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In fact no one really gave jin graduation attention as much as jungkook got.. Jin must have worked really hard too and i’m 100% sure he wanted to attend it so bad because graduation is once in life he won’t have the chance to do it again nd here is jimin saying jin must feel angry but doesn’t show, it kindda hurts and i really feel bad for him T-T
Sorry seokjin for not giving you the attention you deserve
Sorry seokjin for not having the chances you deserve to shine
And sorry seokjin for stopping you from attending your graduation…

Can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that Chris Savino doesn’t give a single fuck about what people might think?

Like, “oh, so there will be people complaining about a gay couple in a kid’s show? Fuck it, they’ll be there, and the Loud kids will love them.”

And yesterday was “Oh, so it’s been like forever since a kid’s show featured a little girl’s undeveloped chest in fear of the comeback? Well, fuck that too, this is how real life bath time works in a family.”

I’m 100% sure that, if it were up to him, he would’ve had 13yo Lynn actually helping Lincoln recreate this picture like it was no big deal.

Because that’s Chris Savino.

The man who simply doesn’t give a fuck about anything.


Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: reader is a shy person that doubts herself a lot, but a certain boy inspires her Warnings: none, except this literally sucks so bad and I hate it but it was anon requested o I hope you like it anon I’m sorry this sucks
Disclaimer: I usually write my reader inserts as girls, but if anybody wants a nonbinary or male reader inserts, I’m 100% down for it! Just let me know :-)

It was almost cliche the way I met Jughead.

We took creative writing together, as well as a few other classes. Our teacher had given us our first project that we would have to present to the class, either a short story or a poem. Usually, my teachers would give me a free pass on the “presenting” part, because of my phobia of public speaking, but this year I wasn’t getting the special treatment. My creative writing teacher told me she would cut my grade straight in half if I didn’t present.

I panicked the entire week, hoping that somehow I could just get out of it. I thought about faking sick, or telling the teacher I had family troubles, but I knew they wouldn’t buy it. I tried piecing together bits of poems I had, but nothing worked. I was too stressed about going up in the front of the class to be inspired. The day before the presentation, I had nothing. Nada. Zip. I couldn’t get myself to piece anything together.

I plopped down in to my usual seat in the back of the class, frustrated and near in tears at this point. I heard a bag drop beside me and turned my head to see Riverdale’s official loner and the boy that infatuated me, Jughead Jones. He nodded his head silently and gave me a small half smile before pulling out his laptop and cracking his knuckles. He began typing furiously, as if he was on a mission to empty his head and film the blank document on his screen. I knew that much was true, since Jughead was always lost in thought and always writing.

An idea popped in to my head and I began to write, my pencil flying across my paper and the brick wall of writers block inside my head broke, a river of inspiration now flowing. It was funny how quickly it snapped, yet, that’s how it always happens.

“Whatcha writing?” I jumped 6 feet in the air from my seat, my hands flying as they covered my paper.I whipped my head around to see Jughead had his elbows resting on my desk and an innocent smile plastered from cheek to cheek, while his head rested in the palms of his hands.

“N-nothing, just working on the assignment for tomorrow.“I answered truthfully.I wasn’t too surprised he had spoken to me. It wasn’t like I had never said a word to Jughead. I was friends with Betty and Kevin, and Jughead and I were lab partners.

"Can I read it?” Jughead flashed me a grin, as if he was silently begging me.

“Y-you’ll hear it tomorrow.” I giggled, ducking my head over the paper, my hair falling around it like a cloak and keeping it hidden from the eyes of the slightly snoopy boy.

Tomorrow came, and all of a sudden, It was my turn to go up to present to the class. The teacher called my name and I stood up from my seat in the back, walking nervously to the front and clutching the paper with my poem in my hands. I made it to the front and looked up to 25 pairs of eyes staring back at me.

“T-this is a poem I wrote, called "infatuation” .“ I spoke nervously. I cleared my throat and looked down at my paper, not before seeing Betty giving me a reassuring thumbs up.

