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I’m very curious about Furuta’s goal in bringing out V. The CCG is going to see them, and they are going to have to be explained. There is no indication that Kaneki’s forces actually throw off Furuta’s plan at all, so I doubt V’s arrival here is because the White Suits needed to be taken care of, or else.

Remember, this is a stage, a play - its about image and narrative. So including V - a bunch of highly skilled and previously never seen “CCG agents” has a purpose in the narrative. 

The question is what purpose and how is Furuta planning on explaining things to the CCG. Is this a move to discredit the Washuu family by exposing one of their many secrets - by making it seem like the Washuu were holding back what, from the CCG perspective, were life saving forces?

Is this in part to prove to Matsuri that he has command of V? It’s unclear what the interactions between V and Matsuri have been since he was left the only main branch Washuu. Have they pretended to be loyal? Pretended to be concerned? Has Matsuri just not… dealt with them at all?

And if V is to be revealed to the CCG here, as their defenders against the White Suits, what does that mean for how or when Furuta might reveal other secrets he knows.

Will V be the start of revealing the Garden? Revealing Arima and the narrative every CCG investigator has been fed to be a lie?

I’m excited to see where this goes.

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3-word prompt - please continue #107 ("You're not there."). Thank you!

#249 (continuation of #107)


“I’m home,” she whispered, not wanting to wake anyone but hoping they’re near. “Rick?”

She toed off her shoes and left her bag on the floor of the entryway, not bothering to even hang her jacket. She went immediately for the office where the playpen had been set up eight weeks ago when they’d brought Oliver home, but the office was empty.

“Rick?” She passed through the doorway and checked the bathroom but that was all silence and stillness, undisturbed space. She took a moment to check herself in the mirror, but the bruises hadn’t miraculously faded in the hour it had taken to get home, and Rick was going to notice.

She turned, lightly rubbing two fingers at her neck where it was raw, and she headed back for the living room and the stairs leading to the baby’s room. Halfway up the stairs, Rick appeared at the top, holding wet and wriggling Oliver in his arms, bundled in a frog-hood towel.

“Hey,” she said, startled he was awake. She started climbing the stairs to meet them. “How’s my baby?”

“I’m good but he’s been fussing-”

She huffed and he grinned and she leaned in and kissed her husband for that one because he thought he was so clever. And then she kissed her boy.

He gripped a fistful of her hair and kept her close that way, whimpering, and she deftly took him out of Rick’s arms. He grunted and squirmed for her, and she bundled him close even though he was still damp from the bath. “Hey, my sweet stray. What have you and Daddy been doing?”

“He tried mashed carrots at dinner,” Rick answered, nudging her down the hall for the baby’s room. “Or rather, I tried to get him to try them. I had to wash his hair, Kate.”

“They said not-”

“I know, but carrots were mashed into his scalp. He’s fast. And strong. And he thinks it’s funny.”

At Castle’s little growl of disapproval, Kate turned her eyes to him, cradling the baby close even as he whined and whimpered against her chest. Rick had apparently shrugged out of his t-shirt to give their adopted baby his skin-to-skin time after bath. 

Even though Oliver was whining and resistant to being cuddled, it was Castle, she saw, who had been the real victim here. 

“Oh, Oliver, baby, did you pelt your dad with carrots?” she laughed, reaching out to pluck orange mush from the hair at Rick’s temple.

He startled and darted up a hand, raked his fingers through his hair only to come away with more carrot. “Oh, great. Well, they say it’s good for your skin. I’ll shower after we get him settled for the night.”

“Did you put the oil in his hair?” she asked, touching Oliver’s forehead with her fingers. “It doesn’t feel-”

“I did, soaked right into his scalp. Do you think I should put more?”

“No, we’ll wait. See what it’s like tomorrow. But Rick, next time? Wet washcloth and dab at it. No soap.”

