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a - age: 24, but I frequently forget it. I can usually remember I’m in the 16-28 range, though.

b - birthplace: A different Philly suburb than the one I live in now, closer to Doylestown (which I think is probably not one of those places you know if you’re not from Pennsylvania, but idk)

c - current time: 10:41pm

d - drink you last had: water, almost always

e - easiest person to talk to: My friend Allison from work, probably

f - favorite song: “Young” by The Chainsmokers

g - grossest memory: My whole extended family on my mom’s side and some of my dad’s had the stomach bug for Christmas in 2006, because my baby cousin had it at my dad’s birthday party (my dad’s bday is Christmas Eve, so it was probably just a few days before) and threw up all over all of us. We had to postpone Christmas entirely, because none of us could do much more than exist and wish we didn’t on the 25th.

h - horror yes or horror no: HORROR ABSOLUTELY NOT

i - in love?: I am not, and have not been yet.

j - jealous of people?: More than I’d like to be, but not terribly often or severely.

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again?: Love at first sight is definitely not a thing, but attraction is, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. 

m - middle name: Marlene

n - number of siblings: A younger sister who’s way cooler than me

o - one wish: To be a mama

p - person you called last: My grandmother

q - question you are always asked: “Rachel, why” (usually in a tone befitting utter bafflement)

r - reason to smile: When I woke up from a nap today, my cat was sitting right next to me on my bed waiting to be appreciated

s - song you last sang: The last one I listened to was “Addict With a Pen,” but I think the last one I actually sang along to was “Blasphemy” by Tyler Joseph

t - time you woke up: 7:45am

u - underwear colour: Blue

v - vacation destination: I’m going to Ireland in just over a month!!!!!!!

w - worst habit: Giving in to my anxiety

x - x-rays: I think just one for my ankle. It wasn’t broken, just sprained (I used to sprain my ankles a LOT)

y - your favorite food: Mashed potatoes

z - zodiac sign: Either Leo or Virgo?

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AAC’s SHOT Show 2014 booth. They always have a way of putting there point across. This year is the map of the United States, last year was “Silencing is not a Crime.”

AAC’s 7.62 NATO suppressor can be used from 204 Ruger on up to 7.62 NATO. Just purchase the corresponding flash suppressor for your threading and you’ll have one can for most of your rifles.