I don’t want to exist.

I don’t want to die.

I just want to fade away without a trace.

I just want to slowly fold into myself

Until I’m too small to be.

I just want to carefully collapse

Into this fuzzy emptiness

That my emotions seem to have vacated.

Because lately, I’ve felt nothing;

And it’s not like I’ve been on autopilot,

Cruising through blue skies without a worry.

It’s like I’m crash-landing,

Spiraling through the air,

And I can’t bring myself to care,

To find the energy to move my face

Out of its neutral resting place.

I’ve just ignored,

Ignored the empty cavern of emotions,

Ignored the nagging need to disappear.

Just do your homework,

It’s fine

If you’re 50 pages behind.

Just go eat dinner,

Pretend you don’t swing between

Eating every five minutes and not eating all day.

Just go to that birthday party,

Maybe you can act excited enough, loud enough, happy enough

To stir up some adrenaline.

Fake it ‘til you make it, right?

Grab the wheel,

Even though you have no idea

How to fly a plane.

~Reyna M.


I want to be angry.

I am angry.

I want to hate you,

Because that would be simpler.

I don’t.

I could never, and probably will never.

They tell me, I tell myself,

Move on to the next chapter,

I’ve already read the part with you in it.

But they don’t understand,

That books, and life, are cumulative.

That you never leave things behind.

Characters and plot events do not simply disappear.

They continue to be carried

And making an impact

And they will never stop

All the way until the end.

~Reyna M.

I am so psyched I got to play Battleborn more than once this weekend, and playing with my homies made is 100 times better 💗 it was nice to finally talk to a few of you and great to hear some of you again!!

Oh ps apparently I’m canon as irl Reyna cuz freakin Jim Foranda now calls me Boss and I’m still giddy over it 😭💗✨

Frank: Fine. But if Gaea kills us all, I’m going to get Reyna’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.

Jason: I’ll just hire Reyna’s ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.

Reyna: My ghost won’t associate with your ghost.

anonymous asked:

Do they have a sensitive spot/s?

((Max’s ears have always been kinda sensitive but the mangled on specifically is one they’ll panic for if you touch it or grab it, it doesn’t hurt they just immediately remember it getting torn up by the beast that gave them the scars . The other spots are just kinda ticklish and enough to warrant a punch in the face if they can manage to catch you though the giggle fit.)) 


You did not just take away my bundle of sunshine, my super soldier of sex and my chocolate.

Hold my earrings…Mama Bear about to scorch the earth.

I’m coming for you Reyna….and later for you Bucky. Bring the chocolate baby ;)

MarvelMom xX

Reply: Listen, It’s gonna get worse. so stock up on the chocolate and go find the Unicorn stuffie. shit’s going down.


I can’t move.

Deadlines, assignments, exams

All flash by in urgency, but

I can’t move.

Friends I haven’t seen in a while

Frown at me from the fading corners of my mind, but

I can’t move.

My crocheting sits neglected,

My fingers hover in need before a blank page, but

I can’t move.

I still can’t move.

Despite everything inside me screaming,

Begging me to do SOMEthing, ANYTHING.

I can’t move.

I still can’t move.

Despite my insistent stomach,

Despite the food sitting in front of me,

Despite the fact that it has been cold for hours.

I can’t move.

Why can’t I move?

~Reyna M.

hey guys! i’m working on the reyna phone edit, but i’m a little stumped for the conversation! if anyone has ideas, send them in, please and thanks!

geekgirl662  asked:

Sorry with my previous question. What I meant was, why is everyone mad at Rick about the characters in his books? Like Reyna. I'm not in the PJO fandom as much so when I see people get mad at Rick about his characters on Tumblr I get ready confused.

Oh, Rick is the Privileged White Rich Male™ who’s really bad at 1) keeping a consistent timeline, 2) giving people real diverse personalities, 3) gives his Charas of colour toxic stereotypes and backgrounds, 4) has a compulsive need to het-ify everyship, 5) can’t write mental disorders and disabilities properly, and 6) is racist on multiple levels

anonymous asked:

If you were to fight alongside any of the Seven+ (or really any pjo/hoo character) who would you want it to be? This is assuming you could hold your own and not die in the first few minutes of a fight.

Reyna! I’m sure she would kick asses by herself even if I’m not good enough at surviving the first few minutes in the fight. Percy would’ve been another good choice tho 🤔


I asked her

Why she wrote words on her skin

She told me

All you need is pen,

The paper will improvise itself

I asked her

What she did when she ran out of space

She told me

Words will overflow because they never run out

And they will always find their way

To a resting place

She took my hand

And I knew she was right

As they started to whisper across my skin

Brush past my ears

And flash across my eyelids

There’s always more space

There’s always more words

~Reyna M.


hey guys I’m reyna but my preferred name is barzbella. I’m 15 years old and I’m looking for mostly fellow lesbian friends. Maybe a gf idk. I’m a little shy so I might seem weird once we start talking. Unless you bring up one of my interest (ex. BLM, racism, video games, youtubers, papa weest, cats, animals, dank memes, etc) I’m open to talk to almost anyone (not anyone who’s grown bc that’s kind of weird) idk what else to put ig so here are my socials

insta- durterey
sc- lanenarayna
tumblr- damostflamboyant


The two of them talked for a while about their summers. It was a beautiful night out. The air was cool with a crisp pre-fall wind. Summer was quickly coming to a close. 

Maddox: I know you think I’m full of it, but I do like you, Reyna. A lot more than you would want to believe.

Reyna just stayed silent. She couldn’t trust her feelings around him. Ever since her parents divorce. She was skeptical about dating and falling in love. She didn’t want a relationship, at least not right now. 

Maddox: That’s cool.. I know you like me, too. [chuckles] I mean, why wouldn’t you? I’m great.

Reyna: You’re so full of it. [laughs] And it’s getting really late. The sun will be up soon, and I need to get back home before my mom notices. 

Maddox: You’re always so quick to leave me. You wound me.

Reyna: You’ll live.