He grumbled a little at her Monday-morning quarterbacking, but when he turned to nudge her into the baby’s room, his face dropped. “Kate.”

She winced. He reached out and pushed her hair back from her neck, untangling it from the baby’s fingers to see. 

She stayed silent, swaying with Oliver at the threshold of his room, watching Rick study the bruises.

“What happened?” he asked finally. His gaze lifted to her eyes.

She nodded, an acknowledgment that his feelings were valid, but his fears were not. “We had it in hand. A suspect in interrogation managed to get the jump on me. Across the table. Blink of an eye, really.”

“Got the jump on you.”

“Been a little tired lately,” she said, trying to be light with it. Oliver had only been with them for eight weeks and he was still struggling to bond with them, to feel safe and cared for and secure in his new home. No one slept well. “It was over fast, Espo was right there.”

Rick’s fingers traced her shoulder and then touched a mark at her neck. “Big hand,” he said roughly. “Was he high?”

She nodded.

“Are you okay?”

“I’ve been better,” she admitted, a wan smile when his eyes jerked up to hers.

“I’ll take Ollie, finish our kangaroo care time. You go downstairs, glass of wine, bath. I’ll join you in a minute.” He reached in and scooped Oliver out of her arms. “Come here, Roo. It’s you and me, buddy. Mommy gets mornings.”

She let the baby go, grateful for both the chance to give him up and the moment of holding him after a long day. She kissed his cheeks while Castle positioned him on his chest, and then she watched while Rick settled them both in the rocking chair.

She dropped a last kiss to her husband’s temple, her hand on his nape. “Mm, mashed carrots. Yummy. Oliver, next time, baby, you should try them instead of throwing them.” She nuzzled her little foundling’s nose and he laughed, such a bright sound in the small room.

“Go, Kate. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

She left them there, walked away, only because he was right. She had hours every morning of this same special time, and what she needed tonight was to not think about how only a few seconds longer, a grip that tight, would have meant the end of cuddling and rocking her baby.

Wine and a bath and Rick.

So that tomorrow morning she could hold her son in the  sunlight and kiss his sweet laughing face and not cry over what all she might have missed.



So I’m watch early Gallavich looking for Nazi stuff that belongs to Mickey and in his room cause he said Svet made him take down all his Nazi shit so anyway I’m on episode 107 when he and Ian first have sex and I pause at 14:36 to look around his room and what do I see the smallest drawing of an upside down heart with stitches that says ‘Fuck Love’ and my little shippers heart nearly exploded. I thought the author of the fanfic ‘sexual harassment in the workplace’ made that up.
Anyway this ship continues to fuck with my emotions

My Kangashkan and Mega Charizard Expanded Deck

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon - 11

* 2 Kangaskhan PLB 71
* 2 Kangaskhan-EX FLF 103
* 1 M Kangaskhan-EX FLF 79
* 2 Charizard-EX FLF 100
* 1 Charizard-EX FLF 12
* 2 M Charizard-EX FLF 107
* 1 Victini-EX PLS 131

##Trainer Cards - 34

* 2 Energy Retrieval PLB 80
* 2 Pokémon Catcher BKP 105
* 3 Skyla BCR 134
* 2 Great Ball BCR 129
* 2 Crushing Hammer EPO 92
* 1 Charizard Spirit Link EVO 75
* 2 Professor’s Letter XY 123
* 1 Pokémon Fan Club FLF 106
* 1 Victory Piece PLS 130
* 3 Blacksmith FLF 88
* 2 Escape Rope PLS 120
* 1 Pokédex BLW 98
* 2 Evosoda XY 116
* 1 Tropical Beach PR-BLW BW50
* 1 Float Stone PLF 99
* 2 Protection Cube FLF 95
* 2 Lysandre FLF 104
* 2 Fiery Torch FLF 89
* 2 Professor Juniper BLW 101

##Energy - 15

* 3 Double Colorless Energy NXD 92
* 10 Fire Energy HS 116
* 2 Burning Energy BKT 151

Total Cards - 60


Soviet Air Force, Tupolev Tu-22 “Blinder” supersonic bomber and maritime strike aircraft, not to be confused with the entirely different but similarly named Tu-22M “Backfire.