"Your mind is an etch a sketch, erasing and creating thoughts in your mind a thousand times over.I wonder what occupies the mess that is that etch a sketch.”

I began reading.I read off each paragraph, feeling the eyes of my peers boring in to my skull.

“And that is why you are my infatuation, you capture my attention, you are the center of my affection, maybe someday, you’ll look back in my direction.”
I finished.

The class clapped loudly and I blushed, handing the teacher a copy of my work and making my way back to my seat quickly.

"That, was incredible.” I turned to my side to see Jughead smiling at me.

“I-it was alright.I threw it together in a day.” I responded modestly.

“Are you doing anything after school?” Jughead leaned over, resting his elbows on my desk.

“Nothing actually, might go home and find something to watch on TV.”

“Well, what do you say to ditching those plans and joining me at Pop’s?” Jughead grinned, waiting for my answer.

“I think that would be nice.” I smiled.

And months from now, when that same boy would be lying on my bed and come across that poem I had presented that day, and he would look up and ask me “Who was that poem about?” I would just smile and lean over to kiss him before answering “You, silly.”


I’m sorry, but Marcus is hot in this scene. 

The not-even-subtle-anymore Dad!Kane, the forceful ‘Sit down!’, the hair game, how he worries about the safety of his daughter, the hint towards Season 1!Kane as he saunters out of the room. THE RETURN OF THE GREY SHIRT. How low and gravelly his voice got when he was trying to keep it down *furiously fans self*

And I love how now it’s not wishful thinking to say that if Abby had been there, she would have dragged him off to bed as soon as that conversation was over. Cause y’all…*friendly reminder*…they just had a 9 day sexathon.

Enough For Now

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Smut, language.
Summary: You haven’t seen Dean in over a year, and the sudden scruff he’s got lining his jaw is doing things to you. 
Author’s Notes: I’m almost at 100 followers and I’m so grateful for all of you. I’ve only had this blog for a few months and already the feedback has been amazing. So, as a thank you: here’s this.

It’s been forever since you’ve been to the bunker. You jumped at the chance to take a vacation when Dean called, saying that it’s been too long since they’ve seen you, and that he and Sam had some major stuff to fill you in on.

When you get to the giant front door, you’re suddenly overcome with nerves. What if something’s really, really wrong? What if one of them is going back to hell? What if– no, you stop yourself. You don’t want to worry yourself too much. Besides, Dean sounded fine on the phone.

You’re pulled from your thoughts when the door creaks open, and Sam grins when he sees you. “Hey.” He says, and he grips you in a hug before you can react. “Good to see you.” 

“Good to see you too.” You say, hugging him back. “God. You guys still haven’t spruced this place up?” You tease as he takes your bag and leads you inside. 

“Been a little busy.” Sam says, sheepishly. 

You haven’t seen Dean yet and you don’t– you don’t want to seem too eager. It’s just… he’s the one that called. And you miss him, okay. You’ve always been a bit closer to Dean than Sam. You love them both, so much, but you and Dean are two sides of the same coin. 

“Dean’s in the kitchen,” he says, like he can read your mind.

You smile a little sheepishly. “That obvious?” 

“Only to me. I’ll take your bag to your room, you go down. He’s been a little anxious.” 

You follow the familiar path to the kitchen, and stop just inside the doorway when you see Dean sitting at the table, fidgeting. He’s got his laptop in front of him and he drums his fingers on the tabletop, then on his cheek as he shifts his weight and puts his head in his hand. 

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I’m literally still shook right now?!

Like…y’all don’t understand?!

I have been adamant since the moment they released the “Scream” promo that Bellamy was screaming about Octaylo. 

Even when others said,”This doesn’t make sense.”

I held tight to the belief that Bellamy would scream because he thought Octaylo was dead. 

I knew it was happening this episode.

And yet, Bob Morley still managed to RUIN MY LIFE?!



