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i can't believe it's 2017 and i'm back watching south park like i'm 14 again for a canon (canon!!!) gay ship, damn. (a canon gay ship on south park!!!!!!!!!!!!)

there are a few things about this i really can’t get over:

• when i think of showrunners discovering fandom and shipping, a lot of time i think of shows like supernatural or teen wolf, where the cast and crew turn into this living embodiment of the Lenny Face for a year-plus, like “oh ANYTHING could happen wink wonk we aren’t afraid to Go There” before getting tired because they made the mistake of engaging a desperately starving beast by talking about its favorite food and WHO KNOWS, tomorrow it could be filet mignon for dinner!! but then it’s just bland overcooked, underseasoned white rice. again.
• and of all the shows in the world, all the ships in the world, South Park becomes aware that people on the Internet ship two boys and instead of doing the overplayed above, and instead of being like NO ONE IS SAFE FUCK U (which–let’s be real here–we were all expecting) they were like “hey please send us your fanart of this ship so we can feature it in a loving tribute to these fans and then make them a canon couple”
• and we continue to get content for them!! and they continue to be the only couple on the show that talks through their problems and they are sweet and after the first episode, none of their storylines have been “gay” storylines
• just two dumb kids in love trying to figure their shit out as they start to grow up and experience feelings for the first time
• fucking!!! SOUTH PARK!!! south park!
• what fucking bizarro timeline are we even living in

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So my mom told me last time I talked to her about it that I shouldn't bind (not sure about taking t) till I'm done over all growing. Since she thinks it will be better for me. I asked my friend for a option on this and they think i should wait as well. I think my mom wants me to wait because she think it will be safer when I'm done growing. Is it better to wait or is it fine starting to bind and start to think about possibly taking t now. (I'm 14)

Lee says:

It’s safe to start binding now as long as you measure yourself every few months and get a larger binder when needed because you’re still growing.

I’ve heard of a few cases where people as young as 14 started on T, but usually endos would rather you be on puberty blockers when you’re that young and then start on T at 16. You’ll need your parents permission to do either, but it never hurts to start to research and consider whether you’ll want it in the future.

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What do you think is a good UGW for a 5"1 girl? I'm 14 btw xoxo

At fourteen you shouldn’t be worried about your weight love :( you look perfect the way you are, and if youre chubby that’s 1000000% ok, because weight doesn’t matter.

Ily stay safe ❤️

Holding hands | M!Corrin x Takumi

Guys if you want I take ships request or request in general, my ask is open

(you can ask me to draw things from Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates, Zero Escape trilogy and Danganronpa games for now)

Gang AU Fics:

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Sorry to the anon that requested this, i know it took a while but imma start on the supernatural au next… also thinking of doing a college au one but idk

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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was lucky enough to commission zenwisterias/taylordraws to draw two of my OCs, Kyna and Brandon! I also can’t believe I got too awkward to actually thank her properly??? They’re amazing and I love them, thank you so so much!!!

I’ve been writing and developing these guys on and off for around six years now, so it’s incredible to be able to see them somewhere other than inside my brain. Thank you sooo much Tayor!!!

Now I just have to wait for her to open them again so I can commission the other three OCs in this team ;)

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could you draw Xander and Corrin? (if you want of course!)

Here you go! Hope you like it! (*≧▽≦) (If you meant F!Corrin let me know and I’ll do it, it won’t be a problem! ;v; I thought you wanted M!Corrin bc I saw your profile <3) @limeandlen also thank you for your request!

Request and ship request are OPEN (Fire Emblem Awakening/If/Heroes,Zero Escape Trilogy and Danganrnpa games for now)

Some people were replying to my original post saying I should include ALL romances, so here they are, all the Mass Effect romances laid out to make a point about the glaring lack of mlm.

(Sorry they’re in no particular character order, I just tacked on the other romances.)

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Hello hello~ Another month has gone by - meaning more fanfics to read! Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to read a lot this month (I’ll be reading less in June and July due to my busy schedule). Nonetheless, here are all the fanfics I’ve read during May!

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