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EXO Reaction where you’re having a slumber party and they stop by and let him join you

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“The food is all good and everything but nothing like being surrounded by all these pretty girls!” *This is paradise*


“I… I don’t think I can… stay… I didn’t bring my pajamas girls!” *Really awkward baby*


*Has a Yehet moment* “You all… me… one house…. yehet!”


“No no no no ! So many girls! I’ve never been surrounded by so many girls!! NO no not the gucci clothes! Please!” *Fears for his life xD*


*Everything looks so nice and cute but he’s only there because of the food*
“I think we ran out of chicken and pizza… shall we order more?”


*All those girls make him really nervous* “This is worse than the first time I had to perform on stage… remember why I came here… oh yeah because I love my girlfriend… yes I love my girlfriend!”


*Literally him at your door* “You are having a party and you didn’t invite me? Lucky you I came to check up on you because a party is never a party without Byun Baekhyun!” *So much sass*


*Passes by with Kyungsoo* “Don’t. You. Dare. To. Leave. Me. Alone. or I swear I drag you with me!” *Both scared of what might happen inside xD*


“Omg omg yes! Are we doing our nails and our hair and trying nice outfits and talking about our ex’s and watching The Notebook?!”


“I don’t… I don’t think I should go inside!” *Saying everything he can so he doesn’t have to stay in a room full of girls the whole night xD*


“Boys? I need help… my girl is having a slumber party and… somehow I ended up her? What do you mean I’ll mess up Sehun?! You want to come here and help me then? Yeah… if Chanyeol will help he can come too” *The more the merrier xD*


*Feels like a pretty princess the whole night… or maybe you make him dress like a pretty princess* 

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Most to Least likely to settle down after EXO

Requested by the lovely @exosgirl9. This is all my opinion, doesn’t mean it’s right or close to reality. Xo, Ara~

  1. Kyungsoo
  2. Lay
  3. Suho
  4. Xiumin
  5. Chanyeol
  6. Kai
  7. Chen
  8. Baekhyun
  9. Kris
  10. Sehun
  11. Luhan
  12. Tao

um??? character development irl?? parents who actually took me aside to tell me “hey kiddo, you didn’t do okay at your exams this year and that’s okay, but we’re really concerned and it’s our fault too bc we left you all on your own without any help so when you need something from us, just ask okay?” ???? what the HECK JUST HAPPENED I THINK I’M GONNA CRY


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genre: Tao CatBoy!AU
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Baekhyun, reader/Valerie
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
This is the scenario 3/7 of the giveaway. Requested by @vallikesgivinghugs​ Xo, Ara~

He had not been unnoticed, he couldn’t be unseen. Yet people seemed to forget about him the moment they turned around the corner. 
He was there, watching everyone’s every movement. But he was not there either. You could feel someone’s eyes on you, you could even swear to have heard that unmistakable purr, humanly but cat-like purr. But the moment you turned to see, you forgot what you were looking for. 

But I was the exception, the exception that all tales seemed to have. 

But I had seen him not only in the night, but also in the day when he had a life like we all did. He hadn’t noticed that I knew he hid a tail and paws. He had seen me and yet my scent hadn’t lingered to him the way his meow echoed in my brain and followed me everywhere I went.

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Respect For EXO

EXO went from being treated as a joke by the Korean public during their debut to being one of the most respected music groups in Korea.

EXO went from performing in elementary schools to being the youngest Kpop group to perform in Tokyo Dome and selling out tickets for Korea’s biggest stadium in a flash.

EXO went from being degraded by the Korean public even if they were the youngest Kpop group to win the daesang to proving themselves worthy of the daesang they received by accumulating seventeen daesangs in a span of five years.

They don’t deserve ANY of your bullshit statements saying that they were only successful because they’re from SM. It’s not easy to get accepted into SM in the first place, and not all artists from SM end up being widely known and successful although they gave the effort.

EXO didn’t lose three members, face two dating scandals and still break records after that only to be fed with your negative bullshit. And according to Korean media standards, EXO would’ve already fallen down by now because they lost THREE members, not one and had TWO dating scandals, not one. But EXO proved that wrong and continued climbing their way up to the top and become one of the most successful bestselling artists in the Korean pop industry.

We are not asking you to stan EXO, we are asking you to RESPECT them and their hard work. Because whether you admit it or not, EXO is a group worthy of respect. I don’t care if you’re not well acquainted with their fans. Don’t drag them into it, because they’re not doing anything to you.

If you have nothing good to say, then kindly just shut up. It won’t hurt you to do that, won’t it?