Can ppl stop saying that EXO just got their fame, because they are from a big company?? It’s true that it’s easier to get recognition, but it’s hard to get in one of the big three. People were expecting a lot from EXO and when their debut didn’t go that well like expected, they got called Sm first flop. Their first fansigns were almost empty. They didn’t win on Music Shows or were on the top of the charts. They lost 3 members and were able to stay together as a group and grow even more. All of them are talented; even Chanyeol & Sehun, who ppl love to call untalented, because their rap isn’t the best. Chanyeol writes his own music, just SM doesn’t let him do his thing and Sehun knows how to dance. Their rapping is improving, I mean Sehun went from E-X-O to rapping half of the rap time in their songs.

EXO Reaction when you’re in the middle of sexy time and you a start laughing ‘cause you’re nervous

Probably would happen to me if I was with Soo xD

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*He is the one who can’t stop laughing. No matter what you do, he just laughs* “I can’t stop jaggi… What is happening… wait wait… that tickles!”


*Gives you THAT stare that is enough to calm your nerves* “Am I making you weak? Are you melting? Babe…”


*Once he starts you won’t have time to laugh ;)* “are you ready babe?”


*Laughs with you* “Babe… I can’t do this if you don’t clam down.. I’m starting to get nervous too…”


*Too hot to make you nervous…. he just…. melts you right away* “Struggling there babe?”


“It’ll be alright babe… no need to worry. Let me handle this… I’ll give you my love”


*Starts to panic* “I’m doing something wrong are’t I.. I knew I shouldn’t have worn those SpongeBob boxers…”


“The more you laugh babe.. the harder I’ll go” *Such a naughty boy*


“C’mere jagi… I’ll give you  a kiss to calm your nerves… my lips are waiting..”


*Sweating so much* “Jagi… I’m undressing too… of course I’m nervous too… but we can do this”


*Perfectly knows how he is making you feel* “Do you… want me to stop… or continue hm?” *Teasing you so much*


*Trying to be sexy but can’t stop being awkward* “Just look how nervous you make me. It’s not just one sided”

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