The first soviet supersonic bomber, but overall considered a disappointment due to her limited range.

General characteristics

Crew: three – pilot, navigator, weapons officer
Length: 41.60 m (136 ft 5 in)
Wingspan: 23.17 m (76 ft 0 in)
Height: 10.13 m (33 ft 3 in)
Wing area: 162 m² (1,742 ft²)
Loaded weight: 85,000 kg (187,000 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 92,000 kg (203,000 lb)
Powerplant: 2 × Dobrynin RD-7M-2 turbojets
Dry thrust: rated 107.9 kN (24,300 lbf) each
Thrust with afterburner: 161.9 kN (36,400 lbf) each


Maximum speed: 1,510 km/h (938 mph, Mach 1.42)
Range: 4,900 km (3,000 mi)
Service ceiling: 13,300 m (43,600 ft)
Wing loading: 525 kg/m² (107 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 0.39


The Mil Mi-10 (NATO reporting name Harke) flying crane heavy lift helicopter, developed from the Mil Mi-6.

There are two main variants, the basic long-legged Mi-10, and the short-legged Mi-10K.

General characteristics

Crew: 4 or 5 (pilot, copilot, flight engineer, navigator/radio operator and optional technician)
28 passengers or
3 t (3,000 kg; 6,600 lb) internally
up to 15 t (15,000 kg; 33,000 lb) payload on platform or
8 t (8,000 kg; 18,000 lb) max slung payload
Length: 32.86 m (107 ft 10 in) , Mi-10K 32.4 m (106 ft) ignoring rotors
Empty weight: 27,100 kg (59,745 lb) , Mi-10K 25,450 kg (56,110 lb)
Gross weight: 43,550 kg (96,011 lb) , Mi-10K 37,000 kg (82,000 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 43,700 kg (96,342 lb) , Mi-10K 38,000 kg (84,000 lb)
Powerplant: 2 × Soloviev D-25V turboshaft, 4,100 kW (5,500 hp) each


Maximum speed: 335 km/h (208 mph; 181 kn) , Mi-10K 350 km/h (220 mph; 190 kn)
Cruising speed: 180 km/h (112 mph; 97 kn) , Mi-10K 228 km/h (142 mph; 123 kn)
Range: 430 km (267 mi; 232 nmi) , Mi-10K 500 km (310 mi; 270 nmi)



Great news: I won tickets to see you in Greensboro 10/21!!! I thought this tour was over for me so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out I was seeing you one last time :) 

If you can’t tell, I’m taking the whole ‘love’s a game’ metaphor to the extreme!
I made the game board for the shows in DC and loved it so much that I’m going to wear it again! I find your concerts to be that much more exciting when you go all out with costumes and I love having an excuse to get creative. I feel so much closer to you these past few months through tumblr and it’s amazing to spend the night with the girl who likes my posts and also happens to be a world-famous pop star. WHAT A CONCEPT.

I’m sitting in Section 107, Row GG, Seats 13 & 14 so if any of you all see me come say hello!!!! I CANNOT WAIT

See you soon my love! @taylorswift 



Wool: Álafoss Lopi by Istex or some other bulky/7wpi yarn. 10 x blue, 3 x white, 2 x green.
Knitting needles: size 6mm, you’ll need extra long ones.
Pieces: 1 x backpiece, 2 x frontpiece, 2 x sleeve.

To begin with:

Measure the length from armpit down. For me it was 79 cm, but if you’re shorter or taller than me you’ll have to make some adjustments. Measure your arm length and your chest circumference. The last one defines your size - 95 cm = S, 101 cm = M, 107 cm = L, 113 = XL, 119 cm = XXL.

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