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movie pitch: eiza gonzalez and lindsey morgan as estranged sisters in a visually stunning post apocalyptic movie that takes place hundreds of years in the future? I’m talking sister bonding, scenery of nature reclaiming the land, a lesbian character, murder via swords, bittersweet yet hopeful ending? yes mama

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Now that we have a better idea of Lance and Keith's dynamic when they're not constantly fighting, do you have any headcanons about (platonic) interactions between the two of them?

here’re some space ranger dorks!!!

  • lance: “so like i’m trying to bond with red and i was wondering if you had any tips. how did you get her to like you?” keith, sweating: “uh”
    • “what do you mean you ejected yourself into spa-
  • their interactions can essentially be summed up as “two guys who both think the other is the extra one in the friendship”
  • “okay so hear me out: team fiery tornado” “no” “but-” “no”
  • lance’s current goal in life is to get keith to say “it’s morphin’ time!” when the team is forming voltron
  • *keith voice* “…hunk my hair’s not actually a mullet right”
  • after the first time keith lets lance into his room, all bets are off
    • lance barely knocks anymore lmao he just walks in
    • he’s latino we have no sense of privacy
    • lance, barging in on keith changing: “keith do you - stop screaming - do you know where hunk is?” 
  • lance: “look let’s just agree to both say sorry on the count of three. one, two, three” keith: “…” lance: “…see now i’m disappointed in both of us”

The fact that Jordan Gavaris and Tatiana Maslany can play so many different dynamics between the two of them and still maintain that chemistry that they always have shows how talented they both are.

Haikyuu Fic Recs!

So I’m going to premise this rec list by saying that I like fics on the long-side so if you’re looking for short one-shots, you might not find what you’re looking for in this list. I’m not a huge fan of angst (although that doesn’t mean there isn’t any in this list, just not a lot), I enjoy smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , I like a fair few rarepairs and I like to think that I’m extremely picky when it comes to how something is written, pacing etc. I’ve read all the fics in this list multiple times, they are definitely my all-time favourites. I organized these as best as I could and included the rating, word count and summary from the author for each. 

(Fics with a ♡ beside them are my 100% must-reads.)

Recs are under the cut, happy reading! 


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“Where is he, Q?” M asked tersely when Q answered the phone.

“I’m not sure. The tracker is offline, ma'am, I–”

“Well, I suggest you get it back on. And quickly.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

Q held in the sigh. This was not the first time that week the tracker had been offline - something that might have gotten Q in trouble if it weren’t for whom the tracker was attached to. Bond had apparently figured out how to deactivate it and had done so periodically throughout his mission. It was unsafe and negligent, not to mention it pissed Q off to no end.


“One moment, ma'am,” he said as his fingers flew over the keyboard.

He opened the program on his computer and went through the process of reactivating it manually, as he had done each time previously.

“Well, he appears to be on Earth,” Q said as the program came back online.

M did not respond and Q cleared his throat.

“England, specifically,” he said as the map zoomed in. “London, south of the Thames, along Oval Pl–”

Q clamped his mouth closed and pursed his lips.

“Q? What is it?”

“Sorry, ma'am,” he said, “I have to go to the loo.”

“The loo? Can’t that wai–”

He quickly pressed the button on the phone and ended the call. He was certain to catch bloody hell for that later, but not before he unleashed some of his own. After grabbing his jacket, he left the building and caught the afternoon bus, rode it to the juncture of Dorset and Meadow. Then he walked the few blocks to his apartment, stomped up the stairs to the door, and opened it to be greeted by Bond standing in his kitchen and making a sandwich.

“Welcome home, love. Would you like me to make you one?”

“What I would like is for you to stop turning off your tracker, and to report to M as soon as you get back from a mission.”

“I was on my way. Just needed a bite first.”

“In that case, I hope you’re ready to get your ass chewed out–”

“Oh? Are you offering?” Bond asked with a smirk.

It took Q a few moments to realize what Bond was getting at, but when he did he felt his face flush and he frowned. “I’m not one to reward bad behavior.”

“And if I was good?”

“That would be cause for celebration indeed.”

Bond hummed. “Then perhaps I should start with this.”

He came over and grabbed Q’s chin, tilted his head back and pressed their mouths together, ran his tongue over Q’s lips–

“Am I interrupting something?”

They split apart and turned towards the apartment door where M had just entered sporting a deep frown and a stern glare.


“I’m glad to see you’ve made it back to London, 007, but I think you’re priorities are a little off the mark. We have things to discuss.”

“In my defense he wasn’t supposed to fall off the roof.”

M ignored him and looked at Q. “You and I need to talk as well.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I have a car waiting outside. Let’s shove off.” She turned pointedly and walked out of Q’s apartment.

“I think that went well,” Bond said.

Q elbowed him in the side.


For the first time ever, here to accompany the 2016 AO3 Ship Stats list, this list shows the 100 most popular pairing tags on Archive Of Our Own since this time last year.

This list was created by comparison of current number of fics with data gathered for the 2015 AO3 Ship Stats. Values are only approximate, but this list gives some idea of the most popular pairings in the last 13 months (from July 2015 to August 2016).

There are 63 M/M pairings on the list, 19 F/M, 7 F/F, 5 Gen and 6 Other. (Please note that on AO3, ‘Name & Name’ indicates platonic relationships (Gen), while ‘Name/Name’ is used for romantic pairings.) Of the 200 names on the list, 34 are women and 7 are characters of ambiguous gender. 49 are POC, and 15 are racially ambiguous.

For more information about the AO3 Ship Stats project, please check out this year’s post, and the accompanying FAQs. A text-only version of this data is beneath the cut.

ETA: Fixed Loki/Reader type.

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