Compilation: BLEACH Fic Recs!

((Ichigo/Rukia, Byakuya/Hisana, Toshiro/Karin))

Note #1: A lot of these might be in-progress or abandoned altogether, so read at your own risk!

Note #2: I tend to like Bleach AU fics where none of the characters are shinigami. This is the case for for both the IchiRuki and HitsuKarin pairings, but not the ByaHisa pairing.

Note #3: Contains summaries for easier selection. Also, the ones marked with (❀❀❀) are a little “more” recommended no matter the completion status.

***P.S. If you like a story, check out the author. A lot of these authors have written other good Bleach fics that aren’t this list too! Also, my go-to author for HItsuKarin fics is Adobo-chan ( i-am-adobo-chan on tumblr) and for ByaHisa fics, it is Crimson-Bttrfly. Other people seem to really like tosca1390’s IchiRuki fics.

ETA: I just noticed I spelled “recommendations” wrong on the banner. Whoops!

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List your top 10 favorite female characters these aren’t in order cuz i’m too indecisive:

  1. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)
  2. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)
  3. Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)
  4. Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)
  5. Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)
  6. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  7. Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata)
  8. Chiyo Sakura (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)
  9. Amy Dunne (Gone Girl) 
  10. Liesel Meminger (The Book Thief)

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[[@hallowdolls Y'know what’s funny about this thread? There’s a subspecies of devils called White dwarves that are albino and super short. I’m talking Toshiro and Rukia levels of short. White dwarves and normal devils hate each other so much, hordes of them will start riots over who’s better.

Y'know why? Because normal devils think white dwarves are too small, not intimidating enough to be called real ‘devils.’

Kew is literally getting shit on for the same reason and he’s so offended and I’m lIVING]]

anonymous asked:

Happy Halloween! Anon Chappy here and I'm gonna go as Rukia for Halloween again. Anyhow, you know the cliché Halloween costumes that you find in magazines like Spirit Halloween Costumes or whatever else (ex: Vampire, witch, fairy, pirate, ninja, zombie, ect.). Excluding the ones from the Halloween filler, who would each main character dress up as? Also, if you are doing Halloween, who are you going as?

Aww! That’s so cute! I would love to see a Rukia cosplayer on Halloween.

Well for one, Ichigo would be a pirate because boiii he got the looks that could kill.

Rukia would look good as a victiorian ghost bride.

renji can go be a furry somewhere else.

Orihime BBS bride/mummy costume fits her too well so we’ll go with that.

uryu is the most extra when it comes to making his own costume especially on Halloween so there’s a lot ideas popping into my head.

And…um…I don’t do trick or treating especially at night because were I’m from…it gets kind of dangerous around here…but thank you for asking anon! <3

Bleach characters, where is the heart?

As requested by anon. :)

When Ulquiorra took over Bleach Lists, his list was Bleach characters answering the question that is the title of this post: where is the heart? It is now time to imagine what such a list would look like! So, Bleach characters, Ulquiorra is asking where the heart is! How will you respond?

Ichigo: It’s in your chest!


Ichigo: Well, not *your* chest since hollows don’t have hearts, but if you’re asking about human hearts, then they’re in the chest!

Byakuya: Kurosaki Ichigo is correct. The heart is in the chest - in the center, under the ribs.

Byakuya: You could find that out in approximately three seconds if you bothered to google. 

Kenpachi: How do you expect to stab anyone correctly if you don’t know where the heart is?

Kenpachi: You should know your enemy!

Kenpachi: Otherwise you might try to stab a guy in the brain when it turns out he’s missing most of it. 

Hitsugaya: If you are talking about *your* heart, Ulquiorra, then it’s your mask.

Hitsugaya: The remnants of a hollow’s heart becomes his mask.

Hitsugaya: So yours is lopsided and horned.

Hitsugaya: Take that as you will. 

Orihime: Um, guys?

Orihime: I’m pretty sure Ulquiorra-kun is talking metaphorically here.

Orihime: You know, using “heart” to mean “human emotion”?

Tatsuki: So….he’s just talking about the brain?

Ishida: Or the liver! Like the ancient Greeks thought!


Ishida: What? It’s hard to find the right moment to share that.

Orihime: M-more metaphorical, guys!

Rukia: I get you, Inoue!

Rukia: Kaien-dono once told me that heart is born when people make a connection, and that when you die, your heart is left with your friends!

Rukia: So everyone has as many hearts as they have friends!

Rukia: So in Ulquiorra’s case……


Rukia: Well it’s not like you need more than one heart anyway!

Rose: I think the heart resides in anything you love!

Rose: Friends, yes, but also music, poetry, art - whatever you pour your heart into, there your heart remains!

Kira: I would like some haiku stuffed into my gaping chest wound then.

Rose: Izuru, please, we’re doing metaphors now!