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I'm 100% for Tamlin's mate being Rhy's younger sister. Because that would explain so much.

You don’t know how much this theory hurts me. But also how much it would love it.

It’s Complicated - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based of one of my favorite songs Bad Things by MGK ft. Camila Cabello. Takes place during season 6.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 2,976

Author’s Note: Second imagine! Wooo! I was never really a Theo girl. I couldn’t understand the appeal since he was evil. But I love this song and I thought it’d be great for Theo. I know the song is called Bad Things, but it could have easily been called it’s complicated. Also, I’m still not 100% sure what Cody’s eye color is. It looks blueish but sorta greenish. Idk. If you know, tell me please. 

It’s late but it’s still Teen Wolf Tuesday

P.S. Some of the words are lyrics to the song. I wish I could take credit, then I could pay off some of this college debt. In other words, I don’t own them.

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Mrs. Douglas was going on about some science experiment she was going to have the class do. But you were too busy staring out the window to pay attention. There was going to be a full moon tonight. Which meant another night you were going to wolf-out. It’s been 3 months since Theo got dragged to wherever the hell he was, which meant it was going to be the 3rd time you’d get chained up at Lydia’s lake house. Theo was your anchor, and with him gone you had no one to think of to calm you.

Some would say you were out of your mind to be in love with Theo Raeken. Some being Stiles. You couldn’t really explained why you fell for the original chimera.

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Hi! Do you know who was the person on Gaon who said he likes BTS? Is he a musician or an actor?

I also don’t know sorry, I wasn’t able to catch his name. The boys reaction was really cute hehe~

Anonymous said: Did they perform in Show Champion???

No they didn’t perform on show champ

Anonymous said: Since BTS chartered on Bubbling Under Hot 100, does this mean they will probably chart on the Hot 100? 

I’m not sure, I think it means they ALMOST got into HOT 100. I think Not Today has a chance to get in it. But only is more people stream on Spotify (you have to stream from a US IP for it to count in billboards)

Anonymous said: Are they going to have fan meets this week or are they just performing at the shows?

they have both

Anonymous said: Does anyone else in bts attend uni?

all other member (not sure kookie) are enrolled at Cyber University. It’s an online uni.

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So Frank Ocean slams Taylor for winning " AoTy" at the Grammys. Calvin works w/ Frank but they will get back together like Liam/Miley. Although Miley or Liam never said a bad word about each other In the media. Where does Taylor's parents fit in all this?? bc if it was my daughter, Calvin would never have a dinner place at my table.

Well, to be honest, I don’t know if you’re a mother but I’d feel sorry for you daughter. Sorry not sorry. 

Look buddy, it’s not my job, a 19 yr old girl, trying to put her own thoughts and feelings in order and figure her own life, to educate you. If you can put 2 and 2 together, you’d realize that Adam’s song with Frank must have been finished before he published his letter. And of course i’m 100% sure Adam had NOTHIG to do with it. Because, unlike what you’re trying to portray it, Frank’s letter wasn’t a diss towards Taylor. He was just saying out loud what everyone knows, black excellence is very often overshadowed by white mediocrity. Yea, me a white person is saying this. Just like Adele didn’t deserve to win this year’s album of the year. Beyoncé did an outstandingi job with Lemonade, poured her heart out, impacted so many people’s lives and empowered them by making them feel proud of their origin and history. And Adele wins, a great album but overall boring. Nothing beyond expectations, she didn’t challenge herself, outdid herself. Yet, she wins. Just like British Vogue posts a photo of Kendall, Bella, Lily and Justine and doesn’t even acknowledge this last one. Just like black models have to bring their own make up shades because make up artists don’t have the right tone for their skin. Excuse me, but if a black model is booked, it certainly didnt happen last minute. If you continue putting 2 and 2 together, you’d realize that no matter how great a black artist can be, the award will most of the time go to a white artist and that has to be frustrating. Knowing that we preach about equality but deep down we know it’s all crap. 

