17.06.10 ARASHI ni Shiyagare Takki Talk - ARASHI

S: (Read board) Please tell us the relationship between ARASHI and Takki. We are in the same generation.
Takki: Same generation.
S: The order of entering (Johnny’s)? (Forming order) Ohno-san.
O: I’m there.
A: Because you are senpai.
S: Senpai.
M: (Crossing in front of Takki, to Takki) Excuse me for crossing in front of you.
A: (Same crossing in front of Takki) Senpai, excuse me.
M: Excuse me.
S: Such order. What is the feeling between Takki and Ohno-san?
T: He is bit my senpai.
O: I am senpai.
S: Doya kao.
A: Again.
S: How did Ohno-san call Takki?
T: Takizawa, wasn’t it?
O: Takizawa.
T: At that same.
S: What about now?
O: Now Takki. Sorry I just call you as I wish.
T: Because you are senpai (giggle).
S: What about Takki?
T: Ohno-kun. From the past.

 S: You got along most with Aiba-san?
T: Aiba-chan.
A: Right.
M: I was too.
T: And MatsuJun. Aiba-san lived in my home.
A: Right. Sorry, apology, really.
T: He lived in my home all the time.
A: He treated me yaki meat everyday. At shopping street.
T: Right right right.
A: Because I always said I wanted to eat yaki meat, he kept bringing me there. Takki was very wealthy. (All laughed)
T: Don’t say that!
M: You were wealthy in your 10s?
T: No no no.
S: You had work then.
A: A lot.
S: What did MatsuJun do (with Takki)?
M: MD editing.
S: MD editing? Sorry audience who are watching this programme now probably don’t know what MD is.
M: I see.
N: There is no MD now.
A: We did recording, right? At Takki’s home. We did a lot.
T: Yes we did.
S: Recording at home, how to do it?
A: Because Takki is wealthy he has equipment.
N: As expected!
T: Don’t say that! (giggle)
O: Splendid.
S: There are many works which Aiba-kun took the lead.
T: Because we filmed movie.
A: Movie, around five works.
O: What was the contents?
A: Contents, it was filmed when Saving Private Ryan was broadcast, so we filmed it, I did one-person Saving Private Ryan.
S: Eh? Saving Private Ryan, in my impression, is military film.
A: Right right.
T: War film as base, Aiba-chan kept escaping, then found enemy, then faced the camera and said: Private Ryan.
S: Was it CM then? (All laughed) 

Se você for embora eu vou fingir que não me importo, você te deixar ir sem pedir para ficar, nenhuma lágrima irá caí na sua frente, vou agir como se eu não ligasse pro que está acontecendo, vou me despedir de você como se nada tivesse acontecido. Prometo não olhar para trás, não terei recaídas quando eu ouvir algo que seja relacionado à você, serei forte como um touro, dura na queda quando ouvi nossa canção. Vou olhar suas fotos e ouvir seus áudios como quem não sente saudades, não vou mais deitar a cabeça no travesseiro e te imaginar comigo, não irei mais te procurar entre as pessoas, esquecerei o teu cheiro, ele passará a ser irreconhecível para mim. Pois é meu bem, quem sabe eu não pensando dessa forma, um dia te apago de mim, só não sei quando isso vai acontecer, talvez daqui um mês, um ano ou quem sabe nunca.
—  Ela só queria que você percebesse o quanto doeu ter que te dizer adeus, Priscila M.

Toby Curtis vs Tony Stark

Toby: The hat & I are one.

Tony: The suit & I are one. ‘

Tobias M. “Harvard MD” Curtis & Tony “Iron Man” Stark - PARALLELS

Scorpion episode 3x19 “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

Iron Man: Iron Man 2 (second film) 

boot2bigg  asked:

Aw man, I saw Kenneth Branagh Frankenstein so long ago but it has always really stuck with me. I always thought Robert De Niro was such a strange choice for the creature. You have probably already done this before, but if you get a chance, can you rate your top adaptations of Frankenstein?

He was a strange choice but I think he did a good job, all things considered! I think he’s one of the rare Creature actors who got to speak in the role, so kudos to him!

Ooof. I am not sure if I have a favorite /movie/, per se, but I’ll try! I’m also very bad at remembering lists of favorite things so if I skip one, I’m sorry! 

Frankenstein, MD: I enjoyed this a lot! Very little Creature development, which I mourn bUT lots of great Victor/Victoria analysis + pop culture nods. Also, I want all of Victoria’s outfits.

Frankenstein Underground: Mike Mignola’s Frankenstein Monster is one of my favorite versions of the character. He’s such a big, sad bean. This is less an adaptation of the book (although there are nods to it…and a baffling quote from the Whale movie) but an original story with lots of spoopy supernatural intrigue.

Frankenstein Graphic Novel by Gary Reed and Frazer Irving: I found this at the local used book store and it is an Actual Good adaptation of the book in comic form! A true gift! They even keep Safie included, which makes my heart so happy. 


Help help!!! So the daddy I was talking to from S.A. gave me the terms. He wanted to do $150 per meet….now I’m not knocking the money cause money is money but he wants 3 to 6 meets a month so in a good month, that’s $900 dollars..however he didn’t answer my questions about whether these meets would be all nights or just an hour here or there and if there would be other items included like dinners, gifts, travel. He’s also in dc, I’m in MD so at least a 45 minute drive for me. My “salty as fuck” radar is going off but am I being to quick to judge? Help!