going back. / A, PST, SHE/HER.

hey angels ! i’m a, 22, in pst ! i’d normally be strugglin @ work rn but [ karen smith vc ] cough cough i’m sick. i reference rpdr a lot so keep an eye out for that & this is my lil mess daphne !!

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Good Girl (EXO Ot12 Mafia au) Complete

I Am An Alpha (EXO Ot12 Wolf AU)

Bad Girl (Sequel to Good Girl)

All My Idols

Kitten (Kyungsoo Wolf AU) Complete

Take Care Of You (Xiumin Mafia AU)


Hi everyone! Here’s my May Study Challenge. The tag for this challenge is #maysc. Please tag your posts for it with this tag so I can see them! Please don’t tag #heynay in your posts, as I’m reserving that tag for non-maysc posts that people want me to reblog! I’ll also be being a little more selective with what I reblog this month than I was with the April study challenge, but if you put it in the tag I’ll probably reblog it! Have a great month of May!

1 (M). Describe where you want to be right now (academically or otherwise).

2 (Tu). What’s your life philosophy, in one paragraph or less?

3 (W). What are your goals for this month?

4 (Th). May is AP Exam season! What are your tips for studying for tests?

5 (F). How do you sit while you’re studying? What’s your chair like where you study?

6 (Sa). How much of your stationery and study materials travel with you to class? How much is left at your study space?

7 (Su). What is one good experience you’ve had within the last week?

8 (M). Have any teachers changed your life?

9 (Tu). How do you keep yourself motivated to study for a class when the teacher or professor is bad (i.e. mean or doesn’t teach effectively)?

10 (W). How long do you spend studying and doing homework each day?

11 (Th). What is one thing that you did within the last month that you’re proud of?

12 (F). How has the studyblr community affected your studying in real life?

13 (Sa). What’s your favorite song at the moment?

14 (Su). What tips do you have for other students who are in your grade specifically (i.e. for high school or college freshmen/sophomores/juniors/seniors)?

15 (M). What subject is hardest for you? How do you go about studying for it?

16 (Tu). What’s your favorite study method?

17 (W). Do you prefer group projects or individual ones? Why?

18 (Th). Do you like background noise while studying, or do you prefer it to be silent? If you listen to music, what’s your playlist?

19 (F). What’s your daily routine?

20 (Sa). What’s something you enjoy doing outside of school? Do you ever have any conflict between academics and hobbies?

21 (Su). Do you prefer to write with pencil or pen? Why?

22 (M). Who do you consider a role model? Why?

23 (Tu). What type of learner are you (visual, kinetic, etc.)? How does this translate to your study methods?

24 (W). At what part of the day do you usually study?

25 (Th). What’s something you’re trying to improve on (academically or otherwise)?

26 (F). What’s your style?/What do you like to wear?

27 (Sa). What subjects do you find the easiest?

28 (Su). What’s your dream life like?

29 (M). Why did you start a studyblr?

30 (Tu). What inspires you?

31 (W). Look back at your goals from day 3. How did you do?

Hello hello~ Another month has gone by - meaning more fanfics to read! Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to read a lot this month (I’ll be reading less in June and July due to my busy schedule). Nonetheless, here are all the fanfics I’ve read during May!

None are written by me. Credits to the amazing writers! 

(M) - Mature Content

♣ - Recommended





















Make sure you check out all these authors and their wonderful works! 


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