But, we can say that how double faced of Taylor to work with Zayn after he dissed her online and Calvin, like an asshole (excuse me babe, but u shouldn’t have done that, yes im talking to Adam) stood up for her and she, during the BTS says nothing but the best words for him and so does he. Excuse me Zayn, I thought u respected Miley more. 

So, darling i might be young and whatever u want,  but don’t come for me. I have zero tolerance to bullshit and ignorant people

Outsiders S2E5

 SO many feelings after that one so this thing is like a novel.

 I’ll start with G’Win 😒

Her and what just went down with the Kinnah was the most predictable shit I’ve seen in a while. Everybody told G’Win’s ass that the Kinnah shouldn’t be trusted. Hasil, Krake, Big Foster… all of us up in the Sasil tag were shouting it loud enough to travel back through time to the moment it was filmed and knock her in the head. I bet even Phelia telepathically told her not to trust those hoes. The moths too. I’m not surprised Moregon was all open and truthful. I woulda thought G’Win was on my side too if I were her.

The only shock factor I felt is when that guy got shot. That was sad and I’m putting it 100% on G’Win. She is the leader. She let in the bad people against the advice of many members of her clan, and she made a choice to hide those guns in a stupid ass place. Honestly when I heard in the preview for next week that the Bren’in was shot I was like

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

She has it coming tbh. If she is actually shot, I hope she doesn’t die or anything though. I need her to live with the consequences of her poor choices.

Lil Foster

I love him to pieces y’all and I’m really ready for him to be out of prison. His heart is so. good. He is so big and strong, and so, so good. I need him to be free, and to go home to a peaceful mountain, and marry a good, good woman who knows what a beautiful man he is. I want him and this mystery woman to have a few babies and for Lil to raise them the way he wished his Fa had raised him. That’s a testament to his sweet soul… that he was brought up by Big and is still the man he is. Maybe I missed it, but who was his mother? What happened to her?

I’m really interested to see where things go at the prison. Foster did what was right, but I’m afraid that group is going to be very angry about getting rejected. As interesting as this story line is, I would much rather what I just described above happen for Lil instead. I hate that Big got distracted by all the nonsense on the mountain. STILL no one is looking for Lil. It’s been a week! What the heck do they think he is doing? To supposedly be all about blood and family, some of these folks really don’t seem to give a shit about each other. I’d be worried that Lil was hurt or dead! Luckily he isn’t, but let’s not push things… tension is rising every minute in that prison.


I love Wade to pieces too. First off, he cracks me up anytime he gets irritated with anyone (stupid old bitch, S1E6 😂). Just the way he talks and how impatient and blunt he is. I love it. I felt for little Samuel once Wade’s patience started wearing thin, but I was also laughing. Also, you know… go Wade! I’m sure at times like that, the addict in him is going absolutely nuts, but he is keeping it together. I have no idea what to expect now that he has found the murder scene. I’m scared for Lil Foster. He was already in custody at the time of the murders, right? I need the CSI team to go ahead and get up in there, get the time of death on those bodies, and rule out Lil… and Hasil too… and everybody except the guy who did it… or G’Win. They can pin it on her. Whatever. (I don’t mean that… I mean, I don’t want to mean that).

I hope Samuel will be okay. I’d like to see him again.

Sasil (and Buda!)

Okay, I really want Hasil, Sally Ann, Butch, and Frida to be a lovely little friend group. I just wish they could do that without the shady/illegal methods of making money. Frida is awesome. I really like her and I lived for her one-on-one scene with Sally Ann. “This kitchen didn’t come with no oven.” 😂

I used to find Hasil’s naivety about the world cute and endearing. Last season he and Sally Ann seemed so young and carefree compared to now (even though they weren’t actually carefree at all). I guess his lack of knowledge was something I could giggle about because there was no real danger. He still lived on the mountain. His cluelessness just made for cute conversations between him and Sally Ann. Now things are real. Now the things he doesn’t know can get him taken advantage of… it already has. It hurt my heart to watch Hasil take a break and drink his water while that guy scribbled in his stupid notepad about it. I was also giving that other working dude the side eye for not looking out for him… it’s not like he was gonna get paid more if Hasil got paid less. Why can’t people just be nice? 😔 I wondered how Hasil would have even known that he’d been ripped off if he didn’t see the other guy get handed more. That’s scary. 