Unohana: In the end, it depends on why the hollow is asking.

Unohana: If he wants to stab the heart, it is in the chest.

Unohana: If he wants to know the source of emotions, it is the brain.

Unohana: If he wants to use metaphors correctly, then “heart” can refer to anything a person loves.

Unohana: There is really one only place the heart never resides.

Unohana: The hand.

Unohana: Like, where does that even come from? Nobody says that.


Ulquiorra: I was this close to making you my heart consultant.

Unohana: I am so devastated. 

The Infamous Rukia vs. Zangetsu Poem...

Can you imagine being so stuffy and uncomfortable with all the moments and  material (and praise and love from the author) IchiRuki gets that you go out of your way to attack the poems (which you pretend hold no relevance), the color spreads (that you freaked out over when your ship was featured…. in a group), the novels (only relevant when you want to pretend Ishida and Sado didn’t get shafted), and the extra posts and interviews Kubo made over… wha-wait what was it? Ah, IchiRuki.

Let’s focus on this one.

“I wonder, can I keep up with it? The speed of the world with no you in it?”

So sad, so delusional to think this is about Rukia, honestly. When, um, you know after Ichigo reminded us he lost his Shinigami powers,  he followed up with “Ever since then, Rukia hasn’t come to Karakura Town even once.”

And also, um, “Don’t you miss her?” and the “Of course not. There’s no reason to,” being presented in that same exact chapter.

And, oh right, right, losing Rukia the first time made his world seem weird, because it kept going…but Ichigo didn’t, not really. He was stuck on the fact  that Rukia was gone and wasn’t able to move on with the world’s unceasing progression until he went to get her back and take her home with him again. Remember, he wanted to take her back. He didn’t want to make peace with Soul Society. He didn’t want to make it cozy again or change it. He went to get Rukia back. That’s it. He didn’t go there to fight, or defeat enemies he would inevitably face. Rukia…that’s it. She’s his whole reason, drive, and motivation.

And only when he saw her smile again and only when he understood she would still be  there with him, that even if she stayed in Soul Society it wasn’t the end of them, did he manage to go back too. He freaked when he thought she was gone again, remember that. When he found her in the field. When he went back to Karakura and thought, “That’s my line. Thank you, Rukia. Thanks to you..I think the rain has stopped.”

What the hell else is that supposed to be taken as? Normal? Yeah, hey thanks for the powers, I paid my ‘debt’. Get bent? Kay, see you never.

Are you out of your mind?

The world goes on, but Ichigo feels…odd. It’s out of place and he feels weird that the world is okay without Rukia in it, because he doesn’t feel the same. To him, that’s not really okay.

And I mean:

“Time goes on, but these bonds will never break.”

The IchiRuki bond withstands the corruption and chaos time can cause.

(Small rant: The whole fucking point of the fullbringer arc is to show Ichigo is S-H-I-N-I-G-A-M-I. Rukia never doubted him, the other shinigami even through their doubt defended and fought with him, and his human friends (through dramatic measure, yes and through Tsukishima, yes) lost their bonds with him, if only for a while. The arc was meant to highlight where, how, and who Ichigo shines as the most. Not human and not fullbringer, but as a shinigami).

“When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again.”

In other words, when Ichigo and Rukia are reunited…time goes on again. For Ichigo and for Rukia. ….Ichigo dropped Zangetsu, didn’t spare his sword or power another glance or thought when Rukia came back to him. He stared at her and he spoke to her. They had an entire moment, an entire speech, eye contact, a back and forth conversation, a re-connection before Ichigo thought to attack Ginjou (with Rukia cheering him on). But…it’s Zangetsu he missed, right?

P.S. and by the way how are you gonna say Zangetsu is so fucking important to Ichigo and then twist it and also say “Hey, yeah Shinigami powers don’t matter that much to Ichigo. He only wants the power to protect. Doesn’t matter what form it’s in” when you wanted Ichigo to stay in Karakura for the sake of YOUR ship. But IR fans are delusional to say the poem is about Rukia because we have damn compelling evidence?

Now, I never personally thought Ichigo was gonna stay in S.S., but…how are they so hypocritical and still so blind to the fact they are?

In S.S. Ichigo went purely for Rukia.

In H.M Ichigo went for Orihime, for a fight, to defeat enemies he would inevitably face, to avenge precious people that got hurt, and to get Aizen for targeting Rukia, Orihime, Soul Society, the human world, his family, his friends, and him. All those reasons are applicable… not so much for S.S. though.

Anything that makes Rukia seem like she’s not among the most important people to Ichigo, I guess.

But really, why are they so concerned with this poem…when however you spin it, it doesn’t at all benefit or in any way go with IchiHime?

IchiRuki is always more fun, even for IchiHime fans, I would suppose.