The whole Sasil kitchen scene just upped my anxiety about just how much Hasil doesn’t know. It’s going to be so hard for him down there. Sally Ann has been a patient, good teacher so far, but she needs to teach him the value of a dollar and how to count money asap. I don’t even know why Hasil bothered to say anything about how having babies works on the mountain. 1) it’s not an option because G’Win 2) his own mother died in childbirth up there… and now 3) (unknown to Hasil at this point) even if it were an option, there’s about to be some mountainfolk civil war up there, people are getting shot, and just no. Honestly I’m scared news of the unrest will send Hasil back up. If it does, I swear nothing bad better happen to that boy or…

Originally posted by outsiderswgn

 Shoot. Nothing bad better happen to him in this fight club thing either. From the preview (if I remember correctly) it looks like he talks to Sally Ann about it first… or at least brings up that he has found a way to get money. I kinda wanted him to be doing the fighting behind her back because I don’t love the idea of her being okay with him fighting for cash. Maybe she isn’t okay with it and he does it anyway… which is also bad. And if he doesn’t tell her exactly what he is doing, I feel like she should be suspicious, especially with the stuff Butch gets in to. And at the same time… what the hell else are they supposed to do? Beggars can’t be choosers. They NEED money. Sigh. I couldn’t even be properly excited about their giddy little scene in what looks like their own place because I have that heavy, uneasy feeling that it will not last long at all. Times like that have never lasted long for Sasil. I just want them to be happy.

I wish we could have seen the scenes that led up to Hasil working. We went from hearing Sally Ann say she doesn’t mind being the one that works to Hasil spreading tar. I’d’ve liked to hear Hasil’s response. Wonder what Sally Ann got up to while he was on the job. In my mind she spent the day riding around town and making friends with Frida while applying for jobs. Frida has already started planning the baby shower. Maybe, just maybe, we will get at least one episode where our Sasil babies are happy and hopeful with no drama? Like I need a rainy day, mattress in the middle of their living room floor, take out Chinese, cuddles, love making, and chats about baby names and what their little one might look like (is it too much to ask for an ultrasound pic to be involved?… it is, isn’t it? 😔 I suppose that’s what fanfic is for 🤔).

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Ok a stupid continuity question- at the time Portal 2 takes place, are there any actual humans (besides Chell and possibly Rattman) who work there anymore? And in the original Portal? Idk

I’m not 100% certain on this, but I don’t think there is any human still working there. In the Lab Rat comic, it kinda shows everyone that wasn’t in cryosleep(?) getting killed by neurotoxin, except Doug.

However at the end of the cooperative testing initiative, it shows all the test subjects that were in cryosleep getting revived. So there might be humans still testing? Probably not working in the actual facility though.

Now my memory is spotty at best, so I probably got something wrong here or there. If anyone could correct me, then that would be hunky dory!

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hey Kylo, can you help me out a bit? im a bit confused about the roles in Teamiplier... so Ethan is still editing for Mark? and Kathryn as well? and Tyler is the cameraman? and Amy edits too? ehh sorry im still sorta new and never really looked up this stuff. thank you 💚

i’m not a 100% sure myself, so anyone can correct me if i’m wrong. but i believe that ethan still edits for them, but it’s more of that he’s balancing between his channel and skits with mark. kathryn edits for mark and amy does a little bit as well. (i know amy edited wilford’s mustache on mark during the date with mark video), and tyler’s more of mark’s manager and helps keep him on track of everything. honestly, they’re a great crew who have each other’s backs! 💛